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WIA Director Brian Clarke and the LCD and ACMA's future assessment system.


Dutch regulator acts against repeater abuse

VERON reports inspectors from the Netherlands Radiocommunications Agency
acted last week against a young man who transmitted on PI 2 NOS 70cm Repeater
without a license

A Google English translation of the VERON post reads:

During the investigation various TX stations were found that he was not
allowed to have. These have confiscated the inspectors and they will
prepare an official report.

The public prosecutor is expected to impose a fine on this and decides what
happens to the confiscated cases. In addition to this official report, it
will be investigated whether a cease and desist order can also be imposed,
so that this young man can immediately be fined a substantial administrative
fine in the case of renewed illegal transmissions, without having to go ahead
with an extensive investigation into the home.

Despite the fact that locating intruders or misbehaving hams is a difficult
matter, the inspectors are in good spirits and hope to be able to report
more successes in the short term. Information about such persons remains
very welcome via

Much useful information has already been reported by radio amateurs.

VERON in Google English

At least in this Dutch case a happier outcome for an alleged repeater
abuser than in a story doing the rounds from Southern California.

Reports are that one of the 'colourful' users of the infamous 147.435 repeater
has become the victim of a homicide.

This is the repeater that appears to be 'home' to many a 'colourful' operator
and language!

WA6RXZ was missing for several days - since at least around Memorial Day
weekend. A "partially buried" body was found in Joshua Tree National Park
on June 2. Multiple investigative PD units were seen at the hams house
later and apparently investigators have been querying some of the 435 users
regarding a timeline of his whereabouts.

Anyways, the authorities appear to have basically allowed 147.435 to be the
containment zone for the critical mass of cowboy hams in the LA area. Nobody
else has enough activity that they've gotten a dozen "one percenters" or
whatever in one place, so this isn't really witnessed in any other areas.

Curious quirk of US VHF hamming.

( sourced to posts on )


As we hear from WIA Director Brian Clarke I would strongly encourage all
listeners to:

1. Go to the WIA website,
2. Read the 5 parts of the WIA LCD Submission
3. Send in comments before 30th June.

Now to Brian, VK2GCE.

What a great AGM and Conference we had last month at Coolangatta.

On behalf of the Board, I want to thank and congratulate all involved
in the organisation - it was very smooth. The AGM went well, with
all motions fully accepted. There were some quite positive discussions
during the Open Forum. The sideshows were well presented and attended.

Around 120 members were at the AGM. The numbers could have been higher had
we not clashed with the annual Dayton extravaganza. A suggestion during the
Open Forum that the WIA organise a trip to Dayton next year, received an
overwhelmingly positive response, almost a mandate. Like a pilgrimage to

The 2019 AGM and Conference will tie in with the Waverly club's longevity
celebrations. Enrolment forms will be available on the WIA website shortly.
The earlier you enrol, the easier it will be to arrange suitable
accommodation, feasting and festivities. Remember to book your flights early
to take advantage of discounts. The date is not fixed yet, but we must
ensure no clash with the 2019 Dayton event. Contact Eric, VK2VE for more

For the 2020 AGM and Conference, we need a state or territory to consider
hosting. VKs 2, 4, 5 and 9 have hosted most recently. There is a pro forma
plan developed for Coolangatta that anyone can use. If your club, state or
territory executive is willing, consider the availability and access to a
suitable venue, sideshows, and the personnel required to plan, lead,
organise, control and co-ordinate the event.

And now for a change of pace. As you are aware, the ACMA launched a
Consultation document regarding a future assessment system. The ACMA's
paper is readily available from the ACMA's, the WIA's and other groups'
websites. The WIA's website also seeks your thoughts. Please get them to us
by COB Monday 18th June latest (that's tomorrow!), so the Board can submit
a consultative, collaborative, well-considered document by 2nd July.
This is not a tender response - that's due August or later depending on the
option the ACMA favours.

And finally, a reminder to heed Graham, VK4BB's enjoinder to read and
comment on the WIA's LCD Submissions on the WIA's website.

Looking forward to your thoughts. This has been Brian, VK2GCE.

