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WIA Secretary Peter VK8ZZ with Comment from WIA Board




In a few weeks, 60KM west of Bendigo in Central Victoria, there'll
be a special event including amateur radio.

Here's Graeme VK3GRK to tell us more.

"The Reserve Bank is issuing an updated $20 note this month
featuring Rev. John Flynn. Flynn of Moliagul ... the story of
Rev. John Flynn of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

A commemorative event will be held at the Moliagul school on
Saturday October 26th, featuring evolving technologies of wireless
radio communication and aviation development. Rev. John Flynn was
born at Moliagul on November 25, 1880, and his father was the teacher
at the Moliagul school.

The event is presented by the Goldfields Historical & Arts Society
and Dunolly Museum, with the Bendigo Amateur Radio & Electronics
Club, Kyneton Aero Club, Moliagul Reserve committee and Bendigo
Historic Motorcycle Club.

Rumour has it there could even be a fly by.

There will be talks and exhibits in the school house from 10am to
5pm. The event is free and refreshments will be available. There
will be a special event QSL card available, so stay tuned for
frequencies and operating times.

This is Graeme, VK3GRK from sunny Bendigo!"


Several weeks have gone by since the Licence Conditions Changes
and still we see on social media and hear on the bands hams just
realising some of the changes.

In summary, fro the article dated September 29 on in summary

'The WIA is pleased to see the significant changes to the Foundation
Licence class to modernise its appeal and relevance today.

All in all, a great result for the entry-level licence.

Go get digital!

The relaxation of emission and bandwidth restrictions are also
welcomed for all licence classes.

These changes, albeit limited todate, are the culmination of
persistent work by the WIA with the regulator in various
consultations that started in 2014. We also acknowledge the many
submissions made by individual amateurs and also various amateur
radio clubs. During that time, the WIA has initiated multiple member
surveys, the last in 2018 and actively sought feedback from its

The last WIA consultation submission to the ACMA was a joint
submission in conjunction with ALARA, ARNSW and ARVIC and had the
direct support of many of the WIA Affiliated clubs.

There is more work to do to maintain the current momentum,
especially with the 5 MHz band access and potentially a
high power endorsement approach for Advanced licences to overcome
potential EME and EMI concerns by the ACMA.


All restrictions on emission modes have been removed for all

Restrictions on permitted transmission bandwidths have been removed
for all licensees across all bands allowed for each licence class,
with the exception of the 2200 metre and 630 metre bands, which only
Advanced licensees can use;

Restrictions to the 3.X GHz band, which affect only Advanced

ALL license classes now have the same spectral power density limits
of 1 watt per 100 KHz for wide bandwidth transmissions. The
definition of wide bandwidth is band specific. This covers,
for example, ATV / DTV and Spread Spectrum modes.


ARU Administrative Council Steps Up Efforts to Combat Radio Spectrum

This front page story dated October first looks at how the
Administrative Council of the International Amateur Radio Union
held its annual in-person meeting on 28 and 29 September in Peru,
just before the triennial General Assembly of IARU Region 2.

The AC is responsible for the policy and management of the IARU and
consists of the three IARU international officers and two
representatives from each of the three IARU regional organizations.

again read more on (and hear more when Jason vk2law
brings us up to date intternationaly later in this broadcast)


To NASA personnel, he is VK5ZAI. To his neighbours at Pinks Beach,
a small coastal town in South Australia, he goes by Tony.

In his 30-year association with the US space agency, Tony Hutchison
has been called upon to help in times of crisis, moderate calls
between astronauts and their families, and run a worldwide schools

He's shared a beer with first commanders, had barbecues with mission
specialists, and watched the space shuttle launch from the bleachers
at Kennedy Space Centre.

Looking back, it's a life he never expected.

On WIA front page news a link will take you to the ABC program on his
life which was telecast last weekend.

Telecast almost world-wide.

Last Saturday I was sitting in a sports bar in Hong Kong watching
the Rugby from Japan, at the conclusion what should pop up on the
big screen was Tony VK5ZAI and his amazing story.

As Disney once said.. "It's A Small World After All"

Being away for 3 weeks or so I must thank John VK4JJW who expertly
edited the bulletins and continued our almost 25 years of Non-Stop
WIA News... Thanks Johnno.

Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

Hi, this is Peter VK8ZZ WIA Secretary.

It was just in the last few years that a rekindled interest saw me
become far more active on all HF bands.

I blamed the cycle of sunspots for the lack of activity on the
HF bands. I have been disappointed at lack of recent contacts.
I was active over the weekend of the RD Contest and the
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. I was surprised at
the activity on the HF bands. It made me realise that it is not the
sunspot minima that has caused the inactivity on the band, but the
lack of people making contacts.

