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Obviously this week we'll be taking a look at the recent
ACMA notification on their consultation papers on the
future of Amateur Radio licencing and regulation.


We must send our thoughts and prayers to our friends
in the west in the Bushfire regions near Perth.

AND particularly Bob Bristow who was less than 5kms from
the Red Zone and spent several sleepless nights and days.
Bob, VK6POP is the force behind the VK6WIA news service
but like the Pony Express, no doubt his news will still
get through, neither Covid nor Fire will halt his news.

Also this week it's to Mandurah and we'll hear live from

to now who are reporting how Adelaide Hills
Community Rallies To Save Their Local Radio Station

Over 1000 Adelaide Hills residents have signed a petition
to get their community radio station back on air after it
was denied an ongoing broadcasting licence by the Federal
government in September last year. Now these residents have
started a campaign for the Australian Communications and
Media Authority, which manages all broadcasting licences
to open up a second community radio frequency in the
Adelaide Hills.

Whilst we are looking at Broadcast Radio, commercial radios
weekly audience hit 11.1m in 2020.

The Australian metropolitan commercial radio audience grew
by 2% to nearly 11.1 million listeners in 2020, a year
dominated by COVID-19 which saw the number of people
listening at home jump by eight per cent to 6.4 million.

Commercial Radio Australias annual listening summary, based
on an average of the five official GfK metropolitan radio
surveys conducted in 2020, shows radios cumulative audience
has climbed by 10% over the past five years.




Giving members to have a better awareness of Board activities.

Hello, this is WIA President Greg with this weeks
board comment.

Something that should be of both interest and concern of
all Radio Amateurs in Australia has just been released by
the spectrum regulator - the ACMA. This very important
announcement last Wednesday (Feb 03) from ACMA, is a
consultation advice re potential major changes to the
Amateur Radio Service and its licensing regime into the

The following is quoted from the ACMA announcement:

Have your say review of non-assigned amateur regulatory

The ACMA has reviewed the regulatory arrangements that
authorise the operation of non-assigned amateur stations.
This work was part of a broader review that included
non-assigned outpost licensing arrangements, as foreshadowed
in the Five-year spectrum outlook 202024.
The objective of our review is to identify the best licensing
mechanism that reduces regulatory burden and minimises costs
for licensees, while also preserving the current operational
utility for licensees.

We have identified a set of options. We could:

-keep the existing apparatus licensing arrangements and

-simplify the existing licensing arrangements and conditions

-transition non-assigned stations to class licensing
arrangements, while retaining apparatus licensing
arrangements for assigned stations.

We are now consulting on these options and our preferred
approach to authorise the operation of non-assigned amateur
stations under a class licence.

We are also seeking preliminary comments on a proposal to
establish an additional kind of accreditation to allow people
to become accredited persons to issue frequency assignment
certificates for assigned amateur repeater and beacon licences.
End of quote.

Note that currently
Amateur Licences ( Foundation, Standard & Advanced) are
Non-assigned Apparatus licences.

The WIA will be submitting a response to this consultation.
We have yet to review the details of the options proposed,
especially the proposed legislative instruments that
underpin the proposals. Hence, it is premature to comment on
our initial assessment and position on the pros and cons of
each of the options. Please be assured that the WIA will
keep our members updated directly via email on this
important issue.

Link to ACMA Feb 03 2021 consultation advice:

Link to ACMA re Apparatus Licence:

Link to ACMA re Class Licence:

On another issue, there has been a pleasing response to the
call for 2021 director nominations with nominations received
by our returning officer being in excess of the vacant
positions, so accordingly an election will ensue. Details to
be advised to members soon. The WIA, now 110 plus years
young can only continue to support the Amateur Radio
community with YOUR support. If you have a real passion for
the future of Amateur radio, the WIA needs you!

Until next time, this is Greg VK2GPK


World Wide sources of the WIA.


For this story, of an Australian with an 'Indian' twist we
visit the Times Of India who take us to Kolkata.