Thanks Brian, so that's 2 different things we need you as a listener to do,

1/ your thoughts for the ACMA's consultation regarding future
assessment system, due by tomorrow Monday 18

2/ Go to and read the 5 parts of the WIA LCD Submission
then send in comments before 30th June.

Brian also spoke there of Dayton HamFest in the UK, here on WIA National
News we have covered a lot of Dayton but there is another 'Biggie' in
our wonderful world of ham radio, that being Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
the largest HamFest in Europe.

Later down the log today thanks to both Amateur Radio NewsLine and
Ed Durant DD5LP we'll take a wander through the displays in Germany this year.

Ahead of Jason with international news, today another "DISCUSSION POINT"
by VK4ZPP.

Geoff has been putting pen to paper and voice to Mic. for maybe 15 plus
years in the local VK4 news, QNEWS.

It's a sort of 'thinking mans' area in the weekly news in Queensland.

Here's that man....>

Hello, I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

There is an amount of what may be called donkey work that the executives
of any club must do. Depending on how the club is structured, these jobs
may fall to individuals or they might be shared amongst the office bearers.
Now these things keep the wheels oiled and the club on track and when
we have our meetings all the necessary bits and pieces are there for the
members to consider and vote on.

Sometimes little groups form and they may have different ideas of how
certain things should be done or who should be doing them. Depending
on how these group members behave, it can have a positive or a negative
effect on how the club functions. This is just common sense but it sometimes
gets overlooked when people talk themselves into corners and fight to
justify their opinions against the rest.

When thought is given to issues and an understanding of what is involved
is made and clear headedness is put to bear on the issue, solutions that
benefit the club as a whole can come into place. This of course is the
outcome we should all look at achieving.

Unfortunately there are times when as group will feel they are not getting
what they want and they decide to act outside the club and the spirit of
our hobby. When people are upset and feel neglected and hostile, they
sometimes attempt to overturn the management committee.

Many of us give our time to different organisations and community groups
and never want to sit at that front table. So a lot of us dodge the effort
that goes into reconciling competing matters, balancing the books and
making sure the next activity goes off well. In talking to people who have
filled executive roles in different bodies, I get an idea that when members
try and disrupt things from the outside, it has a major impact on those
people filling the top table. They take the business of the club home with
them and the hours of private life that get spoilt can be countless.

Burnout is a sad fact that happens when people get overwhelmed by the
issues they have to handle. It is something we should prevent in our club
life as our mates that do the spade work deserve to enjoy our hobby too.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
ARRL, Amateur Radio Newsline, RAC, NZART and the World Wide sources of
the WIA.


JA 1 AN falls Silent Key.

The Wireless Institute of Australia has passed on condolences to the Family
of JA1AN, Mr. Shozo Hara, who led the JARL for an incredible 41 years!!

He passed away on June 9th, 2018 at the age of 91.

JA1AN was born in 1926 in Nagasaki and first licensed as JA1AN in 1952.

He served as JARL Director from 1952 and was elevated to President in 1970
where he had lead JARL as the President for 41 years until 2011."

VALE Shozo Hara JA1AN


The IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter reports Iranian radars have been
very active in the Amateur Radio primary 28 MHz (10m) band every day.

On 28860 kHz the strong and long lasting signals could be received daily.
Other frequencies were used in hopping mode.

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1
May 2018 newsletter can be read on


ITU officially confirms: Z6 prefix is illegal

In a repost by YT9TP it would appear that the International Telecommunication
Union has officially confirmed use of the Z6 prefix is illegal.

This from ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1149, June 1st 2018.

Call sign series can be allocated only to the administrations of the
ITU Member States by world radio communication conferences or, between
radio communication conferences, by the ITU Secretary-General.

In this respect, the attention of the ITU administrations is drawn to the
fact that ITU has not allocated call sign series Z6 to any of its
Member States. Consequently, the utilization of call signs series Z6 by
any entity without a formal allocation and consent of the ITU represents
an unauthorized and illegal usage of this international numbering resource.


Sprite storm over Europe produces 'decapitated jellyfish'

Last weekend, June 9-10, a powerful thunderstorm over central Europe
produced a furious outburst of 'sprites' unlike anything local observers
had seen before.

