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Welcome to this the WIA National News - Australias source
of trustworthy ham radio related topics gleamed from
home and around the world. From deep in outer space to
the ice shelves of Antarctica and the local Parks of our world
WIA National News has been and remains so, the best news
you'll get all week!





President Scott VK3KJ
Greg VK2GPK (JULY 31)
Peter VK8ZZ
Chris VK3FY
Peter VK4EA
Steve VK2TSG

This is WIA Vice President, Lee Moyle VK3GK.

The WIA board wishes to announce that Dr. Kevin Johnston, VK4UH has
been appointed as the custodian of the VHF/UHF National Distance
Records. Kevin is well known in the VHF/UHF field and as a
contributor to Amateur Radio magazine he has been rewarded with a
number of WIA awards. Kevin takes over the role from John Martin VK3KM
who has overseen the position for many years. Johns attention to
detail and accuracy of the records is appreciated. John has stepped
back from the role as he has reported some reoccurring health issues
recently and the WIA board thank him for his many years of
dedication to the WIA and wish him well in the future.

As reported previously, the WIA board has commenced a revision of
the organizations committee and working groups. The board recently
met with the Technical Advisory Committee, TAC, for discussions and
planning on future projects. This engagement will be ongoing with
the committees as we are looking forward to reinvigorating the
activities within each group. The WIA has many committees which
often rely on volunteers for successful outcomes. If you can spare
some time to contribute in some capacity, email the WIA office with
your expression of interest.

For all the newcomers to Amateur Radio and for all those studying to
obtain your Foundation Licence the following news will be well
received as the new Foundation manual has finally gone to print.
This is the new and updated version reflecting recent changes in the
Amateur LCD. Not only a comprehensive study guide for the Foundation
Licence it is an excellent reference source and guide for
operational protocols and procedures. The Foundation manuals are
expected to be available for purchase from the WIA bookshop from
late July to early August, so around a couple of weeks from now.
Expect your local radio Club to soon have them available as well.
The WIA Board extends their gratitude to Phil Waite VK2ASD for his
hard work and contribution with his team in getting the Foundation
manual finalized and in print.

AR Magazine Editor in Chief, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH informs us that
the latest edition of AR magazine is now out and should be showing
up in our letter boxes already. Keep an eye out for the MemNet email
announcing that the digital version of AR magazine is available for

Included features in this edition of AR magazine are:
- Outdoor Adventures;
- The new face of ALARA;
- At Queens Jubilee Station GB70E;
- Backpack portable Frolics in the wild;
- Handy hacks from a homebrewer shack;
- Retro tech on ANZAC Day;
-John Moyle Field day Scores.
Plus all the usual columns and Hamads of course.

Last weekend was the Low band Trans-Tasman Contest. There was lots of
activity on 40m, 80m and Top band 160m with conditions being
excellent. Reports were that both the WIA President and
Vice President were active in the contest. Dont forget to send in
your log, even if you only worked a couple of contacts. Thanks go
to Alan Shannon VK4SN for the N1MM UDC and the provision of the log
upload portal at for automatic log

Thats it for this week.
73 from Lee VK3GK

This is Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine, Roger Harrison

The latest edition of Amateur Radio magazine Issue Number 4 for
2022 is now being read by choir boys and girls across Australia
and beyond. And, it seems, the choristers are telling their mates
about it.

So, let me tell you about it, first hand, so that you non-subscribers
know what to look for in your local newsagent.

From Issue 1 this year, AR magazine is being delivered to
newsagencies in those postcodes where we know licensed amateurs live,
or the nearest adjacent postcodes.

Let me warn you, though. This issue contains some strong stuff!
Kind-a like the spray-on glue the Blues Brothers used in the
penultimate scenes to bring on a Good Ol Boys bus crash.

Right up front, we have an article on the passing of the web browser
many amateurs would have cut their internet teeth on Internet
Explorer. As of June 15th, Microsoft ended support across some
versions of Windows 10. Three Australian academics set out the tale
of Explorers life-and-times over the past twenty-seven years. Thats
longer than some radio clubs we know of. The authors note the
current ascendency of Googles Chrome browser, but note that its a
key part of Googles relentless data-gathering; something that may
eventually discourage users.

Every magazine issue worth its salt is never without a stirring tale
of derring-do!

This issue carries the story of how a small team from Brisbane
mounted a successful attempt on the VK4 terrestrial distance record
for digital modes on 3.4 GHz, the 9cm band. The original record of
502.8 km has now been pushed-out to 524 km.