Once known as Calcutta, its official name until 2001 it is the
capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, the city is
approximately 80 kilometres west of their border with

Now enough of the History and Geography story and on to this
story of Ham Radio finding a missing person, a bit of an
everyday occurrence for members of the West Bengal Radio Club.

A 69-year-old man of Indian origin, who was rescued from the
streets of Kolkata a few weeks ago and admitted to Hospital,
has turned out to be an Australian citizen.

Thanks to amateur radio operators, the Australian High
Commission in India has been contacted and efforts are on to
track down his records and family. The only document he
possesses is the photocopy of a registration certificate,
declaring him an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI).

A few days ago, health department officials, who know of our
work in tracing down the families of lost people, got in
touch and told us about the man.

It came to light that the man is Ashoke Chakravorty from
Sydney, Australia" said Ambarish Nag Biswas, secretary,
West Bengal Radio Club .

The Hams also say it's possible that Chakravorty worked at the
branch of a nationalised bank in the Darjeeling district
before moving to Australia.

We received calls from the Australian Deputy High
Commissioners office. The officials spoke to the patient
who speaks fluent English and says that he is from Australia
but doesnt remember his address there. When asked whether he
seeks assistance, he demanded that he be united with his
relatives in Australia, an official at the state-run
hospital said. When contacted, a source at the Australian
Deputy High Commissioners office in Kolkata said that
efforts are on to find out more about Chakravorty.


Signals received from Taiwan's CubeSats

The Taipei Times reports Amateur Radio operators have
received signals transmitted by Taiwan's two new CubeSats
which are called YuSat and IDEASSat and were launched by
SpaceX January 24

The newspaper says:
By noon January 25, overseas amateur radio operators
received signals transmitted by the two CubeSats with
correct and corresponding signal frequencies, intervals and
coordinates, said NCU Department of Space Science and
Engineering professor Loren Chang who oversees the IDEASSat

That shows the two CubeSats are operating, Chang said.


Crowd funding for SARL Next Generation Beacons.

In addition to AMSAT-SAs financial contribution to the
SARL Next Generation beacon fund, the group has started
a crowd funding campaign on its payfast platform.

Donors will be recognised on the SARL and AMSATSA websites
as well as receiving a confirmation email.

The first next generation beacon will be installed at
Bethlehem replacing the analogue beacon and was fully funded
by the SARL. The next two beacons for which funding is
required will be installed in Cape Town and Northern Karoo.

Contributions to the beacon fund can be made from


French Defence Ministry has a tender out for radio jammers
that can be drone-mounted.

The government's Defence Innovation Agency has put out a
request for proposals in search of a small, low-power
warfare device that can find radio communication transmitters
while mounted on a fixed or rotary-wing drone and possibly
disable the signals through jamming.

The devices are expected to be capable of detecting any
number of transmitters operating between 30 MHz and 6 GHz

ARNewsLine say bidding is being limited to companies within
the European Union.


Listen out for a rather LONG call - OV JUTLANDIA

When the Korean War broke out June, 1950, Denmark pledged to
assist the United Nations Command by providing humanitarian
aid to the Allied forces.

Medicinal products were made available very quickly, and it
was agreed Denmark would also send a hospital ship. In the
autumn of 1950, EAC agreed to make Jutlandia available to the
Danish government and after rebuilding, the ship departed
January of '51, heading for Korea.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of this event,
Experimental Danish Radio Amateurs have activated a special
radio station with the call sign OV JUTLANDIA.

From the 1st of February to 31st of March, this call sign is
active on most amateur radio bands with CW, SSB, RTTY and
other digital Modes. All HF bands, including WARC bands, and
all Modes can be used. EDR, the Danish National Society is
awarding a special diploma that radio amateurs around the
world who qualify can apply for.


For years, Facebook has been developing a technology to
improve the way data is organized and routed in wireless
networks. That technology is now being integrated into
commercially available 60-gigahertz small-cell base stations.

