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VK7 Centenary Celebration

The centenary of organised Amateur Radio in Tasmania will be celebrated
in June 2023. Justin, VK7TW has put out a call for anyone who would
like to be involved in a group to plan, organise and deliver the
Centenary activities.

If you are interested then please email

And from VK6, a bit short of a Century but as far as broadcasting this
news service it's hats off to Phil VK6GX, broadcasting news since
1984, ( Oh and Phils callsign was VK6ABL prior to 2008 ).

Well done that man!



Hello again from Peter VK4EA coming to you again from
Meinjin in Turrbul and Jagera country.

This week has been busy for the WIA board, so lets get into it.

YOTA Youngsters On The Air an initiative to get more young people
on the air. This year the WIA have applied for VK 22 YOTA, a callsign
available to any organisation running a YOTA event. The IARU
encouraging individuals and organisations to participate in the
December YOTA 2022 event. More information can be found by searching
for YOTA link in the text edition.

Youngsters On The Air Official website

More YOTA 2022 announcements are forthcoming, stay tuned.

Class License and Higher Power
A C M A consultation period closed Friday, the second of December.
The WIA Spectrum Strategy Committee have put a massive, huge, ginormous
effort into preparing the WIA response. Thank you to all those that
submitted a response to the survey, the responses helped to formulate
the submission. Last Monday the board received a briefing from
Grant VK5GR and Peter VK3MV going through the submission in detail.
The board overwhelmingly endorsed the submission, an impressive effort
indeed. We will circulate a link to the submission soon, its most
likely been advertised by the time this piece has been broadcast.
All we can do now is to be responsive to any queries from the
A C M A and, be patient, while the submission is being digested.

Last week I spoke about the director vacancies coming up, reiterating
nominations for board positions close 12th of December. And also, the
2023 director elections will be electronic. For those listening that
do NOT wish to, or are UNABLE to, cast their ballot electronically,
there is an option to receive a paper ballot. The latest AR Magazine
address label doubles as a request for a paper ballot.

That is it from me for this year, I am looking forward to break over
the Christmas/New Year period and hope to be active for the 2m tropo
and 6m spadoric E season.

This has been Peter VK4EA on behalf of the WIA board.


and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


Beware of Counterfeit ICOM Products

Colin Butler writing in says "ICOM has reported seeing
counterfeit copies of ICOM radios available online with some also
arriving in the UK to unsuspecting buyers. These copies look like
genuine ICOM radios but when examined more closely are not and are
significantly inferior in both quality and performance.

Several buyers have contacted ICOM believing they have purchased and
thought they were receiving a genuine ICOM. On arrival the radios had
an incorrect UK channel set, some channels missing and in some cases,
buttons not functioning as expected.

Most if not all of these counterfeit products are found online and
compared to genuine are priced incredibly low. However, what might
seem like a bargain or a great purchase will become a disappointment
and could affect how you use your radio and also your and others'

If you are unsure, ask the seller for a serial number in advance of
purchasing, call the ICOM customer service team who can confirm the
origin of the radio as genuine or not.


Battery technology continues to change and the latest evolution
announced recently is a super-small rechargeable "micro-battery"
with a high tolerance for variations in temperature - and a lifespan of
between one and two decades. Kent Peterson KC DGY from Amateur Radio
NewsLine tells us about this new development and what scientists are
saying about it.

A company in France believes it has come up with the latest
solution to provide battery power for micro-power devices. The company,
ITEN, has developed an ultra-small rechargeable lithium battery. At
first glance, the surface-mount solid-state battery might easily be
mistaken for an SMD chip as its housing is only slightly larger than the
battery's own dimensions of 3.2 by 2.5 mm. They are, of course, not
chips: These batteries have a capacity of between 0.1 mAh and 0.5 mAh.
They were found capable of tolerating temperatures between minus 40
degrees Celsius, or minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way to 85
degrees Celsius, or 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their ability to deliver peak currents make them especially useful for
powering RF transmissions such as Bluetooth, Sigfox and LTE, to deliver
packets of data via sensors. The website, CNX software, also sees the
batteries as being useful for sensor data loggers, beacons and backup
power supplies for microcontrollers.

