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WIA DIRECTOR Peter VK8ZZ update on AGM.-

WIA DIRECTOR Philip Shields VK2CPR update on WIA based emails and the
'card' generated. -

WIA DIRECTOR Oscar Reyes VK3TX and he became a Director. -

WIA DIRECTOR Lee Moyle VK3GK and this weekend’s International STAYHOME event.


Tasmanian Uni ramps up space tracking capability

Partners with European Space Agency.

The University of Tasmania is preparing to play a greater role in
the exploration and use of space with upgrades to its optical

The university is set to augment its space tracking capabilities
thanks to a funding agreement with the Australian Space Agency
that was formalised in November last year.

Part of the new capability will be established with the installation
of two antennae at the university’s Greenhill Observatory, 70km north
of Hobart at Bisdee Tier.

A 7m antenna will provide support for a broad range of satellites and
operations from the observatory, while a second dish between two and
three metres in size will support Australian-made nanosatellites.
Nanosatellites, often in the form of small, modular “CubeSats” about
the size of a loaf of bread, are used by academics and industry to
monitor space, the environment and Earth’s upper atmosphere due to
the relatively low cost of production and launch of such small

Professor Simon Ellingson, acting Dean of the School of Natural
Sciences, said the university expects to announce the contract with
the antennae manufacturer “within a matter of weeks”.

"The schedule of installation is uncertain with the current COVID-19
lockdown, but we expect to install the antennae later this year."

The Greenhill Observatory houses a 1.3 metre optical telescope whose
original primary mirror is currently being replaced after an optical
flaw was discovered that prevented it from being used to its full

Despite the setback, the Greenhill Observatory has contributed to
studies of Pluto's atmosphere and the discovery of Earth-like planets
orbiting other stars since being commissioned in 2013. Greenhill is
one of five observatories run by the university, the others being
radio telescopes at Cambridge, Ceduna in South Australia, Yarragadee
in Western Australia, and Katherine in Northern Territory.

With Greenhill’s new mirror and augmented antenna array, the
university is set to support the European Space Agency’s
Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission scheduled for mid-2022.

Researchers at the university led by Dr Guifré Molera Calvés are
already in the process of crunching the data from a joint exercise
with the European VLNI network of telescopes in February that tracked
the position of NASA’s Mars Insight lander.

The observations aimed to determine the measurements of the
red planet's rotation and nutation (variation in the tilt of its
axis), and to study the liquid content of its core.


Last week New Director Phil Shields VK2CPR spoke of the members
email facility here at the "W" asking the question " How does the
WIA members email address work?"

Let’s revisit that thread and also here of an experiment that was
done this past week by VK2CPR.

The member’s email is essentially your call with tacked
onto it. The member’s email address is essentially a relay to your
personal email, in this way, it enables the WIA to communicate with
members. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the email has been
underutilised in the past.

In the grand amateur tradition, I will be running an experiment.
The experiment answers the question “who has an active WIA address”?
To answer this question, next week I will be sending out WIA
membership cards to these addresses.

These PDF cards have your call, name, member number and expiry date
on them. The cards are generated by a Java application I wrote in
lockdown, where I put my OCD to good use.

How it works:

Essentially, the application reads the WIA members list, manufactures
the PDF on the fly for each member, and emails it out to It is a really big list so I don’t think I’ll
do the entire list in one sitting. I guarantee if I do, my computer
will have an apoplexy half way through, so I will be chunking it.
The card prints out in credit card size.

So go to the WIA web page and activate your email... If you’re like
me you'll think the resulting card looks GREAT!

Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

Peter VK8ZZ (Secretary)

In the last few days I have posted a notice to the WIA web site
about the 2020 AGM.

