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NEIL/ANCHOR: A decree by Ukrainian officials imposing a state of
emergency, including a ban on amateur radio operation, took effect on
Thursday, February 24th. Officials had announced the previous day that
they would do so in anticipation of a Russian military invasion. The
decree can last as long as 30 days, with an option to be extended.

The International Amateur Radio Union was monitoring the events. Greg
Mossop, GDUB, IARU Region 1's emergency communications coordinator,
told NewsLine in an email [quote] "The events in Ukraine are obviously
fast moving and although there were early reports of telecommunications
failures it appears these may have been due to the volume of calls on
the networks. Webcams in the area are functioning and people do seem to
be able to make calls. Sadly, the Ukrainian National Society has
reported that a ban on the operation of amateur stations in Ukraine has
been put in place for 30 days commencing February 24th. IARU Region 1
and its member societies are monitoring the situation closely but remind
all amateur radio operators they must follow their national laws and
regulations." [endquote]

The US news website Politico quoted Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of
Ukraines National Security and Defence Council, describing the actions
as [quote] "preventive measures to keep calm in the country." [endquote]

The declaration is not in effect in the political subdivisions of
eastern Donetsk and Luhansk, which have been occupied by Russian-backed
separatists since 2014.

More with Jason VK2LAW later





& the World Wide sources of the WIA.


Germany's DARC reports in Romania radio amateurs have been contacted by the government to offer their expertise should the situation deteriorate. DARC also provides guidance for German amateurs

A translation of the DARC post reads:

As has been reported several times in the past few days, war is currently raging in Ukraine and as a result the use of amateur radio stations is currently prohibited. The situation is being monitored very closely by IARU Region 1 and its member countries, and measures to support the refugees are being prepared, particularly in the countries that are on the route of the refugee movements.

In Romania, radio amateurs have been contacted by the government to offer their expertise should the situation deteriorate. In Poland, mobile phone providers are setting up temporary mobile phone stations and refugees are granted free use of mobile phones and trains. Furthermore, Polish radio amateurs have also activated more Winlink gateways to give Ukrainian radio amateurs more options for communication should the cellular networks fail or be switched off.

In principle, however, every radio amateur who is currently transmitting from the Ukraine is risking his life. If you listen to a Ukrainian station, you should definitely not shout about it. The dissemination of call signs, locations and frequencies - whether on a band or in a cluster - should be avoided in any case.

Still in that war torn land:-

Elon Musks Starlink system is now providing satellite internet services in Ukraine

The Creek City Times report that Elon Musk says SpaceXs Starlink satellites are now active over Ukraine after a request from the embattled countrys leadership to replace internet services destroyed by the Russian attack.

The unprovoked invasion has left parts of the country without internet, while SpaceX has launched thousands of communications satellites to bring broadband too hard to reach areas of the world.

Tesla North reports the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, asked SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for Starlink internet.

Musk replied by saying, Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.

Starlink is a satellite constellation in low Earth orbit, allowing for internet to blanket anywhere on the planet. Users on the ground require satellite dishes that connect to Starlink satellites and ground stations for internet.

The situation in Ukraine means if Russian troops damage internet communications, government officials will be able to remain online, thanks to Starlink.

SpaceX recently also helped Tonga get connected to Starlink internet, after a volcano severed the island nations fibre optic cable, taking communications offline.

Source: Creek City Times


ARRL seeks exemption from proposed US Forest Service communication facility fees; comment period to be re-opened through March 31
ARRL has filed comments with the US Forest Service (USFS) seeking an exemption for amateur radio facilities to a proposed new 1400 dollar annual administrative fee. The USFS proposal resulted from requirements in the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka "the Farm Bill"), which directs the Forest Service to collect fees for issuing communications use authorizations based on the cost to the agency for processing the applications, maintenance, and other related activities. These fees would be in addition to annual rental and cost-recovery fees already being collected.

ARRL's comments can be found online at, .

On February 24, the Forest Service filed a Notice in the Federal Register that the comment filing window will be re-opened on March 1 and additional comments will be accepted through March 31. Any US radio amateurs missing the first comment period or wishing to add to their earlier comments are encouraged to do so during this additional period.


THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report
Measure Twice cut Once.

Homemade pan adapter brings waterfall to old radio

Ham radio operators can be pretty selective about their gear. Some are old-school tube purists who would never think of touching a rig containing transistors, and others are perfectly happy with the small Software Defined Radio (SDR) hooked up to their PC. The vast majority, though, of us are somewhere in between we appreciate the classic look and feel of vintage radios as well as the convenience of modern ones. Better yet, some of us even like to combine the two by adding a few modern bells and whistles to our favourite boat anchor.

