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Waverley Amateur Radio Society is calling for expressions of interest
from Sydney based Hams to provide two or three nights free
accommodation for interstate and country hams attending the W I A
Conference on 24,25 and 26th May 2019.

If you have a spare bed or two, why not help one or some fellow hams
to come to Sydney and enjoy both the WIA conference activities, and
the night time Vivid spectacle. You will make new friends and have a
fun time.

If you can help, navigate your browser to VK2BV.ORG
click on the BILLETING link

And if you are one of those interstate or country Hams who would like
to be accomodated, navigate to the same VK2BV.ORG web page and
register your interest. No guarantee of a spot but Waverly Club will
try hard.

Oh and don't forget to actually Register for the WIA Conference on

Interstate Seniors Card holders can register for a NSW Gold Opal
card for heavily discounted bus, train & ferry travel. Just google
" Gold Opal for Interstate Seniors ".

Waverley and the WIA look forward to seeing you in Sydney

(Sourced to VK2RF)


The Northern Territory Government has launched a Bushfires Emergency
Management System (BEMS) to improve safety for both firefighters and

The government worked with Telstra to develop a solution that provides
volunteer firefighters with real-time information about weather
conditions, crew locations, fire status, permit burns and messages
from Bushfires NT in the field, using tablet devices.

This solution aims to improve safety, response times and efficiency
when fighting fires, conducting planned burns or providing permits
to burn.

Critical omms say these devices operate on the secure government
IT system using the Telstra mobile network

Read more:

This is Denis VK4AE Contest Manager for the
John Moyle Memorial Field Day.

Logs have been arriving steadily and 140 logs have already been
received which is not as many as the number received at this point
after the contest last year. The mixture is about 50% home stations.

The logs do not seem to have met with as many delivery difficulties
this year and the direct e-mail address seems to be working well.

It is still highly recommended that once you have submitted your log
you should check a bit later that your callsign has been added to the
list of logs received. If your call is not on the list, then it might
not have been received.

A couple of logs have been submitted as a PDF which is just a picture
and contains no more useful information to the contest than a picture
of a flower as the data is not accessible electronically and hence
usable to me. In the same way a couple of logs were submitted using
a Cabrillo format that does not contain all of the information
required by the JMMFD rules and requires much extra work for the
Contest Manager to attempt to fix those logs.

Some 14 club stations were operated during the contest that have not
yet provided a log. Perhaps, in your club you have to rely on
Mr. Somebody to get the log done, get in touch and give him a hand to
get it finished and submitted. Have you considered getting a senior
secondary student to complete the log for you? Maybe you might
inspire an interest in Ham Radio?

It is timely to remind you all that while there is not a lot of time
left to submit the log and it will pass quickly and the final date is
the 19th April 2019. This is required by the very long lead times now
for the AR Magazine.

Following this date all of the logs will be processed and the results
prepared and made available soon after. The results will be shown on
the WIA contest page as soon as they are ready.

So check that your call is on the list, resend the log if it isn't.
It might also be a good idea to submit your log now as you never know
what can happen to delay you in the next few days.

Thanks for listening,


Hello, this is WIA Director VK5WTF Marcus.

I thought I'd start off with something that absolutley fascinated me
this week, and I apologise in advance if I loose you in my excitement.

By now you might have heard about the first real evidence of black
holes. Yes, before this week, black holes were just a theory. What you
probably haven't heard is some of the technical details.

Around the earth there were eight radio telescopes operating on the
wavelength of 1.3mm, that's about 230GHz. And for those that have
worked in the microwave bands, will notice they would have had
problems with water vapour, locations were chosen for their height,
and dry environment.

And the reason 1.3mm was chosen, and not just pure light, because
radio waves pass through a lot of stuff in the way, like dust.

The other trick was to gather data from opposite sides of the planet,
creating a virtual radio telescope the size of earth. Sounds like the
perfect antenna array for a contest station, but I'll need a bigger

The telescopes recorded large amounts of data, 5 peta bytes all up.
So much data that flying the hard drives in planes was faster than
using the internet.