Lack of activity is partly the reason why we now have more
incursions into our bands by illegal activity. I can regularly hear
Indonesian fishing boats chatting back to their home base but there
are no amateurs on the air. Indeed it is no wonder that there is
pressure on our bands.

Dianne VK4DI from ALARA hit the nail on the head when, a few years
ago, she said to me that "people are just listening and not
bothering to call CQ".

The results from the WIA surveys last year show that this habit is
not uncommon with approximately 50% of respondents saying that they
generally are listening or occasionally answer a CQ, but rarely put
out a call.

So, the message here is clear, hop on to your favourite band or even
a new band and put out a CQ to see who is listening. Maybe you will
find an old friend on air, or make a new one. As a great man reminds
us every week, AR is a contact sport.

In closing I would just like to thank all the new members who are
joining the WIA. A number of members are also re-joining the WIA.
The WIA is the only organisation that represents Amateurs both
domestically and Internationally and the WIA needs members in order
to remain strong. There is only strength in numbers.

This is Peter VK8ZZ. I thank you for listening.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


Would you follow your own radio signals across an ocean to meet up
with a ham friend you've known for 70 years?

Almost 3 generations ago - the retired TV engineer in the UK and the
American doctor from Kentucky met on air.

Now Ted Trowell G2HKU is 96 and living in a care home on the
Isle of Sheppey and physician Bill Maxson N4AR, who is 82,
decided it was time for another eyeball QSO.

It was to be their second in more than 70 years and their first in
nearly 30.

When Bill flew from the U.S. to see his friend in late September
he also had a mission to accomplish: To present Ted with a
certificate confirming his election as an Honoured Member of the
World-wide First Class CW Operators Club, an international
fraternity founded in the UK in 1938 to foster appreciation of the

The two also had a lot of catching up to do:

They had become friends over the air in the 1950s in conversations
shaped by keyers and spelled out in CW. Later they took their
rag chews to SSB, giving voice to their exchanges.

Ted has been in a care home for a few years, according to several
press accounts, but still keeps up with his hobby and his friend
Bill. His room doubles as his shack and the home's managers
permitted the installation of a wire antenna.

Let the logbook show that this special September QSO was a valid
contact, achieved via the band of brothers with both operators
using the greatest mode of all: person-to-person.


WRC-19: ITU Preparatory report released

The Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) Report on technical,
operational and regulatory/procedural matters to be considered by
WRC-19 is available for download

The World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 takes place in
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, October 28 to November 22, this year.


Changes to ham radio call sign policy

The Netherlands communications regulator Agentschap Telecom (AT)
has announced changes to the amateur radio call sign policy
effective October 1

The most important adjustment is:

Special call letters are issued for the duration of the event. This
was a maximum of 28 days, but is now possible for a maximum of
1 year.

From January 1, 2020 it is possible via the customer portal
until 1 day before the start of the event or the radio competition
to request a call


FCC takes decisive action against deliberate interference

The ARRL report a New York Radio Amateur, K6DPZ is facing a $17,000
fine imposed by the FCC after he was issued a Notice of Apparent
Liability for Forfeiture for causing intentional interference on a
local repeater and preventing other radio amateurs from using it.

"Given his history as a repeat offender, this violation warrants a
significant penalty," the FCC said.

The NAL recounted numerous complaints alleging that he was
deliberately interfering with a repeater in Glen Oaks, New York.
Way back in 2017, the FCC issued a Warning Letter, advising him of
the nature of the allegations against him and directing him to stop
using the repeater going forward.

Nonetheless, additional complaints were filed.

Now after the FCC received further complaints regarding continued
operation on the local repeater, an Enforcement Bureau agent again

ARRL story at


IARU to take action on radio spectrum pollution

The IARU Administrative Council meeting in Peru Sept 28-29 agrees
to steps up efforts to combat radio spectrum pollution

The Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio
Union (IARU) held its annual in-person meeting on September 28-29,
in Lima, Peru, just before the triennial General Assembly of
IARU Region 2.

Regarding band planning, the recommendation that 21,125 to 21,450 kHz
in the 15-meter HF band be used for satellite communications on a
non-exclusive basis was accepted, which will be aligned with the
allocations in the other regions and will be used for uplinks.

The AC is responsible for the policy and management of the IARU
and consists of the three IARU international officers and two
representatives from each of the three IARU regional organizations.

The AC conducted its final review of IARU preparations for the
2019 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) of the
International Telecommunication Union. WRC-19 will be held in
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, for four weeks beginning on 28 October.

The conference has a lengthy agenda, with items of direct interest
to the amateur service including consideration of improvements to
the amateur allocation in Region 1 at 50 MHz, protection of existing
allocations to the amateur service, and development of the agenda
for the next WRC in 2023.



