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News from the ANZAC front - Radio Amateurs Remember

AM and CW on ANZAC Day, 25th April 2020

The traditional AM & CW event organised by Mike "Banjo" Patterson
VK4MIK and the Tablelands Radio Group of Far North Queensland,
will again take to the air for the 9th year.

This is not a contest.

It instead honours those modes used by service personnel in earlier

The event idea came from a conversation between Mike VK4MIK and
World War II Coastwatcher in Papua New Guinea, Lionel Veale.

The concept developed by the Tableland Radio Group in Far North
Queensland basically asks us to consider changing modes on ANZAC Day
nets, as an honour and Amateur Radio salute to those who served or
are serving.

The annual event involves ex-military sites and related museums.

Northern AM operations will centre around 7125kHz.

Australia’s own amateur radio handbook now locally available

For the first time in years Australia’s 14,000 radio amateurs can
easily buy a hard-copy handbook written for local conditions.

Up to now the Australian Ham Radio Handbook had only been available
as an ebook via Amazon.

Author Peter Parker VK3YE says “It’s clear that Australians wanted a
paperback version that was available locally at a good price”.

“I’m delighted to announce that Jaycar stores are now carrying the
140-page book for $24.95. Or you can order it via
along with other parts you need”.

The Australian Ham Radio Handbook talks about how you can become a
radio amateur, set up a station and start making contacts. It’s a
practical follow-on from the WIA’s Foundation Manual with information
useful for new, established and returning hams. It’s also up to date
with content reflecting last year’s revised amateur licence

Peter added “I thank Dick Smith VK2DIK who not only wrote the
foreword but whose own amateur handbook inspired me nearly 40 years
ago. I also acknowledge Jaycar for its continuing support of
electronics and radio hobbyists in Australia”.

He hoped the book would inspire Australians to take up and further
their activity in amateur radio.

This is Peter’s seventh book on amateur radio topics. He is a
long-time contributor to the WIA’s Amateur Radio magazine and
received a Technical Excellence Award in 2018. Jaycar is Australia’s
biggest electronics supplier that supports the WIA through
advertisements in Amateur Radio magazine.

The Australian Ham Radio Handbook is available in Jaycar stores or
can be ordered via their website

QRM Guru was released in March 2019, and has evolved to become a
useful resource to help radio amateurs better understand and
eliminate RFI/QRM.

If you're a FBooker, QRM Guru now has a Facebook page. Search for
QRM Guru on Facebook or click the Facebook link on

QRM Guru was launched at PerthTech in March last year, oh a blatant
plug here, PerthTech is on in 2020 May 2nd

Now, do you have a deep knowledge or professional experience with
electrical engineering and / or RF technologies? If so, and you're a
willing helper contact them as they are looking for people to assist
in investigating and developing strategies to address new and
emerging RFI generating technologies.

(sourced to nzart)


(extracted from this weeks QNEWS
full audio on )

Hello, I’m Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I’ve been thinking.

When we look around at the posts on web sites, video sharing and
social media, apart from a few exceptions, the majority of people
enjoying this hobby appear to be from a couple of generations ago.

In an era when the terms STEM and STEAM have been bandied round,
it still seems that projecting activities to the primary and
secondary school people has not really been addressed.

In this part of Region 3, there seems no real intent at providing
more than a perfunctory introduction to STEM subjects from outside
the education system.

Many years ago, even in the time of the Novice Licence Holders,
the VK2 Division of the WIA ran a very successful Youth Education
Scheme which had the support of the State Department of Education.
No doubt there are people listening to WIA news broadcasts now who
got their interest and mentoring via that scheme.

Surely our radio clubs haven’t just become the resource of the
middle aged and older.

Perhaps, later in the year when the new WIA Board is settled, one
portfolio could be re-established for promoting STEM by way of
amateur radio. From out here where I sit, it would be good to see the
Board once again having directors taking responsibility for various
areas in ways that members and clubs can relate to. It may be
re-inventing the wheel but it was a scheme that seemed to have good
success previous years.

I’m Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and that’s what I about you?


Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

WIA board minutes can be found on click
WIA Information.

Directors heard usually as follows
Greg VK2GPK (President), Peter VK8ZZ (Secretary),
Mike VK8MA, Aidan VK4APN, John VK4JJW

Hi Everyone, this is Mike VK8MA a director of the WIA Board.

I am sure you will all remember that we have been undertaking
setting up a polling mechanism to cover any issues we believe
need addressing.

As a result of a request from ACMA to conduct an appropriate survey
of licenced amateurs on the question of 7 character callsigns, we are
pleased to announce that the poll has now been produced and is ready
for immediate release. Once again we want to clarify that this poll
is open to all licenced amateurs whether or not they are WIA members. WIA members are automatically registered but any non-WIA Amateurs can register at the special address

Each Amateur can vote only once.

Poll URL is

The poll will remain open for several weeks.

At the closing of the poll, the poll results will be made available
for public scrutiny and results forwarded to ACMA. This polling
mechanism will be used for future issues surrounding the service
as deemed appropriate.

( The poll will be emailed to WIA members and program participants
on the 10th of February 2020 and will run for 2 weeks - memnet )

2020 WIA Annual Conference

Hello from Dani VK7FREQ and the WIA Organising Committee.

We are thrilled to announce that we have Professor Elizabeth Leane
as our 2020 WIA Annual Conference Dinner keynote speaker.

Professor Leane is studying the passion for literature that the
hostile continent of Antarctica evokes, and the power in turn of
literature to influence what we think and feel about Antarctica.

Professor Leane has a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical and
Mathematical Physics, a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature,
both from the University of Adelaide, a Master of Studies in
Research Methods and a PhD in English and English Literature from
Oxford University, Cambridge.

By combining her love of science with her passion for literature,
Professor Leane has found a rich and largely untapped resource in
Antarctica for the humanities to embrace.

We look forward to hearing from Professor Leane at the conference.

A reminder that you are running out of time to take advantage of the
discounts for accommodation and fares if you are thinking of coming
to the Conference on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. If you are
bringing your caravan or motorhome then space needs to be booked ASAP
or you may miss out on your preferred dates. These discounts are
available for two weeks prior and two weeks after the conference so,
if you have thought about touring Tasmania, this is your chance and
you get a great conference as well!

A reminder that discounted room rates are still available from the
Conference venue - Best Western Motels just mention the WIA
conference when booking.

We look forward to welcoming you here in Hobart.

For WIA National News this is Dani VK7FREQ.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.



A grieving father has shared his gratitude with the amateur radio
community which responded with warmth, sympathy and a lot of heart
following his son's drowning during the Rotuma DXPedition.

Following his return home to Fiji, Antoine 3D2AG posted the message
on his page as open letter on DX World to hams everywhere.

[quote] "To know that I have so many genuine friends all over the
world is really a humbling experience and a wonderful tribute to
the solidarity of our great hobby in times of crisis. Whilst the
pain of the loss of my dear little boy is with me every moment at
this time, the words and gestures of comfort and support will never
be forgotten. [endquote]


When that earthquake rattled Turkey recntly local hams played an
important role.

Buildings collapsed, people ran for cover and rescue efforts got
under way following the earthquake, even as aftershocks began to
strike in eastern Turkey. Although no foreign assistance was
immediately called in to aid in the disaster, hams made sure
communication was not hampered, according to Aziz Sasa TA1E, who is
involved as a Telecommunication Service Group Solution Partner in the
National Emergency Response Plan. Aziz said amateurs conducted
tactical communication in the affected area and supported the
Ministry of Health. They installed a repeater on one of the
mountaintops and got it operational. Aziz noted that there was no
need at the time for any immediate deployment from Region 1 of the
International Amateur Radio Union.

Meanwhile, the quake was felt in a very different way in parts of
North America, where hams were just about to check into a popular Net
the Noontime Net in North America on 7.2835 MHz.

They had their own unofficial indicator that something had gone very
wrong somewhere. The quake created an attenuation of the amateur
bands, disrupting the 40 metre net.