From there all the data was brought together, correlated and then
processed to get the images many of you have seen.

The WIA AGM is not far away, and now is the time to get tickets
for the event to be held in Sydney and celebrating the
100 year anniversary of the Waverly Amateur Radio Society. You'll
be glad to know that it doesn't clash with a major non-radio event
being held in Canberra the weekend before.

For accommodation, there are lots of choices, including billeting.
Organise with someone you know, or keep your eyes on the WIA website
( ) for more details in the comming days. Of course there
is always public transport if you want to stay further out, and there
are a lot of things to see and do in Sydney while you are there; I
know I plan of exploring the western suburbs while there.

73, vk5wtf, clear and listening.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


A contract to supply radio equipment to a US-funded program in
Central Asia has been awarded to Barrett Communications. Barret
evolved from Australian aviators to military personnel around the
world. In fact, 70 per cent of Barrett's business today is in the
tactical market.

The Counter Narcotics Global Threats program will receive a range of
PRC-2090 HF man packs and vehicle stations with tracking software.
The HF systems will provide critical communications and tracking
capabilities to forces, which will assist in securing their border and
controlling illicit narcotics trafficking.

The rapidly changing operational environment of the client required
a HF system that adapted quickly to mission requirements.

The Barrett PRC-2090 first released some 10 years ago is designed to
be smoothly and easily interchangeable between vehicle and man pack
configurations. This is achieved by the transceiver being
cassette-loaded into the vehicle docking station for mobile use and
returned to a man pack configuration for on-foot patrol.

Read more:


India has been criticised by NASA for conducting a recent
anti-satellite weapons test that involved blowing up a satellite
at an altitude of 300 km, NASA say the result could put the
International Space Station in danger.

The Microsat-R was blown into more than 6,500 pieces which act as
small bullets as they circle the earth.

Officials also call the test poorly timed. This is a time of solar
minimum when the earth's cooling and contracting atmosphere reduces
aerodynamic drag that causes satellites to decay. This means the small
fragments could remain in high orbit for years, racing along at 17,000
miles an hour.


Yet again the monthly IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter reports on
the severe problems being caused by the Russian OTH radar "Contayner"
on 14 MHz

Other intruders notified include Chinese wideband OTH radars active on
40 m with 10 or 20 sps and 160 KHz wide (jumping) often in the


General authorization for 2.4 GHz

Spain's national amateur radio society URE reports the regulator has
agreed to allow amateur use of 2400.050 to 2409.500 MHz to access the
E'hail-2 / QO-100 geostationary satellite

The Administration, responding to the request submitted by the URE,
has developed the present resolution, which authorizes until
September 26, 2019, to the holders of radio amateur authorizations,
the emission of the amateur radio satellite service from 2400.050 to
2409.500 MHz. For single-sideband telephone communications, with a
maximum e.i.r.p of 1500 watts, from authorized amateur radio stations
located anywhere in the national territory.


Time Gentlemen Time!

The annual maintenance shutdown of the UK's MSF service to allow safe
working on the masts and antennas will take place between 7 - 23 May

The service will be off-air from 08:00 to 18:00 BST each day,
including weekends and if the weather is unsuitable for work to be
carried out, then the service will not be turned off. If the work is
completed sooner than 18:00 BST on any day, the service will be
restored as soon as possible.

The MSF radio signal is a dedicated time broadcast that provides an
accurate and reliable source of UK civil time, based on the NPL time
scale UTC (NPL).



A congressional panel in Washington, D.C., recently questioned the
wife of a federal official about her ham radio activity.

Andy Morrison K9AWM has those details.

"A recently released transcript reveals that Republican members of
Congress had asked the wife of a ranking Justice Department official
whether she was using her amateur radio license to communicate with
Russia - specifically to monitor transmissions about Russian
interests in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential bid.

