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WIA Director Peter VK8ZZ with an update on the Approach to Market
(ATM) "tender" for the ACMA deed related functions.


We start the news with a word of caution to rebroadcasters of this,
WIA National News Service.

It is regards when you can download the audio for broadcast.

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Australia Day OAM -

Congratulations to both Phil Darcy VK2MCB and Raffy Shammay VK2RF
on both being awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services
to the community

We'll look into Air Commodore (Retired) Philip Darcy BYRNE's OAM
during Special Interest Group News with Bruce Lees furher down the

But now, to Raffy, VK2RF

Congratulations are in order to Raffy Shammay VK 2 RF, who has been
awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the 2019 Australia
Day Honours List, for service to the community.

In addition to his 22 years of service to WICEN NSW and the
NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc., VK2RF has been the Treasurer
of the Waverley Amateur Radio Society, Australia's oldest amateur
radio club since 1993, and an assessor for your Wireless Institute
of Australia, helping many people to obtain their amateur radio

In addition on the amateur radio front, Raffy has been a volunteer
to the Jamboree of the Air for Scouts Australia, the Hawkesbury
Canoe Classic (also as a member of WICEN NSW) and the Shahzada 400km
Endurance Ride.

But wait, there's more:-
Raffy is also a volunteer at the Sir Moses Montefiore Home, teaching
computing skills to seniors citizens.

A very well deserved recognition for community service, Raffy
Shammay OAM, VK2RF.



Good Morning, I am WIA Director Peter VK8ZZ

We have a late update on the Approach to Market (ATM) "tender" for
the ACMA deed related functions.

The ACMA has sent a media release advising the successful tenderer
for the ATM. You probably already know that the successful tenderer
was the University of Tasmania through the Australian Maritime
College.Congratulations to the Australian Maritime College.

The announcement from the ACMA indicates that services will will not
be delivered in full until some time after 25 February 2019 - the
ACMA will be undertaking some of these functions until the AMC is

Amateur callsign recommendations will no longer be processed by the
WIA. All Callsign queries should now be directed to the ACMA

Australia Communications and Media Authority
Level 32 Melbourne Central Tower, 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Vic. 3000
PO Box 13112 Law Courts, Melbourne Vic 8010
Tel: 03 9963 6800 Tel: 1300 850 115
Fax: 03 9963 6899

The WIA has provided the ACMA with a proposal to transition out of
the deed between the ACMA and the WIA. This proposal is yet to be
formally accepted by the ACMA.

The preparations for the World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC)
which is hosted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
in Europe later this year has been ongoing. Theses WRC Conferences
are held every 3 - 4 years. The WRC is the final arbiter in relation
to the worldwide use and allocation of the entire radio frequency

The WIA will be part of the Australian delegation to WRC-19.

The WIA is a member organisation of the International Amateur Radio
Union (IARU). The IARU is the worldwide representative body
representing radio amateurs to the WRC and the ITU. The report on
the minutes for the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3
conference which was attended by the WIA and was held in Korea last
September have been issued. They are available on the WIA web site.

The WIA will be pursuing the grant funding available for young
Radio Amateurs - "Youngsters On The Air" (YOTA) activities as per
previous broadcasts.

This has been Peter VK8ZZ


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


South Africa to support the IARU position on WRC-19 agenda items
affecting Amateur Radio

A two-day Industry WRC-19 Preparatory meeting recommended that
South Africa support the IARU position on agenda items that impact
on Amateur Radio.

The meeting considered the draft ITU Conference Preparatory Meeting
report and developed the South African position which will now be
discussed at the SADC meeting and after that at the ATU meeting
next month. The final CPM report will be discussed later this year
before the CPM meeting which will be held prior to WRC in October.

The final South African position will then be submitted to cabinet
for approval. This will form the guidelines that the South African
delegation will use in the WRC discussions.

Item 1.1 of the Agenda deals with 50 - 54 MHz.
The SARL proposal is to support the global allocation of 50 - 54 MHz.

For agenda 1.13 the IARU proposed that 47.0 to 47.2 GHz be left as
a primary amateur allocation. This small portion of the 47 GHz was
left untouched although questions were asked what studies the
amateur radio community has carried out and what use the spectrum
is planned for.

The SARL closely followed discussions on agenda items 1.15, 1.16 and
10. Two agenda items of concern are those dealing with 2, 3 and 5 GHz
allocations and the encroachment of Wi-Fi systems.

Amateur Radio has secondary allocations in those two bands.

The SARL participated in discussions on simplifying registration
of satellites with an operational life of 3 years and shorter.
South Africa played a major role in this agenda item and supports
the initiative. The agenda item to find new allocations for
University CubeSats also resulted in substantial discussions.

