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WIA VICE PRESIDENT LEE MOYLE VK3GK Amateur Satellite Policy. -








Giving members to have a better awareness of Board activities.

WIA Secretary Peter VK8ZZ

The WIA Board has determined that in accordance with the
constitution an election of directors shall be conducted by
postal ballot.

Three directors retire at the conclusion of the next Annual
General Meeting which will be held on 1st May 2021, namely
Greg Kelly VK2GPK, myself Peter Clee VK8ZZ and Scott Williams

Each retiring director is eligible for re-election.

Nominations are called for from persons seeking election as a
director of the WIA. A director must be a voting member of the
WIA and must hold an Australian amateur radio license. Any
person wishing to nominate as a candidate for the election as
director of the WIA must deliver a nomination form to the
Returning Officer by not later than 31 January 2021:

A nomination form is available on the WIA web site.

Delivery to the Returning Officer may be made by hand when the
WIA national office is open or by Australia Post mail.
Nominations received by facsimile or by email cannot be

We encourage members to consider nominating for this most
important role.

73 this has been WIA Secretary Peter VK8ZZ

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH Editor-in-Chief of Amateur
Radio magazine.

Late last Monday night, the 30th of November, the files for
Issue 6 of AR magazine were uploaded to the printer's server.

You will recall that, back in late July, when I took on
Issue No.2, I promised that wed publish all six issues
of the magazine this year.

Well, we delivered!

The print run of Issue 6 is scheduled to roll off the press
next Wednesday on time, as scheduled.

If you subscribe to the print copy of AR magazine, keep an eye
out for it in your letterbox real soon now. For members who
take the digital edition, watch your email in-box for a
notification from the WIA that you can download your copy from
the website.

So. What can you expect to see and read in this issue, the
last one for 2020?

The cover features two young amateur radio direction finding
enthusiasts. With summer upon us and pandemic lockdowns soon
to be a distant memory, A R D F is a sport that combines
orienteering with amateur radio foxhunting.

The prime technical feature is a close up review of a
competition grade ARDF receiver kit, from WIA ARDF Coordinator
Jack Bramham VK3WWW.

And to set the context, we have a feature article about the
subject that reveals just what a captivating sport it is.

In addition the Homebrew HF Transceiver story by
Luigi Destefano VK3AQZ wraps up, Mike VK4QS tells us all
about his obsession with that famous Cold War Warrior,
the Collins R-390 receiver, while Dr Kevin Johnston VK4UH
explains how to avoid the pitfalls in powering the famous
Yaesu FT-817 as a transverter IF or with external power amps.

And, continuing the celebration of the WIAs 110th year, we
have a feature on what was happening with AR magazine
100 50 and 25 years ago.

Theres a whole lot more. Sit tight. It will soon be with you.

I have to pay tribute to all those who have striven to-date
to maintain the momentum of AR production, especially over
the uncertain circumstances prevailing this year.

I give you all my best wishes for the season, safe travelling
and happy celebrations.

This has been AR magazine Editor-in-Chief Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
for VK1WIA News.

Hello, this is President Greg with this weeks WIA board

On the 24th October the federal regulator ACMA published an
update that was titled:

A reminder about basic respect and courtesy concerning
their radio amateur callsign and examination service provider
the Australian Marine College (AMC).

This update notice then goes on to state:
We understand that recently there have been delays in
processing callsign applications, which has been caused by
factors outside of AMCs control.

While this can be frustrating, we have been disappointed by
reports of rude and disrespectful behaviour from people in
the radio amateur community towards AMC staff it then
continues . this behaviour reflects negatively on the
entire radio amateur community. This update concludes that
ACMA have advised AMC to report such behaviour back to ACMA.

The WIA views such behaviour towards any customer service
staff, not just AMC, as completely unacceptable and quite
reprehensible conduct, irrespective of your level of
frustration. This applies both to telephone and/or email
contact. And we agree totally with the ACMA statement that it
damages the reputation of Radio Amateurs generally, moreover,
it is completely counter-productive towards achieving a better
outcome. the person you are speaking to or emailing is
almost certainly not the problem!