Researchers have been studying the impact quakes have on propagation
with evidence growing that there may be ways to detect impending
earthquakes by reviewing changes in the ionosphere. One NASA
physicist quoted in an article said that in the
time preceding a quake, stresses on rocks located along faults are
known to release positive ions into the atmosphere. Those ions rise,
causing anomalies in the ionosphere.



UBA issue statement regarding CEPT and EU

Due to apparent confusion among Belgium radio amateurs, the national
amateur radio society UBA have had to issue a statement pointing out
the difference between CEPT and the EU.

The statement says there is no direct link between CEPT and the EU.

Belgium radio amateurs holding HAREC licenses CAN continue operating
as normal for up to 3 months when visiting the United Kingdom and
Crown Dependencies. For longer visits a UK license can be applied for
based on the Belgian HAREC exam certificate.


Sand dune-shaped Auroras discovered in the Arctic

It looks so much like a desert sand dune that investigators have
nicknamed it "The Dunes." A paper published in the research journal
AGU Advances describes the new form and the unexpected physics behind

Visit the link in todays text edition for the full


On the 30th of January, AMSAT Argentina deployed a WSPR / APRS
drifting Buoy on the South Atlantic Seas.

The WSPR beacon is running 900mW on 14095.6kHz with the callsign
LU7AA. The APRS beacon, callsign LU7AA-11, was initially on
Argentina's APRS frequency but by now should be on 145.825 MHz
so that it can be digipeated by amateur packet radio satellites.

Release was 100km offshore Mar del Plata coast, seeking east
aiming currents and winds.

The objective is to track Sea currents and conduct HF, VHF and
satellite ultra-QRP propagation tests.

Further information and pictures at




February 16-17 ARRL's International DX CW Contest


CQ WW SSB contest February 22-23


March 2 - 3 International DX Phone Contest sponsored by the ARRL


WIA John Moyle Field Day 2020
Weekend 21-22 March from UTC 0100 on the Saturday to 0059 Sunday 22.


March 28-29 the CQ World Wide WPX Contest for amateurs world-wide to
contact as many amateurs and prefixes as possible during the contest
using SSB.


The date for the next Harry Angel Sprint will be Saturday
May 2nd 2020. 10:00 - 11:46 UTC.


May 30-31 the CQ World Wide WPX Contest for amateurs worldwide to
contact as many amateurs and prefixes as possible during the contest
using CW.


The VK SHIRES the June long weekend, which is the weekend prior to the
second Monday of June each year.. making it June 6 - 7 in 2020


IARU HF World Championship July 13-14



Next contest - 17 JUL 2020 - and has the aim of encouraging
Low Band activity between VK and ZL on 160 80 and 40M using


RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 15 - 16



VOICE from 0800 UTC Saturday October 3 to 0800 UTC Sunday October 4

CW from 0800 UTC Saturday October 10 to 0800 UTC Sunday October 11






December 6 - 8 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 14 - 15 10 Mtr World Wide



4 award periods, each of 3 months starting in January of each
calendar year and 2 categories in the contest,

Top 5 you try and work the 5 most wanted DXCC entity's
Most Wanted you work the most wanted dxcc entity.

The dx entity's in play are those most wanted DURING those
3 month windows.

Complete details can be found at


All major AUSTRALIAN contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.


Good Morning,

This is Denis Johnstone VK4AE contest manager for the John Moyle
Memorial Field Day 2020.

This is an early reminder that the contest will be held from
0000 UTC on Saturday 21st March to UTC 2359 Sunday 22nd March 2020.

Unfortunately, I have to apologise to the competitors in last year’s
contest that the results were not published in AR magazine, further
the rules for this year’s contest have not been published.

Glitches in the AR system prevented the results from being published.

However, I had included on the WIA " members -Contests " John Moyle
page, the PDF of last year’s results and also a PDF of the 2020 rules
for you to download.

I will continue to keep the webpage right up to date.