And if service providers sign on, it could soon help deliver
over-the-air Internet to homes and businesses around the

The Facebook technology, called Terragraph, provides a way
for a cluster of base stations broadcasting at 60 GHz to
autonomously manage and distribute traffic among themselves.
If one base station goes down, another can take over in an
instantand they can work together to find the most efficient
path for information en route.

Many Internet service providers are considering using 60 GHz
to bridge the gap between existing infrastructure and new
locations theyd like to reach, or to add capacity to places
they already serve.

Its definitely interesting, says Swetank Kumar Saha, a
research assistant and Ph.D. candidate in computer science
at the University at Buffalo, in New York, who has studied
the performance of 60-GHz consumer gear for indoors. A lot
of people have struggled to commercialize 60 GHz. Theres
been a lot of talk.

In New Zealand Corey Weir, Chairman, Radio Frequency Users
Association of New Zealand has said "using street-level
mm Wave radios, Terragraph leverages existing street furniture
to create a wireless distribution network ideally suited for
last-mile fixed access. One benefit of Terragraph is faster
time to market, with it being faster to deploy than wireline
service because it mounts on existing Street Furniture and
does not require costly Right of Way Permissions. Another
benefit is that it can be easily scaled as demand grows,
greatly reducing the upfront investment needed. (USA) (New Zealand)



If you are a "night owl" on the Eastern Seaboard and happened
on a LOT of CW around 1 or 2 this morning, Sunday.. no doubt
you decoded and realised it was another FISTS SATURDAY SPRINT.

FISTS Sprints are held 8 times throughout the year:-
First Saturday and third Sunday in each quarter of 2021
during: Feb, May, Aug, and Nov.

Each Sprint consists of a two-hour operating period.
Saturday Sprints between 1600 to 1800.
Sunday Sprints between 2100 to 2300 UTC.

Fists next Saturday Sprint is 1600Z - 1800Z May One.

(sourced to VKCC)


Last week we took part in the CW section, next the SSB.
Yes the CQWW 160M SSB CONTEST is end of the month,
February 26 - 28.


A couple of weekends back many avid contesters signed up
on YouTube for Contest University's Propagation Summit.

Well now YouTube recordings and PDF files from that Summit
hosted on January 23 by Contest University are available.

More than 1,000 logged in for the sessions. Each presentation
begins approximately on the hour. You can advance the video
to the presentation you wish to view.

The link we like is shown on the text edition of this newscast
and in the ATV version


CQ World Wide RTTY WPX Contest February 13-14


International DX CW Contest February 20-21


International DX Phone Contest March 6 - 7


Commonwealth Contest (BERU) 13/14 March.


WIA John Moyle Field Day 2021
March from UTC 0100 on Saturday 20 to 0059 Sunday 21nd.


the CQ World Wide SSB WPX Contest March 27-28

the CQ World Wide CW WPX Contest May 29-30


April 25 AM / CW ANZAC Day, Mon 25th from 9am on 7125kHz AM.


Harry Angel Sprint will be May First 2021. 10:00 - 11:46 UTC.


The VK SHIRES June 12-13 in 2021


WINTER VHF-UHF Field Days - June 26 - 27


IARU HF World Championship July 10-11



Next contest - JUL 17 2021 - and has the aim of encouraging
Low Band activity between VK and ZL on 160 80 and 40M using


RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 14-15.



A Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours starting on
Saturday 28th August at 0600 hours UTC finishing
Sunday 29th August at 0559 hours UTC



VOICE from 0800 UTC Saturday 2 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 3

CW from 0800 UTC Saturday 9 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 10




December 4-5 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 11 - 12 10 Mtr World Wide




Pride Radio Group will be operating the special event
callsign VI2021PRIDE throughout the Sydney Mardi Gras,
February 19th to March 7th then again during Midsumma,
April 19th to May 5th and Pride month, 1 to 30th of June.


ZL 100 RSC throughout February only celebrates the 100th
birthday of the first meeting of NZART's Branch 5. the
Christchurch ARC.