Under normal circumstances the AGM of the Wireless Institute of
Australia is due to be held by 31 May each year.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting was to have been held in conjunction
with the Annual Conference in Hobart Tasmania in early May. Notice of
the AGM was published in the January / February edition of AR

The Hobart Conference was cancelled due to government restrictions on
gatherings and travel due to CoVID-19. It was not known how long the
restrictions on travel or gatherings would be in place and accordingly
the Board of the WIA passed a motion to defer the AGM to a date to be
determined and a formal application was made to ASIC,
the Australian Securities and Investment Corporation for an extension
of time to hold the AGM. ASIC is the regulator for public companies
such as the WIA.

ASIC has confirmed in writing the granting of an extension for the
period within which the Company must hold its AGM.

The Board of the WIA have determined that the AGM will now be held on
Saturday 25th July 2020. The format of the Annual General Meeting is
yet to be determined and will be subject to limitations on gatherings
at that time. The agenda for the AGM will issue shortly.

A copy of the ASIC approval to defer the Annual General Meeting is
available to be viewed on the WIA web site.

This is WIA Director and Secretary Peter Clee VK8ZZ

Hi everyone, I am Oscar VK3TX.

I’ve been involved with amateur radio most of my life, being first
licensed at 14 and have been involved in different amateur radio
organisations overseas.

I decided to nominate as a director, because as a member, when you
are not entirely happy with proceedings, the best option is to
nominate for office and make a contribution rather than sit on the
sidelines and protest. My experience will allow me to provide
governance direction to the WIA in a range of areas including
working with stakeholders and partners.

I encourage members to get involved to support the WIA, your WIA,
by volunteering and helping where you can. I’m letting you know that
all the members now have a strong representation on the board.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


This weekend, June 6-7 stations bearing call signs that promote the
"stay-at-home" message and the value of social distancing and
isolation have sprung up during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some
150,000 messages of support shared around the world.

This on-air gathering over the 6 and 7 June weekend is offering a
further opportunity for stay-at-home stations and radio amateurs
to share greetings in a contest-like framework, looking toward the
day that restrictions will ease, eventually making the stay-at-home
injunction obsolete.

The patron of the STAYHOME radio campaign is Finland's Foreign
Minister and the worldwide activity has the endorsement of the
International Amateur Radio Union President and the United Nations
Amateur Radio Club.

"Amateur radio operators across the world are experiencing something
we have never seen before, in times like this, on-the-air activities
can benefit our communities and ourselves. Events such as this are
important to improve operating skills. It is also encouraging us to
get on the air and keep active, as well as promoting social
distancing." Tim, VE6SH IARU President said.

He also thanked the national regulators in more than three dozen
countries that made special stay-at-home-suffix call signs available
for amateur use at such a short notice.

Sponsoring the event and campaign are the Finnish Amateur Radio
League, in cooperation with ADXG of Brazil and OH8X in Finland.

Felix VK4FUQ and Lee VK3GK will look at this event and special
VK20HOME callsign again later in this your National News Service.


Licensing drive-in movies and church services

Drive-in movie and church service event organisers could be granted
temporary radio licences by Ofcom, which may allow film lovers and
congregations to come together while still observing social

Ofcom has updated its licensing information to offer guidance to
individuals or organisations who may wish to hold these types of
events throughout the UK.

They require a ‘restricted service licence’ from Ofcom, so that
people in their cars can hear the film soundtrack, or what is being
said, on their FM car radios.

Given the current coronavirus pandemic, OFCOM are waiving the usual
60-day notice period for licence applications.


For our listeners and friends in the UK hoping to book your next
amateur radio exam, you have a new option.

Jeremy Boot G4NJH has those details.

"Get ready for a new way to book licence exams through the Radio
Society of Great Britain. The RSGB is ready to roll out an automated
system to reserve a place in the queue for July licence exams. The
system is set to go live on the first of June.

The rollout follows the announcement that 600 exam slots - an
unprecedented number - have already been booked for June and all
of them are now filled.

The exams are being conducted with remote invigilation, meaning the
candidates can sit the exams in their own homes during the COVID-19
pandemic. This change has seen a boost in the number of candidates for
the Foundation licence."

According to the RSGB, demand for tests is now more than four times
the previous level, which averaged 125 a month.