Scott Baker is one such Ham. Hes only had his license for a few months now and has already jumped into some great projects, including adding a pan adapter to an old Drake R-4B Receiver. Whats a pan adapter, you may ask? As [Scott] explains in his excellent write-up and video, a pan adapter is a circuit that grabs a wideband signal from a radio receiver that typically has a narrowband output. The idea is that rather than just listen to somebodys 4kHz-wide transmission in the 40m band, you can listen to a huge swath of the spectrum, covering potentially hundreds of transmissions, all at the same time.

Read the full Hackaday article and watch the video at:




March its the John Moyle Memorial Field Day 19th of March and
20th of March.


Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint

Saturday May 7th 2022
10:00 UTC - 11:46 UTC


The Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest 2 days starting
May 14 1800 concluding May 15 16:00

Saturday evening 14th May between 6pm and 9pm Eastern Standard Time on 80 metres.

Sunday afternoon 15th May between 1pm and 4pm Eastern Standard Time
on 40 metres.



International CQ Pride contest June 4-6

(Luke VK3UKW)


New World Wide Digital Contest also June 4-6






Winter 2022 - 0200 UTC Saturday 25 June through 0159 UTC Sunday
26 June (differs in VK6).


IARU HF World Championship
NEXT contest is July 9 and 10.



WIA Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest

16 JUL 2022

The Trans-Tasman contest, held on the 3rd weekend in July
aims to encourage Low Band activity between VK and ZL


WIA RD or Remembrance Day Contest

Weekend closest to the 15th August each year.

2022 its Sat Sun August 13 and 14



PHONE - First full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for ALL logs - 31 October.





BA item. I worked a Spanish
station on 20 m the other day who 'knew my voice' and listens to the WIA
NEWS in Spain every week, so you never know who is listening! Hi. Regards,

VK 90 ABC an Aussie station celebrating 90 years of the National Broadcaster and is operating all this year. According to the callsigns QRZ page, there will be no QSLs sent direct or by the bureau. Contacts are to be confirmed via LoTW and eQSL with logs uploaded once a month.

VK90ABC has made over 2,100 contacts across 80 countries using SSB, CW and FT8.

PLUS ABC radio have had 2 interviews re the event including one with
"Australia all Over.


Turks and Caicos

Operators John/AF3K and Ross/W2TT, who cancelled their operation last year due to Covid, will be active as VP5/AF3K and VP5/W2TT, respectively, from Providenciales Island (NA-002) between March 23-31st.

Activity will include an entry in CQWW WPX SSB Contest (March 26-27th) signing as VP5P.

QSL via N2OO or ClubLog's OQRS.

All logs will be uploaded to LoTW, eQSL and ClubLog



German North Pole DXpedition

Operators Martina DF3TS and Thomas DC8TM will activate Svalbard
as JW/home calls to start their DXpedition between April 9-12th. Activity will be on SSB and FT8.

They will then be active from a Russian "Severnyi Polyus" the Scientific Polar Drifting Base approx. 80kms from the North Pole on the Arctic Ocean where they will activate the WWFF area RFF-0176.

Operators will use their special callsigns DP 0 LE (when written out this call looks like the word POLE) and as RA/DC8TM/P and RA/DF3TS/P to represent the Russian flag of the camp between April 14-17th.

Activity will be on 40/30/20/17 meters using SSB and FT8. Activity from the North Pole (90 Degrees North) - under DP0LE and DC8TM/P together with Martina DF3TS/P will take place sometime during this time (The exact schedule will depend very much on weather conditions) on 20 meters [14244 kHz (+/-)]. !!

NOW NOTE activity is limited to approx. 30 minutes!!



Mario, IZ3KVD, is in Zambia using the callsign 9J2MYT. He will be there in Lusaka until June of 2022. Listen for him on SSB on 40, 20, 17, 15 and 10 meters. Send QSLs via IZ3KVD direct only. Reply QSL cards will be printed after he has returned to Italy.



PA 75 DXCC on air until August 2 celebrates the 75th anniversary of the first post-World War II list of DXCC members published in the July 1947 issue of QST. QSL via operator's instructions.




7B2C, 7B2E, 7B2T, 7B2H and 7B2O are QRV until the end of October 2022 to celebrate the Javanese-Hindu Ceto Temple that was built in 1475.
Activity is on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters using SSB and FT8. QSL via operators' instructions.



Hadrian's Wall Special Event Station

There will be two special event stations GB1900HA and GB1900HW running throughout the year 2022 to commemorate 1900 years since the building of Hadrians Wall.

