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WIA Director Scott Williams VK3KJ. -

WIA Vice President Lee Moyle VK3GK. - with on line sample tests

Roger Harrison VK2ZRH Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio Magazine with
issue 3.


Received a little late for last weeks news are a couple of space
stories that must have been delayed by the time/space
“conservative rela-tivity principle” (CRP).

One was the launch Septemer 2 of Vega rocket (V V 16) scheduled
to leave Kourou with 53 satellites on board. One of the satellites
that will be leaving is the Amical-sat satellite built by the
CSUG (Centre Spatial Universitaire Grenoblois). The measurements
made by the satellite will be available to all and will allow
radio amateurs to use them for propagation predictions.

The project's website (in english):>

The other 'lost in space' item was that of an ARISS Contact
scheduled for Students at KMO Kolska Wyspa, Kolo, Poland September 1.

This ARISS event was to have been a telebridge contact involving
students and ISS Commander Chris Cassidy, amateur radio call sign
KF5KDR. VK6MJ, serves as the relay amateur radio ground station.

(Amsat-F, vk3dn, vk4khz)


Not a WIA Member? details email
OR the link on bottom right of

WIA board minutes can be found on click
WIA Information.

Hi there, this is Scott Williams VK3KJ and this is my first time
appearing on the broadcast as a WIA Director.

As recently announced, I joined the WIA Board back in June and it is
my pleasure to be serving on the Board representing the broad
interests of the membership and this wonderful hobby.

A little bit about me:-
I was first licensed at the age of 13 as VK3PNX and shortly
thereafter sat and passed my advanced licensed at the age of 14
and became VK3DUP when I turned 15.

I was very active as a DXer particularly on the low bands however,
stopped operating around the age of 19 and did not return to the
hobby until just a few years ago under the call VK3KJ.

Boy how things have changed with the advancement of technology and
particularly some of the modes of transmission but what continues to
be central to the hobby and particularly for myself…… the
wonderful opportunity it provides to engage with such a broad range
of people from all corners of the world and the many lasting
friendships that are made.

For me also is the educational opportunity, to continue to advance
my knowledge, talk with subject matter experts and others and share
this knowledge, experience and wisdom.

In my consideration to join the Board, what in particular attracted
me was the notion that I could contribute to advance this wonderful
hobby, to help make a difference and improve the value proposition
to be a WIA member. I don’t think that there is one WIA Director that
would not acknowledge that there is a lot of work that needs to be
done. Like me, many of these Directors volunteer their time and
effort solely to make the WIA a better organisation. To find ways
that we can improve and harness all of the feedback and views of the
membership that enables us to deliver a better WIA to you the member.

That is easy said and my last 11 years and current role is in
Association Management and it is a continuous improvement process
to evolve the organisation, to consider new benefits and the broad
representation of the organisation and how this should be directed,
when and to what level. I know there are some exciting announcements
just around the corner as to new membership benefits and the
finishing touches are occurring as we speak.

I have had many WIA members contact me since joining the Board and I
have had some wonderful conversations. Thank you to many of you who
have sent a warm welcome.

Common feedback I receive is how do we stop, suppress or control all
the negative social media chatter that seems to go on daily
undermining the hobby and creating divide. That is certainty not the
role of the WIA to act as a watchdog in the industry and challenge
varying views. I personally think that robust discussion is always
healthy but my own personal view is when it involves personal attacks
and borders on bringing the hobby into disrepute, that is a
tremendous shame.

Finally, after all the well-known delays with the AR Magazine and I
know many have received it already, there appears to be further
delays with Australia Post to some parts of Australia. I am still
eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive on the outskirts of Melbourne
and I looking forward to reading it……our apologies once again. I know
Roger Harrison and the Pubcom Team are working diligently on the
next edition and this next edition will be not in the too distant

Stay safe and well and my very best regards and 73 from
Scott, VK3KJ WIA Director.

I am Lee VK3GK WIA Vice President.

I have some incredibly good news for all potential new hams studying
for their foundation licence as they now have opportunity to study
trial questions and answers online, just like the USA exam candidates
have using hamstudy online.

This issue was recently discussed in depth at WIA board level and as
a Level 3 AMC assessor the constant feedback from Foundation Exam
candidates I get was relating to the difficulty in finding any
Foundation Trial exams to test their readiness and confidence in
sitting a successful foundation exam. The WIA board is pleased to
announce that we now have made available and released the new
‘WIA Online Foundation Trial Exams’, freely available to be used by
all potential candidates on the WIA website. ( The WIA
board thank Robert Broomhead VK3DN and Marc Hillman VK3OHM for the
expedience in facilitating this request.

Each trial exam consists of 25 Questions, randomly selected from a
vast question pool with answers randomly arranged each time for the
candidate. Incorrect answer choices are shown with the correct answer
highlighted for reference.