Among hundreds of normal sprites lancing up from the thunderhead were dozens
of rare "decapitated jellyfish" - sprites shaped like sea creatures with
tentacles but no heads.

How these strange forms of upward-directed lightning are produced is
still a mystery.

Visit for pictures and more information


Radio amateur and astronaut Pedro Duque KC5RGG / ED4ISS has been named as
Minister of Science in the new Spanish Government

His first space mission was STS-95 on the space shuttle Discovery in 1998
and in 2003 he spent a week on the International Space Station and had
two ARISS contacts with schools in Spain.


Hams in Canada are being asked by the RAC to sign a petition to the
House of Commons in Parliament.

It would seem an individual with malicious intentions is threatening the
security of emergency radio communications in Quebec;

For two years a Nicolet resident, illegally set up a transmitting radio
station generating interference on purpose; Amateur radio operators in
Quebec have identified the illegal radio station and brought it to the
attention of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and its
inspectors seized the individual's radio equipment!

Now that individual acquired new equipment right away and returned to
jamming the airwaves. The man is known to police in Nicolets. He has regular
encounters with the law.

RAC are calling on the government to provide more support to the
Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
so that it can intervene more decisively in this matter.


Amateur radio society's agreement with Dominican Civilian Defence.

On May 30, Radio Club Dominicano, represented by Mr. Hugo Ramn, accompanied
by a group of RCD members, signed a cooperation agreement with the
Civilian Defence entity of the Dominican Republic at the HQ.

There was also participation from 4x4 vehicle clubs.

The agreement ensures the mutual cooperation between RCD and the
Civilian Defence; it includes counselling, training, promotion and joint work.
With this, the Civilian Defence seeks support in matters of emergency
communications in the amateur radio bands for better management of the
activities that they carry out and those that could arise in case of

IARU Region 2


As the weeks move closer to the World Radiosport Team Championship
next month in Germany, it all comes down to logistics. BUT as
Ed Durrant DD5LP say " Without 1300 broom handles it can't happen! "

Robby, DM6DX, mentioned to Ed: "We have the 1300 broom handles and
more than 30 kilometres of barrier tape along with more than
65 portaloos in supplies."

That caused some frivolity between the organizers of WRTC 2018 and some

Surprised at the 1300 broom handles, the press spokesman asked why so
many were needed.

"Without sky hooks, I cannot secure the operators area in the sites,"
was the answer by logistics officer Robby Pschk.

The simple fence is the combination of 20 broom handles and 500 m of red
& white barrier tape to surround the antennas and the station tents at
the 65 locations. This avoids anyone tripping over the guy wires, having
access to the antennas and tent and possibly causing damage.

It still seems unusual though. Who would have thought of broom handles
being required for the amateur radio world championship!

(sourced to ARNewsLine)

All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.

June 17 - IARU R3 - 2018 QRP Day Region 3

Weekends of June 16-17 and 23 24 sees International Museums Weekend.
Museum Ship HMAS Gladstone, VK4GLA will be 'sailing' the 'air' waves.

Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club and Gladstone Amateur Radio
Clubs will combine again for this event where besides HF, it is hoped to
establish a link to the VK4RAR 2 meter repeater and also take EchoLink
calls as part of the weekend.

Fresh on their heels as far as operating in both the recent Museum Ships
Weekend and now International Museums Weekend - we go to Ireland, where
one participating radio museum also has a Marconi connection.

Jeremy Boot G4NJH, told our good friends at Amateur Radio Newsline

"Ye Olde Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio will be participating on
Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th of June with the callsign EI0MAR.
The museum is located in the Martello Tower the site of the first telegraphy
station that connected Ireland to Great Britain in 1852.

It was in this tower that America's Lee de Forest experimented with wireless
telegraphy at the turn of the 20th century.

The tower was also home to a Marconi receiving station that conducted
experimental telegraphy communications with HMS Monarch.

Hams will be operating from that tower during this weekend, both SSB and CW.

The site opened as a museum in 2003."

