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WIA Immediate Past President Justin VK7TW on your ABC. -

WIA Director/VP Aidan VK4APM update on the 60M poll. -

WIA Director Phil VK2CPR looks again at the recent email test -

And RSGB Director Philip Willis M 0 PHI thanks volunteers


Radio amateur in Queen's Birthday honours list

Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI was awarded Member of the Order of Australia
(AM) in the Queen's Birthday Honours List released June 8, 2020

"You may think "Worked All States" or a DXCC certificate is the
highest honour but ask Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI what he's proudest of
and he'll likely say it's his inclusion on the Queen's Birthday
Honours list, which awards him the Member of the Order of Australia
for his work in amateur radio. Tony is most especially known for his
50 plus years of service as one of 10 telebridge stations used by
ARISS, or Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, of which
he is a founding member. In addition to his years of service as
Australian National ARISS Coordinator, he is also an operator and
member of AMSAT VK, Australia's radio amateur satellite corporation.

Last year at the age of 80, Tony announced he would be taking a
break from his work with ARISS. The break - and the honour - are
well-deserved. Congratulations to Tony from all of us."

The citation reads:

"For significant service to amateur radio, particularly to satellite
and space communication."

For full details see

Queen's Birthday 2020 Honours List, June 8, 2020


WIA Immediate Past President Justin VK7TW was invited recently to
talk about what REAST has been up to during the lock-down with the
Local ABC radio host in Hobart Joel Rheinberger on the Saturday
morning program.

Joel Rheinberger and listeners learnt what the Radio and Electronics
Association of Southern Tasmania has been up to in lock down,
Working from the Shack, online interviews and shack tours.


Justin, VK7TW told me through the week that they already had some
contact from people interested in watching on a Wednesday night.


Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

WIA board minutes can be found on click
WIA Information.

Directors regular broadcast roster
Jun 14 = Greg VK2GPK (President),
Jun 21 = Peter VK8ZZ (Secretary),
Jun 28 = Aidan VK4APN (VP Retires July 25)
Jul 5 = Lee Moyle VK3GK
Jul 12 = Philip Shields VK2CPR
Jul 19 = Oscar Reyes VK3TX

The Annual General Meeting for 2020 will be a hybrid meeting to be
held on 25th July 2020 at the National Office in BAYSWATER VIC with
due restraint as to the COVID-19 restrictions.

(WIA Sec)

Hi this is WIA Director Phil vk2cpr.

Recently I sent out a WIA membership card to a randomised test
population of 200 members. I analysed the results and reported
the results back to 200 recipients.

The purpose of the cross-sectional pilot was to determine if a
bulk email was a feasible conduit for card distribution.
A randomized cross-sectional pilot test is essentially a knowledge
acquisition instrument used in academia but it has uses in the
‘real world’ as well. Knowledge acquisition is my specialist area
so I can adapt the methodology to fit various scenarios.

I found that about 67% of emails bounced which means 30% were
delivered and of that 30% a small amount was correctly delivered
as intended. Also, I determined, with a bulk email, ISPs may
interpret the mailout as ‘spam’. ISP filters rejected .1% for
whatever reason.

A closed email mailout may bring the numbers up but the fact is,
email is a construct of the internet which is a fluid medium, and
people have to sign up for an email address in the first instance
which seems to be a stumbling block.

Members made many valuable contributions which will shape how I, and
a future committee, may tackle this challenge. Some members were even
ex ISPs and their input was invaluable. Thank you to all who provided
their experience with email mailouts in other organizations from
aeronautical to canoe clubs. The amateur community is a wealth of

All of the suggestions and experience add to what we like to call the
‘body of knowledge’ which will shape future procedures. Thanks to all
who offered assistance.

My task is to explore terrestrial delivery systems, a task made
easier now because this pilot provided valuable procedural insights
on avenues of distribution. Please contact me if you have had
experience with a mixed mode approach, email combined terrestrial
mail delivery and what roles each played in your delivery system.

Thank you for your positive feedback. If you were not in the 200 and
want a card just email me.

Cheers es 73 de Phil

Howdy, its WIA Director/VP Aidan vk4apm here with an update on the
60M poll

Thank you to all who have voted in this poll thus far, the feedback
from the community has been fantastic.

While 70% of those who have responded thus far are in favour of
option, 2, the real race appears to be related to what the minimum
qualification should be to access this band.

At this time just over 50% of respondents support limiting this band
to advanced licence holder - clearly not a resounding majority.

In order to seek further clarity on this issue from you, our members,
this poll has been extended to midnight, Monday the 15th of June.

See you next week with the final tally -
that’s all from me, 73 vk4apm.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


Showing they care, and marking National Volunteers’ Week, RSGB Board
Director Philip Willis M 0 PHI has thanked all RSGB volunteers
for the great work that they are doing to support the amateur radio
community during these difficult times.