GB 100 MZX Dame Nellie Melba Centenary

Members of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society will be on-the-air
June 13-20 using the Special Event callsign GB 100 MZX to celebrate
the centenary of the broadcast by Dame Nellie Melba

In June 1920 with sponsorship from the Daily Mail newspaper, the
Marconi Company broadcast the world's first live recital by a
professional musician - our own legendary Australian diva,
Dame Nellie Melba.

In a makeshift studio at the New Street Chelmsford factory, she
opened her recital June 1920 by singing 'Home Sweet Home' and
other popular favourites - the first official UK Broadcast.

The powerful Marconi company transmitter used in 1920 had been
allocated the callsign MZX (Marconi Zulu X-ray). This event
subsequently led to 2 MT Writtle and later 2 LO in 1922 " the birth
of the BBC.

Details at



The VK SHIRES this weekend June 6 - 7


SKN winter edition on Sunday 14 June on 80 metres
Find out more about SKN, including the QSY Rule, at

( )


IARU HF World Championship July 13-14



Next contest - 17 JUL - VK and ZL on 160 80 and 40M using


RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 15 - 16





Martin VK7GN advises the change is the contest takes place 2 hours

"Good morning this is Martin VK7GN from the Oceania DX Contest
committee. After some lobbying by entrants we have agreed to try
new start and finish times this year. So for both the phone and cw
contests in October they will run from 0600z on Saturday to 0600z
on Sunday."

VOICE from 0600 UTC Saturday October 3 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 4

CW from 0600 UTC Saturday October 10 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 11


VOICE from 0600 UTC Saturday October 3 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 4

CW from 0600 UTC Saturday October 10 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 11






December 6 - 8 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 14 - 15 10 Mtr World Wide



4 award periods, each of 3 months starting in January of each
calendar year and 2 categories in the contest,

Top 5 you try and work the 5 most wanted DXCC entity's
Most Wanted you work the most wanted DXCC entity.

The dx entity's in play are those most wanted DURING those
3 month windows.

Complete details can be found at


All major AUSTRALIAN contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.

********** d x *************

AUSTRALIA, Station VI 250 COOK commemorates Captain James Cook's
voyage on HMS Endeavour along Australia's east coast with activity
to August 31. For QSL information see


Another amateur radio COVID-19 initiative

As reported earlier by Jason VK2LAW during WIA National News
IARU Region 1 reports the Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL)
cordially invites we radio amateurs around the world you to join
them in a giant global special event featuring their STAYHOME
campaign and its radio activity that is being held this weekend
June 6-7

The United Nations Amateur Club 4U1UN, as well as its sister stations
4U1GSC (operated as 4U9STAYHOME) and 4U1A (operated as 4U2STAYHOME)
will participate and look forward to making contact with many
stations during this special event including our own. With more
here's Lee Moyle VK3GK

"Thanks Felix.

Two new WIA Special Event Call signs VI 110 WIA and VK 20 HOME have
recently been granted by the ACMA for use on the amateur bands.

VI110WIA is for activation in commemoration and celebrating the WIA’s
110 Years of operation, first established in 1910 it is still the
oldest Radio Society in the world. Commencing June 1st and ceasing
December 31st 2020, VI 110 WIA will be available for use by WIA
affiliated clubs and all members by a simple online registration
process located on the WIA website.

VK20HOME has been issued for use until at least December 31st 2020
and its activation on air adds to the many other countries now
participating in the “STAYHOME” activities due to the Covid-19
restrictions, which in some countries are finally being eased.

The WIA applied for the VK20HOME callsign after an official request
from Martti Lane OH2BH to myself, who asked if the WIA would like to
participate in the global stay home event endorsed by the IARU.

I have known Martti OH2BH for a long time and we meet up at
international Amateur Radio Conventions like Dayton Hamvention in
Ohio USA and Tokyo hamfair in Japan. I also know many of the other
organizers and am a member of the Araucaria DX Club which is run by
Oms PY5EG from Brazil, another well-known DXpeditioner. Another
friend, Adrian KO8SCA will be operating the United Nations station in
the UN building in New York via remote and will be active as 4U1UN
over this weekend also.

