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WIA Vice President, Lee Moyle VK3GK -
Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH.



Astronaut Mark Vande Hei, KG5GNP, who holds the ongoing record for
longest space flight, is set to end his 355 days in space in just a few weeks. The plan is for him to land in Kazakhstan with two Russian
cosmonauts on a Russian spacecraft.

But Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia's Space Agency and a close ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is believed to have posted a video in Russian that threatened to leave Vande Hei behind in space and detach Russia's segment of the space station altogether.

NASA has remained silent on Rogozin's threats.

This story aired first on and was posted to


But it has been confirmed he will travel aboard a Russian capsule to Kazakhstan.

The American and two Russian cosmonauts will be brought back to Earth.

"I can tell you for sure Mark is coming home... We are in communication with our Russian colleagues. There's no fuzz on that," Joel Montalbano, Nasa's International Space Station (ISS) programme manager said.

He admitted the astronauts were "aware of what's going on" in the world, but they still work as a team.

Under international space law, astronauts from all nations must "provide all possible help" to other astronauts when needed, "including emergency landing in a foreign country or at sea".




Hello, this is WIA Vice President, Lee Moyle VK3GK

Earlier this week ACMA announced they are seeking feedback on their draft Five-Year Spectrum Outlook 202227 (FYSO).

The FYSO provides a broad overview of trends that affect spectrum management and factors used to inform the ACMA's planning and spectrum allocation priorities.
It includes a detailed annual work program, with activities and milestones for the 202223 financial year.
The draft FYSO is a key part of ACMAs engagement with industry and the community on their spectrum management priorities. ACMA welcome your feedback by COB, Friday 29 April.

Review of non-assigned amateur and outpost licensing arrangements, and higher power amateur operation on Page 64 of the ACMAs FYSO document should have the most interest to the Amateur Radio Community.

The WIA continues to have a very solid and professional relationship with ACMA. WIA and ACMA regularly consult on important issues that affect you and your continued enjoyment provided by the Amateur Service. WIA through their specialist working groups are working extensively on several key topics currently within the FYSO.

For more information and to download the complete FYSO document see the news releases on the WIA website at

Just an important reminder that WIA Club related Public Liability Insurance programme for 2022 required clubs having their completed declarations submitted to WIA by 11th March 2022. Payment should be received at the WIA office no later than 25th March 2022. This allows for processing time, otherwise cover may not be available by the 1st April 2022 deadline. Please note that the current 2021/2022 insurance expires at 24:00hrs on 31st March 2022.

Last weekend saw the BERU or Commonwealth Contest in full swing from 1000z Saturday until 1000z Sunday. It is the oldest running Amateur radio contest and is CW only. HF Band conditions were reasonable with many exotic DX stations worked on 80m to 10m. The WIA thanks Allan Mason VK2GR and the several dedicated others for organising and operating the two Australian teams and also to the WIA HQ stations that participated from VK1WIA through to VK7WIA this year. Maybe next year we can find a couple more for a full VK1 to VK9 complement. Full WIA team and HQ participants can be found on the WIA website under news.

Your second edition of Amateur Radio Magazine for 2022 has been sent to the printers. Expect to see your latest and greatest AR mag in a week or so in your letter boxes. Watch out for your MEMNET email announcing AR magazine is available for download. This edition sees some more great articles and a number of new advertisers.

73 from Lee Moyle VK3GK.

This is Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH.

The latest edition of Amateur Radio magazine Issue 2 for 2022 began arriving in mailboxes and newsagents late last week from St Patricks Day, the 17th of March !

And when you get a sight of it, you will see that we have maintained our new masthead banner that Ive been told is reminiscent of the cockeyed Irish cook you know: with one eye on the pot and the other up the chimney because the word amateur is tipped-up against the sloping R in Radio.

I can take a ribbing! Perhaps they were thinking of that well-known British actor with misaligned eyes, Marty Feldman.