So what is the background to these delays that are causing so
much frustration to so many? The WIA has been contacted in
recent months by many radio amateurs, aspirant radio amateurs
and assessors very concerned over current excessive delays
being consistently experienced for deed processing services.
That is new callsign allocations and amateur licence exam
processing. These services were outsourced by the ACMA
(the Australian Communications and Media Authority) to the
current exam provider, AMC (Australian Marine College), with
15 (business) day service levels in February , 2019.

Recurring delays close to 90 days (or higher) have been
consistently reported to the WIA, and continue to be reported
by WIA members. These members have also expressed frustration
with the lack of transparency in terms of getting
time-to-complete or processing milestone status updates.
One complainant has advised that they have been waiting
119 days and counting. To-date there is a complete lack of
information as to the root cause of these delays, or when we
can expect the contracted service levels to be met in fact,
the WIA contends that the service levels have never been
consistently met by AMC.

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic during
lockdowns in Tasmania, the statutory communications authority
provided the current exam provider contract relief to required
service levels by temporarily extending the deed service
level to 45 days from 15 days. ACMA has stated that the
delays are due to circumstances beyond the current exam
providers direct control. Yet, no detail has been proffered
as to why constraints would still apply. The Service Level
relief has not yet been rescinded, despite Tasmania not being
subject to lockdowns in recent months.

However, the excessive delays continue to be problematic and
are clearly untenable longer term. And from reports to us,
they appear to be getting worse not better. So what should you
do? If you have an unresolved issue with the service provided
by AMC, email the service provider with the subject line of
Formal Complaint and include relevant details.

Be courteous and respectful.

And copy ACMA, as outsourcing a service does not absolve them
of ultimate responsibility for the service. In your email,
seek a response in respect to how the AMC and/or ACMA intend to

i) resolving your specific issue; and
ii) rectify an obviously broken process.

The WIA has offered on multiple occasions to assist AMC.
However, AMC has advised that sub-contracting was precluded
by the deed it seems they were poorly advised as this is
not correct - the deed does allow for sub-contracting only
requiring ACMA to be advised.

Until next time, this is Greg VK2GPK

WIA DX Awards Program - New Sponsor

The WIA Awards Program is pleased to announce that
Future Systems are the proud new sponsor of the annual
DX Leader Board competition.

Future Systems, based in Perth, are the Flex Systems dealer
in VK.

Having a corporate sponsor is a first for the Awards Program,
and the annual Leader Board competition is open to all
VK award participants, with 7 different categories.

DXCC, Triple, Open, Phone, CW, Digital, Grid.

The competition runs over each calendar year, and winners of
each category receive a crystal plaque courtesy of our new
sponsor, Future Systems.

73 from Graham Alston, VK3GA, DX Awards Manager

Hello I'm WIA VP Lee Moyle VK3GK

DRAFT Policy on Amateur Satellites

The Wireless Institute of Australia has received a number of
requests to support CubeSat projects who wish to utilise
amateur radio frequencies for operations.

Accordingly the WIA have prepared a policy document to deal
with such applications.

The purpose of this document is to provide some guidance to
the WIA on making decisions when approached by organisations
seeking WIA support or endorsement for their satellite
mission and agreement for the use of amateur service
frequency allocations for operation of satellites and
associated ground control stations.

This draft policy is published to seek feedback from the
Amateur Radio community.

The Board of the WIA thank Dale VK1DSH for his contribution
to this draft policy.

Submissions close on 31 December 2020 and can be made by
email to

For WIA National News I'm Lee Moyle VK3GK


World Wide sources of the WIA.

Those paying attention over the years to the International
News will have realised we go in chronological order east
to west from the International Date Line.


We are starting where "that" telescope has ended its life.

The huge, already damaged radio telescope in Puerto Rico that
has played a key role in astronomical discoveries for more
than half a century completely collapsed on Tuesday last.

The telescope's 900-ton receiver platform fell onto the
reflector dish more than 400 feet below.

The U.S. National Science Foundation had earlier announced
that the Arecibo Observatory would be closed. An auxiliary
cable snapped in August, causing a 100-foot gash on the
1,000-foot-wide (305-meter-wide) dish and damaged the
receiver platform that hung above it. Then a main cable broke
in early November. The collapse stunned many scientists who
had relied on what was until recently the largest radio
telescope in the world.