He also highlighted just some examples of the 'Get on the air to care'
activities volunteers are involved with.

(audio clip courtest RSGB)

Whatever your volunteer role at the RSGB - thank you!

As another part of its national 'Get on the air to care' campaign
the RSGB has launched a new series of bi-weekly live webinars.

The series is called Tonight @ 8 and will start on Monday the 15th
of June. The webinars will be live-streamed each week, allowing
you to watch the presentations and ask questions online. They will
cover a range of topics so whether you've just gained your
Foundation licence, are looking for something new to try, or
simply want to be up to date with the latest amateur radio ideas
and technology, there will be something for everyone.

The Society will release the live-stream details next week but in
the meantime you can find out more about the first four webinars
on the special Tonight @ 8 web page,


Brazil has first ham approved by online exam

This past Monday, Brazilian hams and fans got some superb news:

The first ham radio candidate approved by remotely-invigilated exam
got their amateur radio operator certificate in C class.

National Telecommunications Regulators, ANATEL, announced new
guidelines to make this possible. LABRE, the Brazilian Amateur
Radio League, asked ANATEL to open online exams because the agency
has closed all other exams.

See more at:


The US Postal Service has temporarily suspended international mail
acceptance for items addressed to certain destinations due to service
impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation could result
in the return or loss of mail, such as QSL cards, addressed to
affected parts of the world.

In this news posted Tuesday of this week USPS has posted a list of
affected countries, which is updated regularly.

ARISS Establishes Itself as an Independent Organization

Going forward, the US arm of the Amateur Radio on the International
Space Station International working group will be known as ARISS-USA,
an independent organization.

ARISS serves as the intermediary to arrange contacts between schools
and organizations on Earth and ISS crew members.

The move allows ARISS-USA to work independently, soliciting grants
and donations. ARISS-USA will continue promoting amateur radio and
science, technology, engineering, arts, and math goals within schools
and educational organizations.

ARISS-USA lead Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, noted that the scope and reach
of what ARISS accomplishes has grown significantly since its modest
start in 1996.




SKN winter edition on Sunday 14 June on 80 metres
Find out more about SKN, including the QSY Rule, at

( )


NZART Memorial Contest July 4 and 5

The New Zealand Memorial Contest will held over the first weekend in
July, the 4th and 5th

The contest was first held in 1946 and its purpose? to commemorate
those NZ radio hams who lost their lives during WW2. So, this year
being 2020 it is worth remembering that this will be the 75th
anniversary of the end of WW2 in 1945.

Plus, over recent weeks all of us have been involved with another
very big world-wide problem which some may feel has been like being
in a sort of war.

So why not commemorate and celebrate by spending some time on the
air operating in an easy fun contest with each other.

The rules and the summary sheet files for the contest can be found on


IARU HF World Championship July 13-14



Next contest - 17 JUL - VK and ZL on 160 80 and 40M using


RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 15 - 16



VOICE from 0600 UTC Saturday October 3 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 4

CW from 0600 UTC Saturday October 10 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 11






December 6 - 8 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 14 - 15 10 Mtr World Wide



4 award periods, each of 3 months starting in January of each
calendar year and 2 categories in the contest,

Top 5 you try and work the 5 most wanted DXCC entity's
Most Wanted you work the most wanted DXCC entity.

The dx entity's in play are those most wanted DURING those
3 month windows.

Complete details can be found at


All major AUSTRALIAN contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.



Members of the Radio Club of the "British Breakout from Normandy Museum"
will be QRV as TM 80 CDG until June 20 commemorating
Charles de Gaulle's speech made on 18 June 1940.

"Hear" is a clip:-

( YouTube audio of de Gaulle )

TM 80 CDG activity is on HF using CW, SSB and FT8.

QSL via F 4 KKE.


GB100MZX Dame Nellie Melba Centenary

( YouTube audio of first broadcast )

June 13-20 using the Special Event callsign GB100MZX
to celebrate the centenary of the broadcast by Dame Nellie Melba

This was the world's first advertised radio broadcast using the
Chelmsford factory transmitter callsign MZX and was listened to by

Little did anyone guess that within two short years the BBC would be
formed and broadcasting would have such a huge cultural effect on the



Daniel, OA9DVK, is a missionary who is QRV from the Amazon Rain
Forest in Peru. Activity is in his spare time is on 160 to 6 meters.
QSL via LoTW.



Special event station VX3X is QRV until June 30 to commemorate the
Apollo 13 space mission.



A group of DX enthusiasts in Ireland has invited the world to take on
a special month long challenge.

Jeremy Boot G4NJH tells us more.

