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( 1937 in a mention we've come across relating to weekly
broadcasts of information prepared by VK4 was a plea to
restart the weekly news service which was on air in the
late 1920's )

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

WIA Hybrid AGM and Virtual Conference 2022



You wouldn't necessarily expect a regional town known for its
gold mining and agriculture to be the next "centre of drone
excellence", but this father and son did.

Key points:

A drone testing range is being established at West Wyalong in the
NSW Riverina.

New drone, balloon, and space technology are being developed

It is hoped the technology could be used by emergency services to
help save lives.

ABC News are reporting Flight Design research and development manager
Robert Brand and his son, Jason, are setting up a facility at
West Wyalong in the New South Wales Riverina to study, develop, and
analyse aerospace and space hardware.

The 70-year-old has high hopes for some of the potentially
"lifesaving" hardware.

He said it could have been valuable during the Black Summer bushfires
and recent flood emergency in the east of the country.

The Brands started working on a project to send balloons into the
sky that will stabilise at an altitude of about 16 kilometres,
something Robert Brand said had rarely been achieved.

"They'll have solar power, they'll have batteries, they'll be able to
just motor gently against the wind up there, which is pretty light,"
he said.

"We can fly a system to a disaster zone and provide visuals of what's
going on, and provide radio communications to people on the ground.

"We need to be able to get this technology bedded down really well
and into the hands of our defence forces, firefighters, and the SES.

"If we can do that, it will change this country

At 20, Jason Brand is the CEO of Flight Design. He is also the
youngest person to win the Australian Industry and Defence Network
Young Achiever New South Wales award.

BUT thanks to an amateur radio club all this nearly didn't happen.

"I was nine years old the first time we went on a balloon launch,"
he said.

"Long story short: the amateur radio club we knew were going to do
one. They said, 'It's too difficult, we're not going to do it',
so sad and I decided that we wanted to and it all started from there."

Growing up, school never agreed with Jason. He barely got his
Higher School Certificate.

So, he took matters into his own hands, literally.

"I learn in my own way and that's through doing, researching on the
internet, actually having the objects in my hand and programming them,"
he said.

The AM and CW on Anzac Day Event has been operating for many years.

It developed after I (Mike VK4MIK) talked to World War 2 Coast
watcher Sargent Lionel Veale who operated with Allied Intelligence
Bureau which gathered intelligence in New Guinea to allow further
operations on his RCA ATR4A.

They used Radio to pass coded messages back to base stations.

It reminded me that Radio Communications have played such a big part
in Australia's Defence History from World War 1 to the present.
Following that it occurred that quite a large number of folk in
Amateur Radio served in the Armed Forces it would be appropriate to
have a "Radio Salute" to those who served and are still serving and
use the old radio modes of AM and CW that was used during World Wars
1 and 2 and even Korea. We also encourage use of ex Defence Force
Radio's and older Radios - as history showed that there was many
occasions where commercial radio transceivers were used plus I,
personally, had experienced many commercial radio's used when I
served in the RAN Hydrographic Service.

The Tableland Radio Group gave me support for the initiative and
the Townsville Amateur Radio Club has supported the event since the
beginning and the Radio operator experience of Gavin VK4ZZ, ex OTC RO,
as Net Control has proved invaluable as Townsville Radio Club
operates from the World War 2 Command bunker which is the S.E.S.
headquarters and Townsville Amateur Radio Clubs club room.

The event has grown in popularity over the years and Amateurs get to
experience AM for the day and for many that is a new experience but
it is interesting how well the AM transmissions travel. We also
encourage operation from former defence facilities if possible

This year the Whyalla Amateur Radio Club are hoping to operate from
near the ex HMAS Whyalla - one of only 2 surviving Corvettes from
60 that were built in Australia during World war 2. Andrew VK5CV and
others will be operating from the Repatriation General Hospital site,
Australian military Hospital 105 in its 80th year. Doc VK5BUG will be
operating CW around 7.018 =/_ during the afternoon - he is ex RAN,
NATO and a Marconi School trained RO. Some members of the Australian
Military Radio operators will be operational as well using a variety
of military radio's.

Suggested frequencies are 7.125 for AM and 7.025 +/- CW.

This event is not a contest and is designed to be friendly and
social and allow Amateurs to try the old radio modes.




