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WIA news blockage. -

WIA holds cards bound for the Ukraine. -

WIA Board Director Weekly Comment, Justin VK7TW. -



WIA news blockage

The text associated with the WIA Podcast last week (Dec 3) although not making
it to many subscribers email boxes until Thursday Dec 7 DID 'get up' OK on time
on the site.

If this happens again, check out the site directly at

OMG! Texting messaging has turning 25!

On December 3, 1992, British software engineer Neil Papworth sent the world's
first ever text message. It was to an executive at Vodafone, saying
"Merry Christmas".

Swinburne University's Belinda Barnet, who specialises in the history of
technology, says no one expected how popular text messages would become

"This very short instantaneous communication from device to device ... was
revolutionary," Dr Barnet says. "It changed the face of communication.

Prior to SMS, to communicate with someone you at least had to answer the phone
and talk to them or you had to be sitting at your desk and open an email."

Neelima Choahan, writing in "The Age" says "According to the Australian
Communications and Media Authority, as at June 2016, 83 per cent of adult
Australians had sent an SMS from their mobile handset in the past six months."

Dr John Lenarcic, a lecturer at RMIT's School of Business IT and Logistics who
looks at the social and ethical aspects of technology, says text message is a
hybrid form of communication. "It's a cross between writing and speech ... you
write in an abbreviated fashion," he says. "It is another stage of evolution
of language."


Last week we mentioned of the workings of the various VK QSL Bureaus etc.

Hot on the heels of that item we received a note from John Seamons VK3JLS
WIA National and Inwards QSL Manager

He said " We have recently received correspondence from the Ukraine advising
that the QSL service from the IARU-affiliated Ukraine QSL Bureau (UARL) is not
operating effectively and asking that QSL cards for the Ukraine should be sent
instead to a newly established (non IARU-affiliated) Ukraine QSL Bureau.

The IARU Region 1 President is planning on holding a meeting with UARL shortly
to clarify the position and receive assurances from UARL about the future
operation of the Ukraine bureau.

Until this matter is resolved, the VK Bureau will not be forwarding any
outwards QSL cards to the Ukraine. Any cards destined for the Ukraine that are
received at the VK Outwards Bureau will be held until such time that the IARU
advises that a resolution has been reached.

It is timely to re-state to all members, that the WIA only send cards to
IARU affiliated QSL Bureaus; when preparing cards to be sent to the Outwards
Bureau, they should be sorted into DXCC country list as per the IARU QSL Bureau
list. That list is regularly updated with changes, and should be referred to
prior to forwarding outwards QSL cards. The updated IARU QSL Bureau list can be
found at

(WIA National and Inwards QSL Manager

WIA Board Director Comment 20171210

I'm Justin VK7TW, WIA Board director with this week's broadcast comments.

Volunteer committees are the foundation of the WIA, and the board at it's
November meetings approved the creation and filling of an Assessment and
Learning Committee.

This committee will in association with the WIA's Nominated Training
Organisation and affiliated clubs offer training services, develop and
administer the WIA's training and assessment system. This committee will cover
all aspects of the assessment and learning system as we currently know it
and work with all the stakeholders to improve and develop the system.
Stay tuned for the advertising of positions on this committee.

There are many other volunteer committees within WIA that are working away
in the background and doing some great work.

I would like to focus on one of them today.

The Historical and Archives Committee. This Committee are the custodians of the
heritage of the Wireless Institute of Australia and amateur radio in Australia.

The group has been focusing on cataloging the many historic items that are
donated to the WIA, these include almost anything like documents, medals,
trophies, logbooks, significant equipment and photos.

Being a representative body for Australia it is important to know where these
historic items come from and to capture the historical significance of the item.
The committee has setup a cataloging process using professional cataloging
software and is working through the collection to capture each item into the

If you have visited the National Office of the WIA then you will be aware of
the amount of material that this committee is working through. This also
highlights a problem in that you have to visit the Bayswater Office in VK3 to
view the material.

To address this problem the committee is working through how they can make the
catalogue available via the internet and they plan to digitise the collection
and make it available via the internet.

The Committee gets many requests from researchers wanting information about
historic events and family members. Making the information available on the
internet would make the information much more accessible.