The WIA has received many requests of late from newly interested
parties into where to find trial exams to help improve their success
with their Foundation Licence studies. The WIA recommends purchasing
the "Foundation Licence Manual Rev 3" from the WIA bookshop or from
your local radio club.

Don’t forget to apply for your FREE 12 month WIA membership on
successful completion of your exams and receipt of your new AOCP(x)
Certificate. (Details on the WIA website).

The WIA fully support and encourage you to study hard, be successful
and enjoy your new hobby of Amateur Radio. To easily find the online
trial exam page, just Google: wia, foundation, online, exams.

After testing your readiness, and feeling confident of passing, then
head over to the AMC website and apply to sit your exam and/or pick
an assessor from the Assessor list, otherwise AMC will appoint one
for you. Alternately you can go to and register there
and they will make it easy and do the initial AMC applications for
you. VEA have several AMC assessors within their group, including
Level 3 assessors that are authorized to facilitate remote online
exam sessions also.

The WIA board have some more exciting initiatives coming soon so
"stay tuned."

For now, 73, stay safe and I will see you on the bands.

Lee VK3GK WIA Vice President.

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio

The print run of Issue Number 3 rolled off the press on Wednesday
last " on time " as scheduled.

If you subscribe to the print copy of AR magazine, keep an eye out
for it in your letterbox real soon now.

For members who subscribe to the digital edition, keep an eye on
your email in-box for a notification from the WIA that you can
download your copy from the website.

It is scheduled to land " electronically " real soon, now.

The early release of Issue Number 2 " ahead of the print copy "
occasioned a spate of negative reactions from the clickeratti across
the twittersphere last month because Australia Post deliveries are
erratic to "not happening". Australia Post issues notwithstanding,
the Institute "copped the blame" in some quarters.

I, myself, have yet to receive my own print copy of Issue Number 2 !

OK, then. Let’s get onto the good news.

The "Cover Feature" for the coming Issue " Number 3 " is about
"Surviving solar minimum". On the front cover, there’s a picture
of a spotless Sun. It’s naked!

There is a lot of chatter on social media, and on local contacts
around the HF bands, that “DX is dead!” But perhaps the naysayers
should heed the philosophy of the wily old fisherman " it depends on
patience and where you fish. Hence, the feature article in the coming
issue about "Surviving solar minimum".


No sooner was the issue sent to the printers than it was announced by
respected solar scientists from one of the world’s foremost solar
observatories that we likely passed through solar minimum last

That's an excuse for another article on propagation!

Articles large and small are being prepared for Issue Number 4.

If you plan to write an article " or have written one that you would
like to see published this year, GET CRACKING !

This has been AR magazine Editor-in-Chief Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
for VK1WIA News.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
the WIA.


Position paper on new spectrum band for RPAS

The New Zealand regulator, RSM, in conjunction with the
Civil Aviation Authority have developed a position paper
on opening up a new band of spectrum at 5 GHz, for
remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) command and control.

This paper looks at potential band plans, as well as access regimes
for RPAS that are flown under the CAA’s RPAS rules.


144 MHz between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

A tropo opening on 144 MHz the 27th and 28th of August 2020 between
the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. Several stations on the island
of Tenerife managed to make successful contacts on FT8 and SSB with
stations on Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

EA 8 CXN managed to make at least two trans-Atlantic contacts on SSB
with FM 5 CS on Martinique and FG 8 OJ on Guadeloupe, a distance of
approximately 4,800 kms.

The contacts with Puerto Rico were in the region of 5,200 kms which
is a new distance record across the Atlantic.

Amazingly, EB 1 DJ in the north-west of Spain reports that he got
one single decode of the FT8 signal from KP 4 EIT in Puerto Rico...
a distance of just over 6000 kms.



Carl, M1BSI, writing in the RSGB's "The Lat Word" tells how he used
to be an enthusiastic TV DXer back in early 1990s.

As any operator who works the 6m band is aware, trans-Atlantic
propagation above 40MHz, although generally uncommon, does happen,
be it multi hop Sporadic-E or, when the Solar Cycle is in our favour,
F2 propagation.

Of interested, is a four minute clip of BBC television reception
made in New York during November 1938 BbcTelevisionReceivedInNewYork-1938

This would have been from Alexandra Palace on Channel A1, whose
video frequency would have been 45MHz.

M1BSI says Andrew Emmerson, an enthusiast, spent five years tracking
down this recording believed to be the only surviving example of
pre-war high definition British television.


ARRL Board of Directors has elected David Minster, NA2AA, of
New Jersey, as ARRL’s new Chief Executive Officer, starting
September 28

“Building a culture of accomplishment and accountability is what I
do best." David said.

"My initial focus will be working with the Board on establishing
strategic goals and concrete plans to navigate ARRL through the
digital transformation required for the coming decades of its
Second Century. This includes exciting and innovative ways to be
engaged in amateur radio, while growing activity and membership.”