WIA Hybrid AGM and Virtual Conference 2022

Antarctic Gateway

The WIA Hybrid AGM and Virtual Conference 2022 has the theme of
Antarctic Gateway and is open for registrations. It takes place on
Saturday May 7th with the AGM kicking off at 1030 AEDT and the
Virtual Conference starting at 1300 AEDT.

The Virtual Conference consists of four special presentations that
highlight the history, culture, research and communications
associated with Antarctica.

This week we focus on the first two presentations and next week on
the last two.

Our keynote speaker is Professor Elle Leane from UTAS and is titled
Mixed Signals: The Impact of Wireless on the Australasian Antarctic
Expedition (1911-14).

Just before the Australasian Antarctic Expedition departed in late
1911, its leader Douglas Mawson boasted to the media that the great
feature of the expedition is our wireless equipment. For Mawson,
establishing wireless communication between the two continents for
the first time was important not only for practical and scientific
reasons, but also symbolic ones: a continent that was effectively
within talking distance of Australia, he argued, had a special call
upon its people.

This presentation draws on a collaborative research project with
polar historian Ben Maddison and psychologist Kimberly Norris, and
examines the impact of the wireless on the interpersonal dynamics of
the expedition, focusing particularly on Sidney Jeffryes, as a way
of understanding the important but destabilizing role this technology
played during Australias first Antarctic expedition.

The second presentation is by well known microwave experimenter -
Rex Moncur VK7MO who between 1988 and 1999 was Director of the
Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).

This is a unique look at the management of Australia's Antarctic
Territory, radio communication covering historic connections,
amateur links with Heard Island and the installation of the
ANARESAT satellite system. Rex will cover his passion for
Earth Moon Earth contacts and specifically with Macquarie Island and
the challenges of rebuilding, funding and shipping to/from Antarctica.

Rex managed the AAD at a time when our political leaders made for
some challenging times when the Madrid Protocol on the Protection of
the Antarctic Environment was being negotiated and this lead to the
AAD focus on climate change and the establishment of the Antarctic
Cooperative Research Centre at the University of Tasmania.

Rex finishes off with some interesting and expensive examples of
Murphy's law from his time at the Division.

How do you participate?

If you are coming along in person to the AGM then please book at the

If you wish to receive the stream of the AGM and Open Forum then a
MemNet email will be sent to all WIA members in the very near future
that will enable you to register and receive the stream details.

To register to attend in person OR receive the stream of the Virtual
Conference presentations please register at the link (and this is a
different link to the AGM link)

There is a small charge of $10 to cover organisational costs for the
Virtual Conference presentations.

For further details check out the WIA website or Facebook pages.

On behalf of the 2022 Conference organising committee we look forward
to seeing you on the stream on May 7th.

73 from Justin, VK7TW for the National WIA News.

This Greg VK2GPK with this weeks Comment


Last week on April 18, it was World Radio Amateur Day. Do you know why April 18 is a date of great significance to Radio Amateurs?
It was on this day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was formed in Paris.
Amateur Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave spectrumfar from being a wastelandcould support worldwide propagation. In the rush to use these shorter wavelengths, Amateur Radio was in grave danger of being pushed aside, the IARUs historians have noted. Amateur Radio pioneers met in Paris in 1925 and created the IARU to support Amateur Radio worldwide.
Just two years later, at the International Radiotelegraph Conference, Amateur Radio gained the allocations still recognized today160, 80, 40, 20, and 10 meters. Since its founding, the IARU has worked tirelessly to defend and expand the frequency allocations for Amateur Radio. Thanks to the support of enlightened administrations in every part of the globe, radio amateurs are now able to experiment and communicate in frequency bands strategically located throughout the radio spectrum. From the 25 countries that formed the IARU in 1925, the IARU has grown to include 160 member-societies in three regions. IARU Region 1 includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Northern Asia. Region 2 covers the Americas, and Region 3 is comprised of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Island nations, and most of Asia. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialist agency of the United Nations responsible for global spectrum usage has recognised the IARU as the sector representative for the Amateur Radio Service. (Historical Source: IARU R2).

May 7 is fast approaching. It is the date of both the WIA Annual General Meeting (and Open Forum) and the first WIA Virtual Conference. Both events will be held on location in Hobart and will be live streamed. The WIA AGM will be a hybrid AGM, with participation via ZOOM and/or onsite in Hobart. Our keynote speaker is Professor Elizabeth Leane from the University of Tasmania with a presentation on Sidney Jeffryes and the role played by wireless in the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14) -plus many other speakers. The AGM and the WIA Open forum will also be live streamed on YouTube . For more details on how to attend either in person or virtually and registration process, please visit the WIA website:
( )

This is Greg VK2GPK.