Nellie Ohr, KM4UDZ, is the wife of the Justice Department's
Bruce Ohr. A Technician class licensee she told Republican members
of the House Committee on the Judiciary she became a ham as part of
her involvement as a volunteer in the local Community Emergency
Response Team.

When asked directly by one lawmaker whether she had ever
communicated with anyone in Russia using ham radio, she indicated
that the Tech license is the lowest level license and that there
are few frequencies available for overseas contacts. "



Heather Flewelling, WH6FTQ recently had the honour of lending her
name to a newly spotted comet.

A planetary defence researcher, WH6FTQ is a relatively new amateur
who upgraded to Amateur Extra class at the 2018 ARRL Field Day.

She was working on an asteroid impact early warning system being
developed by the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy,
when she saw the comet.

The International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Centre designated
Comet Flewelling (Comet 2019 D1) on 21 March.

116,000 Miles from Home

We all use GPS, to find ourselves in the back country, to navigate to
the grocery store, to locate lost pets.

NASA's four MMS spacecraft recently used the same system to locate
themselves an astonishing 116,300 miles from Earth, almost halfway to
the Moon.

This shatters previous records and expectations of how far away GPS
can work.

Visit to find out how they did it



All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.


20th Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 4

IARU HF World Championship 13-14 July.

Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest July 20

VK Remembrance Day Contest is August 17-18



LISTEN out for GB stations for Maritime Radio Day 2019

Col VK3GTV has more:-

"As part of the activity, callsigns GB 0 GKA and GB 0 GKB will be
representing Portishead Radio / GKA, the UK's long-range maritime
radio station which closed in 2000.

Other coast radio stations, DAN, PCH, WCC, IAR and quite a few others
will also be represented.

The event starts at 1200z on Sunday 14th April and finishes at
2200z on Monday 15th April.

Ali, EP 3 CQ, who went QRT on March 23rd, will once again be active
as 6 O 1OO starting April 15th, for one month.

Activity will be limited, he works for the UN Department of Safety
and Security in Mogadishu.

Operations will be all bands but mostly 40/20 meters using SSB
and FT8. Last time he suggested that he will be on every day between
1800-2000 East Africa Time (EAT) and on the weekend (Friday and
Saturday) between 1400-1800.

See for more info

QSL direct to:
Ali Solhjoo, C/O Dr. de Vivanco, Schnackenburgstr. 3, Berlin 12159,

Elvira, IV3FSG is QRV as 6W/IV3FSG from near Dakar, until April 16
while working for the Informatici Senza Frontiere organization.

Activity is on 80 to 10 meters using SSB and possible digital modes.

QSL via IK 3 GES.


International Marconi Day 2019 will take place on 27th of April when
amateur radio stations will operate from various locations around the
world with historical connections to Marconi.
EI 0 MAR will be QRV as an award station once again this year from
the Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio in Howth. This is a
twenty-four hour event and EI 0 MAR will be QRV from about
0700 Zulu that day.

C.A.R.O., the Club of Amateur Radio in the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting
Corporation) and the Documentary Archives Radio Communication / QSL
Collection, will operate, for 72 hours only, a special event station
with the callsign OE 19 M between Friday, April 26th, and Sunday,
28th (00:00-24:00 UTC). OE19M is an official "International Marconi
Day" station.

Listen for Jacques, F 6 HMJ on the air as 6W7/F6HMJ from
Senegal until the 28th of April on SSB and CW, 80-10 metres.


Join Cricket World Cup Marathon

The RSGB is hosting an international amateur radio marathon event
on the HF bands to celebrate this year's Cricket World Cup, which
is being held in England and Wales.

The marathon will run from the 30th of May to the 14th of July.

Full details are at



ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -

Russian SSTV Transmission Event Ends today April 14

ARISS Russia's Slow Scan Television image transmissions from the
International Space Station which began April 11 end approximately
18:00 UTC Sunday, April 149

This event uses a computer in the ISS Russian Segment, which stores
images that are then transmitted to Earth using the ARISS amateur
radio station located in the Service Module. Once these images are
received by ham radio operators and other radio enthusiasts on Earth,
many participants will post them for viewing on .