FCC proposes charging amateur radio license fees

In the USA amateur radio licenses are, unlike ours here in Australia,
free of charge but now the FCC is proposing imposing a charge of $50
for a new license or a renewal

This charge could act as a deterrent to young people wishing to get
started in the hobby and adversely affect retirees and those on

The FCC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking says:

"Several services in the personal licenses category will be subject
to new fees. One such example is Amateur Radio Service licenses,
which were not listed on the fee schedule in section 8 of the Act,
but are now subject to fees under the broader mandate of the
RAY BAUM’s Act."





VOICE from 0600 UTC Saturday October 3 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 4

CW from 0600 UTC Saturday October 10 to 0600 UTC Sunday October 11






December 6 - 8 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 14 - 15 10 Mtr World Wide



4 award periods, each of 3 months starting in January of each
calendar year and 2 categories in the contest,

Top 5 you try and work the 5 most wanted DXCC entity's
Most Wanted you work the most wanted DXCC entity.

The dx entity's in play are those most wanted DURING those
3 month windows.

Complete details can be found at


All major AUSTRALIAN contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.




London Air Ambulance GB 1 LAA

This year's International Air Ambulance Week take place between
5th - 13th September, with the focus on supporting and generating
donations for flying medical services around the world.

The event covers two weekends, giving amateurs a great chance to get
involved and support the event.

Listen for GB 1 LAA but QSL via M 0 HEM



200th anniversary of the arrival of British settlers in SA on
Thursday 7 September 1820.

ZS 1820 S

The call sign has been heard around the world and throughout
South Africa - landing a special QSL card in the inbox for many

Monday 7 September marks the arrival of the British Settlers - to the
day! To commemorate this a field station at the iconic Donkin Reserve
in Port Elizabeth.

Everyone contacting the station will get a special QSL card in their
e-mail - and not just the normal ZS1820S card either, but one marking
the special day. A card from a “special event station for a special

While propagation is what it is, SSB from 04:00 until 09:00 UTC
on 80, 40 and 20 m as conditions dictate.



9 M 63 MJ is special event callsign for the 63rd Malaysia
Independence Day Celebrations and is on air until- 16 September 2020
QRV on 10m-80m in CW, SSB and Digital.



Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary

Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society (RAFARS) members will operate
GB 80 BOB, a special event call sign for the 80th anniversary of
The Battle of Britain between the 1st and 28th of September.

Operation will be on all bands, as conditions allow, SSB and CW.
A special QSL card is available.

Details are at and




QRV is SX 1 AFM from September 1 to 30 celebrating 70 years of the
Hellenic Air Force History Museum, the station is on all modes
80 through 6 meters. QSL via information.




Members of the Aruba Amateur Radio Club will be QRV with special
event call P 42 WW this month of September to commemorate the end
of World War II. QSL via P 4 1G.




CB 33 M until October 13 commemorates the 10th anniversary of the
August 2010 landslide in a mine in the north part of Chile where
33 miners (hence the call 33 M) were trapped for 3 months until their

Operations on 80 meters through 70 cm using CW, SSB and digital modes
FT8/FT4, JS8, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV.

QSL via the postal address given in the text edition of this your
WIA National News Service.

PO BOX 12096, Santiago, Chile.




HA 70 MAV from Budapest until December 1 celebrates the 70th
anniversary of the Hungarian Railway.

Activity is on various HF bands. QSL via LoTW.




OZ 200 EM is on the air until the end of the year, honouring the
memory of Hans Christian Orsted, who discovered the principle of
electromagnetism 200 years ago.





Special call sign VR 2 HK 9O is QRV until May 31, 2021 to celebrate
the 90th anniversary of the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting
Society. QSL via VR 2 HK.



The sun is swallowing a comet

A comet is diving into the sun. As you might expect, it's not
going well for the comet.

Cameras on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) are
recording the comet's last moments now, including the deconstruction
of the comet's icy core into a 'boulder-strewn trail."

SOHO has discovered thousands of the comets known as Kreutz
sungrazers; tiny ones dive bomb the sun almost every day. This
fragment is bigger and brighter than usual, however.

Visit August 27 for more information and movies.



ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -



And in this case, also in space!

Astronaut and radio amateur Jeanette Epps KF 5 QNU has joined the
Boeing CST-100 Starliner-1 crew for a mission to the International
Space Station. She joins fellow crew members Sunita Williams KD 5 PLB
and Josh Cassada KI 5 CRH on the first operational crewed flight of

The six-month expedition is planned to launch to the ISS in 2021
following NASA certification after a successful uncrewed Orbital
Flight Test-2 and Crew Flight Test with astronauts.