"The EI DX Group in Ireland is running a worldwide challenge that
will continue through August 30th. Radio operators are encouraged
to work as many participating EIDXG members and as many of the
32 Irish counties, DXCC entities and CQ Magazine Zones as they can.
Contacts can be on HF or VHF."


THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report "
Measure Twice cut Once.

June 2020 Festival of Frequency Measurement
HamSCI ( ) is looking for amateur radio operators in the
eastern hemisphere to help collect propagation data during the
June 21 eclipse.

Data collection requires an HF radio connected to a computer. You'll
be monitoring a 10 MHz beacon, in fact BPM, the time service station
of the Chinese Academy of Sciences The BPM broadcast on 10 MHz

There will be two data collection exercises:

a control day, held on June 14 UTC, followed by the event from
June 20-22 UTC, which encompasses the annular solar eclipse across
eastern Africa and Asia and by the map, Darwin just comes
into play on June 21.

So you think you're not inside the path of totality?

Absolutely take part! If you're far from the path of totality then
no guarantee that they'll be able to use your data, but it's always
good to practice!

Details of the experiment may be found here:

Interested operators should sign up at this link
( ) or directly contact Kristina Collins


Credit card chip used to make crystal radio

Hackaday report Billy Cheung decided to build a crystal radio using
a rather unconventional detector " the smart chip in a common credit

This is possible because the smart chip on many credit cards contains
a diode. It’s then a simple matter of hooking up the right pads on
the credit card to the rest of a crystal radio circuit, and you’re
all set. Of course, Billy goes the whole hog, building the entire
radio on a single credit card

Now, if you use a 'gold' card, do you pick up your fave rave
oldies channel?

Read the Hackaday story and watch the video at

Billy Cheung's blog





Liam Kennedy, KN 6 EQU, of Pasadena, California, has been declared
the winner of a mid-altitude cross-continent educational challenge
balloon race.

His balloon was one of four launched on June 1 from the west coast
with the goal of reaching the Eastern Time Zone first.

Coming in second was the balloon of Ted Tagami, KK6UUQ, from
ARISS partner



KG 5 FYJ Assigned to Upcoming ISS Mission

NASA has assigned astronaut Kate Rubins, KG5FYJ, to a six-month
mission to the International Space Station as a flight engineer
and member of the Expedition 63/64 crew.

Kate is scheduled to launch Oct. 14 from Kazakhstan.

NASA selected Rubins as an astronaut in 2009, she was licensed as a
Technician class amateur in 2015, and she completed her first
spaceflight in 2016 during which she conducted two spacewalks
totalling almost 13 hours.

During her stay on the space station, Kate became the first person
to sequence DNA in space.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Journey to the Moon

A cartoon movie has been made that tells the story of the
student-built spacecraft Longjiang-2 / Lunar-OSCAR-94 which
went into lunar orbit and transmitted SSDV images back to Earth.

Longjiang-2 / LO-94, developed by students and researchers at the
Harbin Institute of Technology, is the world's smallest spacecraft
to enter lunar orbit independently and was launched May 2018.

Slow Scan Digital Video was used to send back pictures of the Moon
and WSJT JT4G was used for messages.

Watch Longjiang-2: Journey to the Moon


AO-73 Now in Full-Time Transponder Mode

After some eight months in continuous sunlight, AO-73 (FUNcube-1) has
started to see some eclipses during each orbit.

The telemetry received has shown that the spacecraft continued to
function perfectly during this period and the on board temperatures
did not reach excessively high levels. After three weeks of
increasing eclipse periods the Li battery appears to be ok and the
bus voltage has not yet dropped below 8.1 volts.

As a result the operating mode has changed from high power telemetry
educational mode to continuous amateur mode with the transponder ON.
The telemetry continues to be available, albeit at low power.



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

IARU Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

IARU Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360 kHz


Sometimes ham radio is all about rescue and that pretty much sums up
the actions of one anonymous radio operator in Utah.

Dave Parks WB8ODF has the details.

"Thanks to a sharp-eyed amateur radio operator, a mother and four
children were rescued from a minivan that had driven off the road
near Logan, Utah and into a river where it ended up lodged against
some rocks.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt Cade Brenchley told the local newspaper
that a radio operator spotted the van shortly after the vehicle came
to rest against the rocks and he contacted city dispatchers.

Brenchley said the vehicle had only 4 to 5 inches of water inside
and the windshield was intact. He said [quote] "We were extremely
lucky there." [endquote]

The five were treated at the scene by paramedics and taken for
further examination to the regional hospital.

For Amateur Radio NewsLine, I'm Dave Parks WB8ODF."

Also from Amateur Radio NewsLine our own WIA Editor VK4BB Graham
has a story of how amateur radio played a key role in two very
different types of rescues following the vast destruction of the
latest cyclone in India.

