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WIA Islands of Australia Award goes live. -

WIA DIRECTOR Mike VK8MA with Board Talk. -

ACMA - Corporate plan 2019-20.



The ACMA's Corporate plan 2019-20 covers the period 2019-20 to
2022-23. It is the ACMA's primary planning document and focuses
on positioning the agency for the medium term.

This corporate plan outlines the ACMA's purpose, vision, mission,
key priorities, strategies, and the capability-enabling activities
that support them. Together these aim to ensure that they deliver
contemporary and fit-for-purpose regulation for a dynamic
communications and media sector.

The next ISS contact to an Australian School is scheduled for
Wednesday 18th September 2019 with Aquisition of Signal at
08h 06m 32s UTC that's 6 minutes or so [past 6pm Australian Eastern
Standard Time BUT links will be up approx 10 mins before AOS.

Students from Templestowe College, Melbourne will be talking with
Astronaut - Nick Hague KG5TMV onboard the International Space

Contact audio will be available via
IRLP node 9556
Echolink *HAM* conference server 69556
AllStarLink Node 48820

Also in Townsville, on the TARC club repeater VK4RAT 438.225 MHZ

( Thanks to Gavin VK4ZZ in providing this story.)

In WIA front page news, that is on the home page of
we see that the Islands of Australia Award went live as of last
Monday, September 9.

This award recognises contacts with Amateur Radio stations on any
of the 56 qualifying Islands of Australia as listed in the
RSGB Islands On The Air (IOTA) Program.

This list can be found on

The WIA Islands Of Australia Award is an award which compliments the
RSGB/IOTA Ltd Program. The WIA wholeheartedly endorses this Program
and hopes this award will encourage members to extend their
"IOTA chasing" skills and achievements, and apply for further
RSGB/IOTA world-wide awards.

Still on the front page, we see a new 3.4GHz Digital Mode Record
has been set, between 2 VK7's. More on this when Col VK3GTV joins us
with Special Interet Group News, later in this edition.


Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

WIA board minutes can be found on click
WIA Information.

Directors heard usually as follows
Greg VK2GPK (President), Peter VK8ZZ (Secretary),
Mike VK8MA, Aidan VK4APN, Harry VK6YBZ

Board Comment 15th September 2019 by Mike VK8MA

Hi Everyone, The new edition of AR Magazine will be out later this week.
Another great job by all those in the magazine team. There are plenty
of technical articles, reports and club news from around the country
and more.

Some highlights in this edition include a simple GaAS FET preamp for
2M by Peter VK1CPK, a K3NG Az/El rotator by our immediate
past-president, Justin VK7TW based on an Arduino Mega2560, and
122.5 GHz distance records by Noel VK3NH.

Other articles include TAC notes on the 30 Metre band plan, an
excellent article explaining SWR in detail by Jim VK5JST,
Amateur Foundations with Onno VK6FLAB, plus more along with all the
usual club news.

An excellent edition with some fine reading for a Spring night.

Of course the Board's sentiments go out to any Amateurs that may be
affected by the current devastating bush fires in NSW and Queensland.
What a calamity and so early in the fire season.

This has been Mike VK8MA on behalf of the Board.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.

Our first story this week comes from the Moon.. via VK7

Back on August 31, Richard VK7ZBX and Rex VK7MO completed the
first VK7 to VK7 EME contact over a distance of 720,000 km
even though their stations were only 22 km apart here on Earth.

Operations were at 10 GHz using the QRA64 digital mode.

Richard was running a 75cm dish and 60 watts - to Rex running a
113cm dish and 90 watts.

At the time the Moon was nearly as close as it can get but even so
this resulted in a propagation loss of 289 dB!!

However spreading was around 35 Hz producing an additional loss of
around 3.4 db. Signals were solid and a degradation test with added
noise showed there was 5 dB in reserve.

On the following day the Moon had moved a further 1562 km away
due to its elliptical orbit but this cost only an additional 0.1 dB
But the spreading was now down to 3 Hz reducing the overall loss by
around 3.3 dB compared to the day earlier. With this extra 3.3 dB in
hand Richard tried out a 60cm dish and just 30 watts and again a QSO
was completed.

This time degradation tests showed there was nothing to spare.

This second QSO is believed to be between the smallest dishes ever
to complete an EME QSO with power of just 30 watts at one end.