While this agenda item is not supported by many countries, the
meeting felt it is an important proposal and agreed to promote
this at SADC and ATU level. Currently many countries allow these
satellites to operate on amateur radio frequencies and see no need
to find alternative frequency allocations.

The SARL and AMSAT SA was represented by Hans van de Groenendaal,


With temperatures hovering at -24 Celsius, 50 Almonte Amateur Radio
Club members and friends gathered for their annual dinner evening in
Ontario Canada.

The highlight of the event was the formal induction of club member
Neil Carleton, VE3NCE, into the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.
Filling the hall were Neil's family members and friends from near
and far, former teaching colleagues and students, representatives of
Radio Amateurs of Canada and CARHOF, and Amateurs from across the
region and beyond. It felt very much like a gathering of extended

Robin Webb, VE3UIX, AARC President, acted as the Master of
Ceremonies for the evening's festivities which began with a
short presentation which included examples of Neil's use of
Amateur Radio to inspire and engage students, bring the world
and space into the classroom, and make connections across the
curriculum in math, language, science and social studies.
The presentation featured an excerpt from the film record of the
contact that the school made with the International Space Station
on November 23, 2001 and concluded with a video message from Neil's
longtime friend, fellow teacher and Chair of the RAC Youth Education
Program, Brian Jackson, VE6JBJ, in Alberta.


The FCC is Back in Business

UPDATED 2019-01-29 @ 2115 UTC

In the wake of the more-than-month-long partial government shutdown,
the FCC said that it would be tackling the backlog of applications
already in the queue over the course of a couple days.

Subsequently, the Commission requested that the ARRL Volunteer
Examiner Coordinator give the agency time to work through its
already-pending backlog, before ARRL VEC submit any additional
new files. Information released before the shutdown said the
FCC would take the first day it was open, which was Monday,
January 28, to get idle systems up and running again.

The FCC has resumed all operations since the partial funding lapse
has ended, the FCC said via Twitter.


Public consultation on electromagnetic field regulations

At the end of 2018 the Brazilian regulator ANATEL launched a public
consultation on regulations to establish technical requirements
regarding human exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

LABRE participated last week in Public Consultation 47 of ANATEL on
"Proposal of Act establishing the technical requirements
complementary to the Regulation on the evaluation of the
human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields
associated with the operation of radiocommunication transmitting
stations approved by Resolution No. 700, of September 28, 2018 ".

The ANATEL proposal maintained the criterion of simplified
theoretical calculation of the minimum distances of radio amateur
antennas for exemption from the compliance report, but modified
formulas were presented that practically tripled the distances.

LABRE followed the contribution made in the first consultation of
2016 in favor of maintaining the formulas in Resolution 303 for the
specific conditions of exemption of the report for amateurs,
emphasizing that they already correspond to conservative criteria,
with expressions recognized by the International Telecommunication
Union, besides exemplifying how the subject is treated in other
countries, considering additionally the use of specialized software.
It was also suggested that the minimum distances be in the direction
of the maximum irradiation lobe of the antennas, as was also treated
in the previous resolution.

Of the 92 contributions submitted electronically, almost half were
radio amateurs with criticisms of the distance increases and other
topics of Resolution 700.

LABRE in Google English



All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.


FIST CLUB'S CW CONTEST 16th February (vk2gaz)

Fists invite ALL Amateur Radio Operators and Short Wave Listeners
to join in on what has proven in the past to be a very well attended

Contest Rules and further details can be viewed on the Club website.

(Garry VK2GAZ #14151)

Amateur Radio Ferry Contest - Sunday March 10th (VK2GZ)

W.I.A. John Moyle Memorial Field Day 16-17 March 2019 (vk4ae)

20th Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 4

Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest July 20

VK Remembrance Day Contest is August 17-18



A three-man team are operating from two different Papua New Guinea
islands for a couple of weeks.

P 29 VCX from Manus Island (IOTA OC-025) till Feb 5
P 29 NI from Daru Island (IOTA OC-153) 6 - 11th February.
QSL requests should be sent directly to SM 6 CVX in each case.


Harald is QRV as 9 X 2 AW from Kigali until February 14.
Activity is on 160 to 10 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8.
QSL via M 0 OXO.


On air is 9 M 2 MRS from Penang Island, IOTA reference AS-015,
until the 15th of February. Activity is on the HF bands using
CW, RTTY, PSK and FT8.
QSL to his home callsign PA 0 RRS

Darwin Amateur Radio Club will once again commemorate the
Bombing of Darwin by Japanese forces in 1942 by operating
club call-sign, VK8DA, on 19 February 2019.

This is a rare chance to put VK8DA in the log.

VK8DA will be operating on 19 February on 40 metres on 7.193 MHz.
and 20 metres on 14.337 MHz. between 0030 - 0630 UTC,
band conditions permitting.