Time to 'open the Madeira'

Madeira Island operation

Active will be CT9/DD 8 ZX and CT9/DJ 9 KM from Madeira
Island (AF-014) which is an autonomous region of Portugal,
comprising 4 islands off to the northwest of Casablanca and
Marrakesh North Africa.

Between February 27th and March 6th depending on the Covid-19
situation) their activity will be holiday style on 40-10
meters using mostly the Digital modes (FT8 and RTTY).

QSL via their home callsigns, by the Bureau, direct or LoTW



PC 19 HOPE is QRV until March 10 to support efforts in
containing the COVID-19 pandemic.




THE RAAF is flying high to celebrate it's 100 years on
March 31..

The Royal Australian Airforce call signs to 'target' are
VI 100 AF March 1 - 29 May
VK 100 AF March 1 - 31 August




Members of the SEDINA Contest Club are QRV with SQ 0 MORSE
until the end of April commemorating the 230th birthday of
Samuel F. B. Morse. QSL via SP1EG.




Cato, LA9PF will be QRV as 5Z4/LA9PF from Malindi now until
May on 80 to 10 meters using SSB and various digital modes.




CQ 750 RSI throughout 2021 commemorates the 750th anniversary
of the birth of Elizabeth of Aragon, the queen consort of
Portugal and patron saint of their city of Coimbra.

QSL to home call CT 7 AQD.

Antarctica operation

Alexei is active as RI 01 ANT from Antarctica until
May the 30th from Russian Progress and Vostok Base stations
on 40 meters and higher using CW and FT8.

QSL via RX6A.


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the International Police
Association Radio Club (IPARC) of Switzerland, look for
special event station HB 40 POLICE to be active until
December 31st on 160 - 6 meters

(sourced to SouthGate)


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the International Police
Association Radio Club of Switzerland, look for HB 40 POLICE
to be active all year til December 31st.

A QSO with HB 40 POLICE counts as a club callsign for the
IPARC Switzerland and is valid for the Matterhorn Award.

QSL via the Bureau or eQSL.

(sourced to SouthGate)



Special event station OH 100 SRAL is QRV during all of 2021
to celebrate the centennial of the Finnish Amateur Radio League.
QSL via bureau.




ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

RadFxSat-2 Signals Detected, AMSAT Engineering Continues to
Assess Status

Following on from our story last week, on January 27th,
Brad, W5SAT, reported copying his CW signal back weakly via
the RadFxSat-2 transponder.

AMSAT Engineering and Operations confirmed these reports and
determined that RadFxSat-2 is partially functioning, though
signals are extremely weak.

At this point in time it is essential do not attempt to
transmit through the transponder until further notice.
This is very important to the next steps AMSAT are taking.



It may have taken some time, 60 years in fact from 1958 when
it was first theorised by Eugene Parker that our sun
constantly sends out particles and energy called Solar Wind
till a space probe took off from mother earth on the mother
of all journeys, to our sun.

Now the Parker probe, named after Eugene, and sent up by
NASA in August of 2018 has just made a close encounter of
the solar kind. Kent Peterson KC0DGY gives WIA and
Amateur Radio NewsLine listeners details.

"For the first time since last September, NASA's Parker Solar
Probe spacecraft made a close approach to the sun just as
solar activity began to kick into high gear.

From a distance of 13.5 million kms the probe made its
approach on Sunday, January 17th. There's plenty of data
for it to collect, especially with Solar Cycle 25 now well
under way. Last November, the sun had its first major flare
in three years.

NASA has planned four close approaches to the sun this year
along with two flybys of Venus, with the first one happening
February 20th. After that, it's back to the sun for another
close look on April 29th.

For Amateur Radio NewsLine I'm Kent Peterson KC0DGY.

Now before we are "out of space", ARISS and its partners are
troubleshooting a failure within the on-board NA 1 SS
amateur station in the Columbus module.

The problem does not appear to be with the radio equipment
in Columbus, however.

