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This is in relation to recent break-ins and thefts at a Victorian
radio site on Mt. Cann, also known Mt. Bemm.

WIA is a licensee at this site (ACMA Site ID: 12093).

Kordia Pty Ltd’s marine VHF radio facilities at Mt. Cann/Mt. Bemm
on the eastern Victorian coast, were the victim of a break-in a
few weeks ago, and again in the last few days. In the first incident,
some 10 batteries (weighing 62 kg each) were stolen from the battery
hut. The thieves returned and stole the remaining 38 batteries,
despite increased security measures being implemented in the

Police attended on both occasions.

The thieves damaged fences, gates as they smashed and cut their way

(wia front page news)


The 2015 World Radio Conference (WRC-15) allocated a portion of the
5 MHz band to the Amateur Service on a secondary basis. In Australia,
the high frequency (HF) band 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz (15 kHz) was
declared as a secondary allocation for the amateur service within the
2017 Australian Radio Frequency Spectrum Plan.

"The WIA Spectrum Strategy Committe wrote a detailed submission on
the implementation of the band within the Amateur Service Licence
Condition Determination.

Reviewing the options proposed by the authority, the WIA proposes
that the ACMA’s second option outlined in their consultation paper
be the model used to permit the introduction of the Amateur Service
into this part of the radio spectrum.

The WIA view is that option 2 delivers the maximum benefit of this
segment of the radio spectrum to the Australian people while not
disadvantaging existing primary spectrum users.

This view is supported by stakeholders comprising WIA members and
interested non-members who were polled to gain an understanding of
their preferred arrangements for accessing the band."

Grant Willis VK5GR from the WIA WIA Spectrum Strategy Committee

"So, what are the next steps you may ask?

The ACMA will now consider all responses from Amateurs and the
industry. If they find the case compelling, amateurs should see a
draft revision of the Amateur LCD in due course.

The WIA will continue active discussions, pushing for access to this
band, with ACMA. We want VK amateurs to join with the more than 80
other countries in realising the benefits of the 60m band for the
Amateur Service as a matter of priority. As the process unfolds,
keep watching the WIA Website and listening to this WIA broadcast for
further updates."

So now we sit back and await ACMAS verdict, or in the venacular of
those who serve or have seved our country in thae armed services...

"Hurry Up And Wait".

(wia front page news)


Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

WIA board minutes can be found on click
WIA Information.

This is WIA Director Oscar, VK3TX.

We encourage young hams to participate of YOTA programs around
the globe.


The Youth Working Group within the IARU Region 1 created a new
program called “YOTA online” and invites young hams around the
world to participate.

In these monthly gatherings they are spreading the word that
there is youth in ham radio. A YOTA team consisting of active
youngsters will present different topics, while answering
questions from the community.

These sessions are also interesting if you want to learn more
about organising such amateur radio events for young people.
This will be followed by a Q&A session with the group presenting.

For more information visit:

This is VK3TX for WIA national news.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


NZART AGM Saturday 5th September 2020

YES, the NZART AGM is still going ahead at Alert Level 2 September 3
in Wellington.

The NZART AGM and AREC Annual Meeting are free to attend if you
are a financial member of NZART.

NZART office have had a considerable number register their interest
in attending the AGM in person, the maximum number for the venue has
now being reached but a ZOOM Conference meeting is available for
people who register early and will be limited to 100 online


CRAC announces this year's first Class C exam

The Chinese Radio Amateurs Club (CRAC) say the first, of their
Class C Amateur Radio exams for 2020 will take place September 19

In order to meet the needs of amateur radio enthusiasts who wish to
set up Class C amateur radio stations, CRAC is scheduled to organize
the first (13th in total) Class C amateur radio operation technical
ability examination in 2020 on September 19, 2020.

The specific examination work is undertaken by the Hunan Provincial
Radio Association.

Unlike the practice in other countries Class C here refers to the
highest class of license permitting 1 kW on HF and 25 watts on
all bands above 30 MHz The lowest class is designated Class A.


Radio hams assist teams on ground with contact tracing

The Times of India reports amateur radio operators have once again
been roped in to fight Covid-19

While previously they helped monitor home-quarantine violations,
this time they’ve been tasked with assisting the government in
facilitating contact tracing via real-time radio communication.