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.


ARU Monitoring System Region 1 newsletter reports during March,
likely as a consequence of the current military situation,
they noticed an increase of transmissions in unknown modes in
HF amateur radio bands

In many cases, their most probably function was to act as jammers
in order to disrupt or nullify their reception.

They also received on several occasions a signal whose possible
function, given its behaviour (transmission of short but powerful
bursts jumping in an organised and repetitive way along the radio
spectrum), could be to act as an ionosonde (radar used to examine
the ionosphere in order to determine the optimum frequency for the
transmission of signals in HF bands).

Also, military modes that IARUMS had not observed for long time,
such as the Russian digital mode T-230-1A, also known as "Mahovik"
were copied.

IARU-R1 respond to EC Solar Energy Strategy

In their response to the European Commission Solar Energy Strategy
IARU Region 1 have highlighted the level of RF Pollution that can be
caused by the Solar PV optimizers used in solar panel installations

A post on the IARU-R1 site says:

IARU R1 PRC in conjunction with the Regions EMC Committee has
submitted a paper to a recent European Commission Call for
Evidence with respect to Solar Energy Strategy.

Solar energy systems, which include Solar PV, are a progressive
technology whose use is to be encouraged. However, there are certain
caveats to be noted in deployment and on-going use.

IARU concerns are not with solar technology per se but with the
potential pollution from so-called optimizers. The paper that was
submitted detailed elements of the on-going research and monitoring
by the EMC Committee in this area.

Read the IARU-R1 paper at

Source IARU Region 1

Celebrating the centenary of the Transatlantic Tests

The RSGB (in Region1) has released a video celebrating the centenary
of the 1921 Transatlantic Tests

The Radio Society of Great Britain and the ARRL have been celebrating
the centenary of the Transatlantic Tests. This video highlights the
fantastic exhibition put on by the National Heritage Centre in
Saltcoats, the 1921 message re-enactment by the Kilmarnock and
Loudoun Amateur Radio Club and the 160m Transatlantic QSO Party.

Watch Celebrating the centenary of the Transatlantic Tests


Canada: Updated policy on amateur radio and examinations

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) have
released updated versions of two important amateur radio policy
documents for that countries hams.

They are:

RIC-1 Guide for Examiners Accredited to Conduct Examinations for
Amateur Radio Operator Certificates

RIC-3 Information on the Amateur Radio Service

Both documents were updated to reflect the changes made to the
Radiocommunication Regulations, specifically the rescinded ISED $20
examination fee for Amateur Radio Operator Certificates and the
removal of certificates that are no longer issued by ISED.
Other revisions include editorial corrections for clarity and the
conversion to electronic format of the form to apply to become an
Accredited Examiner.

Amateur radio in Canada became license exempt on April 1, 2000.
A call sign when issued lasts for 125 years from the holders date
of birth at which point it can be re-assigned.

You can find the updated documents at these links:




Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint

Saturday May 7th 2022
10:00 UTC - 11:46 UTC


The Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest 2 days starting
May 14 1800 concluding May 15 16:00

Saturday evening 14th May between 6pm and 9pm Eastern Standard Time
on 80 metres.

Sunday afternoon 15th May between 1pm and 4pm Eastern Standard Time
on 40 metres.



International CQ Pride contest June 4-6

(Luke VK3UKW)


New World Wide Digital Contest also June 4-6






Winter 2022 - 0200 UTC Saturday 25 June through 0159 UTC Sunday
26 June (differs in VK6).


IARU HF World Championship
NEXT contest is July 9 and 10.



WIA Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest

16 JUL 2022

The Trans-Tasman contest, held on the 3rd weekend in July
aims to encourage Low Band activity between VK and ZL


RSGB IOTA Contest is July 30 - 31st



WIA RD or Remembrance Day Contest

Weekend closest to the 15th August each year.

2022 its Sat Sun August 13 and 14



PHONE - First full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for ALL logs - 31 October.





In the Maldives, active for a few more days is as 8Q7DX
through to the 27th of April on 80 through 10 metres.

QSL via LoTW and E73Y.