QSL Via Logbook of the World and Club Log OQRS.

See for more info on GB1900HA and GB1900HW

Further info at:


Danish DX Group celebrates 50 years

The Danish DX Group (DDXG) was founded May 27, 1972. To celebrate the 50th anniversary special event station OZ50DDXG is on-the-air until December 31, 2022

Radio amateurs around the world can obtain the anniversary award by having contacts using CW, Phone or Digital modes with the anniversary station OZ5DDXG during 2022.

The anniversary station may be contacted once on each band and with each modulation type in every month. Each approved contact counts 1 point.

Full details on



BBC centenary special event GB 100 BBC

Members of the BBCs radio club, The London BBC Radio Group, have been granted an exceptional all-year Special Event callsign to help celebrate the BBCs centenary year in 2022.

Ofcom will permit GB100BBC to operate throughout the year, starting at midnight on New Years Day, from the headquarters station in Broadcasting House, London.



The new year is going to be a good one for members of the Irish Radio
Transmitters Society. Hams will be using the special callsign EI 90I RTS to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of Ireland's national society. Listen for the EI90IRTS callsign throughout 2022.
QSL via EI6AL.




Members of VERON's section of Mid and North Limburg are QRV with special call sign PI 75 LIM during all of 2022 to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

QSL via bureau.




Dorrigo Park-Fest is being held on the weekend of 7-8 May just a few months away.

This is firstly a park activation weekend where operators will move around the different parks operating portable and secondly a social meetup for amateur radio operators who have been in contact via RF for some time but never met.

Dorrigo located just west of Coffs Harbour is surrounded by over 20 parks has been chosen as the accommodation hub for this event. All park activators are welcome, and if you have never operated from a park for the WWFF program and would like some help getting involved then come along and I'm sure the various hams there will help you on your POTA journey.

For more information search out the Facebook group called Dorrigo Park-Fest or email Marty VK4KC or Alan VK2MET whose emails are on their pages

Now from Dorrigo to Belize

Bob, W0BNC, will be active as V31BN from Haulover Bridge, Belize, between March 5-10th.

He states on, "I will be doing at least one POTA activation for certain from V3-0057, the Altun Ha Archaeological Reserve, one of the many Mayan ruins in the country.

I will also be on the air in the evenings from my cabana, located about 5 miles north of Belize City.

Other parks I will attempt to get to:
V3-0067, Community Baboon Sanctuary Wildlife Area
V3-0022, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
V3-0026, Spanish Creek Wildlife Area
V3-0027, Shallow Creek Marine Reserve

The only downside to this is I will be QRP. I am bringing my KX2 with a variety of wire antennas, and a PAC12 vertical. But I don't think this will stop me from making contacts!

I will be operating on SSB, CW, and FT8.


Pushing ham radio to the limit.

A ham radio balloon around the world at 41,000 ft.

The groups best flight has been around the world 3.5 times.

Although difficult to spot who the group is, its probably best found by searching Facebook and W5UB

They get tracking every 10 minutes on a map that shows altitude, speed, course, voltage, etc. If you are interested in QRP this little 10 mW transmitter is being heard around the world (Australia, Europe, Africa, Alaska, etc.) All equipment home brew. The transmitter weighs in at only 7.8 grams and the full 34 ft. 20 meter dipole weighs in at only 1.5 grams.

Please join them in the fun of watching and tracking, and learning. You can get tracking information and see lots of pictures, detail and comments by going to their (un named) ham radio FaceBook group of over 12000 hams at W5KUB, Amateur Radio Roundtable, Ham Radio | Facebook de w5kub

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Space Technology News

Micrometeorite knocked NBN satellite off-orbit in December

NBN was hit by a pair of outages to parts of its Sky Muster satellite
network through December and early January.

The first outage started at 8.30am on December 21 when Optus - which
effectively flies our satellites, NBN Cos chief development officer
for regional and remote Gavin Williams said - confirmed an off-orbit
condition of our second satellite, which we call our 1B satellite.

Maxar Technologies, which owns SSL, the builder of the Sky Muster
satellites, said the satellite is equipped with optical recognition
technology that saw some meteorite activity, which appeared to confirm
their theory.

What that did is effectively make the satellites body rotate whilst it
remains in its orbit, so the satellite is no longer pointing at the
appropriate spot on Earth.

Williams said the problem impacted 46,500 customers out of a total user
base of about 112,000, about 40 percent of all users.

Williams said that the satellite was able to recover and reorient with
the Earth, but not before customers had their services cut for about
seven hours.