In late May, the two-man team from the Brisbane VHF Group Kevin
VK4UH and Colin VK4UV, undertook the road trip to Zilzie on the
north side of Rockhampton, in an effort to work Trevor VK4AFL at
Birkdale, on the south side of Brisbane. Read about the struggles of
the peripatetic proletariat in Issue 4.

Furthermore, Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW sets out how to make a success
of promoting amateur radio to the general public, without being
patronizing about it.

There we are, folks. Look out for Issue 4 . . . with the Sun peeking
through the magazine banner, shining a light where no other
publication can hold a candle.

Amateur Radio magazine in print, online, and on-time, Volume 90,
Issue Number 4 for 2022. Serving Australian radio amateurs since

This has been AR magazine Editor-in-Chief Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for
VK1WIA News.


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.


From July 1, 2023, CBR will run Amateur Radio exams in the Netherlands.

Candidates will take their exam Online but only at a CBR exam centre so
this differs from standard practice in most countries where online
exams can be taken at home.

CBR (Centraal Bureau of Driving Licences ((Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen)) is
the organization responsible for running theory exams for the driving
license in the Netherlands.

The rates that CBR charges for exams must be cost-covering. For 2023,
the rates for regular exams will be 72.00 per exam. (About 107 AUD)

A VERY INTERESTING SERVICE INDEED is that CBR let the candidate indicate
what kind of exam you want to take. There are three choices:

Regular exam; suitable for anyone who has sufficient reading skills.

Regular exam with extra time; if you have difficulty reading or
perform better due to less time pressure. With this exam you get
15 minutes extra exam time.

Individually supervised exam; suitable if you are dyslexic or have
difficulty reading. It can also be a solution if you suffer from
certain forms of social anxiety disorders.

These special exams due incur a surcharge.

Applications for small-scale DAB multiplex licences under the fourth
round of the rollout are now open, covering areas from East Fife in
Scotland to the Ards Peninsula in Northern Ireland, and from Anglesey
in Wales to Wolverhampton in England.

Small-scale DAB is an innovative technology which provides ultra-local
digital radio stations with a low-cost route to air. Each multiplex
will allow several stations to take to the digital airwaves, including
grass-roots community services, specialist music stations, and services
aimed at minority groups and other under-served audiences.

As an example in Brisbane 3 multiplexers, on Mt Coot-Tha dish out some
65-67 different radio stations.. but as yet DAB + is only in the
Capitals and Gold Coast

Ofcoms rollout of small-scale DAB in the UK will enable the launch of
around 200 multiplexes, covering all four UK nations.

This story bridges both IARU regions One and Two

ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio has recognized
Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde, N1UL, as the 2022 recipient of the Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the IEEE, Photonics Society
Engineering Achievement Award.

The award is for outstanding engineering achievement in the field of
optoelectronic signal generation and optical measurement equipment for
next-generation intelligent optical networks. Dr. Rohde is an ARRL
Maxim Society and Life Member.

Dr. Rohde is currently a partner of Rohde & Schwarz, in Munich,
Germany, and Chairman of Synergy Microwave Corporation in New Jersey.
He is also President of the Communications Consulting Corporation,
serving as an honorary member of the Senate of the University of the
Armed Forces in Munich, honorary member of the Senate of the
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, and past
member of the Board of Directors of Ansoft Corporation in Pennsylvania.

A high achiever indeed

Throughout his career he has been active in microwave technology and
in 2017 was honoured for his work developing software-defined radio

Dr. Rohde has been an avid amateur radio operator holding several
licenses in the United States and Germany. He has been licensed since

He also operates N1UL/MM on his yacht, the Dragonfly, and is Trustee
of the Marco Island Radio Club, K5MI.



Is AM mode going away? Well, certainly not in amateur radio but there
has apparently been some action among automakers who are making the
transition to electric car manufacture.

Kent Peterson KCDGY brings us this story he originally filed for
Amateur Radio NewsLine.

Amplitude modulation - so loved by radio amateurs for being the
first voice mode -- is apparently becoming the last-choice commercial
radio option for some automobile manufacturers who are having second
thoughts about retaining AM radio in their new cars, many are citing
electric-motor interference. They claim that the electric motors that
provide the power to the drive wheels mess with terrestrial AM radio
reception, creating such issues as distortion, static and signal loss.

Tesla has already cut AM radios from its vehicles, starting with its
original Model S. BMW pulled it from both its i3 and i8 sedans -- and
no Audi models that are fully electric are equipped with AM either.