In total, more than 30 countries have activated STAYHOME-suffixed
stations to amplify the important message and participate in a large
international showcase of Amateur Radio during the COVID-19 crisis.
It is estimated that some 150 000 messages have been passed through
the network around the world.

Oms, PY5EG, one of the project participants, alone, has completed
more than 20 000 messages to 181 countries and to all 40 zones.

The latest United Nations activation is; 4U9STAYHOME by Ivo, 9A3A
from the UN base in Brindisi, Italy.

The highlight of the event is this weekend’s June 06-07, 24-hour radio
gathering, when all STAYHOME stations and the world will gather on
the airwaves to wish each other well and conduct a global message
passing in a contest-like framework. At that point the further
validity of the STAYHOME message will be reviewed with the sincere
hope that all countries would be able to begin easing these heavy

That is this weekend -- NOW!

The project patron is the Foreign Minister of Finland,
Pekka Haavisto and it is endorsed by IARU President Tim Ellam,
VE6SH and the United Nations ARC with multiple STAYHOME activations.

See the project specifics at

The updated WIA online logger and rostering system is in final stages
of completion to allow any WIA member and WIA affiliated club to
register and reserve a time to activate these special event call signs.
Its operation and functionality will be similar to the WIA 100 year
celebration callsign use.

QSL confirmations for all WIA special event callsigns initially will
be by Log of The World (LOTW) and eQSL.

Awards and Certificates for the Special Events are also being

Along with VI110WIA and VK20HOME, don’t forget to keep an ear out for
the VK1WIA to VK8WIA special event calls as well, as a “Worked all
VK WIA prefix Award” is on the cards too.

For more information and interested parties wishing to activate the
special event callsigns please contact myself, Lee VK3GK via email, for details and minimum operating requirements.

73 Lee


GB100MZX Dame Nellie Melba Centenary

June 13-20 using the Special Event callsign GB100MZX
to celebrate the centenary of the broadcast by Dame Nellie Melba


Plan on listening for Bryden, KC 1 KUG, using the callsign with a
KL7 prefix. KL7/KC1KUG from Fire Island, Alaska, in the Cook Inlet

He'll be on the air between now and June 27 mostly on 40 and 20
metres and possibly on 80, 30 and 17 metres. He will be operating
mainly using SSB, with some CW or FT8.

Send QSLs to KC1KUG.


In Habra, India, listen for the special callsign AT 2 SON
(for "Save Our Nation") in tribute to the men and women helping out
on the front lines during the pandemic.

AT2SON is on the air through to August 18th.

Send QSLs to home call VU3 Z IG


VK5KI OC-139

As VK5 has had no active cases of Covd-19 for over a month
they reopened intra-state travel over a week ago, including
ferry travel to Kangaroo Island.

It will be transmitting during the South Australian school holidays
between July 13-18th.

VK5GR and VK5AKH but with likely only one station covering all bands
from 80m to 10m.



WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -


Mid-Altitude ham radio balloon race

Students in three Space Station Explorer teams are participating in
an exciting distance learning

ARISS educator, Joanne Michaelis, an amateur radio operator with
callsign KM 6 BWB is also a science coach at the Wiseburn Unified
School District in Los Angeles, California where she leads her
students in several balloon launch attempts from the LA area each

With this year different because of the pandemic, Joanne wanted to
“shake things up a bit” and give students, world-wide, a unique
distance learning treat while keeping all safe during the pandemic.
So Joanne challenged Ted KK 6 UUQ, from to a
mid-altitude cross-continent balloon race and Ted accepted the

Once the balloons became airborne, students tracked each balloon’s
location, altitude, and temperature via Automatic Packet Reporting
System which fed automatically to the web site.

Educators and parents around the globe can excite at-home youth with
this initiative.