80 to 100 ham operators are presently helping booth-level volunteers
and ward committees carry out door-to-door surveys, assist patients
and trace contacts of those testing positive for the virus.


Security gap enables eavesdropping on mobile phone calls

Criticalcomms on line magazine have reported how researchers in
Germany have been able to exploit a flaw that some manufacturers
had made in implementing base stations.

Calls via the LTE mobile network are encrypted and should therefore
be tap-proof. However, researchers from the Horst Görtz Institute
for IT Security Germany, have shown that this is not always the case. They were able to decrypt the contents of calls if they were in the same radio cell as their target, whose mobile phone they then called immediately following the call they wanted to intercept. They exploit a flaw that some manufacturers had made in implementing the base stations.

The results were published by the HGI team at the 29th Usenix
Security Symposium, which took place as an online conference.

Providers and manufacturers were contacted prior to the publication;
by now the vulnerability should be fixed.

Also, 'somewhere in Germany", actually just north of Stuttgart

V2X tech gives firefighters the green light

Dedicated short-range communications radios systems are now in charge
of Ludwigsburg traffic lights, and it's a system of radio technology
developed by Australian company Cohda Wireless which has been
deployed enabling fire trucks and rescue service teams to get to
accidents and emergencies faster.

114 traffic lights at intersections in Ludwigsburg, with a
population of 85,000, have been fitted with Cohda MK5 Road-Side
Units, which work with the equivalent MK5 On-Board Units in
fire trucks and rescue vehicles, to grant them green traffic light
passage on their way to emergencies.


The Bletchley Park Trust has announced that following the coronavirus
pandemic it is to restructure, up to a third of staff could go

The Trust is proposing to restructure as a result of the financial
impact of the coronavirus crisis. The impact of the pandemic has
meant that from March to July this year it lost over 95% of its
income leaving a large gap in its annual budget.

Bletchley Park is home to the popular RSGB National Radio Centre
which is currently closed due to the pandemic




The 40th Alara Contest is on again on this Weekend
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th.


CW Open 2020

Takes place over the first weekend of September and is sponsored by
The CW Operators' Club.

Three sessions all on the 5th of September.
0000 to 0359UTC
1200 to 1559UTC
2000 to 2359UTC.

Barry VK2BJ says hopefully propagation will be favourable and the
bands will be filled up with GLOBAL signals from all three ITU Zones.
but should your schedule not allow three session participation,
please jump in for 1 or 2 sessions.

The rules this year will be the same as for the 2019 CW Open,
including the elimination of the 100 QSO rule to qualify for a
Regional award. for full details.



VOICE from 0600 UTC Saturday October 3 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 4

CW from 0600 UTC Saturday October 10 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 11






December 6 - 8 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 14 - 15 10 Mtr World Wide



4 award periods, each of 3 months starting in January of each
calendar year and 2 categories in the contest,

Top 5 you try and work the 5 most wanted DXCC entity's
Most Wanted you work the most wanted DXCC entity.

The dx entity's in play are those most wanted DURING those
3 month windows.

Complete details can be found at


All major AUSTRALIAN contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.


Oceania DX Award

The WIA DX Awards Committee is pleased to announce a new award
the Oceania DX Award.

This award recognises participants who have worked and confirmed
at least 25 of the 60 DXCC entities in Oceania and is targeted
towards Foundation and beginner DX’ers who may have modest stations,
particularly wire antennas and/or low power.

Contacts can be made on any band and any mode, with endorsements for
30/35/40/45/50/55 plus Honour Roll (57) and Excellence (all 60).

This award compliments the dozens of other DX awards available to
WIA members and non-VK DX members via the WIA DX Awards system at

73 from Graham Alston, VK3GA, DX Awards Manager,
on behalf of the DX Awards Committee.



Members of the Wireless Institute of Australia are QRV with special
call VI 110 WIA until the end of 2020 to celebrate our 110th
anniversary, in fact the world's oldest Amateur Radio Society.
Activity is on the HF bands and QSL is via LoTW.


Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary

Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society (RAFARS) members will operate
GB 80 BOB, a special event call sign for the 80th anniversary of
The Battle of Britain between the 1st and 28th of September.

Operation will be on all bands, as conditions allow, SSB and CW.
A special QSL card is available.