Please check for news and the most current information on the and websites, the, the
ARISS facebook at Amateur Radio On The International Space Station
and ARISS twitter @ARISS_status.

New videos from the RSGB

Two new videos are now available on the RSGB YouTube channel.

They are Improving your Morse Code Skills by Ray Burlingame-Goff,
G4FON and FT8 performance secrets by Neil Smith, G4DBN.

You can access these lectures via the RSGB website at

FISTS Club - East Asia
FISTS Club - Australasia
FISTS Club - UK & Europe
FISTS Club - Americas

Recommended FISTS calling frequencies (MHz):
1.808 3.528 7.028 10.118 14.058 18.085 21.058 24.908

The deadline is June 1 to submit Morse key and paddle designs in the
QST Key Competition.

Hams have been building their own Morse keys since the dawn of
Amateur Radio, and some creations have become legend. Design styles
can include straight key, semiautomatic key (bug), paddle, or

The winner in each category will receive a cash prize.

Only one entry may be accepted per person or team.

Entries must include the actual key (it will be returned following
judging) as well as detailed construction drawings with dimensions
(hand drawings are acceptable).

More complete details on this CW competition are to be found on

Howard Bernstein is the co-founder of the Long Island CW Club along
with Rich Collins K2UPS, where they train amateurs of every age to be
CW operators over Zoom video conferencing.

Howard has a long history in ham radio extending back over 50 years.

WB2UZE still has his first Drakeline and is a collector of vintage
things including old radios and automobiles.

Here Howard is THE PODCAST QSO Today



This is Grant VK5GR on behalf of the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been talking about a new event
on the Amateur Radio calendar - designed to get people experimenting
on air again.
The FreeDV QSO party, to be held over the weekend of April 27-28th, is
designed to stimulate on air activity in this unique home grown
digital voice mode, created by David VK5DGR.

How will it do that? By getting more people on the air at the same
time using FreeDV! We are promoting the following frequencies as
centres of FreeDV activity on the bands to help you find fellow
experimenters during the event. Look out for FreeDV on 1870kHz,
3630kHz, 7180kHz, 14130kHz, 21180kHz and 28330kHz. During the QSO
party, you can work each station once every 3 hours per band, earning
points and multipliers along the way. There is a Voice keyer function
built into the FreeDV program as well so you can call CQ easily enough
during the event. One thing to look out for however is doubling with
other stations. The one thing FreeDV isn't all that tolerant of is
co-channel QRM so look and listen before calling.

If you want to know more, head on over to the AREG Website, where a full copy of the rules is available. There
are also links to the website that you can download the software from,
with versions available for Windows, Apple and Linux users. Dont
forget, If you can use FT8 today then you can just as easily use
FreeDV - just add a headset and a microphone to your PC and away you go!

We hope to see you all on the air using FreeDV, so place the FreeDV
QSO party in your calendar today. See you all during April 27th and
28th on air using FreeDV!

73 from Grant VK5GR


It looks like JS8Call, a new conversational weak signal mode, is ready
for prime time. The developer, Jordan KN4CRD, has announced that the
build of Version 1.0 is complete and it is being released publicly.

The application is a derivative of WSJT-X that mimics Fldigi or FSQ by
being based on keyboard-to-keyboard communication.

The current and all future downloads are available at the web page
in our written text editions.


FT8 Contest Set for this weekend, April 13 - 14

The European FT8 Club is sponsoring an FT8 DX Contest starting at
1200 UTC on April 13 and running through 1200 UTC on April 14.
Everyone works everyone in this contest, and the maximum power is
100 W. The exchange is the same as the ARRL RTTY Roundup.
(Serial number for DX participants)



Bidding is underway - Out of This World ARISS auction!