All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.

Entries are currently open for the Ted Powell Memorial DX Challenge.
Entries close Monday 14 October so you don't have much time left.
Submit your entry at

(vk2pk text only )


Tanzania operation

Maurizio, IK2GZU, has once again returned to 'Mission Ilembula' to
do some work at the new hospital and orphanage until October 28th.

He plans to be active during his spare time as 5 H 3 MB on various
HF bands.

QSL via IK2GZU, direct or by the Bureau.




Stan, LZ1GC, Karel, OK2WM and Mitko, LZ3NY will be QRV as T30GC
till October 23 on 160 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.

QSL via ClubLog OQRS, LoTW or LZ1GC.




Geri will be active as 3 W 9 KW in Hanoi from October 18 to 26
on various HF bands running QRP, mostly CW and possibly some SSB.

QSL via home call DK8KW.




VU2IIX will be QRV as S 79 VU from Mahe Island, IOTA AF-024, until
June 30, 2021 on 80 to 10 meters using SSB and various digital modes.

QSL via operator's instructions.




There's a royal birthday celebration planned in Belgium and hams
can have their call signs reflect the occasion.

The special call sign prefix between the 25th of October and the
25th of December is in recognition of the birthday of that nation's
Princess Elisabeth, who will be 18 on October 25th.

The "OR" prefix will be allowed as a replacement of the standard
"ON" for all individual radio amateurs and clubs but excluding
holders of shortened (contest) call signs.

The decision was made by the Belgian Institute for Postal services
and Telecommunications, granting an earlier request from the
Royale Union of Belgian Radio Amateurs. The royale union has more
than 2,800 members.




Roland will be QRV as TR8CR until December 15.

Activity will be on the HF bands using CW. QSL via F6AJA.


Anniversary of the Federal Republic of Germany

Look for special event stations DM 70 GER and DL 70 BRD now active
until December 31st, 2019 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the
Federal Republic of Germany which was established on May 23rd, 1949.
Operations will be on CW and SSB.





When she turned 80, Anna Brummer, N2FER, of New York, predicted she
would live to be 100.

On September 27, she topped her own forecast by 5 years, as she
celebrated her birthday at the Fort Hudson Nursing Centre,
surrounded by family and friends.

The only thing she wanted was a drink of Scotch whiskey, and the
nursing home obliged, along with a slice of cake.

Unit Manager Donna Hopkins told Post Star newspaper that she didn't
attempt to put 105 candles on Bummer's cake because it would have
been a fire hazard. Bummer's secret to longevity is being nice to

"Keeps you young when everything's going smooth," she said.

Anna Brummer was a latecomer to Amateur Radio.

In 1984, her son Richard, K2JQ (ex-K2REB), got his mom and his dad,
Edwin, interested in Amateur Radio, and Anna obtained her Technician
license when she was 69 years old. Edwin Brummer, who died in 1996,
was N2FEQ, and held a Tech Plus ticket. They were married for
56 years.



AO-7 enters full illumination period Wednesday

On or about October 9, AO-7 enters a period of full illumination
that will last until approximately December 2.

During this time, the satellite's on board timer should switch it
between Mode A (145 MHz uplink / 29 MHz downlink) and
Mode B (432 MHz uplink / 145 MHz downlink) every 24 hours.

To check or report the satellite's current mode, please see the
AMSAT Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page at the link in this weeks news script



Satellite enthusiasts are being encouraged to share ideas for a
new geostationary earth orbit satellite for hams - and a forum has
begun just for them.

This new online discussion group has formed to explore progress
in getting a geostationary earth orbit amateur radio satellite
for the Americas. Participants track the progress of acquiring a
transponder that would serve IARU Region 2, which is North and South
America. This would give the region the kind of coverage that
Europe and Africa presently have with QO-100, the Qatari (KAT-TARRY)
satellite launched last November.

Bernard KC9SGV posted on the QRZ Forum that hams are encouraged to
share images and links about their satellite ground station hardware
as well as software and to share ideas about having a similar
satellite for Region 2 hams to access.

The discussion group is




The QRPersNZ Group is alive and well, and operating a weekly net
Thursday nights at 0800 UTC on 3.690mHz.

You do not have to be a member of the group to join in. only request
is that you operate 10w or less.

Check-ins are called for at 8.00pm, just give your call and net
control will put you on the list.

Saturday 26th October from 07.30pm to 9.30pm is a fun activity
called 'GO QRP NIGHT', where QRPersNZ operators try to work as many
other QRP stations as possible in two one-hour sessions. This has
been opened up to non-QRPersNZ operators who may contribute contact
points to QRPersNZ Group members.