Details are at and




QRV is SX 1 AFM from September 1 to 30 celebrating 70 years of the
Hellenic Air Force History Museum, the station is on all modes
80 through 6 meters. QSL via information.




HA 70 MAV from Budapest until December 1 celebrates the 70th
anniversary of the Hungarian Railway.

Activity is on various HF bands. QSL via LoTW.




CB 33 M until October 13 commemorates the 10th anniversary of the
August 2010 landslide in a mine in the north part of Chile where
33 miners (hence the call 33 M) were trapped for 3 months until their

Operations on 80 meters through 70 cm using CW, SSB and digital modes
FT8/FT4, JS8, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV.

QSL via the postal address given in the text edition of this your
WIA National News Service.

PO BOX 12096, Santiago, Chile.




OZ 200 EM is on the air until the end of the year, honouring the
memory of Hans Christian Orsted, who discovered the principle of
electromagnetism 200 years ago.





Special call sign VR 2 HK 9O is QRV until May 31, 2021 to celebrate
the 90th anniversary of the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting
Society. QSL via VR 2 HK.




WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -

This is Peter VK3BFG in Melbourne.

As reported on the broadcast recently, the Melbourne DATV Repeater
VK3RTV is now back on the air, now 100% digital, leaving analogue FM
to history.

There are three separate DVB-S inputs on 1246, 1255 and 1278 MHz
using three phased dual quads oriented towards the main service
areas. The output power is 120 watts and is a two channel multiplexed
DVB-T signal on 445.5 MHz feeding a vertically polarized dipole array

Channels are designated VK3RTV1 and VK3RTV2. 445.5 MHz is the new
WIA recommended centre frequency for the 7 MHz digital channel on
70 cm.

Stations seen so far include VK3XKA, VK3BCU, VK3GE, VK3WWW, VK3KQ,
VK3CH, VK3BFG, VK3ATV, VK3WV , VK3ZSJ and VK3GMZ. The most notable
stations were Simon VK3ZSJ at 37.2 Km , Geoff VK3GE at 60.9Km, and
Phil VK3GMZ at 33.5Km. Phil VK3GMZ lives in Woori Yallock which is
east of Mount Dandenong which means there is a 2500 foot hill between
him and VK3RTV. Looking on Google Earth it became evident that he was
coming in on knife edge diffraction over the top.

VK3RTV is streaming both channels on the BATC which now has a very
much improved service. The Repeater also has a Remote Access
capability acting as a one way input only type of IRLP. This function
will only be used on special occasions.

73, and be seeing you , Peter VK3BFG

Dutch 144 MHz DATV experiment is a success

VERON report on the success of their experiment to encourage
radio amateurs to use Digital Amateur Television in the 2 meter band.

A translation of the VERON post reads:
On July 14 the first message appears on the VERON website to
announce the 2m DATV experiment. With the hashtag #NotMoreOfTheSame,
the radio amateur has been invited to think outside the box.

The Telecom Agency indicates that the amateur bands are there to
conduct experimental radio research and that they are Technology
Neutral. If anything has been proven, it is that DATV in the 2 meter
band works and produces good results.

27 participants were present through the website alone. This is regardless of all
listening amateurs who have participated.

DXspot from the BATC website was used by the participants as a
talkback channel. During this experiment, two frequencies,
144.600 MHz and 145.300 MHz, were used to minimize inconvenience
to the other users on the band. The experiment was also limited
to a duration of 4 hours.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Faster Than the Speed of Light?

If you’re a fan of science fiction, chances are you've
encountered spaceships that use a warp drive, “fold space,”
or “jump” drive. Unfortunately, the immutable laws of physics
tell us that this is simply not possible.

Those same laws, however, also tell us that near-light-speed travel
comes with all sorts of challenges. Luckily for all of us, NASA
addresses these in a recently-released animated video that
covers all the basics of interstellar travel!

See it at the link in our text edition, read on




Members of the ARI Modena radio club will be active as IA 5 MO from
Giglio Island (IIA T002, WLOTA N. 0564, WAIP GR), Italy, between
September 3-8th on various HF bands using CW, SSB, RTTY and the
Digital modes. QSL via IK 4 RLM.

Mike, DG5LAC, is active as OZ/DG5LAC from Romo Island, Denmark,
until September 5th on various HF bands using SSB
and FT8/FT4. QSL via DG 5 LAC.