Antarctica op

Felix DL5XL operates once more as DP1POL from the station
Neumayer III (AN-016, WW Loc. IB59uh).
QRV until the end of February 2019 on HF mostly on CW and digital

QSL via DL 1 BZO

Andre ON7YK is active from his station in Gambia using the callsign
C 5 YK. He will be there until early March 2019.
QSL to his home call ON7YK

Roland F 8 EN is back in Gabon until mid-March.
He is using his TR8CR callsign on 40 - 17m on CW and SSB.
QSL manager is F6AJA.



ZW 85 LABRE celebrates 85th anniversary of the League of Brazilian
Amateur Radio Transmitters.

LABRE, has obtained the special event callsign ZW85LABRE which is
valid until March 31, 2019

The Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rdio Emisso (LABRE) was
founded February 2, 1934.


Erich, HB9FIH is QRV as EA8/HB9FIH from El Hierro, IOTA AF-004,
until the end of March. Activity is on the HF bands using:-
CW, SSB, and various digital modes.




ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -

Ailing ARISS "HamTV" Transmitter Back on Earth for Inspection,
Possible Repair

The malfunctioning Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
"HamTV" transmitter now is back on Earth for repair or replacement,
and it likely won't be until sometime in 2020 at the earliest that
Amateur Radio TV capability will be restored to the orbiting

Onboard repair was not possible.

Also known as "Ham Video," the DATV system transmissions were not
seen by ARISS ground stations as of last April, and a subsequent
test using a second L/S band patch antenna on the ISS Columbus
module failed. The DATV transmitter since February 2016 had served
to provide a visual dimension to ARISS school and group ham radio

Late last year, the ISS crew packed the HamTV unit and stowed it on
the SpaceX-16 Dragon vehicle, which undocked and departed from the
ISS on January 13. The HamTV unit returned to Earth when Dragon
successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, the first nighttime
splashdown and recovery of a Dragon vehicle.

Given various handling protocols, the unit is not expected to be
received by NASA until this spring, and tests in Europe not
completed until this fall.

If the HamTV unit is able to be repaired or refurbished, another
wait would ensue. Documentation is required 50 days before a safety
certification meeting, and all must be approved 2 months prior to
launch, which could take place in a little more than a year. ARISS
said it also will prepare for the possibility that repairs are not
feasible and be ready to move forward with a new, improved HamTV



Sidney, ZS 5 SID has compiled a list of Blue Flag beaches in
South Africa and submitted the list to Beaches on the Air.

But what are 'Blue Flag Beaches?'

The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental
Education that a beach, marina, or sustainable boating tourism
operator meets its stringent standards.

FEE's Blue Flag criteria include standards for quality, safety,
environmental education and information, the provision of services
and general environmental management criteria. The Blue Flag is
sought for beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism
operators as an indication of their high environmental and quality

Spain has held the 1st position for nearly three decades since the
awards began in 1987.

ZS5SID's list covers beaches on the Northern Cape, Western Cape,
Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

To activate a beach, you must advertise the activation on the B.O.T.A.
Group Facebook Page, make a minimum of 10 QSOs and submit your log
together with photographic evidence of the activation.

Visit for more information.




The North Wales Radio Society has plans for a D-Day Commemorative

Here's Jeremy Boot G4NJH.

JEREMY: Seventy five years have passed since the D-Day Landings on
the beachfront of France, and the North Wales Radio Society
is busy planning Special Event Station GB2ORM to operate on
the Great Orme, Llandudno in North Wales. The selection of
the station's site is significant: It is a 3-story building
that is the former Aerial Defence Research and Development
Establishment (ADRDE) also known as "X3."

According to the radio society's website, the building
apparently housed a secret radar experimental station above
the Royal Artillery School on the Great Orme. The school
itself played a prominent wartime role, and over time it
grew beyond its gunnery wing, adding wireless and searchlight
wings in 1940.

Depending on propagation, station operators on the 7th, 8th
and 9th of June are hoping to contact as many hams within
the UK, Europe and beyond on as many bands and frequencies
as possible.

I'm Jeremy Boot G4NJH.



Clive VK6CSW jins us now to remind all that tomorrow the
Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club February bulletin goes to air.

This month, as well as all the Club news, they will have talks
on How to get Stuff into the House, The Art of Secret Communication,
and FT8 digital communications.

CLIVE: Everyone, RAOTC members and non-members alike, is most
welcome to tune in and to join in the call backs afterwards.

The broadcast originates in Melbourne at 10 am local time on
the VK3REC 2m repeater with a simultaneous relay on 160 mtrs
on 1825 kHz

Also at 10 am Victorian time, 9.30 am South Australian time,
there is a transmission from Adelaide on 40 metres, 7146 kHz.

At night the broadcast is repeated at 8.30 pm Melbourne time
on 80 metres on 3650kHz, in Tasmania at 7.30 pm local time
on the VK7RAA and 7RTC networks plus a TV presentation by
Tony VK7AX at 8.30 pm.