The solid-state technology is considered another plus contributing
toward a usable lifespan of between 10 and 20 years. The company has
said the batteries are also fast-charging.

The website, Hackaday, poses the following challenge:


"Wed be particularly interested to learn about their temperature
sensitivity when it comes to soldering, as weve taken to heart the
warnings about soldering to more traditional lithium cells."


The website noted that there are apparently some evaluation kits
available directly from the company in France.

This is Kent Peterson KCDGY.

In-Car Radio Trends Revealed at WorldDAB Summit 2022

JAMES CARELESS, writing in where he has covered this
Radio Summit.

How is radio actually doing in the car today, given growing competition
from streaming services? What motivates people to choose radio over
streaming while driving, and vice versa? And what role will voice
control play in managing in-car entertainment systems?

These points and others were covered by Diana Franganillo, Director of
In-Vehicle UX Research at Strategy Analytics, during her presentation
talk at the WorldDAB Summit 2022. It was organized by WorldDAB, the
DAB global industry forum, on Nov. 17 at Londons King Place and

Diana touched on the growing availability of DAB receivers in cars,
the need for automobile manufacturers to provide drivers with easy
to read, easy to navigate touch panels, and the emergence of
Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and the Android Automotive operating system
in this environment.

The next trend I will mention is the ubiquity of voice interactions,
she continued. If well implemented, they could be less distracting to
drivers than manual visual interactions. And the last trend, of course,
to be prepared for is autonomous vehicles.

All this being said, there is still a clear and very specific need
for broadcast radio in the car, she concluded. While it is true that
the time spent listening to streaming sources has increased, these
services are complementary to radio. This is why, in her view,
radio is still royalty on vehicle dashboards.


Nebraska's First Lady, Susanne Shore, recently presented the
Disaster Volunteer Award to Dodge County Amateur Radio Emergency
Services at a Luncheon in Omaha.

Eleven Nebraskans / groups were honoured.

The Serve-Nebraska Step Forward Awards recognize exemplary volunteers
across that US state for their time and service aimed at making their
communities better.

The awards are the most prestigious awards given for volunteerism
in the state of Nebraska.


The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre has announced an agreement to
further develop new search and rescue beacon technologies in partnership
with NASA. It is the latest in a long history of cooperation in the
field of SAR between Australia and the United States.

Similar to distress beacons on Earth, the system will provide miniature
low-power radio beacons mounted on space suits and lunar rover vehicles
and will support SOS and two-way messaging over a lunar orbiting
satellite constellation. It will also allow the beacon location to be
accurately determined, in the absence of GPS. This information will be
provided securely and quickly to both the mission control centre on
Earth and the response team on the moon, who are able to take immediate

In an interview in SmartSat CEO Andy Koronios said
This agreement signals Australias space sector is developing globally
important technologies. NASA has been instrumental in the development
journey for this essential safety technology and while it is early
stages, we now have the further potential of this Australian-developed
tech playing an important role in lunar and Martian exploration missions
under the Artemis program.



2021 WIA Contest Champion Results

The WIA Contest Champion is awarded annually for the best combined
effort in WIA sponsored contests. It recognises those who have
participated in multiple WIA contests and submitted logs throughout the
year. There were a total of 294 contestants during 2021.

The winner of the Peter Brown VK4PJ trophy for 2021 is Lawrie Mew VK5LJ
with a score of 520 points. Lawrie acquired WIA Contest Champion points
in 7 of the 9 eligible contests. Congratulations to Lawrie, he has now
won the WIA Contest Champion trophy 4 years in a row.

(vk7wi news)

The RSGB is hosting the Transatlantic Centenary Tests 2022 on the
HF bands this month. Unlike those of the 1920s, which consisted of
one-way communication, this event will encourage worldwide
two-way communication with UK and Crown Dependency stations.

There will be a series of awards available for making QSOs with those
who are activating historic RSGB callsigns.