A representative for Audi explained on the website
that drivers can make up for the loss by opting to stream those stations
via digital signals on a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. An article on the
website,, also noted that AM is practically gone from the
broadcast radio scene in Europe as well, overtaken by the DAB + format.

In the US, however, where AM radio still remains popular, it will be a
challenge, especially for those long-distance drivers who most
especially love the commercial radio version of DXing. In fact, as one
author wrote on the website of [quote] " Woe to
those drivers who have fond memories of listening to an ever-changing
array of AM radio stations as they travelled across the country in
wood-panelled station wagons!" [endquote]

Amateur Radio to be showcased at 2022 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.

ARRL member-volunteers will ensure amateur radio is well-represented at
the annual EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More than 10,000
aircraft and a half-million flight enthusiasts make Wittman Regional
Airport the busiest airfield in the world during AirVenture.

"There's a kinship among the aviation and amateur radio communities,"
ARRL Director of Public Relations (NQ1R) . "In addition to introducing
newcomers to ham radio, we expect to meet hundreds of ham-pilots at
AirVenture. This is a great opportunity to show off ham radio at such
a large-scale event." NQ1R co-authored "Growing Amateur Radio,
One Pilot at a Time," in the January 2019 issue of QST, describing
some of the opportunities and experiences pursued by pilots who become
active ham radio operators.


Its creation took six years, starting with the earliest stages of
design and -- it's on its way! 2 region 3 countries are involved
and Col VK3GTV will reveal which countries and what the creation is
a little "further down the log".





July 30 - 31st



WIA RD or Remembrance Day Contest

Weekend closest to the 15th August each year.

2022 its Sat Sun August 13 and 14






PHONE - First full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for ALL logs - 31 October.


SPRING is always in NOVEMBER
0100 UTC Saturday 26 through 0059 UTC Sunday 27 November


BBC centenary special event GB 100 BBC

Members of the BBCs radio club, The London BBC Radio Group, have been
on air with their exceptional all-year Special Event callsign to help
celebrate the BBCs centenary year, GB 100 BBC.



Irish Radio Transmitters Society.

Hams are using the special callsign EI 90I RTS to mark the 90th
anniversary of the founding of Ireland's national society. Listen for
the EI 90 IRTS callsign.

QSL via EI6AL.




Members of VERON's section of Mid and North Limburg are QRV with
special call sign PI 75 LIM to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

QSL via bureau.



A year-long special event is call HG 2 PS.

Hams are marking the 200th birthday of Sandor Petofi, a revolutionary
and celebrated poet.

The station will be on the air until March 15th, 2023.

Be listening on all bands for operators using CW, SSB and FT8.

QSL via HA 8 RD, ClubLog or LoTW.




The latest YASME press release speaks on POTA, "Parks On The Air".

"Since the program's inception, it has grown enormously and now has
more than 6500 "activators" who operate from the parks and more than
20,000 "hunters" who work them.

Next to DXCC and IOTA, POTA has become one of the most active worldwide
operating award programs.

Even more important, though, is that more hams are OTA (on the air),
especially hams with modest stations or who cannot get OTA from home
for whatever reason. POTA is making it possible for them to have a
great deal of fun, be active on HF/VHF/satellites, and learn about

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Registration Now Open for NASA 2022 International Space Apps

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge, the worlds largest annual hackathon,
returns this year with the theme Make Space, which emphasizes NASAs commitment to
inclusivity. This years challenge will focus on Earth and space science,
technology, and exploration. Participant registration for in-person and virtual
events is now open through Oct. 2.

Space Apps provides a platform where everyone across the globe with a passion for
creativity and innovation can use their unique perspectives to tackle challenges
created by NASA experts. The challenges range in skill level, expertise, subject
matter, and objective, and span a spectrum of disciplines and interests that range
from artificial intelligence and software development to art and storytelling.

Each year, Space Apps allows thousands to engage with NASA and its partners open
data during the hackathon, said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA associate administrator for
the agencys Science Mission Directorate. It has been rewarding to see the
innovative projects created by Space Apps Challenge participants and observe their
potential to generate meaningful contributions toward solving some of the most
difficult challenges studied by NASA on Earth and in space.

For more information about Space Apps and to register for an in-person
or online event on Oct. 1-2, 2022, visit

Indonesia has just sent its first amateur radio CubeSat to Japan where
it will be launched in October this year.

It is totally student-built. After it arrives at the ISS, it will be
launched into orbit from there. Indonesia is calling this a pioneering
venture for their country and a big win for students in the area of
STEM. It is also being viewed as a symbol that this country can indeed
build satellites of its own. It is also seen as showing promise that
the country can develop technology to do remote monitoring and
emergency communications.