This all takes time and resources and as with all committees in the WIA they
are volunteers so this work is performed on a best effort basis and this
Committee is quietly working away.

One of the fantastic examples of making our history more visible is the
WIA publication - Wireless Men and Women at War. This publication covers WWI,
between the wars, WWII, modern era and the ANZAC 100 celebrations. It is
available through the WIA bookshop for only $30 to WIA Members.

I finish with a reminder that Amateur Radio Magazine is moving to a bimonthly
publication from 2018. This provides as opportunity to refocus the magazine.

So, can I take this opportunity to do some expectation management. When you
receive your magazine toward the end of January 2018 and you open it up
expecting a completely revised and new magazine, you will probably be

This change will not happen overnight but will be an evolution as we survey
members and find out what you really want to see in your magazine. This change
will be member driven and the Strategy Advisory Committee will be surveying
members to find out what you really want to see in your magazine and the
formats you want it in.

So stay tuned for the next round of surveys from the Strategy Advisory

I will also take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy festive
season and may it be filled with much RF and much amateur radio.

This has been Justin VK7TW for the WIA Board.


Will global warming mean more common lightning strikes

While severe weather event disasters hit known areas of the globe, lightning
can strike anywhere.

A bolt of lightning hits the ground somewhere around the world about 100
times a second - that is eight million strikes every day.

Some scientists suggest lightning strikes may increase by 12 per cent for
every degree of global warming.

A few in the United States predict that by the end of the century if
temperatures do rise, there will be a 50 per cent increase in strikes.

Recently those in Australia are thinking that temperate records here in some
places may reach the magical 50 degrees Celsius - and already this year there
has been some unseasonal heat. Whether you are sceptical or a supporter of
global change, the increased talk of lightning strikes should be considered
by all radio amateurs - and is included in the syllabus for Amateur Radio

A question often asked by someone new is whether lightning protection is
really necessary.

Once the technical dynamics of a direct hit, or the induced high voltages
from a nearby strike are explained, the answer is yes.

A normal practice by some is to disconnect the antenna when they are away
from their radio shack.

In preparation read up now on the real threat of lightning strikes to
radio amateurs.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, WIA Local News Service VK7, VK3PC and the WW
sources of the WIA.

New DX-TRAVELER.EU website

A convenient platform is on the site DX-TRAVELER.EU for traveling Radio amateurs.

Radio amateurs who plan to go without their equipment look at this website and
receive assistance in obtaining radio equipment and antennas from the owner
in new places during your OS adventure.

In New Zealand, a scammer is targeting Radio Spectrum Radio users and licence
holders on social media.

RSM has been made aware that a scammer is using a Facebook account claiming to
work for Radio Spectrum Management and asking for personal information from
licence holders and radio users.

Radio Spectrum Management would never contact radio users or licence holders on
social media asking for their personal and financial details, IRD numbers or
password. In this case, personal information and meetings have been requested.

If you think you have encountered this scam please use the Scamwatch portal on
the NZ Consumer Protection website to submit a report or call
0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463).

80 year-old Telefunken TX

On Sunday the 26th November the Bergen Broadcaster Association group of amateur
radio enthusiasts celebrated the 80th anniversary of the inauguration of this
Telefunken LW / MW transmitter station from 1937.

The transmitter is apparently the only one remaining in existence. The rated
power was 20KW and it was in service until 1978.

The site has museum status and transmissions of mainly historical interest are
made on 1314KHz almost every Sunday, 1100CET to 1500CET.

The Museum is open every Sunday 1100 to 1500 except at Xmas and New Year, and
is situated on the Island of Askoey, just west of Bergen, Norway, and is well
served with public transport.

BBC World Service - Waveguide

Andy M6VFT‏notes in a recent Southgate Amateur Radio Club news feed that
episodes of the BBC World Service's Waveguide programme as far back as 1988
are available to listen on iPlayer

Among the shows is Back to Basics: Operating a Short Wave Radio - A six-part
series on everything you need to know to enjoy short wave radio.

Part one: technical advice on choosing a shortwave radio set. First, do you
want digital or analogue tuning, other wavelengths and even an alarm clock?
What do 'sensitivity', 'selectivity', 'image rejection', and 'strong signal
handling' mean?