Critics might ask how we are sure the signal got to the Moon and back
rather than direct between us. The answer is that the signal took
2.5 seconds to arrive which relates directly to the time it takes at
the speed of light to get to the Moon and back. In addition Doppler
shift calculated at around 20 KHz proved to be within about 5 Hz once
it was automatically compensated - again confirming the signal was
being reflected from the Moon.


Radio operators and space enthusiasts in the United Arab Emirates
have their eyes on the sky.

The main and backup crews completed their two days of final tests
on the 30th of August just outside Moscow in preparation for their
trip to the International Space Station on the 25th of September.
The main crew includes Hazza al Mansoori, the first Emirati
astronaut who -- with the help of the Emirates Amateur Radio Society
will communicate over radio from the ISS to the Mohammed bin
Rashid Space Centre in Dubai.

The ham radio society will coordinate those sessions.

In an agreement between the space centre and the Emirates radio
society, the hams have finishing building a station on site in Dubai
in order to communicate with al Mansoori. The station has already
had a successful contact with a Russian cosmonaut on board the ISS.

The mission is designed to last until October 4th for al Mansoori,
a 36-year-old military pilot. He was selected in April for the
mission which will include experiments that study how the human body
responds to microgravity as well as experiments done in conjunction
with 16 schools across the United Arab Emirates.

You can keep tabs on the progress of al Mansoori and his fellow
astronauts by following the Twitter account @MBRSpaceCentre


Hisao Shono, JA1AA, died on August 19. He was 100.

Shono served two terms as vice chair of the Japan Amateur Radio
League. He was licensed in 1938 as J2IB. In 1952, when Amateur Radio
was again permitted in Japan, he became the first to be relicensed
and became JA1AA.

He enjoyed DXing and QRP operation.


Radio hams track interfering signals

ARRL report volunteers from the Skagit Amateur Radio Emergency
Communications Club in Washington, recently assisted the US Coast
Guard in tracking the source of interference on VHF Marine Channel
5A (156.250 MHz)

This channel serves the commercial Vessel Traffic Service north of
Bush Point on Whidbey Island, as well as in some Canadian waters in
the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The service offers monitoring and
navigational assistance for ships in the region.

The club reports that the channel was unusable for 30 hours, forcing
all traffic to other channels. SARECC volunteers promptly tracked
down the source of the offending signal a fishing vessel at the
Squalicum Harbor fuel dock and traffic on channel 5A was able to

Last fall, club volunteers were also able to pin down an
interference problem for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

Dayton Hamvention Signs 5-Year Contract with Greene County Expo

This agreement keeps Dayton Hamvention at the Greene County Expo
Centre and the agreement was announced by Hamvention General
Chairman Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT.

"It has been a wonderful experience working with the Expo Centre
team in the development of this agreement," Gerbs said. "With the
5-year agreement signed, the Expo Centre and Hamvention can move
forward with additional enhancements to the facilities."

Dayton Amateur Radio Association President Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, said
the DARA Board, in approving the contract, noted that the
relationship with the Expo Centre and Greene County, the City of
Xenia, and Xenia Township "has proven especially rewarding." Cramer
said, "They all have worked hard to make Hamvention a success over
the last 3 years. We look forward to a great relationship over the
next 5 and beyond."

The largest Amateur Radio show in the US, Dayton Hamvention is held
the third full weekend in May. The dates for 2020 are May 15 - 17.



All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.

Hi this is Alan VK4SN with the Remembrance Day Contest results.

At the risk of repeating myself each year, once again congratulations
go to VK7 as the 2019 Remembrance Day Contest Winning state.
The number of logs received is commendable with over 17 percent of
VK7 licensed operators submitting logs.

Congratulations go to the following individuals;

SOPH VK7ZBX 1101 (New Record),
MS VK2GGC 1012,
MM VK4QH 963.

The highest scoring Rookie was won by Scott VK4MGL with 17 points in
the Single Op Phone section.

Top Foundation operator was Paul VK7FPCL with 255 points in the
Single Op Phone section.

Top Team was Cronies+1 (VK7ZBX, VK7ZMS, VK7VH) setting a new team
record with a score of 2506, beating their own record from last year.