Actually, its the chorus from an old folk song, known as The Drummer and the Cook. The chorus begins with With her one eye in the pot, and the other up the chimney. Ill refrain from singing.

Never mind the magazine banner, this issue, the whole covers gone crazy! Photos and words strewn all over the place it seems like nothing is straight !

I said to our graphics design artist, Sergio VK3SO: Sergio. Maate, chuck all these pictures
and cover lines on a white tablecloth and just see what happens! Well, he has excelled himself this issue. Would I lie to you ?

Last week, I gave you all a bit of a rundown on some of the features in this issue.

In keeping with the Test & Measurement theme, if youve recently acquired your first oscilloscope most likely a pre-loved analogue CRO then Ive put together an article to kick-start your journey with this most versatile of instruments titled Reading your oscilloscope.

And, our most prolific contributor, Lou Destefano VK3AQZ, completes his HF Antenna Tuner project.

Coincidentally, Publications Committee member, Brian Clarke VK2GCE, completes his series on Unravelling the mysteries of connecting radios to antennas, with Part 2 on rolling your own balun or unun.

In the meantime, Andy Keir has been busy reading the peripatetic Dick Smiths memoir My Adventurous Life. Andy tells us that its far more than an engaging chronicle of Dicks life and adventures, it contains some great life lessons.

Talking of chronicles, our VHF-UHF columnist, David Minchin VK5KK, details the story of the January DX opening on the 10 GHz band between VK7 and ZL, as told by Rex Moncur VK7MO, Roger Rehr W3SZ, Roger Corbett ZL3RC, and Richard Howlett VK7ZBX. Quite a ripping yarn, with maps and graphs and screen grabs and photos. Not to be missed.

While on the subject of the bands above 30 MHz, AR magazines Meteor Scatter columnist, Dr Kevin Johnston VK4UH, discusses the pings and pratfalls of exploiting meteor scatter for VHF contests.

Meanwhile, Summits on the Air in Australia has celebrated its 10th birthday and Allen Harvie VK3ARH details the paths taken by those who march to a different drum, charting the Total Activations since the schemes inception in 2012 in this issues SOTA & Parks column, along with a glimpse at the march of technology over the past decade.

Jenny Wardrop VK3WQ, in this issues Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association
A L A R A column encourages those thinking of getting their licence to take advantage of ALARAs Grants Scheme. Jenny also highlights a couple of families notable for having several generations holding amateur licences.

Amateur Radio magazine, Volume 90, Issue Number 2 for 2022. Serving Australian radio amateurs since 1933.

This has been AR magazine Editor-in-Chief Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.


The New York Times carries an interesting article about shortwave
radio which reads: As Russia is trying to cut off the flow of
information in Ukraine by attacking its communications
infrastructure British news outlet BBC is revisiting a broadcasting
tactic popularized during World War II:

shortwave radio.

Shortwave radio has been a go-to vehicle to reach listeners in
conflict zones for decades, used to deliver crackling dispatches to
soldiers in the Persian Gulf war, send codes to spies in North Korea
and pontificate through the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.
But more modern forms of radio along with the internet eventually
pushed shortwave out of favour; the BBC retired its shortwave
transmissions in Europe 14 years ago.

Now talking Shortwave, listen on 4625 kHz.

This has for many years been the location on the dial for
the Buzzer a Russian military transmitter whose nickname
describes its monotonous on/off buzzing transmission perfectly.
As the current Ukrainian situation has taken shape it has become a
minor battleground, and the Buzzer now shares its frequency with a
variety of other stations broadcasting music, spectrograms, and
other radio junk intended to disrupt it.

For the curious this can be watched unfolding on a spectrogram or
through headphones by anyone within range who has an HF receiver, or
for everyone else, with a WebSDR. Over the time monitoring it
heard has been overlaying speech, and music varying from the Soviet
and American anthems through dance music and K-pop to 1960s British
rock and of course Boney Ms Rasputin, with a few slightly macabre
choices such as Final Countdown and an air raid siren. Even intros
from the Benny Hill Show, the A-Team and Mission Impossible, so
whoever is doing this has a wide taste.