Well worth a listen, particularly to the 'saucepan radio' episode.

New Cuban movie features Ham Radio

Cuba is celebrating their "Havana Film Festival" and one of the movies features
a Cuban amateur radio operator talking to the MIR space station.

Southgate News says " As we read on the Soviet Union crumbles in
1991, an amateur radio operator in Cuba makes unexpected contact with a
stranded cosmonaut as he observes the dissolution of his nation from orbit, in
Cuban director Ernesto Daranas Serrano's comedic yet poignant reflection on how
big events can impact ordinary lives..."

Check the videos and pictures here (google translation available on the site)

Despite most premium car brands moving towards an autonomous future, Mazda has
confirmed its vehicles will always feature a steering wheel.

Speaking at the 2017 Los Angeles motor show,president and CEO ofMazda
North America Operations, Masahiro Moro said that there's not a chance of
Mazda ditching a steering wheel for Level 5 autonomy.

"No steering wheel is not an option for us. I always believe a human is the
best computer to drive a car."

Car advice say it's an interesting statement given Mazda is already leading
the charge in Australia with making safety features like autonomous emergency
braking standard across its range of passenger cars.

But, it still means that Mazda could offer Level FOUR autonomy which allows
the vehicle to take full control from the start to the end of the journey,
but also allows the driver to take hold of the steering wheel to drive at
any point.

Who and Where are our broadcast stations?


All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.


Running ALL year 'til Dec 31 Victorian Local Government Award 2017 Challenge


The ARRL 10 metre contest, with SSB and phone activity, takes place from 00:00
UTC on Saturday 9 December until 23:59 UTC on Sunday 10 December 2017.

Stations in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada will send a RS or
RST report and state or province.

Mexico will send a RS or RST report and their state.

DX stations send a RS or RST report and a sequential serial number starting
with 001.

Maritime mobile stations send a RS or RST report and the ITU Region R1, R2 or R3).

Find the complete set of rules at


Summer 13-14 Jan 2018

John Moyle Memorial Field Day will be held over the weekend of the 17th-18th
March 2018 and will run from UTC 0100 on the Saturday until 0059 on the

Harry Angel Memorial Sprint:- Saturday May 5th 10:00 UTC - 11:46 UTC

Winter 23-24 June 2018

The VK SHIRES Contest is always held on the June long weekend, which is the
weekend prior to the second Monday of June each year so make a note June 9/10
Starts: 06.00 UTC Saturday 9, Ends: 06.00 UTC Sunday 10.

IARU HF Championship event on 15 and 16 July.


The contest is held on the Saturday night of the third full weekend of July,
making it July 21st, Start Time is 08:00 UTC and finish time is 14:00 UTC

11-12 August is WIA Remembrance Day (the RD) Contest.

The 21st International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is on
August 18 to 19, 2018


PH - First full weekend in October, ( 6/ 7th) 0800 UTC Sat to 0800 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October, (13/14th) 0800 UTC Sat to 0800 UTC Sunday

Spring 24-25 November

2019 Summer 12-13 Jan Winter 22-23 Jun Spring 23-24 Nov
2020 Summer 18-19 Jan Winter 20-21 Jun Spring 28-29 Nov
2021 Summer 14-15 Jan Winter 26-27 Jun Spring 26-27 Nov


Canada's Polar Prince WSPR Transmissions to ID with New Call Sign on Return Leg

With the successful completion of the Canada C3 Expedition via the Northwest
Passage that culminated with the arrival of the Polar Prince in Victoria,
British Columbia, the CG 3 EXP special event call sign has been retired.

The Polar Prince will continue to carry an Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon as the ship
returns to the East Coast of Canada via the Panama Canal.

The vessel's WSPR system will identify as VE 0 EXP.

Anyone with an HF receiver and the free WSPR application may be able to receive
the VE0EXP signal and track the vessel's location on WSPRnet.


Kjell, SM6DQR and Kathrine, SM6AAF are QRV as 9H3DQR and 9H3AAF, respectively,
from Gharb, Gozo Island until December 11.
Activity is on 160 to 10 meters using CW and SSB.
QSL both calls via SM6DQR.