Next week I will discuss the effects of the devastating fires and
the current floods on the contest, the largest field day contest in
Australia where more than 1200 licenced amateurs take part and
almost 200 amateurs devote their time and effort and submit a log.

Thanks for listening, I'm Denis Johnstone VK4AE contest manager for
the John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2020.


Members of the Italian DXpedition Team are QRV from Zanzibar Island
until 18th February using the callsign 5 I 5 TT on CW, SSB and RTTY.
On FT4 and FT8 the callsign will be 5 I 4 ZZ.
The IOTA reference for Zanzibar is AF-032.


Bob W 0 YBS is active on Caye Caulker Island, off the coast of
Belize, till 25th February on CW, FT8, RTTY and possibly some SSB
on 80 " 10m. IOTA reference is NA-073. QSLs go via the home call
W 0 YBS.


Matteo is visiting Ghana all February until the 16th and has
reactivated his 9 G 5 GS callsign on 160 -20m using mainly
FT8 and SSB. QSLs go via his home call IZ 4 YGS.


Members of the F 6 KOP Radio Club are operating as E 44 CC from
Bethlehem in Palestine until February 17 on 160 " 10m on CW, SSB,
RTTY, PSK, FT4 and FT8.




Hi, this Andrew VK5MAS with some exciting news about
solo sailor Jeanne Socrates VE0JS.

Jeanne completed a solo unassisted circumnavigation of the world on
the 7th of September last year aboard Nereida. This voyage took
11 months, 4 months longer than expected due to some extreme
challenges. Boy has she got a story to tell.

She now holds the record of being the oldest female to complete
this epic fete. Jeanne was very giving of her time to AR operators
and I was one of the lucky ones.

Jeanne will be travelling around Australia for 4 months in a
motor home departing Sydney mid February enroute to Adelaide
where she will be giving a presentation about her voyage at the
Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron at Outer Harbour.

So I encourage all AR operators to consider attending this event
at 7.30 pm on Friday 27th March. The cost is $25 per head and meals
are available prior. Bookings essential on 08 8341 8600 or further

For WIA National News this is Andrew Smelt VK5MAS


Want something different to listen to on your phone/tablet or even

You can listen to Live radio stations from around the Globe by
ROTATING the globe!

Just Google: and explore live radio by rotating the globe



Well just about needed to fit this call on from this Micronesia

Haru, will be island hopping using the special event callsign,
V 6 TOP G 2020, from several islands in Micronesia between
June 1st and the end of September.

His activity is to commemorate the "Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic
Games 2020" (hence the suffix TOP G 2020).

Haru will activate islands in Micronesia Ponphei, Chuuk, Yap
and Kosrae on 40 through 6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8.


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

IARU Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

IARU Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360 kHz

The ABC has worked on close to 900 Emergency Broadcasting events in
just over 7 months.

Praise and congratulations (if that’s the right word in such a
terrible year) to everyone at ABC Radio who have provided up to the
minute information during the height of all the different events and
the fire crisis as a whole

A lot of community radio stations and regional commercial stations
also worked non stop in their local areas providing much needed
information, organising and supporting bushfire fund raising (but that's
another story!)

The latest figures from the NSW Rural Fire Service show that
2,400 homes have been destroyed, with 10,000 other buildings
impacted. The perimeter of the burnt area, when added together, is
over 26,000 km. That's more distance than the entire Australian

Read more on both links in the text edition

(RadioGreenRoom on FBook and VK3YE)



For most of 2020 hams will be marking the anniversary of a
ground-breaking development more than 3 decades ago.

What began in a lecture given in 1985 by Ulrich Rohde, DJ2LR /
N1UL, has since transformed much of the amateur radio landscape.
His talk came at the dawn of digital signal processing via Software
Defined Radio, or SDR. SDR is now considered the standard when it
comes to generating or decoding radio signals - and Ulrich Rohde is
considered a pioneer.

Special event station DL 35 SDR, which began activity January, is
marking the 35 years since he delivered his lecture in London at a
conference on HF communications. The special event station will be
on the air throughout much of the year operating from the greater
Munich area where Ulrich's family business, the test-equipment company
Rohde and Schwartz, is based.