Please visit the WIA Contest pages where you can download your
certificates for state winners and see all the results for the
contest. The overall place getters will receive their certificates
direct from the WIA.

Many thanks to everyone for their input, their logs and contributions
to make this another successful contest.

Best 73, Alan, VK4SN



Chip KB1QU is QRV as 9 G 5 QU from Ghana until 21st September.
On 40, 30 and 20m on CW and digital. QSL manager is N 4 GNR.


Be listening for Francesco IV3TMM who is talking on the wireless
from Burundi operating as 9 U 3 TMM through the 17th of September.
Francesco can be heard on 60 metres through 6 metres using SSB,
RTTY and FT8. QSL to his home call IV3TMM, by the A.R.I.
Italian Bureau, ClubLog or LoTW.


Fred DH5FS is operating holiday style from the South Cook Islands
as E 51 SFS until September 16, he will be on Rarotonga Island
(IOTA OC-013) and from 20th - 25th September his QTH will be
Aitutaki Island (IOTA OC-083).

Activity will be on 40 - 10m CW and FT8. QSL to his home call DH5FS.


The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California
(W 6 JBT), will host the 20th annual Route 66 On the Air Special
Event this week, September 7 - 15.

The yearly event commemorates the 1926 construction of the famous
Route 66, the USA's first major improved highway linking the
US heartland with the west coast.

Twenty stations will be on the air along the route, two of them as
rover stations on the highway between Santa Monica and Chicago.

All 20 stations will employ 1 1 call signs.




QRV is 9 U 3 TMM from Bujumbura until September 17 on 60 to 6 meters
using FT8, SSB, and RTTY.




Rene DL 2 JRM is active from Ceuta and Melilla on 13th - 16th
September taking in the Worked All Europe SSB Contest.

He is using the callsign EA9/DL2JRM and QSLs go via the home call
which is again, DL 2 JRM.



QRV is FK 8 CJ from Noumea, IOTA OC-032, until the end of 2019
on 30, 20 and 17 meters.

QSL to F 6 EYB.



Laurent F 8 BBL is on an IOTA DXPedition to Corsica set sail
the 6th - until 22nd September.

His callsign will be TK 19 IOTA and he will be QRV from the main
island of Corsica IOTA EU-014 as well as the smaller offshore islands
EU-100, EU-104 and EU-164.



Radio hams operate from St Cynllo's

One station you may have heard on air the 14th, UTC date is that
identifying as GB 2 SCC

St Cynllo's Church at Coed-y-Bryn has been taking part in the annual
Churches and Chapels On The Air on Saturday, September 14

This event sees amateur radio clubs all over the UK set up shortwave
radio stations on a chosen day in September at specially-chosen
church locations and broadcast to other operators as a way of
letting people all over the country and internationally too, know
about these beautiful sacred sites.

This event was also a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in
amateur radio as a hobby to get along and see how it works in action.





Expressions of Interest: DATV - Channel 25 in NEW ZEALAND

DATV (Digital Amateur Television) is a by-product of the so called
Digital Dividend of the restacking of New Zealand's decommissioned
analogue TV network. One of the dividends was the return of the
6 metre band for amateur usage.

In the move to the digital TV, amateurs in New Zealand were left
without any spectrum as had previously been available

A NZART Branch took on the role to progress testing and building
of a DATV Repeater in a guard band but now to speed up work NZART
is seeking expressions of interest from other clubs or branches to
progress this project to a conclusion.

They are seeking a project that can be delivered over an eighteen
month period from its start date.

Once all expressions have been received a decision will be made
no later than 6 November 2019.

(sourced to NZART infoline)


FT8 used for Australian 3.4 GHz record

A new Australian DX record in the 3.4 GHz band was made using the
digital mode FT8 on September 2, when VK7HH on Mt Wellington in
Southern Tasmania worked VK7PD and VK7ZAB on Mt Barrow in Northern
Tasmania, a distance of over 168km.

(sourced to SouthGate)



If you're looking for a way to honour generations of American
military heroes - prisoners of war and those missing in action,
there's a special event coming up that will give you the opportunity.

National POW-MIA Recognition Day came into being in 1979, when US
Congress and the U.S. president declared it a national day to
remember those in the military who never returned home from service.

Eleven years ago, amateur radio operators stepped in and took the
honour further, activating the first special event station keeping
with the theme of the day which this year falls on September 20th.