Rich, PA0RRS is QRV as 9M2MRS from Penang Island, IOTA AS-015, until January 31,
Activity is on 40 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and PSK. QSL to home call.

Andre, ON7YK is QRV as C5YK from Bijilo until January 30, 2018.
Activity is on 40 to 6 meters using FT8 and some CW. QSL to home call.

Be listening for Fawaz, operating as 5 T 1 A from Mauritius until December 20th.
Listen for him on all bands using SSB and FT8.
Send QSLs via A 92 AA.

A team of operators will be active between January 6th and 9th as H 91 IT
from Taboga Island on 40-10 meters using CW and SSB.
Send QSLs via HP 1 RCP.



Members of the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union are QRV as LX 2017 TRAM from
Luxembourg City during December to welcome their new tramway.
QSL via bureau.

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Slow Scan TV from space Dec 5-6

The 145.800 MHz FM Slow Scan Television (SSTV) transmissions from the
International Space Station Dec 5-6 should be receivable by radio amateurs
around the world

The MAI-75 SSTV system in the Russian Service Module will be put through some
extended testing from December 5 starting around 15:00 UTC and running until
09:00 UTC on December 6. Test images will be used during this period.

This will provide near global coverage if all works well on 145.800 MHz FM.

In the past images have been sent using the SSTV mode PD180, with a 3-minute
off time between each image.

The ISS puts out a strong signal on 145.800 MHz FM and a 2m handheld with a
1/4 wave antenna should be enough to receive it. Many FM rigs can be switched
been wide and narrow deviation FM filters. For best results you should select
the filter for wider 5 kHz deviation FM



Ham radio provided link during invasion of Kuwait

When Iraqi tanks rolled into Kuwait in the early 1990s, their first target was
the country's communications systems. But not everyone went dark. A man in
Illinois received one of the only signals coming from Kuwait:

on his ham radio in his home in the USA!

That remarkable account is one of several war-related stories connected to
American military activity in the Persian Gulf that guests can experience
at the Vermilion County War Museum.

Read the full Illinois home page story and watch the video at



4 X 0 XMAS from Shivta

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has declared Shivta to be a World Heritage

The Shivta National Park is on the list of confirmed WFF Israel National Parks
Award (4XFF- 032), and has a very long and interesting history

see the Web page at

Members of the "The Holy land DX Group" are going to operate from this location
between 0800 UTC Friday, December 22nd, through December 24th, noon-time.

It will be the first time operating from this QTH (Holy land Square D27BS).

They will use the callsign 4 X 0 XMAS, and will be running three stations
using CW and SSB on the WFF frequencies.

This operation will also participate in the "Christianity On The Air" event
(December 22-24th) for the HOCOTA award.

(For details, please visit under 4X9XMAS).

QSL via LoTW and eQSL




Amateur Radio-Carrying D-Star One CubeSat among Spacecraft Apparently Lost

The first Amateur Radio satellite to employ the D-Star digital voice and data
format D-Star One was among about 20 secondary payloads lost on November 28
after an otherwise nominal launch of a three-stage Soyuz 2.1 booster from the
new Vostochny Cosmodrome in the far reaches of eastern Russia.

The mission carried the Russian Meteor M2-1 satellite the primary payload
as well as a Canadian Telestar experimental satellite, and 17 other secondary
payloads, including D-Star One.

According to reports, a fault occurred in the sophisticated and autonomous
Fregat upper stage, which, after separating from the launch vehicle, inserts
multiple spacecraft into their respective orbits. A so-called "space tug,"
Fregat has been in service for nearly 2 decades.

Russian space agency Roscosmos is investigating the Fregat failure.


Astronaut Joe Acaba made an historic contact with the Maria Montessori
Institute Educational Unit in San Cristobal, Venezuela: the first-ever
educational ham radio contact in that country's history.

Video posted at:



AS-015 and AF-045

AF-045 Four operators will be active as 6 V 1 A from Goree Island between
December 15-17th. Activity will be on CW and SSB on all HF bands using two

AS-015. Rich, PA 0 RRS, is once again active as 9 M 2 MRS from Penang Island
until January 31st, 2018. Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW, RTTY and



Radio amateurs to help police

The Times of India reports "ham radio bounces back in new role to track
criminals' location"

The newspaper says:
A ham radio club that will help the Pune police spot the location of criminals
has been established by Muktangan Science Exploratory Centre.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (wireless) Abdur Rahman, who inaugurated
the club, said the wireless department is taking help from the ham radio clubs
in Pune to resolve communication problems and now a mobile locator will help
zero in on criminals.