Objective is for Amateurs worldwide to exchange information with
W/VE amateurs on 160-meter CW.

December 2 - 4. YES THIS WEEKEND



For Amateurs worldwide to exchange QSO information with as many
stations as possible on the 10 meter band.

Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday;
runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 10-11).

Logs are due within SEVEN (7) days after the event is over.


Ferdy, HB 9 DSP, is active from Zanzibar using the call sign 5 H 3 FM
until December 13 mostly on 20, 15 and 10 metres using SSB and FT8.
QSL to his home call HB9DSP



Be listening for Take (TAH-KAY), JS 6 RRR operating from Miyako-jima,
IOTA number AS-079, until December 17th. Take will be on 80-6m, using
SSB, CW, FM, RTTY and JT65.

JS 6 RRR QSL information is on



Special event station PV 22 CUP is until December 18 for the
22nd FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

(vk2wi news)


Special event call signs 3Z 95 PRK, HF 95 PRK, SN 95 PRK, SO 95 PRK,
SP 95 PRK, and SQ 95 PRK are QRV till December 11 celebrating the
95th anniversary of Poland's largest regional radio broadcaster,
Polskie Radio Katowice.
QSL these various 95PRK stations via bureau




During the month of December the Fisher's Ghost Amateur Radio Club will
be celebrating its 40th anniversary with members activating the special
event callsign VI2FG40. Activity will be mainly on 40m SSB. A special
event station from the club's radio shack at Cataract Activity Centre
(QF55js) will be active for 40 hours on multiple bands using SSB and FT8
from 20:00 Friday 9 December to 12:00 Sunday 11 December AEDT. More
information can be found on the QRZ page for VI2FG40.





In Launceston a Summits On The Air / World Wide Flora and Fauna parks
group meets twice weekly Mondays and Fridays 10.30AM till 12.00 at
the Glebe Gardens Cafe, Henry Street, Launceston.

Al VK7AN is the man to see if you want further info, contact details
in the text edition of the news this week.

0417 354 410.

(vk7wi news)

SOTA and the one to listen out for is CN 22 JIM from Morocco.

Special station CN22JIM will be active on 5-18 December from Imlil
in the High Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. The call sign's suffix
stands for Journee Internationale de la Montagne or International
Mountain Day which will be celebrated on 10 December.

QSL via RW 6 HS.


TM 35 FIST is the special call sign for Jean, F6JOE to celebrate the
35th anniversary of the FISTS CW Club (International Morse Preservation
Society) 5-11 December.

The Club was founded in 1987 by the late George Longden G 3 ZQS, after
recognising a need for a club in which veteran operators would help new
comers and less experienced operators learn and improve CW proficiency.

QSL via F 6 JOE.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

FUNcube-1 (AO73) Now celebrating nine years in orbit!

Another year has passed and FUNcube 1 has continued to operate from its
orbit around 600km above the earth. To start with some statistics.

The spacecraft creates and downlinks data in frames that run for
two minute periods. It has now transmitted more that 16 million of
these frames or Sequence Numbers. Another big statistic is more than
10 million data packets have been received by stations that have
forwarded them to FUNcube Data Warehouse.

You can see the leading ground stations on

Special congratulations to those at the top, scorers, many of them have
individually forwarded more than 1 million packets.

Thanks to all contributors around the world. Having this network of
ground stations has enabled the FUNcube team to easily monitor the
status of the spacecraft easily.


NASA and the Government of Japan have announced further contributions
by Japan to Gateway, a key component of the agencys Artemis missions
for long-term lunar exploration.

In addition to the Gateway arrangement, announced was Japans
commitment to participate in the International Space Station Program
through 2030, the first international partner to join the United States
in formally committing to space station operations through 2030.
NASA welcomed Japans announcement of its continuation of space station
operations through 2030.

NASA and its international partners conduct critical science, research,
and technology demonstrations aboard the orbiting laboratory that make
long-duration missions to the Gateway and the Moon possible.