Again, the group ask that those who wish to get involved please use
10w or less.

(If you'd like to join the group, email


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

IARU Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

IARU Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360 kHz


From ARNewsLine a story of cooperation in the face of a yet another

While hams in the Azores activated their emergency network with the
approach of Hurricane Lorenzo in the final days of September, AMSAT
announced it was making amateur satellite AO-92 available as
requested by hams in the Azores.

The availability of the satellite helped bolster readiness, which
also got a boost from HF operations, local analogue repeaters and

The AO-92 satellite was launched in January of 2018. In an unusual
occurrence, the hurricane crossed the Atlantic Ocean and was headed
toward Europe as an extratropical cyclone, weakening somewhat enroute.



The SOTA 2020 (and beyond) 'Flavours' Challenge

A series of themed challenges will take place in 2020, as part of
the SOTA - Summits On The Air awards programme.

The idea is to encourage SOTA activity on bands and modes that are
popular in amateur radio generally, but somewhat under-represented
in SOTA.

The SOTA 'Flavours' Challenge 2020
January 1st-7th 2020: LF - 160m & 80m
February 1st-7th 2020: Datamodes
March 1st-7th 2020: Digital voice
April 1st-7th 2020: LF - 160m & 80m
May 1st-7th 2020: Datamodes
June 1st-7th 2020: 12m, 10m & 6m
July 1st-7th 2020: 70cm
Aug 1st-7th 2020: 17m
Sept 1st-7th 2020: Datamodes
Oct 1st-7th 2020: Digital voice
Nov 1st-7th 2020: LF - 160m & 80m
Dec 1st-7th 2020: 12m, 10m & 6m


Number of unique QSO partners worked multiplied by the number of
unique summits activated.

Number of unique activators worked multiplied by the number of
unique summits worked.

Only QSOs made on the nominated band or mode, on the dates specified,
will count towards Challenge scores and to take part in the
"Flavours" Challenge, simply enter your activator and chaser logs
into the SOTA Database as normal.



122 GHZ ... it's NOT impossible!

Here's Tim, VK2XAX with more on that.

<Audio from Tim, VK2XAX>

Hopefully by now you would all have received your AR magazine
containing the article on chasing 122GHz Distance Records.

What you may not know is that Andrew, VK3CV, the designer of this
transverter, has placed all the construction documents for the
transverter, on the internet for anyone to copy and build.

To that end Tim, VK2XAX, is arranging a group buy of assembled
PCB's and manufactured feed horns to help get people onto 122GHz.

Get that soldering iron out and come play on the millimetre
microwave bands





Commercial broadcasting_

There's a welcome spot on the amateur bands where hams gather to
share their stories about their lives as DJs in the 1960s.

Let's hear more from Mike Askins KE5CXP.

"If you're a former commercial radio rock music DJ from the 60s
who's rocking the airwaves now on the amateur frequencies instead,
here are two opportunities for you to "REWIND" that classic tape.

The 1960s Pop-Rock Music and TV Shows Net meets two nights a week
and after check-in, you get to share and hear some Tales from Top 40
and engage in some friendly trivia competition with kindred spirits.
The formally directed net meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time in the U.S. on the W7EI-L EchoLink Node and locally on the 147.220 repeater from Prescott, Arizona. It also meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time in the U.S. on the KA7LFX-R EchoLink Node and locally on the 224.060 repeater from Tucson, Arizona.

The net began 12 years ago as a celebration of 60s era radio rock
and pop as well as TV programming from that era. John N7LQR writes
in a forum that all hams are welcome but most especially
former commercial radio DJs.



2019 Social Scene

VK3 - Yarra Valley Amateur Group HamFest, 13th October (vk3cnw)

WW - JOTA 2019 Friday 18th, Sat 19 & Sunday 20 October (vk2gx)

VK3 - Ballarat Amateur Radio Group, BARG Hamvention Oct 27 (vk3kqt)

VK3 - Melbourne QRP by the Bay (SouthGate)

Melbourne QRP by the Bay is coming up next month - Saturday 2
November at 3pm.

It's an occasional gathering of homebrewers, QRPers and
portable operators. Normally between about 15 and 30 people
show up for a very convivial couple of hours.

Bring yourself, an idea and an interesting piece of equipment.

Gather at Chelsea beach near the lifesaving club, and
afterwards a lot of the crew go for tea at a local restaurant.

That's 3pm Saturday November 2, 2019 for Melbourne QRP by the
Bay at Chelsea beach.

VK5 - AHARS Buy and Sell Marion RSL Nov 3rd (vk5srp)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RADIOFEST November 17 (wia)

2020 Social Scene

ALARAMEET 2020 Bendigo (vk5yl)

October 2 - 5 in Bendigo Victoria.




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