For more information on the balloon launch, lesson plans, and the
livestream video link please go to:

Enjoy the Race! May the best ballooner win!!



We could even call it "NEW" Females in Radio.

Although the Long Island CW Club was created in 2018 to help more
New York area hams learn Morse Code, it has long since made room in
its virtual classrooms for amateurs of all ages, anywhere in the

On Saturday May 23, the club scored another "first" by creating a CW
learning environment exclusively for YLs.

The weekly evening instruction, done in a casual, friendly style,
is led by Jennifer in Alabama and Leanne in North Carolina.

Howard Bernstein WB2UZE, cofounder of the club along with Rich
Collins K2UPS, said that it was a logical step to take since club
membership has grown to include more than 21 YLs.

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Russia plans to build a new space station because the current
International Space Station will last only another decade at most,
the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos said in an interview.

"It's still unclear whether the new station will be international or
national," Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said in comments to the
Russian newspaper Pravda.


Among satellite enthusiasts there's been another record-setting radio

The Russian satellite RS-44 has enabled a record distance-setting QSO
between Hams in Oregon and Spain according to AMSAT. On May 17,
signals traveling a distance of 8,314 kilometres, enabled a contact
between Casey KI 7 UNJ and Jose EB 1 AO.

AMSAT reports that both stations had negative elevation.

Congratulations to both.

AND it's congratulations to both Astronauts Bob Behnken, KE5GGX, and
Doug Hurley who are settling in after their historic flight

They are on board the International Space Station after arriving
via the first commercially built and operated US spacecraft to
transport humans into orbit, the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.

ISS Commander Chris Cassidy, KF5KDR, and crew members
welcomed their new colleagues.

For the past 9 years, human crews were transported to and from the
ISS via Russian Soyuz vehicles.

After they reached orbit, Behnken and Hurley named their Crew Dragon
spacecraft 'Endeavour' as a tribute to the first space shuttle each
astronaut had flown.

The SpaceX vehicle will undergo considerable inspection over the next
couple of weeks as part of the process of declaring the Dragon
operational. This past weekend’s mission was SpaceX’s second
spaceflight test, Demo-2, of its Crew Dragon, but it was the first
test with astronauts aboard.


GQRP Club online

The GQRP Club has decided to see what support there would be for an
online QRP Convention this year to replace the event which would
have been hold in England on September 5th and 6th.

If you are interested in attending the Online convention, the GQRP
club would be interested in hearing from you!



Amazing opening on 144 MHz from Cape Verde Islands to Poland

On Friday the 29th of May 2020, there was an extensive Sporadic-E
opening across Europe which reached as high as 144 MHz allowing
stations across that continent to make many fine contacts.

The most extraordinary contacts however were probably from the
Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa to Poland on 144 MHz

The longest path recorded with the FT8 digital mode seems to have
been from D 4 VHF to SP 5 MXU in Warsaw, a distance of just over
5,600kms. To put that into context, the same distance from
Cape Verde Islands to the north would reach as far as Oslo, the
capital of Norway or far to the north of the whole island of Iceland.
The equivalent distance to the west would reach as far as the
US capital Washington DC.

The most likely mode of propagation was via a maritime tropo duct
from Cape Verde Islands to the coast of Spain and Portugal and from
there via Sporadic-E to Poland.


2020 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information.


VK7 - VK7 biennial HamFest November (vk7tw)

VK4 - Rockhampton Amateur Radio Annual Dinner Sat Nov 21 (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Party - Sun 13th December from 2pm (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Lights Tour - Fri 18th December from 7pm (tarc)


VK4 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp

Happening from Thursday afternoon 21st to Tuesday afternoon
26th January at Girl Guides Association of Queensland Campsite
and Training Centre, 46-56 Toolache Beach Road, Bluewater.
AX4WIT will be on-air from the camp the 26th. (vk4zz)

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY (tentative) February 28 ( vk4zz)

VK - ALARAMEET 2021 Bendigo October 1 - 4 (vk5yl)




Reception Reports

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