Alongside the music at about 4628kHz seen has been a series of
spectrogram messages scroll past in Ukrainian, Russian, and English,
ranging from Stop war to lewd suggestions about the Russian
President. Its fair to say that none of these transmissions have
obscured the Buzzer, but they have had the effect of significantly
increasing the noise on the channel.

Belgium's communications regulator BIPT has said 50.200 MHz and 51.075 MHz will be used from May 30 to June 18 during a military exercise

A translation of post by national amateur radio society UBA says:

BIPT informs us that in the period from May 30 to June 18, 2022, a military exercise will be held in Elzenborn in which 2 frequencies in the 6 meter band will be used: 50.200 MHz and 51.075 MHz.
The amateur radio service has a secondary status in this band, the military services a primary status.

Radio amateurs are called upon to pay particular attention to this during this period and to avoid the use of these frequencies if possible and certainly to listen carefully to whether the frequency is in use if they still wish to use the frequencies concerned.

IRTS has announced their communication regulator ComReg has awarded them the new HAREC amateur radio exam contract

It's to the IRTS for the preparation, delivery, and the marking of in-person HAREC examinations, earlier today 14 March 2022. This new agreement also contracts the IRTS to deliver Morse Code telegraphy proficiency testing for those who are interested in obtaining Amateur Station CEPT Class 1 Licenses noted for their shorter call signs.

Following a couple of months of intensive work by the IRTS Examination Board and the IRTS HAREC ComReg Submission Subcommittee, a detailed, 51-page proposal was accepted by ComReg.


Hams throughout West Bengal state in India are experiencing limited access to EchoLink and other internet-assisted amateur radio services through the 16th of March. The hams are among hundreds of others affected after the state government announced the restrictions to contain what they called illegal activities on the internet. News reports gave no specific details beyond the announcement itself. The report on the India TV News website quoted an official in the Home and Hill Affairs Department in announcing that [quote] "The government has received intelligence reports that unlawful activities can be carried in certain areas over internet transmissions and voice over internet telephony and hence restrictions are being imposed on the use of the internet." [endquote]

Ambarish Nag Biswas, VU2JFA, secretary of the West Bengal Radio Club, told ARNewsLine that daytime use of the internet is off limits but there is still access in the evenings. He said everyone in West Bengal state has been affected.

IARU R3 MS Coordinator resigned

Dr. Titon Dutono, YB3PET notified his resignation, due to his worsening health, from IARU Region 3 Monitoring System Coordinator
by his email to IARU Region 3 Directors.

Directors noted his resignation and appreciated his service as the Coordinator for more than 6 years.

Until a new Coordinator is appointed, IARU Region 3 Member Societies are kindly advised to send their Monitoring System reports to Director Yudi Hasbi, YD1PRY and Yudi's email address is in the text edition of your WIA National News.



If you would like to submit news items for possible inclusion
in the VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to and don't JUST send url's links or
posters, but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio, email
and send BOTH the audio and the text

We would appreciate items certainly no longer than 1.5 mts in
length as we only have a half hour.




March its the John Moyle Memorial Field Day THIS weekend 19th of
March and 20th of March. With more, Denis VK4AE, contest manager for the John Moyle 2022.

"This years contest is being held as this is broadcast between 0100 GMT Saturday 19th March 2022 to 0059GMT 20th March 2022.

I had intended to make earlier announcements, but the failure of a laptop put paid to all of that thought.

As we have had COVID for the last couple years with all of the limitations on having groups in the same place at the same time. This year we have the problem of even getting together in the same place due to floods or earlier flood damage. As the purpose of the Field Day is to provide training and experience in emergency operation. So I hope that besides a little inconvenience that all went smoothly when operating the station in the field.

Amateurs are a mighty resourceful lot and no doubt many have operated with WICEN and SES over the last few weeks, so this contest provides just more practice.