Special call sign LY 100 BBALL is QRV until the end of April to
commemorate 100 years of basketball there.
QSL via LY2QT.



Kenji, will be on the air from Otsu Island, AS-117,
from April 30th to May 1st on 40, 20, 17 and 6m,
where Kenji will be using CW, SSB and FT8.

QSL via the home call JA4GXS.


Listen for the call sign 3 Z 8 AK through May 31st.

Polish amateurs are marking the 80th anniversary of the formation of
the Home Army, which was the dominant underground resistance movement
in Poland during World War II.

QSL via SP 1 PBW.


In the World of DX, be listening on the HF bands for 8N65JP, the
special call sign being used by the Japan Amateur Radio League's
Okinawa Branch. Hams are marking the 50th anniversary of the return
of the Okinawa Prefecture to Japan from United States administration.
The callsign 8 N 650 JP is active through the 30th of September.

QSOs will be confirmed automatically through the bureau.


JAN MAYEN, JX. Helge, LB4MI is QRV as JX/LB4MI until early October.
Activity is in his spare time on 20 and 17 meters using SSB.
QSL to home call LB4MI




Pubs Clubs On The Air (PACOTA) 2022

Now pretty sure this is legit and not an old April One post but it
must rank as "some adventure!"

It's Back! - Pubs Clubs On The Air - May 13th/14th/15th 2022

If you or your Radio club or Society are interested in taking part
and putting on a station please put on your big boots and complete
the Web Entry Form at the website listed in the text edition of
this news below or alternatively e-mail and
its said they will send you some details, hints and tips.




We begin this week with a story that doesn't get much bigger than this:
the world's largest radio telescope, an array of antennas and dishes
that spans the hemispheres, is getting software to help in its
operation. Amateur Radio NewsLines Jeremy Boot G4NJH picks up the
developments from here.

"Prototype software for the world's biggest radio telescope will
be built by a group of universities and labs in the UK with money
just released by the UK government's Science & Technology Facilities
Council (SFTC). The software for the Square Kilometre Array, or SKA,
will direct the telescope's gaze at the sky, translate its signals
into data and diagnose issues. BBC news reported that on Monday, the
11th of April, the Council released 15 million pounds, the equivalent
of more than $19.5 million in US currency for the work that will
involve teams at Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester universities
as well as those at the STFC's own labs in Edinburgh, Daresbury and

The SKA is an array of 197 dishes and 130,000 antennas in both
Australia and South Africa and the software will allow astronomers
to interpret what is received by the SKA, at an intensely high
resolution and it is a most sensitive radio signal receiving device.

For Amateur Radio NewsLine I'm Jeremy Boot G4NJH.

AMSAT-VK Secretary -


URESAT (HADES-B ITU designation) is a 1.5 P Pocketqube mission
sponsored by AMSAT-EA offering licensed radio amateurs around the
world the opportunity to relay FM voice and AX.25/APRS 300/1200 bps

A SSTV camera module is expected to fly depending on restrictions.
Images would be taken randomly but the SSTV module would contain
some ROM coded images to be transmitted as well.

The launch is planned for a 525km polar orbit with SpaceX in Oct 2022

More info at


LightCube is a 1U CubeSat educational mission aimed to inspire and
provide a learning experience to people across the planet by
producing a light visible to the naked eye. The flash, expected
to be as bright as the International Space Station, will be produced
by two Xenon flash tubes.

These will be triggered by Amateur Radio operators.

A downlink on 437.175 MHz using 1k2 AFSK with AX25 has been
coordinated. Planning a deployment from the ISS October.

More information on



EU-114. Bob, will be active as MU 5 E from Guernsey during
the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op/CW-Mode entry.
QSL Bob and MU 5 E via LoTW or GU4YOX direct, or, by the Bureau.

EU-122. Ian, G3WVG, will be active as MN 5 A from Rathlin Island,
Northern Ireland, during IOTA Contest also as a Single-Op /
Mixed-Mode/DXpedition entry. QSL via LoTW.

EU-129. Operators Norbert, Rainer, Heiko, Georg, Ron and Olaf
will be active as DK 1 A from Usedom Island during the RSGB IOTA
Contest July 30-31st as Multi-2 entry.

QSL via DK1A, direct, by the Bureau or ClubLog's OQRS.

(Youth On The Air)
YOTA Contest 2022 Youth On The Air (

Now Alec,VK2APC.