Special call signs in Belgium during the second lockdown

Due to the recent stricter COVID-19 measures, many radio
amateurs will be forced to spend most of the following weeks
at home again. Many are obliged to telework. Teleworking is
definitely becoming the new standard for several employees.

At the request of the Royal Union of Belgian Radio Amateurs
(UBA), their regulator BIPT has decided to once again grant
permission to apply for customised special call signs.

These appropriate special call signs may be used at the home
address of radio amateurs. The conditions are the same as
during the first wave lockdown in spring.

Belgian amateurs activate the following special event
callsigns, plus many many more, to remind everyone of
Covid-19 restrictions and express gratefulness to
medical personnel:






One nice and certainly appreciated by the Belgian Hams
is that the costs for applying for the special callsign
are borne by their Society UBA.


Shard building sends 'Thank You' in Morse code

The RSGB say they were asked to check the Morse for the
illuminations on the iconic Shard building in London.
The display features the message "Thank You" in Morse

Illuminated with visual effects in shades of blue and white,
this years display has been specially designed to show
gratitude to all NHS staff and key workers who have worked
tirelessly to keep the British public safe during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

NHS workers from Guys and St Thomas hospital were invited
to switch on the show on Thursday, November 26.

Made up of 575 LED lights and fixtures across the top
20-storeys of The Shard (800 ft. to 1,016 ft. levels,
Shard Lights is the highest light show in Western Europe.


Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce that they are
accepting applications from Amateur Radio clubs across that
country for Liability Insurance for 2021.

RAC runs the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program each year
to provide Canadian Amateur Radio clubs with liability
insurance coverage often needed by clubs in order to
operate in public venues or for public events.

Liability coverage is extended, automatically, and at
no charge, to their own individual Amateur Radio activities.

And of course don't forget our own WIA Club Public Liability
Insurance underwritten by Miramar Underwriting Agency
under the Miramar Steadfast General & Products Liability

The WIA's insurance broker is Annis Group Pty Limited of
Sydney. The policy is endorsed to show the insured as
The Wireless Institute of Australia, its members and
affiliated clubs and their members and including voluntary
workers whilst acting within the scope of their duties as a
voluntary worker for those insureds.

Check out


In comments to the FCC, ARRL has argued that radio amateurs
be allowed to continue shared operation in the 3.4 GHz band
until 5G licensees who purchase the spectrum when the FCC
puts it up for auction initiate incompatible operations.

FCC had proposed to sunset the band for amateur radio in
two phases, governed by when new licenses are issued rather
than when the new licensees begin to use the spectrum.

Amateur activities further the public interest and should be
permitted to continue on a secondary basis unless and until
a new primary licensee is ready to occupy the spectrum in a
preclusive manner, ARRL told the FCC.

At a minimum, amateur operations should be permitted to
continue indefinitely in the 3.3 3.45 GHz spectrum, where
no new flexible licenses are under immediate consideration."



----2020 ----------

December 6 - 8 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 14 - 15 10 Mtr World Wide



Ross Hull Memorial VHF/UHF Contest takes place ALL of
January 2021


VHF-UHF SUMMER FIELD DAY - Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January.


CQWW 160M CW CONTEST January 29 - 31.

CQWW 160M SSB CONTEST February 26 - 28.

the CQ World Wide RTTY WPX Contest February 13-14

A new "Multi-Transmitter Distributed" category has been added
to ALL CQ World Wide WPX Contests to better accommodate
operators who wish to compete as a team without all team members
being in the same physical location.

This new category permits up to six separate stations in
different locations, but all within the same DX entity and
CQ zone, to operate as a single contest entry.

This was inspired by innovations being made in response to
the Coronavirus pandemic, but I'd suggest this new category
will be permanent.

( )


International DX CW Contest February 20-21


International DX Phone Contest March 6 - 7


WIA John Moyle Field Day 2021
March from UTC 0100 on Saturday 20 to 0059 Sunday 21nd.


the CQ World Wide SSB WPX Contest March 27-28

the CQ World Wide CW WPX Contest May 29-30

( )





Australian special event

Members of the Wireless Institute of Australia are QRV with
special call VI 110 WIA until the end of 2020 to celebrate
our 110th anniversary, in fact the world's oldest Amateur
Radio Society.

Activity is on the HF bands and QSL is via LoTW.