"Amateur radio played a key role in two very different types of
rescues following the vast destruction of the latest cyclone in

Still reeling from its own losses of radio equipment from the storm,
the West Bengal Radio Club was called in to assist, when, an
endangered species of turtle displaced by the storm turned up in the
home of a man in a North Kolkata neighbourhood on June 6th.

Club secretary Ambarish Nag Biswas VU2JFA told NewsLine that the man
was unable to contact the local forestry office about the Indian
flapshell turtle because the office was closed for the weekend. He
contacted the club instead. Debdatta, VU3JXA responded and brought
the turtle to the River Ganges where it was released successfully,
following recommendations that district officials gave to the club.

Video footage of the event was submitted to forestry officials for
their records.

The second rescue also involved a displaced animal:

A 6-foot-long poisonous snake seen in a remote village.

Ambarish Nag Biswas went to the scene and being familiar with snake
capture, he was able to safely move the animal to a nearby river,
much to the relief of the villagers."

(Youngsters On The Air)

Virtual YOTA Day - Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A series of youth-led forums and some fun competitions that can be
done from home, even without a radio, will take place on Wednesday,
June 24 from 2 to 8 p.m. EDT in the USA.

Youth who were selected to attend YOTA camp 2020 will be able to meet
on Zoom for a day of learning and fun, and have a chance to win
prizes! Youth who were NOT selected for the camp or anyone
interested in YOTA will be able to watch the Virtual YOTA Day on the
official Youth on the Air YouTube channel and play along at home.

Some activities will include learning how to track down the location
of a transmitter without leaving your chair, sharpening your
contesting skills, and more!

Special Event Station W8Y

During the week of June 21-26, when the camp was supposed to take
place in the USA a special event station will be on the air on all
bands and modes.

Youth who were selected to attend YOTA camp 2020 will take turns
operating as W8Y throughout the week from the station of their

( Camp Director Neil Rapp, WB9VPG )



Alan Hall VK3AJH has written an excellent book entitled ‘Four Men and
the Walrus‘. VK3AJH was first licenced as VK5NAH in the 1970’s.
A keen genealogist and historian researcher his heritage has been
traced to the South Australian ghost town now known as Farina where
his ancestors helped survey the town which became the head of the old
Ghan train line.

In the early hours of 18 June 1940 a Walrus Flying Boat flew off
from England never to return. It was piloted by one of Farina's
sons, John Napier Bell and his NSW navigator Chris Harris. “C” head
of the British Special Intelligence Service sent a spy to travel with
the crew. Fans of James Bond may realise Ian Fleming who worked
elsewhere for C had transposed that to become M in the James Bond

There are 2 full restored Walrus aircraft left in the world one
on display at the Victorian Pt Cook RAAF Museum. It was fitted the
Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd R1082 receiver and T1083
transmitter. There were two fixed aerials and another aerial could be
wound out to trail 235 feet (about 72 metres) in flight.

Years later it was learnt the aircraft had crashed in Brittany. The
citizens of Ploudaniel recovered the remains of the crew and buried
them in their Church cemetery. Every single year since 1940 they have
conducted a service at the crash site and church cemetery on the
18th of June. This Thursday will be exactly 80 years since then.

Several years ago Alan and his XYL travelled to France at the
invitation of the Mayor of Ploudaniel reuniting the descendants of
the four men for the service. Alan asked Paul VK5PAS to liaise with
the Farina Restoration Group to organised a special ‘amateur radio’
event to pay homage to that little known top secret mission whilst
Alan was in France.

Chris Harris and John Bell became the very first deaths of the RAAF
on operational duties. Alan VK3AJH's book 'Four Men and the Walrus'
tells of this mission.

Their mission ... to save General Charles de Gaulle’s wife and
children " something still never formally acknowledge by the
Australian, French or UK governments.

Lest we forget

For those who may have turned up late for this news today, earlier,
Felix VK4FUQ in operational news told of special event station
TM 80 CDG commemorating a Charles de Gaulle's speech made 18 June
1940. For more information on this fascinating story scroll back:-

(VK3AJH - VK5PAS web)


2020 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information.


VK7 - VK7 biennial HamFest Nov 20-22 Miena Community Hall (vk7tw)

VK4 - Rockhampton Amateur Radio Annual Dinner Sat Nov 21 (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Party - Sun 13th December from 2pm (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Lights Tour - Fri 18th December from 7pm (tarc)


VK4 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
Thursday afternoon 21st to Tuesday afternoon 26th January
at Girl Guides Association of Queensland Campsite
and Training Centre Bluewater. (vk4zz)

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY (tentative) February 28 ( vk4zz)

VK - ALARAMEET 2021 Bendigo October 1 - 4 (vk5yl)




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