ARISS realized the problem when a contact with a school in
Wyoming, between ON 4 ISS on Earth and astronaut
Mike Hopkins, KF 5 LJG, at NA1SS, had to abort when no
downlink signal was heard.

ARISS has asked its Russian team lead Sergey, RV 3 DR, if
ARISS could temporarily use the RS 0 ISS radio in the
ISS Service Module for school contacts that are already
scheduled until ARISS can resolve the issue.


Medical Amateur Radio Council

A long-time radio amateur in Michigan has been reaching out
on social media for a life-saving donation.

Again thanks to Amateur Radio NewsLine Don Wilbanks AE5DW
tells us about him.

" Philip Ross AB8PR, who has been a licensed ham since 1971,
has been looking lately for something a whole lot more than
some rare DX or a good signal report. The Michigan
grandfather learned recently he has end-stage kidney disease
and needs a living donor to make a transplant possible.

He tells his story on various social media sites and his
own website in the hopes that someone will come forward to
help him. He notes that dialysis - his only other option - is
not a cure but a form of disease management that leads to a
shorter life with greatly lessened quality. His website reads:

Papa Phil Can;
His Kidneys Can't.

Visit his website to learn more.

That's papaphilcan.COM

For Amateur Radio NewsLine I'm Don Wilbanks AE5DW.


To mark the 80th Anniversary of the Formation in the UK of the
Air Training Corps, or ATC, on February 5 1941, Ofcom has
issued the callsign GB 80 ATC. The callsign is valid for use
for a year between last Friday, the 5th and 4th February 2022.

It will be managed by David, M0SKT and a team of serving
Cadet Force Adult Volunteer staff who are UK Licence holders.



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Most would arguably know about WICEN but across 'the ditch'
you'll hear lots about AREC.

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications supports Search And
Rescue, Civil Defence, and other emergency services in
New Zealand with the provision of experienced radio
communications personnel.

AREC members are actively involved in supporting the
communications function at operational headquarters as well
as in training and is an associate member of LandSAR
New Zealand and a member of the New Zealand Search and
Rescue Consultative Committee. AREC is formed by members of
the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART)
who are individually licensed amateur radio operators
required to meet standards set by Radio Spectrum Management,
part of the part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and

The organization was born in 1932 after the Napier
earthquake to train radio operators in providing reliable
message handling over the length of the country for any
type of emergency. Since then, communications have been
provided for thousands of emergency events ranging from
searches to natural disasters to civil emergencies.

AREC works closely with Police in assisting with technical
information, policy, and development of technology related
to SAR. AREC operates under a Service Level Agreement to
Police alongside LandSAR for the provision of SAR services.

(Youngsters On The Air)

For the 24 young amateur radio operators in the Western
Hemisphere who were part of December YOTA Month, the numbers
added up in a big way.

The Youth on the Air operators logged close on 15,000 QSOs
while calling QRZ with special event callsigns. The contacts
dramatically topped the previous year's total of 12,000.

Some of the operators, such as Michael W3MLJ, said his
favourite part of the activation was being able to run five
radios at the same time, all logging contacts on digital

Calin K8MTJ got a special kick out of working ZR 1 ADI in
South Africa using FT8.

The hams, all younger than 26, had their efforts coordinated
by Bryant KG 5 HVO who worked with YOTA month manager
Tomi HA8RT. The event was a prelude to the first YOTA camp
to be held in the Western Hemisphere this summer planned for
July 11th through 16th.

(Amateur Radio NewsLine)


2020 Social Scene

Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information and even without
Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

VK4 - A WICEN event at the Ipswich and District Radio
Clubhouse NEXT Saturday, February 13 between
1000 and 1400 hours

VK3 - Warc HamFest Italian Sports Club Werribee Feb 21 (vk3vkt)

VK2 - WYONG FIELD DAY February 28 (still tentative) (dd5lp)

VK6 - Peel Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet March 6
at Mandurah Bowling Club, Allnutt Street MANDURAH'

This half day event starts at 8am for Sellers.