Youth Preparedness Award for Clovis High School students

Thanks Col and in this story we hear how TV station Fox34 KCBD
reports Emergency Management Director Dan Heerding KG5DTV and the
Clovis High School Teen Community Emergency Response Team have been
awarded the FEMA Region 6 Youth Preparedness Award

FEMA in the USA is their Federal Emergency Management Agency

The award is for the programs impact on the school as well as the
surrounding community.

Dan KG5DTV has taken an active role in raising Curry Countys next
generation of leaders and responders by setting a high bar for
Teen CERT Members. In addition to their regular studies,
CERT Basic Training, Clovis High School Teen CERT members must
complete several FEMA training courses on the National Response
Framework, the National Incident Management System and the
Incident Command System.

Team members are encouraged to obtain their Technician Amateur Radio
license and have participated in multiple responder training and
has deployed to three major community events.

Read the full story at


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

Amateur Radio helps rescue injured California outdoorsman

A relaxing weekend of camping and fishing did not go as planned
when a member of a California outdoors club fell and broke his hip.

The Old Goats Mountain Club (OGMC) had worked their way along an
old Forest Service Road into a rugged, off grid location in the
foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Dave Johnson, KL7DJ, said his
friend slipped and fell while trying reel in a catch. The injury was
so severe that the man could not be moved safely with a trip that
could take at least 2 hours over the rough terrain.

Johnson is the only licensed amateur radio operator in the group
and using the California Amateur Linking Radio Association system,
he was able to call for emergency help from this vehicle.
Greg Stamback, KD6VEN, located in the San Francisco Bay area
responded and contacted the Shasta County EMS which dispatched a
REACH 5 rescue helicopter from their base in Redding, California.

The entire rescue took about 1 hour and before the helicopter landed
a local ambulance company arrived and was able to stabilize the
injured camper. After surgery and 3 days in the hospital he is now
at home recovering.

Johnson's wife Linda, KL7ISN, helped coordinate getting their
friend's vehicle back to Redding. Using pre-planned contact
schedules and, after several makeshift auto-patches, the car was
driven to a nearby highway where two other club members were able to
take the car safely back home.



2022 Social Scene

Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information and even without
Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

VK2 - MAYHAM at Wyong Race Course 8.30am May 1 (vk2ji)

Just one more week until the largest gathering of radio amateurs in
the Southern hemisphere gets under way again, as it has done for over
60 years. Mayham gates will open for general entry at 8:30 am May 1st.

The CCARC Mayham at Wyong racecourse is building up to be one of
the best yet. Whether you are coming to buy, to learn, to take your
licence exam or simply to meet people you havent seen for, all too
long a time and are looking forward to the reunion, the CCARC team
have got you covered. Foxhunts with prizes, both in the car and on
foot, car boot sales and commercial traders, exhibitors and lectures
and good old-fashioned meeting up with mates with refreshments its
all going to be at Wyong.

The one thing we cant control is the weather but as many of the
attractions are under cover that is less of a problem. We do hope to
put on a portable radio demonstration with HF and satellite
communications as long as the weather is kind to us.

To speed your entry, you may wish to buy your ticket in advance,
online. That facility along with the list of raffle prizes, traders
attending and terms and conditions can be found on the website at

There is allocated parking for the disabled and Mayham is a
wheelchair friendly event.

If you are traveling to Wyong from further away dont forget the
Meet & Greet on Saturday evening from half past six in
The Grand Hotel in Wyong (on the main road just across the railway
from the racecourse).

The CCARC look forward to seeing you at Wyong!

For the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club, Im Ed Durrant VK2JI.

VK - WIA AGM (VIRTUAL EVENT) May 7 (vk8zz)

May 7 is fast approaching. It is the date of both the WIA Annual
General Meeting (and Open Forum) and the first WIA Virtual Conference
Both events will be held on location in Hobart and will be live
streamed. The WIA AGM will be a hybrid AGM, with participation via
ZOOM and/or onsite in Hobart.

Our keynote speaker is Professor Elizabeth Leane from the University
of Tasmania with a presentation on Sidney Jeffryes and the role
played by wireless in the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14)
-plus many other speakers.

The AGM and the WIA Open forum will also be live streamed on YouTube .
For more details on how to attend either in person or virtually and
registration process, please visit the WIA website:

(Greg VK2GPK)

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