DK 70 DARC is active until the end of December to celebrate the
70th anniversary of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club.
QSL via the bureau.



Be listening for special call signs from Poland, including

3 Z 20 ARISS

HF 20 ISS and

HF 7 ISS, until December 21st.

Hams there have been on the air, marking the 20th anniversary
of continuous operation of the Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station.



Listen for Don, K6ZO, who is active as 7 Q 6 M from a mission
hospital at the Loudon Station in Malawi, a landlocked country
in south eastern Africa through until the middle of December.

He has been using CW and SSB at various times, usually on 20,
40 and 80 meters and his residence, he will operate FT8.

Send QSLs to K6ZO.




OZ 200 EM is on the air until the end of the year, honouring the
memory of Hans Christian Orsted, who discovered the principle of
electromagnetism 200 years ago.





Special call sign VR 2 HK 9O is QRV until May 31, 2021 to celebrate
the 90th anniversary of the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting
Society. QSL via VR 2 HK.



With the passing of Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, legendary
guitarist of the band Van Halen, October 6th 2020, a special
tribute event station is belting it out on air as PA 5150
EVH until January 31st, a few days after Eddie's birthday.

The numbers 5,1,5,0 refer to different moments in the
Van Halen history, including Eddie's recording studio,
guitars and the first album with lead singer Sammy Hager.

QSL via PF 1 SCT by the Bureau and there will be a limited
amount of special QSL cards; BUT QSL only via the Bureau.

For more details and a video, see



Special event station 4U 75 UN is QRV until the end of 2020
celebrating the United Nation's 75th anniversary.
QSL via HB 9 BOU.



SANTA ALERT with Lyndall vk4zm

RSGB launches NHS charity auction as part of its
'Get on the air for Christmas' campaign

Roy, G0VFS, won the Lockdown Category in the RSGBs Annual
Construction competition and has donated his beautifully
engineered VirusPerpleXed Bug CW Key to raise money for
NHS Charities Together.

Roy engraved on the key, to give a link like a time capsule,
to what has been an extraordinary and challenging time in
history for us all, but most profoundly for the NHS -

This morse key was handcrafted by G0VFS while STAYING at
Home to Protect our NHS during the Corona Pandemic -
Spring 2020.

The auction will run from 9 19 December, ending on the day
that the Get on the air for Christmas campaign begins.

Full details of how to take part are on the Societys website:

The Santa Watch Net on Christmas Eve is hosted by
DoDropIn EchoLink node 355800, getting under way at 1800 UTC.
And this week with have the Jolly Red Suited man himself
on WIA National News to tell us about it

"Ho Ho Ho! Well, boys and girls, my how times have flown!

It's time again for the Santa Watch Net.

That's right. Old Santa is 'gonna' be making his rounds and can
you believe it for the TENTH YEAR in a row, the gang at the
DoDropIn will be watching the radar. Join the Santa Watch Net
starting at 1800 ET on Christmas Eve.

Ho Ho, well John W2JLD, he'll be sitting in the BIG CHAIR and
keeping track of Santa's location.

And just like last year and EVERY YEAR Santa will have a radio
in his sleigh and yeah, he might even chat with the kids again
so, bring all the little ones and get 'em checked in.

Third party traffic is always on the nice list.

Merry Christmas from me Old Santa and all my elves at the

Once again it's the Santa Watch Net, Christmas Eve 1800 ET on
the DoDropIn EchoLink conference server node 355800.

(Super special thanks to ARNewsLine for use of SANTA)

Members of the Holy land DX Group will operate 4 X 7 T from
0800 UTC on the 25th ending 1300 UTC the 26th of December.
They will have three running stations on the 80 to 10m bands
using CW, SSB and FT-8.

The QSL Manager is Ros, 4Z5LA.

WICEN Tasmania (South) will hold their 2020 Christmas BBQ
Meeting on December 13th from Noon at the QTH of Peter VK7TPE
and Maureen at 240 Old Station Road Snug.

Hope QSO parties over Christmas

Following the RSGB's successful Hope QSO parties earlier in
the year, the HF Contest Committee is launching two further
short Christmas Hope Party series to run as part of the
Societys "Get on the air for Christmas" campaign with the NHS.

The first starts Monday, 21 December.
Second Monday, 4 January 2021.