Read the full story at


Today's last story in the Final Frontier comes from a great weekly
publication from NASA called "Space Station Science Highlights".

Crew members aboard the International Space Station conducted
scientific investigations during the week of Nov. 21 that included
radio contact between astronauts and science students on the ground and
tracking how the human body adapts to microgravity.

ISS Ham Radio sessions use ground-based amateur radio stations to
connect students, teachers, parents, and other members of a community
directly to astronauts on the space station. These radio experiences
help inspire interest in science, technology, engineering, and maths.

During the week, crew members spoke with students studying and
monitoring natural hazards at 12 schools in nine Caribbean and
Central American countries, hosted by St. Josephs Convent
Secondary School in Saint Lucia.

The crew also held a session with the community at Five Bridges
Junior High School in Nova Scotia, Canada. Those students are
learning about space exploration with activities that include
constructing solar system models and growing tomato seeds that
previously flew on the space station.

Adapting to space

For this investigation, crew members complete cognition tests and
sleep questionnaires and collected blood, saliva, and urine samples
for various analyses, including immune function and microbiome health.
Other measures included artery ultrasounds and sensorimotor tests.
This data, collected over the life of the space station, enable
researchers to examine how crew members adapt to living and working
in space and to monitor countermeasure effectiveness in support of
future long-duration missions.



Operators PA3EWP, DL2AWG, DK2AMM, PG5M, and PA5X are QRV as
5R8WP, 5R8WG, 5R8MM, 5R8CG, and 5R8PA, respectively,
from Nosy Be Island, IOTA AF-057, until today December 3.
Activity is on 160 to 6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY, and FT8
QSL these iota stations via DL 2 AWG.



Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW reminding you that tomorrow is the
first Monday of month, time for the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of
Australia's December bulletin to go to air.

As per usual, there will be no January bulletin. The first RAOTC
bulletin for 2023 will be on Monday, February 6th.

VK6 Members and Friends are reminded that the Christmas lunch will be
at the Woodbridge Hotel in Guildford on Tuesday, December 13th. The
January lunchtime meeting will on Tuesday, January 10th at same venue.

This month as well as the latest Club news we have:

News of the latest Committee meeting;

An item on the Ugly Duckling Liberty ships of World War 2;

The story of a man who fell 18,000 feet and lived to tell the tale.

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-Members alike, is most welcome to listen
to the program and join in the call backs afterwards.

Full details of all transmissions times and modes can be found on the
RAOTC website at or just Google RAOTC broadcasts.
If none of the transmission times suit you, you can download the audio
file at any time from today from the club website.

On behalf of the Committee, I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

Once again, tune in tomorrow for the December RAOTC bulletin, enjoy the
program and please join in the call backs afterwards.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.

(Youngsters On The Air)

From Old Timers to Young Timers and The IARU Region 1 Youth Working
Group has held its yearly meeting. Within this virtual gathering
various things, as a roadmap, new structure, etc., were introduced and
discussed and Alec VK2APC is here with more:-

Due to its fast growth over the past few years the Youth Working Group
gained lots of responsibilities and tasks. Thus, it was decided to
appoint a second Vice Chair position to split those among the
board members.

Thus, Otava Tuomi OH 3 OT now serves as a second Vice Chair next to
Markus Groer DL 8 GM within the Working Group. Otava has been a member
since 2019 and is currently actively contributing to the well-known
Train The Trainer program as its coordinator. He will remain within
his TTT coordinator position and is further assisting with strategic
planning tasks and decision making among the board.

All present Youth Working Group members voted in favour, none against,
no abstain.

YOTA thanks OH 3 OT for his contribution and are looking forward to
the future of YOTA in Region One.



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

SKYWARN Recognition Day Set for December 3, 2022:

The annual SKYWARN on-the-air activity will take place from 0000 to
2400 UTC.

SKYWARN Recognition Day was developed in 1999 by the US National
Weather Service and ARRL to honour the contributions that SKYWARN
volunteers make to the NWS mission, that is, the protection of
life and property during threatening weather.