As the contest nears the end for this year, I can only hope that the dreary weather in many parts of Australia has not been too cruel and that good activity on the bands and the propagation has been rewarding.

Once the dismantling and packing up of all of the equipment has been completed there is still a most important part of the contest to be finished. Yes! You must submit your stations log. This has two major purposes;

1. It informs me of your ACTIVITIES on air and enables me to score your entry.

2. As importantly it confirms the contacts you had with other stations and verifies their logs.

So even if your log is only small it does verify the contacts you made and those of other stations.

Best of luck for the remainder of the contest and do not forget to submit your log.

Denis Johnstone VK4AE"


Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint

Saturday May 7th 2022
10:00 UTC - 11:46 UTC


The Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest 2 days starting
May 14 1800 concluding May 15 16:00

Saturday evening 14th May between 6pm and 9pm Eastern Standard Time
on 80 metres.

Sunday afternoon 15th May between 1pm and 4pm Eastern Standard Time
on 40 metres.



International CQ Pride contest June 4-6

(Luke VK3UKW)


New World Wide Digital Contest also June 4-6






Winter 2022 - 0200 UTC Saturday 25 June through 0159 UTC Sunday
26 June (differs in VK6).


VK 80 LAN, GB 80 LAN in the UK, VE 80 LAN from Canada are marking the 80th anniversary of the first operational sortie of the Avro Lancaster. The aircraft was the mainstay of the RAF Bomber Command that was flown by British, Canadian and Australian pilots during World War II.

The stations are on the air throughout most of March.

QSL via operators' instructions.



France's REF reports the special event station TM97WARD will be on
the air April 16-25 to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day which takes
place on April 18

As last year, the REF has planned to celebrate WARD (World Amateur
Radio Day) by activating the special call sign TM97WARD from
April 16-25, 2022.

Also DARC, the German IARU Member Societys Team SES have activated
special call sign DA 22 WARD until 30 April in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day on 18 April.



In the Maldives, Laurent, F8CZI, is using the callsign 8Q7ZI until
Tomorrow, Monday the 21st of March.

He has been operating holiday style using CW and SSB.

QSL via his home call F 8 CZI



Z 81 D from Juba in South Sudan until the 11th of September.
Activity is holiday style.
QSL Z 81 D via OM 3 JW.



Spanish special event

Members of the URE San Fernando (EA7URF) will activate the special callsign AM 500 TOR between March 19-27th.

Activity is to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first voyage around the Earth by the Magellan-Elcano Expedition. "TOR" which refers to the TORnaviaje of the Nao Victoria; is one of the two surviving ships from which they departed from Seville.

QSL via EA 7 URF (by the Bureau or direct)



RSGB funding for a 50MHz Beacon

The RSGB reports that it will provide funds towards a 50MHz beacon designed to study meteor trails above the UK. It will beam vertically up, using circular polarisation. The 50MHz band is well suited for such observations, as meteors tend to create strong ionization trails affecting the 6m band.

The beacon will be housed at the Sherwood Observatory of the Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society.




Special event station GB20SOTA is QRV until March 26 from
the Welsh SOTA summit of Mynydd y Cwm to celebrate 20 years of the
Summits On The Air program.

Mynydd y Cwm is a hill in Denbighshire, North Wales and in SOTA
has Marilyn status, having a prominence of 150 metres.

At the summit there is a memorial to the crew of a Handley Page
Halifax that crashed on the hill in 1947.



If your into news from "outer space" might we direct you to the


This is weekly news and information service of AMSAT, The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. ANS publishes news related to Amateur Radio in Space including reports on the activities of a worldwide group of Amateur Radio operators who share an active interest in designing, building, launching and communicating through analogue and digital Amateur Radio satellites.

The news feed is simple.

and publishes news of Amateur Radio in Space as soon as their
volunteers can post it.