June 22-23 - VK - Winter VHF-UHF Field Day

July 14-15 - WW IARU HF Championship
July 21 - VKZL Trans-Tasman Low band contest

August 11-12 - VK - Remembrance Day Contest
August 18-19 - WW - Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend
August 25-26 - VK - ALARA YL CONTEST

October 6 - WW - Oceania DX contest

Nobuaki, JA 0 JHQ is active as 3 W 9 NH from Vietnam until 18th of June.
He is mainly on CW and FT8.
QSL to his home call, JA0JHQ


David, W9DR is active from Turks and Caicos Islands, NA-003, till
the 25th as VP5/W9DR on 6m only, CW and SSB, using an SDR transceiver,
1kW and a 5-element Yagi

He is beaconing on 50.115MHz.

QSL via home call, direct only.

(sourced to rsgb)

Waldi, SP 7 IDX will be active on 40 to 10m in SSB and digimodes from
Vannoya Island, EU-046, until the 20th as LA/SP 7 IDX.
QSL via bureau.

(sourced to rsgb)


Tony 4 Radio Direction Finding Fun happening in Townsville

If you are in the vicinity of the Townsville Region on Saturday July 14th
from 1pm and want to get involved in a Foxhunt, or radio socialise in a
nice part of Townsville then Tony VK4TJS wants to hear from you.

Beacon transmitters work on 145.3MHz whilst the homing beacon works on

There will be activities for all family members to participate in during
the Foxhunt and things will end up with some in-flight catering. To cater
for the event Tony needs to know your attendance numbers by Thursday 12th
July and you need to quiz Tony further regarding details about the Foxhunt.

Who do you have to call ?

Tony VK4TJS of course, on 4767 7137


WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video


The RSGB has released another 2017 Convention presentation into its online
video portal.

In his presentation "SDR - the station of the future", John Linford, G3WGV
looks at what software defined radio offers us as radio amateurs and what
our stations might look like in a few years' time.

SDR is as much a disruptive technology as were the advent of semiconductors
or synthesisers. It is said that in five years it will no longer be possible
to buy a new radio that is not SDR based.

The presentation is available via



Our own VK4KHZ on the last day of May conducted a successful 'telebridge'
contact with Spaceman Ricky Arnold KE5DAU, using ISS callsign NA1SS
and a Rotterdam school in the Netherlands.



AMSAT Facebook Group Moves to New Facebook Group Page

The AMSAT-NA group that has existed for over a decade, no longer serves
as the official Facebook group of AMSAT.

Shortly, the AMSAT logo and name will be removed from this group's
pages in accordance with Facebook's Intellectual Property Policy.

AMSAT officers and board members no longer hold any role on that
particular group and Facebook's policy is, the creator of the group,
owns that group's resources.

For the most current information and discussion about AMSAT's
activities, please join AMSAT NA on their NEW group, which has been
placed under corporate ownership under legal advice and to insure
the latest information and discussion from AMSAT.

Please join on:

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA for the above information]


TARC ready for the 2018 Lighthouse Lightship Weekend


Townsville Amateur Radio Club will be activating the Cape Cleveland Light
( ILLW Number AU 0045 ) on 18 and 19 August as part of the International
Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.

It will be a great weekend full of relaxed operating with the challenge of
deploying HF VHF and UHF antennae in a remote environment and talking to
stations at other lighthouses around Australia and the world.

Travel to and from the site via the mighty barge Hercules.

Packing has to include plenty of batteries and some antennas.

The cap on numbers for this mighty jaunt is 14, so if you have any other
family members or friends that want to come along, be quick.

Contact Gavin/VK4ZZ on 0427 182 469 to put your name on the list.


International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW) event, which is now only
two and a half months away has seen its 200th entry received, and from
a YL in Wales who is going to activate the East Usk lighthouse which was
built in 1893 on the East side of the river Usk.

YL Margaret's call sign will be GB 4 EUL.


A Youth Net meets Saturdays at 0100 UTC on IRLP Reflector #2.
Young Hams Net 3.590 - 7:30pm Victorian time.

Saturday the 16th in the USA is ARRL Kids Day, an event designed to
promote Amateur Radio to young people.

Running from 18.00 GMT to 2359 GMT, listen out for stations calling
" CQ Kids Day. "

The suggested initial exchange is name, age, location and favourite colour.