During the SKYWARN special event, hams will operate from several NWS
offices, as well as from their mobile, home, and club stations.
"The relationship between amateur radio operators and the NWS is
extremely important for relaying information during storms of any type"
said ARRL Director of Emergency Management Josh Johnston, KE5MHV.
"SKYWARN is a perfect example of the value of hams working together
with government partners during times of disaster."

( )


Sometimes a QSL card can confirm so much more than just a successful
contact. Just ask one ham in Wyoming who recently got such a card with
a special message.

Here's Ralph Squilllace KK 6 ITB with that story.

Nicholas Cashoili NASL recently sent a QSL card to Jim Shirey
N7FC. The men had a QSO on Halloween night on the same frequency where
members of the Buffalo Amateur Radio Club customarily check in and keep
up-to-date on matters related to the club. The voice coming from Jim's
HT, however, wasn't from a fellow club member: It was that of a motorist
in distress. That motorist was Nicholas. According to a report on the
Buffalo Bulletin website, Nicholas told Jim that he needed help: He'd
been driving through a canyon in Johnson County in north central
Wyoming, when his car slid off the road. His car was disabled and there
was no cell service available in the area. Using his radio, Jim gathered
what information he could get from Nicholas and then called 911. The
story in the Buffalo Bulletin said that the fire and sheriff's
departments were sent to assist at the scene.

Jim however didn't learn of the happy ending until he received that QSL
card from Nicholas this month. Only after its arrival from Nicholas'
Nebraska QTH did Jim discover some of the details of what turned out to
be a successful rescue. Nicholas was safe and had not been injured. The
day it arrived, his QSL card did double duty -- as a thank-you card.

This is Ralph Squillace KK6ITB.

(amateur radio NewsLine)


New 2200-metre band record
Peter Hall (VK6HP), 25 September, 2022

Heres a good-news story relating to our lowest spectrum allocation:
the 2200-metre, or 136 kHz, band.

Monday night, November 21, VK6MJM set a new Oceania to North America
distance record for 1-way digital modes. VK6MJM transmissions, running
at about 0.8 watt effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), were
received by Paul, KM5SW, in Jemez Springs New Mexico.

The propagation distance was 16,164 km not bad for about 1 W on this
notoriously challenging band! Transmissions used the relatively new
WSJT-X FST4W-300 mode, which is a 5-minute key-down mode. Paul received
the VK6MJM signals at a signal-to-noise ratio of -36 or -37 dB,
relative to the standard 2.5 kHz WSJT-X reference bandwidth.

VK6MJM is operated by the Western Australian Low Frequency
Experimenters Group, or WALFEG, a group led by Professor Peter Hall,
VK6HP, and affiliated with the WIA. The station is based around a
de-commissioned aeronautical non-directional beacon (or NDB) facility
at Manjimup, 300 km south of Perth. The morse ident of the NDB was
MJM, and the new callsign is a nod to history. Peter was able to
write a proposal to local and State authorities persuading them of the
value of re-using the site and particularly the 22.5 m high live-mast
antenna for amateur radio, scientific research, and educational
activities. The great majority of the NDB electronics has been removed
and much of the current VK6MJM equipment is homebrew. While its early
days, several WALFEG members have made important contributions to
re-furbishing the site, with the ultimate aim of having the station
remotely controlled.

More details are available on the VK6MJM QRZ web page.

For the record-breaking transmissions the main VK6MJM electronics was
a TS-590S exciter fitted with a TCXO, a homebrew HEXFET push-pull power
amplifier, and a homebrew impedance matching transformer.

KM5SW used an RSPdx SDR locked to a Leo Bodnar GPSDO, and a K9AY
receiving loop at 25 m height in the pine trees at the remote Jemez
Springs location.


2022 Social Scene

VK4 - Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club Car Boot Sale NEXT WEEKEND:-
Saturday 10th Dec. Macfarlane Park, Klingner Road Kippa-Ring.


VK3 - BARG HamFest 5th of February BARG clubrooms (vk3kqt)

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

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