Its creation took six years, starting with the earliest stages of

NASAs Starlings.

NASAs aptly named Starling satellite swarm mission consists of four
6U CubeSats which will practice formation flying, autonomous control,
ad hoc inter-satellite networking, and autonomous collaboration by
measuring the Earths ionosphere using GPS signals.

The Starlings will launch on Firefly Aerospaces first commercial
launch. NASA envisions future swarms of autonomously-operating CubeSats
in deep space working together to collect distributed science data and
perform observations. An example is the upcoming HelioSwarm, a
9-satellite, $250m mission planned for 2028 to study solar wind


Next weekend, as Felix VK4FUQ has been telling us, will be the next
IOTA contest.

3 to work from Europe are

EU-016. Operators Miran/S50O, Silvo/S50X, Hubi/S53Z, XYL Zorica/S54ZO,
Milan/S58U and Branko/9A7YY will be active as 9A/homecall
(expect 9A7YY) from Vis Island.
QSL via their home call-sign, direct or by the Bureau.
For more details, see:

EU-018. Carsten, OY1CT, will be active from Streymoy Island, Faroe
Islands, during the RSGB IOTA Contest as a Single-Op/High-Power entry.
QSL via OY1CT or LoTW.

EU-062. Stian, LB5SH, will be active as LC1R from Nord-Heroy
during the Contest as a Single-Op entry.
BUT and this is important for "wallpaper" chasers there will be
NO QSL cards.


WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS - NET ADVICE is a website looking to encourage more activity on 2m in
Staffordshire and surrounding areas. It is also the Internet home
of a 2m mid-week midday net, Lunch on the Air, YES ham sandwiches!

Lunch on the Air takes place each and every Wednesday from 12:30pm.

Radio Amateurs from all walks of life are welcome to take part. is becoming a good resource for local UK Radio Amateurs,
both those new to the hobby and those with a little more experience.

Great idea - oh and don't forget the mustard!


2022 Social Scene

VK4 - August 6 Redcliffe Club hold Radio display at Altronics
Virginia 8.30 AM (vk4bz)

VK4 - Redcliffe Club Car Boot Sale Saturday 20th August 9am
club house Macfarlane Park, Klingner Road Kippa-Ring. (vk4tfn)

VK5 - AREG Car Boot Sale Sept 10 David Roche Park Kilburn (vk5tr)

"The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group (AREG) are holding their first
annual Adelaide Amateur Radio & Electronics Car Boot Sale - Saturday
September 3rd at 10AM at the David Roche Park - Cromwell St, Kilburn.

Entry is $5 for buyers and seller car park spaces from $10. There will
also be commercial vendor tables, amateur radio displays, plus door
prizes and more.

For more info or to secure a seller's spot, check out AREG's website

VK4 - SunFest Sunday 18 September 10:00 AM Mountain Creek State
School (noreply email)

VK6 - PerthTech October 21-23 (vk6pop)

VK7 - November 5 - Tasmanian Amateur Radio Conference Hobart (vk7news)

SAVE THAT DATE! For the Tassie Ham Radio Conference & Expo Saturday
the 5th and Sunday the 6th of November 2022

The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Inc
(REAST) would like to invite you to the newest and most exciting
event on the VK Amateur Radio calendar the Tassie Ham Radio
Conference & Expo.

It is being held in Hobart at the University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay
Campus in the spacious and contemporary Stanley Burbury facility
with plenty of free car parking available directly outside the venue.

The facility is also only a 20 minute car bus or Uber trip from the
airport, flights into Hobart run from all major capital cities and
direct to Auckland in NewZealand for all our ZL bros across the
ditch, why not come over for a weekend of fun and socialization!
There is also plenty of accommodation close by.

We have planned a full day of presentations on the Saturday on a
huge range of amateur radio topics from presenters from around the

The Sunday Expo is a full day of Amateur Radio Vendors and Traders
and STOP PRESS - ICOM will be there along with many other vendors
all eager to sell out their amateur radio products. There will be
pre-loved items, fox hunts, trivia sessions, raffles with some very
nice prizes along with many information stands including ALARA,
Parks, SOTA and much more.

Registrations will open shortly for the event and are essential and
you can attend in person or online for the Saturday presentations.

Take a look at the website

We look forward to seeing you all in Hobart!

73 Tassie Ham Expo Organizing Committee

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest November 20 9.3Oam. (vk3pdg)


VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

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