NZ QRPers Group.

Wayne, ZL 2 OZ of the group advises they use 3.690 MHz as the daily
calling frequency and for their Thursday night Net.

3.690 MHz is an IARU dedicated QRP frequency and is in the Region 3
Band plan, so all amateurs please consider this, and at the very
least, check the frequency is not in use before transmitting.


Brett Nicholas VK2BNN Scouts Australia National co-ordinator for JOTA.
Lorraine O’Hare VK2FICQ is Girl Guides Australia National JOTA-JOTI

Please QSY off the calling frequency after establishing communication.

Australian voice calling frequencies:
3.650, 7.090, 14.190, 21.190, 28.590, 52.160

World CW calling frequencies:
3.570, 7.030, 14.060, 18.080, 21.140, 24.910, 28.180, 50.160

World voice calling frequencies:
3.690 & 3.940 MHz, 7.090 & 7.190, 14.290, 18.140, 21.360,
24.960, 28.390, 50.160

Calling frequencies for Slow Scan TV (SSTV):
3.630, 7.033, 14.227

Calling Frequencies for PSK31


Scouts Tasmania JOTA/JOTI Coordinator, Peter VK7KPC advises that
all things being equal, JOTA/JOTI will still be happening this year
on weekend 17-18 October, BUT this will still depend on progress
made with COVID-19 situation in both VK7 and worldwide.
Changes will probably include a social distancing around radio
operating seating and other activities.

(vk7wi news)

(Youngsters On The Air)

WIA Vice President Lee Moyle, VK3GK and the WIA board are currently
strategizing with the YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) committee to
engage the youth and younger members to experience the wonderful
experiences and facets of Amateur Radio.

The first ever IARU Region 3 YOTA camp to be held in Thailand
this October has unfortunately now been postponed due to Covid-19
and will be rescheduled for a later date.

The IARU region 3 organisers had a wonderful program planned for the
attendees with meals, training sessions, practical activities,
entertainment and sightseeing included.

(sourced to wia front page news)

Across the ditch Summer Field Day is expected to be a big deal for
young ZL hams in February. Jim Meachen ZL2BHF shares that report
with us and Amateur Radio NewsLine.

When is it actually considered fun to get on the air when band
conditions aren't quite the best? When it's part of a Youngsters
on the Air exercise.

In New Zealand, YOTA Oceania is busy preparing for the Jock White
Memorial Field Day event to be held in Wellington early next year.
Organiser Benjamin Isaacs ZL2BCI said that the HF contest is named
to honour the former NZART contest and awards manager who is now a
Silent Key.

The challenge facing the young hams who'll be participating on the
27th and 28th of February will be to work as many other ZL stations
as possible and to listen for any potential contacts into VK, even
if conditions are poor.

The call sign details are still being finalised but you can be sure
you'll be listening for the last four letters which, of course,
will be Y O T A.

For Amateur Radio NewsLine I'm Jim Meachen ZL2BHF.


2020 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information.


Miena QSO Muster

Saturday October 24th will be the Miena QSO Muster. This one time
event will be held at the Great Lake Community Hall.

This will be an informal day so Tassie hams, bring along the XYLs,
YLs, Partners in fact anyone who would enjoy a day out.

Also if you want to have a car boot, pre-loved swap and go then
please bring along your pre-loved and swap gear.

Registration at the door for name tags and hand sanitation and they
can take well over 100 people with the restrictions now lifted at
this VK7 venue with plenty of room for distancing.

For further details please email

VK4 - Rockhampton Amateur Radio Annual Dinner Sat Nov 21 (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Party - Sun 13th December from 2pm (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Lights Tour - Fri 18th December from 7pm (tarc)

VK4 - CHARC AGM Lake Maraboon, 25 to 27 September. (vk4zz)


VK4 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
Thursday afternoon 21st to Tuesday afternoon 26th January
at Girl Guides Association of Queensland Campsite
and Training Centre Bluewater. (vk4zz)

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY (tentative) February 28 ( vk4zz)

VK - ALARAMEET 2021 Bendigo VK3 October 1 - 4 (vk5yl)

VK7 - VK7 biennial HamFest November Miena Community Hall (vk7tw)




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