In a recent edition it covered in depth a look at their
January/February 2022 Issue of The AMSAT Journal

Rapid Development of Satellite Mega-Constellations Risks Tragedies of the Commons

Successful QO-100 Ham Radio Emergency Communications Exercise

Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution

Upcoming Satellite Operations

Satellite Shorts From All Over

Worth a journey via the web to read.


The 2022 running of the Armed Forces Day Cross-Band exercise will be
held on May 14, 1300 2200 UTC.

A complete list of participating stations, modes, frequencies,
times, and other details will be announced on April 1.

The event is open to all radio amateurs. Armed Forces Day is May 21
but the AFD Cross-band military-amateur radio event traditionally
takes place 1 week earlier, in order to avoid conflicting with
Dayton Hamvention. During the exercise, radio amateurs listen for
stations on US military operating frequencies and transmit on
frequencies in adjacent amateur bands.

Military and amateur stations have taken part in this event for more
than 50 years. Its an exercise scenario, designed to include ham
radio and government radio operators alike.


American Legion Post 106 in Forks WA donated a new repeater system to the Clallam County Amateur Radio Club, which co-owns and operates equipment with Forks Community Hospital on Gunderson Mountain.

American Legion is much like VK's RSL.

Joe Wright KG7JWW is not only a member and officer of Post 106, but he is also vice president of the Clallam County club, which shares use of their equipment with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

KG7JWW and other radio operators from ARES are also members of the Clallam County West End Emergency Management group. Members who are involved in emergency management are not often noticed as they participate in meetings and special exercises in preparation to be of assistance in the event of disasters.


(Youth On The Air)
YOTA Contest 2022 Youth On The Air (

Now our new addition to the WIA National News Team, Alec,VK2APC.

We young hams should be aware of a new category introduced this year by CQ magazine in its DX Marathon, which is already under way.

The Youth Category is an overlay category open to any operator born on January 1st, 1997 or later.

There are certificates for the highest scorer among young operators in each of the six continents.

Visit the rules section of the website at dxmarathon dot com com and good luck everyone!

Talking of 'good luck' I hope you all have that in the forth coming YOTA Contests, everyone, everywhere in the world can take part. Lets get on the air together to celebrate YOTA! The first of three planned sessions in 2022 are held on 21st of May, 23th of July and 30th of December.

For VK1WIA National News, I am Alec VK2APC in Sydney.

( For more info visit )


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

Organizers in Hawaii are looking for amateurs to participate in an important state-wide emergency drill in April. Christian Cudnik
writing in ARNewsLine says

" The three-hour emergency communications exercise being held by the Hawaii Amateur Radio Emergency Service on April 16th will be like none of the others held several times each year. The drill will be conducted following the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, which standardizes terminology, methodology and policy used during the exercise. It will simulate a period of catastrophic rain and wind covering the islands, taking down power, internet and cell towers. According to Hawaii ARES spokesman Stacy Holbrook, KH6OWL, a planning team has developed a full incident action plan using the forms and format of the program's Incident Command System Structure. Stacy told NewsLine in an email he was unaware of any other state-wide exercises being done in this manner.

Using on-air nets, social media and local clubs, organizers are reaching out to the more than 3,800 licensed amateurs throughout Hawaii, hoping to get as many hams as possible on board. The drill is an all-mode, all-band exercise that makes use of analogue, simplex and Digital modes as well as VHF, UHF and HF. Hams using WINLINK will have the additional support of an ongoing Zoom meeting to assist with any troubleshooting.

There is additional information on website



2022 Social Scene

VK4 - REDFEST Sat. April 9 St Michaels College Caboolture (vk4bz)
Sellers can start filling tables after 7am.
The venue for selling will open at 9am although
the public can gather from 8am onwards for breakfast

VK5 - South Coast Amateur radio club Buy & Sell Sunday 24 April (vk5dad)

VK5 - Australian Fox Hunting Championship and SERG Convention
Mt Gambier Queens Birthday weekend June (vk5dj)

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