Read the full story at



Reputed World's Oldest Ham Jean Touzot, F8IL, SK

F8IL, of Albi, France said to have been the world's oldest radio amateur has

The "dean of French radio amateurs," Touzot was 109 and enjoyed operating CW
with an old-fashioned hand key and a modern Yaesu transceiver.

He "retired from the airwaves for health reasons" at age 105 in 2014, according
to media accounts. Until then he had been active on the air, making daily
contacts on 80-meter CW with other stations in France. In stepping back from
his ham activity, Touzot said he no longer was able to send CW and made
"too many mistakes."

He was a member of France's International Amateur Radio Union member-society
REF as well as of the Union of French Telegraphists.

Born in Algeria, Touzot had been on the air since 1936 and had learned CW
during his time in the military.

Vale F8IL SKey

(No official records are kept to document who is the oldest radio amateur)


A Youth Net meets Saturdays at 0100 UTC on IRLP Reflector #2.
Young Hams Net 3.590 - 7:30pm Victorian time.

MX 0 RYC re-allocated by Ofcom

The RSGB Youth Committee is delighted to have the callsign MX 0 RYC re-allocated
by Ofcom.

This callsign was used during the youth DXpedition in Wales in 2015.

It will be used by the Youth Committee for outreach activities.

You can follow what they do on twitter @theRSGByouth.



Visit the WIA website,

To find A Club And Course Near You

To make a general enquiry

email for further information.

ARNSW 63 Quarry Rd Dural, email for details on
Bookings can be made by phoning the office on 02 9651 1490
and leaving contact details.

Amateur Radio Victoria 40G Victory Boulevard, Ashburton, or phone Barry on 0428 516 001.




FEB 18 VK3 9am WANDARC HamFest Italian Sports Club, Werribee (VK3VKT)

Sports Club of Werribee 601 Heaths Rd.
Entry is only $7 Doors open 10am entry tickets will be on sale
from 9am includes one free draw in the major prize.
Table Info email

Feb 25 VK2 Wyong Field Day (VK2AOR)

It's just 77 days now until the Central Coast ARC Fieldday
at Wyong on Sunday February 25th. 2018.

For national or on-line virtual groups, now is the time to
arrange to meet-up at this, the largest meeting of Radio
Amateurs in the Southern Hemisphere.

For those interested in SOTA, why not take advantage of the
nearby Mount Elliot (VK2/HU-093 in SOTA terms) and if you
operate from the park on this summit, bring some snags along
for the electric bar-b-ques there!

Are you thinking of upgrading your licence or indeed sitting
for the foundation ticket - well you can take the CCARC 1-day
foundation course on Saturday and sit any of the tests at the
fieldday on Sunday but please book early.

In fact for those travelling from interstate if you are
looking to stay in a hotel or motel it's good to get those
bookings in before Christmas to make sure you have the best
room for your stay.

Bringing the family? Then check the tourist website for the
activities around the Central Coast - God's own country!

As always, please check the FIELDDAY.ORG.AU website for all
information about the Wyong Fieldday 2018.

For the Central Coast ARC, this is Ed DD5LP.

March 25 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont (VK3BQ)

May 4 -7 VK4 Clairview Gathering ( between Rockhampton/Mackay ) (TARC)

Nov 11 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HamFest (VK5KC)

Submitting news items

A reminder when supplying HamFest info we obviously can't plug commercial
traders "on air", but we at the WIA will put your supporters in this text
edition "no worries."

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to
and don't JUST send url's links but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio read "how to submit items" in the weekly news page on

We would appreciate items no longer than 2 minutes in length as we only have
a half hour time slot window.

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood of it being
broadcast in the very next edition of WIA National News. Each item will only
be broadcast once, if you want a couple of mentions, please submit different
slants to keep your event 'fresh 'and always if the news room is to read your
item write in the 3rd person.



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