Buyers 0830

Entry $5.00.


Tea/coffee/cold drinks.

Your chance to grab a bargain on that bit of equipment
or thingy-a-bob you're chasing.

Have a chat and discuss the latest...

Finish 1230. (vk6faaz)

VK4 - Tannum Sands Gathering MARCH 13 10AM TIL 8:30PM

Gladstone Amateur Radio Club hold this event. Amateur
radio raffles, auctions, fox hunts, projects & a BBQ
style dinner with dessert.

The Gladstone Amateur Radio Club would like to invite
the general public, members and guests from local and
regional clubs to participate in the their Amateur Radio
Fundraiser located at the Tannum Sands Holiday & Caravan
Park, Millennium Esplanade Tannum Sands Queensland.

This memorable social event includes VHF fox hunts,
radio projects, raffles, auctions and a BBQ dinner with
dessert. (vk4yn)

VK3 - EMDRC HamFest - March 28th 10am (vk3bq)

VK4 - REDFEST 2021 April Ten (vk4tfn)

VK - ALARAMEET 2021 Bendigo VK3 October 1 - 4 (vk5yl)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RadioFest by SPARC 9:30am Nov 14 (vk3pdg)

Morning I am Lee Moyle, WIA Vice President VK3GK

Earlier this week ACMA released their consultation papers
on the future of Amateur Radio licencing and regulation.
Many may have seen these documents in their email or on
social media already but it is important to announce here on
WIA News for our members and followers as it will affect us
all in the future.

At the moment, Amateur Licences ( Foundation, Standard and
Advanced) are Non-assigned Apparatus licences. Repeaters and
beacons are classified as Assigned licences as they
operate on specific nominated frequencies.

The WIA will be submitting to ACMA a response to this
consultation. We have yet to review the full details of the
3 options proposed, especially the proposed legislative
instruments that underpin the proposals.

WIA will draw upon their extensive resources of qualified
people to assess the pros and cons of each of the options
as well as consult with its membership base and the general
Amateur Radio fraternity for their valued input. Together,
the WIA will submit a comprehensive response,
representative of the Australian Amateur Radio Communities
input. Historically many of these submissions have been
successful with ACMA looking favourable to the proposals.

This one may offer a combination of the ACMA offered options
as a comprehensive workable solution to ACMAs 3 options
currently on offer.

From the ACMA e-news email:
Have your say review of non-assigned amateur regulatory

The ACMA has reviewed the regulatory arrangements that
authorise the operation of non-assigned amateur stations.
This work was part of a broader review that included
non-assigned outpost licensing arrangements, as foreshadowed
in the Five-year spectrum outlook 202024.

The objective of our review is to identify the best
licensing mechanism that reduces regulatory burden and
minimises costs for licensees, while also preserving the
current operational utility for licensees.

We have identified a set of options. We could:
keep the existing apparatus licensing arrangements
and conditions as we currently have now. I.e.:
No Change.
simplify the existing licensing arrangements and
transition non-assigned stations to class licensing
arrangements, while retaining apparatus licensing
arrangements for assigned stations.

We are now consulting on these options and our preferred
approach to authorise the operation of non-assigned amateur
stations under a class licence.

We are also seeking preliminary comments on a proposal to
establish an additional kind of accreditation to allow
people to become accredited persons to issue frequency
assignment certificates for assigned amateur repeater and
beacon licences.

The consultation paper and draft class licence are available
on the ACMA website.

A separate consultation paper and draft instrument relating
to outpost licensing is also available.

We invite comments on the issues discussed in the
consultation papers and on the proposed instruments that
would implement our preferred class licensing option.

Submissions close on 2 April 2021.

Making a submission
You can choose either to make a submission by using the
Upload a submission button on the consultation webpage, or
by sending your submission to

Please go to the ACMA website and take a look at the
consultation papers.

More news from the WIA on this important topic in the coming
days. So QRX QRX This is Lee Moyle VK3GK, WIA Vice president
for WIA News

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