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

CubeSat Challenge Seeks To Inspire, Prepare Students

The U.S. Department of Education has launched CTE Mission: CubeSat,
a national challenge to inspire students to build technical skills
for careers in space and beyond.

High school students from across the `USA are invited to design and
build CubeSat prototypes, or satellites that aid in space research,
bringing space missions out of the clouds and into the classroom.

“This is such an exciting way to rethink education and get students
engaged in hands-on learning in the growing aerospace and technology
fields,” said U.S. Secretary of Education. “I look forward to seeing
the innovative prototypes students develop and hope this challenge
inspires our next generation of American space explorers.”

Investors predict that space will be the next trillion-dollar
that’s "TRILLION" dollar industry and as missions in space continue
to expand, so do the career opportunities. This multi-phase challenge
offers high school students across the United States the chance to
build CubeSat prototypes while learning creative, collaborative, and
technical skills for 21st century careers.


NASA JPL provides a web application, "Eyes on the Solar System", to
track the Mars 2020 mission. Fully interactive, Eyes on the Solar
System. doesn't just let you track Perseverance in real time as it
travels to the Red Planet.

Dozens of controls on pop-up menus allow you to customize not just
what you see " from faraway to right "on board."

Give the Mars 2020 Perseverance spacecraft a spin at the link we like
on and the text of this weeks "News You Can trust"



Hallo everyone. This is Clive VK6CSW reminding you that the Radio Amateurs Old
Timers Club of Australia’s September bulletin goes to air tomorrow.
This month as well as an expanded Club News segment, we have three interesting items
for you, namely:

* The Big Rebroadcast
* The Geiger counter and
* A most influential film.

Everyone is most welcome to tune in tomorrow and to join in the call backs afterwards.
Now, an important announcement for WA Members only. The Tuesday luncheon meetings at
the Basie have resumed with the next one scheduled for Tuesday September 8th.
Eastern states listeners are advised that there are now two 20 metre transmissions
tomorrow. The first is at 00 hours UTC from Katherine in the Northern Territory,
beamed south-east, and the second an hour later at 0100 hours UTC beamed north from
Melbourne. Both transmissions are on 14.150 MHz.
Victorian listeners are reminded that at 10 am Victorian time, Steve VK3HK will be
transmitting the bulletin on 40 metres on 7.146 MHz
Broadcast times for WA listeners remain unchanged.
Time does not permit me to list all the broadcast times and frequencies throughout
Australia, but as well as the regular FM and HF broadcasts tomorrow we now have new
transmissions on Digital Mobile Radio, on D-STAR and via Echo-link. Full details can
be found on the RAOTC website<> or just
Google RAOTC and click on “broadcasts”. Because of these changes, I would urge all
listeners to visit the RAOTC website and check the latest information for your area.
If none of the broadcast times suit you, you can download the current audio file
from the RAOTC website at any time as from today.
Once again, please check the RAOTC website for your local transmission schedule,
tune in tomorrow or download the file for the September bulletin, and we look
forward to hearing your call sign in the call backs afterwards.
Stay safe and 73 from Clive VK6CSW.

(Youngsters On The Air)


Amateur Radio NewsLine are reporting how the World Wide Radio
Operators Foundation, has added a prominent young amateur from
Germany to its board of directors.

Philipp Springer, DK 6 SP, is a member of the Youth Working Group of
IARU Region 1 and a lead planner for the Youngsters on the Air
Team Germany program. Philipp was among the well-ranked contesters at
the WRTC 2018 in Germany as part of Team Y82D.

The foundation's chairman Tim Duffy, praised the selection of Philipp
and said he was encouraged by the youthful enthusiasm he brings to
the hobby.


2020 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information.


Miena QSO Muster Saturday October 24th

VK4 - Rockhampton Amateur Radio Annual Dinner Sat Nov 21 (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Party - Sun 13th December from 2pm (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Lights Tour - Fri 18th December from 7pm (tarc)

VK4 - CHARC AGM Lake Maraboon, 25 to 27 September. (vk4zz)


VK4 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
Thursday afternoon 21st to Tuesday afternoon 26th January
at Girl Guides Association of Queensland Campsite
and Training Centre Bluewater. (vk4zz)

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY (tentative) February 28 ( vk4zz)

VK - ALARAMEET 2021 Bendigo VK3 October 1 - 4 (vk5yl)

VK7 - VK7 biennial HamFest Miena Community Hall (vk7tw)




Reception Reports

WIA News rebroadcasters often give Short Wave Listeners a
welcome to the broadcast as they commence call-backs
straight after the Local News. Local news follows the National news
in all states. It would be great if those SWL's would email their
reception reports and location to

A couple of "well done girls' came across the desk both at Bevans
TV studios and here at the Jimboomba Audio Tea-Rooms for the recent
ALARA edition of WIA news.

Carl, M1BSI, wrote "Agreat world service"

David Burden wrote "Great work ladies"

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