Each series has two phone, two CW, two RTTY and two FT4 events

For more informationincluding a link to the rulesvisit the
Get on the air for Christmas page at

As part of this RSGB and NHS campaign Get On the Air for
Christmas the NHS amateur radio station GB 1 NHS will be on
air on Sunday, 20 December and Wednesday, 30 December 2020.

The Society is also delighted that Ofcom is supporting the
use of /NHS as a suffix to call signs during the campaign,
which runs from Saturday, 19 December 2020 through to
Saturday, 9 January 2021.

Santa Station very close to the North Pole -

Members of the Finish Market Reef Christmas DX Association
(OH9A gang) will be operating special event station OG1XMAS
on all bands and modes from November 29 to December 26.


3 special calls celebrate Christmas BUT no QSL cards.

PA 20 XMAS, PD 20 SANTA and PD20ELF during the Christmas
holiday season NO cards BUT an award for working 2 or more.

( )

Christmas Action in the Sweaty North -

theTARCinc 2020 Christmas Party and Monster Auction happens
next Sunday December 13th from 10-30am at the Big Shed,
Girl Guides Camping and Training Centre Bluewater.

Day admission to the centre is $10 per head, with proceeds
going to the Flinders Region Guides to maintain and upgrade
the Training Centre.

A COVID-19 sanitation and sign-in point will be active and
the current venue limit is 50 persons. 30 persons are booked
in so far for the BBQ Lunch, Monster Auction and Mystery
Pressie Auction and bookings close Friday December 11th.

Well, that's the SANTA ALERT for now, if you know of any
Ham Happenings where Santa is likely to show up then drop
Graham, the jolly WIANews Editor, a line on

Still NOWHERE near the North Pole, I'm Lyndall VK4ZM in
Paradise, counting the sleeps 'till Christmas.



AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Neutron-1 Signals Received

Following deployment from the ISS on November 5th and with
thanks to the efforts of the amateur radio community, several
beacons have been received and decoded. The conclusion is that
the satellite is in a normally charging deep sleep mode.

Neutron-1 has been identified as NORAD object 46923 and is
now included in AMSAT's TLE distribution.




Ten operators calling themselves the Bima DXpedition Team
are active as 7 C 9 B from Sumbawa Island, Indonesia, until
next Thursday, December Ten.

Activity has been heard on all bands 160-10 meters using SSB
and FT8.

It is being suggested to PLEASE be patient to give these
newcomers a chance for a successful QSO. QSL via DL3KZA.



Bodo, DF8DX, is active as KT3Q/2 from the New York State IOTA
group until 'the night before Christmas.

QSL via DF8DX.

The New York State IOTA group is centred around Long Island
but does include Governors Island a 172 acre island in the
heart of New York Harbor, only 1km from Lower Manhattan.



Grant VK5GR, advises all that he is " returning to Kangaroo
Island (OC-139) - January 11-22nd, 2021 -- After a successful
trip in July 2020, I will be returning to KI in January for a
longer break. As we get closer, details of what bands and
modes will be active will be announced on my web page."


Medical Amateur Radio Council


Members of Belgium 'Club Radio Durnal' are active as OP19MSF
until December 13 "putting the spotlight on Medecins Sans
Frontieres for its active role during this period of pandemic".

Mdecins Sans Frontires (Doctors Without Borders) is an
independent international medical humanitarian organisation
that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed
conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or
man-made disasters.

There is no need to send QSL they will send QSL to everyone
via the buro.


Hallo everyone.

This is Clive VK6CSW reminding you that the Radio Amateurs
Old Timers Club of Australias December bulletin goes to air
tomorrow, and dont forget too that the Perth Christmas Lunch
is at the Basie on Tuesday December 8th.

The main features this month are:

Club news

Hamshack Phone read by Bruce VK3UV

Mark Oliphant, Physicist read by Ian VK3JS

An article entitled Persistence from OTN magazine No. 2 and
The World of Twistronics both read by Ian VK3JS *

An update on Voyager 2 by Bruce VK3UV

and finally a Special Christmas Joke

Everyone is most welcome to tune in tomorrow and to join in
the call backs afterwards.