More details are on the ARRL website,


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

High seas emergencies have always gotten top priority for the
Maritime Mobile Service Network since it began operations in 1968.
So when the latest call for help came in late May, the net answered,
as we hear from Christian Cudnik K0STH.

CHRISTIAN: Timothy Henning KE7WMZ wasn't expecting to end his
around-the-world sail with a distress call - but by the time the Arizona
radio amateur's vessel, the Victory Cat, was about 200 miles south of
Ensenada Mexico on May 23rd, he had developed a severe problem with his
right eye and was having vision issues. He made a distress call on 20
meters at about 1530 UTC and it was picked up by Maritime Mobile Service
Network Net Control Operator Harry Williams W0LS. Harry stayed on the
radio with Tim while contacting the Coast Guard in California. The Coast
Guard met Tim at Ensenada and he was taken from there to the Balboa
Naval Hospital in San Diego.

According to Net Manager Jeff Savasta KB4JKL, Tim got the diagnosis that
he had suffered a severely detached retina. He was taken to Phoenix,
Arizona for surgery.

Following his surgery, Tim emailed the members of the 50-year-old net to
express his gratitude for a response that was, his words "professional
and invaluable." His voyage completed, he can now concentrate on recovery.

For WIA News via Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Christian Cudnik K0STH.



With Hamvention a memory, all eyes and ears turned recently the largest
HamFest in Europe. Ed Durrant DD5LP was there - here's his report.

ED'S REPORT: As most will know, Ham Radio Friedrichshafen is the largest
HamFest in Europe. This year's theme was radio scouting (audio clip)
of course, with lots of fun, that was the combined scout troops from
several European countries who were attending Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
this year. The theme extended into other youth orientated events including
the hand-over of Youngsters on-the-air from the UK Organisers to the
South African organisers.

Attendance at the event was probably about 10% reduced due to the
unfortunate coincidence that the date clashed with the IARU CW field day.

There were several new dealers with new products, with Magnetic loop
antennas practical for portable use to enormous, high power home station
ones. One young Spanish company Komunica are designing and building HF
and VHF mobile antennas in Europe, with new antennas due out in September.
It's good to see not everything is being produced in the far east.

SDR radios were very much in presence with several different companies
displaying new or extended models. Of course the "big 5" were there and
this was a chance to see the new Kenwood TS-890S and talk with its designer.
As well as get a look at the Yaesu FTDX101D FT-818ND and the software update
to the FT-2D Fusion handy to make it into a hot-spot.

In general the slightly reduced numbers in the very large halls made it
easier to get around. Only in the flea market was it as busy as ever.
The addition of the Maker Faire with their Cosplay dressed people walking
around added some flair and fun.

Despite dire weather predictions, not one drop of rain fell over the
three days of the event. rather it was sunny and in the high twenties
Centigrade the whole time.

So if you've never been to Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen, why not plan a
visit for next year when it moves back to its usual weekend, which is
June 21st to the 23rd 2019.

That's Friedrichshafen for another year, now it's time to get ready for the
WRTC. How did that go? "Dib di Dib Dib Dah Dah Di Dah"?

For AR Newsline this has been Ed Durrant DD5LP.


Social Scene 2018

July 2 - 6 VK4 Theresa Creek Campout all week long. (tarc)

The Theresa Creek Campout will be happening from Monday 2nd until Friday 6th
July 2018. Theresa Creek Dam is located 22 km south west of Clermont in
Central Queensland.

With bitumen access all the way to the boat ramps, 2 to choose from. This is
the perfect dam for those that like swimming, canoeing, water skiing,
fishing, or just relaxing and watching time pass you by as the contacts roll

If you are able to go along, let Helen know by mobile 0412 038 033

July 7 & 8 VK3 GippsTech 2018 The 21st annual Gippsland Technical

Aug 4 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club HamFest (vk3bft)

Sept 21-23 VK4 Central Highlands AR Club AGM weekend Lake Maraboon (TARC)

Sep 28-Oct 1 VK4 Cardwell Gathering (TARC)

Nov 11 VK5 - Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HamFest
Nov 17 VK7 - VK7Hamfest Miena Community Centre (vk7wi)

2019 Social Scene

May 3 - 6 VK4 - Claireview Gathering, between Mackay and Rockhampton (tarc)

Submitting news items

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