(vk7wi news)


OC-228. (Update)

Andy, VK5MAV, reports on February 25th:

VK5MAV/p is finished.

Propagation was terrible.

At daytime I wasn't able to make contacts anywhere except 15 m band. And even there it was very slow. Very humble result - 300+ QSOs.

Sorry if I didn't hear your signal.

Hopefully next time will be better.

Thanks all who finally made a contact. Log will be uploaded to ClubLog and will be available for Auto match in a month as usual.


Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW reminding you that tomorrow is the first Monday of month, time for the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of Australias March bulletin to go to air.

As usual, well have the latest Club news followed by an item about the

* Last Morse Telegrams in New Zealand,

* Some short historical items from 1983, and then

* The story of Ferrites.

And you might be surprised to learn who first used these now indispensable devices to miniaturise their military communications equipment.

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-Members alike, is most welcome to listen to the program and join in the call backs afterwards.

Full details of all transmissions times and modes can be found on the RAOTC website

or just Google RAOTC broadcasts.

If none of the transmission times suit you, you can download the audio file at any time from today from the website.

Members and Friends of the RAOTC in Perth are reminded that the next lunchtime meeting at the Bayswater Hotel is this Tuesday, March 8th. All are welcome but do remember that WA Public Health rules apply.

Once again, tune in tomorrow for the March RAOTC bulletin, enjoy the program and please join in the call backs afterwards.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.


Brett Nicholas VK2BNN Scouts Australia National co-ordinator
for JOTA.
Lorraine OHare VK2FICQ is Girl Guides Australia National
JOTA-JOTI Co-ordinator.

Please QSY off the calling frequency after establishing

Australian voice calling frequencies:
3.650, 7.090, 14.190, 21.190, 28.590, 52.160

World CW calling frequencies:
3.570, 7.030, 14.060, 18.080, 21.140, 24.910, 28.180, 50.160

World voice calling frequencies:
3.690 & 3.940 MHz, 7.090 & 7.190, 14.290, 18.140, 21.360,
24.960, 28.390, 50.160

Calling frequencies for Slow Scan TV (SSTV):
3.630, 7.033, 14.227

Calling Frequencies for PSK31

Netherlands special event

The JOTA station of the 'Scouting Campsite De Rendierhoeve' (PC6RH) will be activating the special callsign PC70RH to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the campsite.

Their activity will take place between April 2022 and March 2023.

QSL via the Bureau to PF1SCT.


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

Amateur radio emergency communication may be hit by new fees

The Manistree News Advocate reports the proposed $1,400 Forest Service fee may impact amateur radio operations in Manistee County

For Manistee County's amateur radio enthusiasts radio communications are more than a hobby its members also volunteer their services as backup communication in case of a catastrophic event in the area.

But the enthusiasts using a particular radio tower in the Manistee National Forest may end up with a new $1,400 fee if a new fee system rule is put in place by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Agency.

Radio amateurs supply equipment to State Civil Defence
Brazil's national amateur radio society LABRE reports on February 24, radio amateurs from REER Paran supplied portable communication equipment to the State Civil Defence

The kits, assembled by the supervisors of REER (State Emergency Network of Amateurs), can be taken for operations in remote locations, being ready for use.

They will facilitate locations and expedite the re-establishment of communication to emergency teams in disaster-affected.

Congratulations to our volunteer radio amateurs for more of this project.

The delivery was made by REER-PR radio amateurs:

Fabio Converso - General Supervisor
Aurelio Nicoladeli - Substitute General Supervisor
Marcos Cierniak - Operational Supervisor
Marcos Figueroa - Substitute Operational Supervisor


(Youth On The Air)

Germany's DARC reports Frederike Dtsch, DH9FD, from Amberg has achieved her class A (HAREC equiv) license making her the youngest holder of a class A license.

The 13-year-old successfully passed the license exam at the Federal Network Agency in January and proved: girls and technology works great!

She was supported by her family and from now on she can be heard on the radio frequencies under the callsign Delta-Hotel-9-Foxtrot-Delta.

Frederike's enthusiasm for amateur radio began two years ago.

(sourced to SouthGate)


2022 Social Scene

Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information and even without
Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

VK4 - REDFEST Sat. April 9 St Michaels College Caboolture (vk4bz)
Sellers can start filling tables after 7am.
The venue for selling will open at 9am although
the public can gather from 8am onwards for breakfast

VK5 - South Coast Amateur radio club Buy & Sell Sunday 24 April (vk5dad)

VK5 - Australian Fox Hunting Championship and SERG Convention
Mt Gambier Queens Birthday weekend June (vk5dj)

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