The station K4MIA/8 - and a number of its sister stations - will be
on the air on 40 meters. Some of the sister stations include
K4MIA/5 and K4MIA/7. Contacts can also be made on low-earth orbit
satellites and in digital modes. QSL cards will be made available to
those who have had valid contacts but requests must include a stamped
self-addressed envelope.

In the United States, National POW/MIA Recognition Day is always
observed on the third Friday in September.

The website notes that a Congressional Record Service
report counts 130,201 World War II service members who were put in
prison; of those 14,072 died. The record also notes that 7,140
service members were in prisons during the Korean War and 2,701 of
them died. There are other conflicts, of course, and other figures.

The K4MIA/8 special event honours them all. Be listening.


WSPR explained: How to get started with one-way ham radio

Geoff Fox writes on Extreme Tech about how radio amateurs
transmitting as little as one milliwatt can be heard on the other
side of the world

A few days back, UR3RM, a ham radio station in the Ukraine blindly
sent out a message on 7040.138 kHz. It was automated. It was text.
Maybe someone would hear it. Maybe not.

The "maybe not" part is easy to understand because UR3RM's
transmitter was putting out one milliwatt, .01 watts. To put that in
perspective, a Class 2 Bluetooth transmitter, the ones good for
around 30 feet, run 2.5 milliwatts.

UR3RM was using the WSPR mode for Weak Signal Propagation Reporting.
Unlike most of ham radio, this is a one-way mode. Not only is there
little expectation anyone will be listening, but there's even less
that the signal would make it back.

Read the full story at the link in this week's text edition of
wia national news (


SES looking for communication specialists from SARC

Representatives of State Emergency Service and Summerland Amateur
Radio Club recently met to discuss a new SES unit to be formed on
the Northern Rivers of VK2.

Rather than SARC members being recruited as message handling radio
operators, this unit is looking for members who want to increase
their technical knowledge and put their skills to good use. SARC
endorses this new concept and asks that any interested members check
the details. If you decide to 'enlist', please let SARC know and
they will put you in touch with other likeminded individuals so you
can support each other.

SARC will not be formally involved with the unit but will support
members who join SES.

(SARC NewsLetter)


Take to the hills on Tuesday 24 September and activate a Summit for
the ZS SOTA Day.

Hopefully there be summits activated in all of their nine provinces



2019 Social Scene

VK4 - Sunshine Coast Amateur Radios Sun-Fest 9AM, Saturday Sept 14
@ Woombye School of Arts. (vk4an)

VK4 - Post Sunfast BBQ club open day, Sunday 15th September
10AM until mid-afternoon @ VK4WIS clubrooms, Godfrey's Rd,
Bli Bli (vk4an)

VK3 - Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club Friday September 20.

'Citizen Science and Amateur Radio' happens in Castlemaine.

Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club invites you to their
September meeting where The topic will be 'Citizen Science
and Amateur Radio', a presentation by Tony Falla VK3KKP.

Become a 'Citizen Scientist' by using your amateur radio
station to provide propagation data to researchers - don't let
your rig sit silent during these years of poor propagation!
Tony will describe the many ways a modern amateur radio station
can be set up to gather information about propagation and use
the results to catch the frequent but very brief openings on
the bands.

The presentation will also consist of a working WSPR setup
(weak signal propagation reporting).

The evening commences at 7.30 pm, Friday September 20th at
the 1st Castlemaine Scout Hall, 16 Reckleben St, Castlemaine.
A gold coin donation would be appreciated.
Tea, coffee and biscuits available.

( Graeme Knight )

VK4 - Townsville Amateur Radio Club's Cardwell Gathering 4 days
commencing October 4 (vk4zz)

VK3 - Yarra Valley Amateur Group HamFest, 13th October (vk3cnw)

WW - JOTA 2019 Friday 18th, Sat 19 & Sunday 20 October (vk2gx)

VK3 - Ballarat Amateur Radio Group, BARG Hamvention Oct 27 (vk3kqt)

VK5 - AHARS Buy and Sell Marion RSL Nov 3rd (vk5srp)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RADIOFEST November 17 (wia)

2020 Social Scene

ALARAMEET 2020 Bendigo (vk5yl)

October 2 - 8 in Bendigo Victoria.

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