The monthly RAOTC bulletin is transmitted on a wide range of
frequencies and modes including UHF and VHF FM, HF ssb,
D-STAR, Digital Mobile Radio and EchoLink. Regular listeners
will of course have their favourite time and mode to tune in,
but newcomers can find a full list of transmissions on the
RAOTC website at
or simply Google RAOTC broadcasts. If none of the transmission
times suit you, you can download the audio file at any time
from today from the RAOTC website. If you do listen this way,
a brief feedback comment would be appreciated.

Please remember that there is no broadcast in January. Our
first bulletin in 2021 will be on Monday February 1st.

On behalf of the RAOTC Committee, I wish everyone a happy and
safe Christmas, and all the very best for 2021.

Once again, tune in tomorrow for the December RAOTC bulletin,
and dont forget to join in the call backs afterwards.

73 from Clive VK6CSW



Over the past 12 months, four Scouts and one Venturer Scout
have been busy studying for their foundation amateur radio
licences THANKS TO heart.

( Huonville Electronics and Radio Team )

In order to gain the qualification for the foundation licence,
each candidate sat and passed a 25-question exam with a pass
mark greater than 70 per cent

REAST Assessors undertook the assessments under the auspices
of the Australian Maritime College who oversee the process
with the regulator, ACMA, issuing the licences.

20 hours of theory and practical sessions were provided
including very important safety and interference topics.

All five candidates passed and have been granted their licences
to operate on the amateur bands as foundation operators.

Leaders and course coordinators were impressed with their
dedication and willingness to learn a skill, which they will
be able to enjoy as a hobby or even a career path in the

Amateur radio has no age restrictions, with the youngest
Scout candidate completing this course at just 11 years of age.

H.E.A.R.T. (Huonville Electronics and Amateur Radio Team) has
been formed as part of the Scouting curriculum, which has also
seen the permanent radio shack, VK7HSD, being put into
service at the Scout Hall.

(vk7wi news)


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360 kHz

The US Coast Guard has invited comments by January 21, 2021,
on a proposal to discontinue HF voice watch keeping.

The proposal appeared on November 20 in the Federal Register.

The USCG proposes to cease monitoring 4125, 6215, 8291, and
12,290 kHz, in the contiguous US and Hawaii, due to a lack of



BROTHERLY (and Sisterly) LOVE

Sometimes our siblings may know more than we do!

Our sister news crew (ARNewsLine) in the USA have run a story
where an Aussie is after interested SOATA activators.

Brian VK3BCM asked that interested SOTA activators email him
re a planned SOTA summit activating event in the Mount Hotham
Ski region which if it goes ahead would take place between the
5th and the 8th of February 2021.

No event was held this year because of the bush fires in the
North East and Gippsland.

VK3BCM asks those interested email him at the link we like
in this weeks text edition of this news


5400km TEP opening on 144 MHz between Argentina and the
island of Aruba - Nov 2020.

There have been some remarkable contacts made on 144 MHz
recently via Trans-Equatorial Propagation (TEP) from the
Caribbean to South America with many in the region of
4000 to 5000 kms.

One of the most impressive was a contact between P 41 E on the
island of Aruba and LU 2 EPO near Buenos Aires in Argentina,
a distance of just over 5400 kms.

Etienne, P41E managed to complete 33 contacts with
Argentinian stations on 144 MHz using a combination of SSB,
FM and FT8 modes.


One of the TEP contacts on 2m SSB was with LU 3 FCI who was
using a vintage Yaesu FT-780R which is almost 40 years old!

More info including videos and log extracts can be found



2020 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information.


VK4 - TARC Xmas Party - Sun 13th December from 2pm (tarc)

VK4 - TARC Xmas Lights Tour - Fri 18th December (tarc)


VK4 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
Thursday afternoon 21st to Tuesday afternoon 26th
January at Girl Guides Association of Queensland
Campsite and Training Centre Bluewater. (vk4zz)

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY February 28 ( vk4zz)

VK4 - REDFEST 2021 April Ten (vk4tfn)

VK - ALARAMEET 2021 Bendigo VK3 October 1 - 4 (vk5yl)

VK7 - VK7 biennial HamFest Miena Community Hall (vk7tw)

Reception Reports

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Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for possible inclusion
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To submit audio email and ask for the
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We cannot give blatant 'plugs' to raffles.


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