Every Tuesday evening at 9 pm the Geelong ARC transmits the
latest bulletin on their 2 metre repeater VK3RGL on 147.0 MHz.

The 20 metre transmission at 0100 UTC is currently unavailable.

For Western Australia we have transmissions at 9 am local on
3620 kHz, at 10 am simultaneous transmissions on 7088 kHz
and the NewsWest linked repeaters.

As from Tuesday, the audio file can be downloaded from our
website at

Tune in tomorrow for the February RAOTC bulletin.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.

A Youth Net meets Saturdays at 0100 UTC on IRLP Reflector #2.
Young Hams Net 3.590 - 7:30pm Victorian time.

Nordics On The Air Finland 2019

This year, the annual Nordics On The Air (NOTA) ham radio youth camp
will be held in Finland during Easter, April 19-22

Chair of the IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group Lisa Leenders PA2LS

We invite all the Nordic youngsters to take part in a fun weekend
full of radio related activities, meeting new friends and having a
great time! Since this is a sub-regional YOTA camp we have some
extra seats reserved also for you outside of the Nordic countries!

Want to learn more? Check out this link


Free BATC membership for students

The British Amateur Television Club is offering free 5 years cyber
membership for students in full-time education

Amateur Television is a fascinating area of Amateur Radio covering
all aspects of video production, editing, transmission and reception
of Television and has always been at the fore front of the technology
revolution. Many stations are now transmitting Digital pictures
using the DVB broadcast standards and using video streaming
technologies to exchange pictures with ATV operators around the

To see if YOU qualify visit


0645z - 0730z ANZO Net 7.118 (varies due to propagation)
0730z - 0830z International net 14.293 (varies due to propagation)

Congratulations in order for Phil VK2MCB on being awarded an
Order of Australia Medal for services to the community

Air Commodore Philip Darcy BYRNE for service to the community
through a range of organisations.

Rotary Club of Canberra
Co-ordinator, Foodbank (NSW and ACT) Program, since 2017.
Chair, Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program, 2017.
International Director, 2015-2016.
President, 2011-2012.
Board Member, since 2005.
Paul Harris Fellow.
Defence Health Limited
Director, 2005-2016.

Plus many many more.

(ROAR FaceBook Group)


SOTA VK1 Anniversary Friday 1 February 2019

Friday 1 February 2019 is the 6th anniversary of SOTA in VK1.

VK1 SOTA activators are planning to be out on local summits on
Friday 1 February and Saturday 2 February. You can check activator
plans at SOTAWatch

Anyone wishing to dip their toe in SOTA is welcome to join an
enthusiastic and experienced activator. All you need is a log book,
appropriate attire and ample water & food.



2019 Social Scene

VK2 - Wyong Field Day Feb 24 (vk2kfu)

As the Wyong Field day comes ever closer we have the list of
confirmed Lectures ( there may be more added over the next couple
of weeks ):

Vickal Kumar will present on "Impacts of Space Weather on Aviation"

Brian VK2GCE explains "How science works"

Cameron VK2CKP covers "Satellites and collecting telemetry"

What would Wyong be without some historical secrets being released
by Ray VK2NO and he covers the secret RAVEN frequency-hopping
military radios from back in the days of valve technology.

Bringing us back right up-to-date Lindsay VK2AMV will tell you all
you need to know about the Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM)
technology used in digital voice hot-spots and repeaters.

And now what about the people behind the scenes? The members of the
Central Coast Amateur Radio Club that has put on the event for the
last sixty one years - what are they looking forward to? Here's one
of the co-ordinators Glenn Miller VK2GEM.

Recording of Glenn's thoughts.

Well you heard right from one of the people who should know.
Looks like this'll be another Whizz-bang top-notch show at Wyong!

More details of course on the website at CCARC (dot) ORG (dot) AU.

On behalf of the Central Coast ARC this was Ed, DD5LP / VK2JI.

VK6 - PerthTech March Two (vk6pop)

VK7 - Meet the Voice event at Ross March 23-24 (vk7news)

VK4 - Redfest 2019 April 13 (vk4tfn)

VK5 - BRL Radio Group Annual Gathering, Overland Corner, S.A
April 6 (vk5la)

VK5 - South East Radio Group 2019 Annual Convention and Australian
Fox Hunting Championships 8-9 June (vk5hcf)

VK3 - Ballarat Amateur Radio Group, BARG Hamvention Oct 27 (vk3kqt)

2020 Social Scene

ALARAMEET 2020 Bendigo (vk5yl)

October 2020 in Bendigo Victoria.

Heidi VK3FHID and Jenny VK3WQ are leading the team who are planning
an eventful weekend. This team is meeting regularly and are looking
forward to seeing you in Bendigo.

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