(Amateur Radio Newsline/Ed Durrant DD5LP)


In New Zealand this weekend its their VHF DX Weekend a great time
for those of us in the parent country to 'snag a ZL or 2"

On February 8th and 9th the VHF DX Weekend contest will be on and
the NZART have encouraged locals to get out and operate from either
home station or find a high hill to work from.

The operating periods are 5 pm to 11 pm on the Saturday
and 7 am to 1 pm on the Sunday, NZ local time.

Mainly operation is on SSB but some also listen on FM for those who
may not have multimode rigs. Antenna polarisation is normally
horizontal but that doesn’t mean you can’t try with a vertical, you
will probably hear someone.


2020 Social Scene

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY 23rd February 2020 (vk2ji)

Raffle prizes " I told you they would be good!

First prize is an IC-7300, second an ID-51A D-Star HT and third prize
a RT82GPS DMR HT. Not only that, there will also be a lucky door
prize of a signed copy of the “Australian Ham Radio Handbook” from
Peter VK3YE.

I also promised you an update on what is happening on the lectures,
well we’ve overflowed the upstairs room and now will also be using a
ground floor lecture room for all the extra presentations. One of
these will be a live telecast into the Field day from Peter Parker
VK3YE. Where allowed by the lecturers we will be videoing the
presentations for publication a few weeks after the event, giving you
a chance to re-live the lecture from home and note down that
important information that you forgot to note down while at Wyong.
This was a very successful action last year with 1800 views of the
videos via the web. This is also a great solution for the situation
where there are two lectures that you would have liked to have
attended but they were on at the same time. So, watch one live and
watch the recording of the one you couldn’t get to, from home later.

We are currently re-balancing the lectures across the two rooms and
trying to avoid conflicts between lectures in the two rooms and I
will have the final lists for you in next weeks piece here on VK1WIA
or you can also check the field day website for updates at
FIELDDAY (dot) ORG (dot) AU.

Preparation for the Fox Hunts on Saturday the 22nd are progressing
well and this promises to be an enjoyable event. If you filled in an
expression of interest form on the website, can I ask you to please
go back and now fill in an entry form for the day. There will be
full rules posted later but one thing we can ask now is that you wear
appropriate clothing. Not only good sturdy shoes " especially for the
on-foot foxhunt but also protection against sunshine or rain (not
that we are expecting rain particularly). And bring your smiles!
It’s sure to be a real hoot!

The Wyong Field day takes place from 8:30 am on Sunday 23rd February
at Wyong Racecourse an hour north of Sydney in New South Wales,
Australia. The Foxhunts and Field Day meal on Saturday the 22nd.

For the Central Coast ARC, this was Ed VK2JI.

VK4 - Tannum Sands Gathering March 14 (wia)

VK7 - Meet the Voice event, Ross Recreation Centre Sun 22 March (vk7tw)

VK4 - REDFEST 2020 18th April. St. Michael's College
Old Toorbul Point Rd from 8am (vk4tfn)

VK6 - PerthTech May 2 at Bassendean (vk6pop)

VK - WIA Annual Conference, Hobart 8-10 May. (vk7tw)

VK4 - CHARC Theresa Creek Campout Friday 29 til Sunday 31 May (wia)

VK5 - South East Radio Group Annual Convention and
Australian Fox Hunting Championships. June 6-8 (vk5hcf)

VK4 - Caboolture Radio Club HamFest July 11 (vk7jea)

VK4 - CHARC Inc. AGM Weekend Sept 25-27 at Fairbairn Dam (wia events)

VK - ALARAMEET 2020 Bendigo October 2 - 5 (vk5yl)

VK7 - VK7 biennial HamFest November (vk7tw)


VK4 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp 2021
Thursday afternoon 21st to Tuesday afternoon 26th January 2021

Girl Guides Association of Queensland Campsite and Training
Centre, 46-56 Toolakea Beach Road, Bluewater.

AX4WIT will be on-air from the camp. (vk4zz)

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