The Out of This World ARISS Auction is speeding along! It will run
until April 14th at 22:00 UTC.

Bidders are moving fast hoping to garner a special astronaut signed
brand new JVC Kenwood TS-890S - Bidding is done by going to and pressing the Auction Website button

Proceeds from the auction will benefit ARISS in its quest to launch a
new custom-built higher-power radio system in late 2019 with its
voice repeater and improved packet APRS and SSTV capability that
thousands of we hams can enjoy.


The Federal Communications Commission in the USA has proposed several
rules changes related to the amateur satellite service as part of a
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking related to the mitigation of orbital

AMSAT argues that amateur satellites often have longer mission
lifespans than other small satellite missions and that the Commission
should take a mission duration of 5 to 10 years into account when
determining whether or not an amateur satellite will meet the orbital
debris regulations by transferring to a parking orbit or re-entering
the atmosphere within 25 years of mission completion.

The current practice is to assume a "zero year" mission and to require
that amateur satellites either transfer to a parking orbit or re-enter
within 25 years following launch.



Activation of IOTA EU011

Here is an announcement of an IOTA activation of EU 0 11
the Isles of Scilly, 20th April to 27th April using callsign GB 5 SM.

CW, SSB, Data modes and possibly Satellite and QSL's will be managed
by LZ 1 JZ.

(sourced to SouthGate)


New Microwave & Optical Records Set

WIA say that there have been many new microwave records and a
new optical record set recently here in VK.

Optically, the new VK1 record set in March was 84.2 km



Hi I'm John Knox VK4FJRK

Alaskan Code Talkers honoured

U.S. Army veteran Richard Bean Sr. took his wartime secret to the
grave, dying a hero without anyone knowing about it for decades.

Now, Bean and four other long-deceased indigenous Alaskans were
being hailed in their home state this past month for their lifesaving
efforts as servicemen.

During World War II, they made good use of the Tlingit language they
were forbidden to speak as schoolchildren in their southeast
Alaska villages.

They used their native language to help the military outsmart the
Japanese with codes they could not break, as did their more
well-known peers, the Navajo Code Talkers

The military declassified the Navajo Code Talker program in 1968,
but, it would be decades before recognition came to the Tlingit

In 2013, Congress recognised the Code Talkers from 33 tribes,
including these men, who were posthumously awarded silver medals.

Given the national honours, Tlingit Vietnam veteran Bill Thomas
thought state recognition would soon follow. Alaskan state lawmakers
agreed when Thomas pushed for the idea along with the Sealaska
Heritage Institute and earlier in March, legislators passed a
formal citation honouring these Code Talkers.

State flags were flown at half-staff and later presented to the
men's families..

For WIA National News
I'm VK4FJRK John Knox

2019 Social Scene

VK4 - Redfest 2019 April 13 (vk4tfn)

VK6 - HARGfest April 14 (vk6zms)

VK3 - Moorabbin & District Radio Club HamFest 2019 Saturday 11th May.

2019 WIA Annual Conference Sydney weekend 24-26 of May. (wia)

VK2 Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Field Day June 8 and 9 (vk2zhe)

VK5 - South East Radio Group 2019 Annual Convention and Australian
Fox Hunting Championships 8-9 June (vk5hcf)

VK3 - GippsTech 2019 13'14 July (vk3pf)

VK4 - Townsville Amateur Radio Club's Cardwell Gathering 4 days
commencing October 4 (vk4zz)

VK3 - Yarra Valley Amateur Group HamFest, 13th October (vk3cnw)

VK3 - Ballarat Amateur Radio Group, BARG Hamvention Oct 27 (vk3kqt)

2020 Social Scene

ALARAMEET 2020 Bendigo (vk5yl)

October 2020 in Bendigo Victoria.

Heidi VK3FHID and Jenny VK3WQ are leading the team who are planning
an eventful weekend. This team is meeting regularly and are looking
forward to seeing you in Bendigo.

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