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Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

VK2TSG and VK8ZZ. -

WIA POLL hear from WIA Secretary VK8ZZ.


Who Listens To Radio...

Many listen but don't 'check in' and in this case we
understand why. The TV show's "worlds greatest car crashes'
and available on YouTube actually shows what a VK ham saw,
thru his dashcam whilst listening to us one Sunday morning.

If you are viewing Bevans VK5BD's video version of the WIA
National nes..buckle up.

Check out at the 4:40 mark of this video.

We'd love to hear from this VERY luck WIA listener and Driver!




Giving members to have a better awareness of Board activities.

WIA Director and Secretary Peter VK8ZZ:-

The latest WIA Poll which concerns the ACMA consultation
paper looking at moving the Amateur Service to a class
licence should now be in your hands.

We encourage members and others who have registered to
carefully consider the discussion paper that has been
produced by the WIA Spectrum Strategy Committee who have
spent many days producing the document.

We sincerely thank the members of the Spectrum Strategy
Committee for their hard work and contributions.

Based on the result of this poll the WIA will produce a
submission for the ACMA to consider.

The WIA submission to the ACMA will be published later this
month and we would encourage anyone and everyone to make a
similar submission to the ACMA.

This has been WIA Director and Secretary Peter VK8ZZ

Call-sign processing times back on track

After meeting recently with the AMC to discuss the delays in
call-sign processing, ACMA are reporting that processing
times are back to normal.

While demand for new call-signs remains high, the AMC has
confirmed that it has cleared the backlog of applications.

Now fellow inhabitants of Ham Kingdom... it's time to
phone a friend and let them know the first 4 candidates as
listed on the WIA Ballot paper will each give a 90 second
plug on why we would vote for them. Tell your friends they'll
be on air hear in about 20 minutes!

EDUCATION. (text version)


ALL USA grades of licence will be held at the Sunshine Coast
Amateur Radio club March 13. All details on
or contact Trent


REASTs next Foundation Training and all licence assessment
day will fall on Saturday 27th March.

Grab your copy of the Foundation Licence Manual from the
Caltex Service Station, Amy and Main, Moonah for $35 cash
and please let Reg VK7KK REAST Learning Organiser know
ASAP that you will be coming along by phoning 0417 391 607






& the World Wide sources of the WIA.


23cm band in the spotlight with regulators

During week 1519 February, the preparatory work for
WRC-23 agenda item 9.1b continued in ITUR Working Party 4C
The WRC agenda item has initiated technical studies on
coexistence between the radio navigation satellite service
and the amateur services in the 23cm band.

As usual, the IARU participated in the meeting and delivered
key information on amateur activities in this important
microwave band. This information is vital to ensure the
amateur services are realistically represented in the
studies as they move forward.

It remains vital that national amateur communities present
their views on the importance of this band to their national
regulators in a consolidated and consistent manner.
To assist with this the IARU-R1 is developing supporting
material that member societies can refer to when addressing
the topic with their national regulator.

The work on this topic will continue throughout the year and
beyond both in ITUR and in the regional telecommunications
organisations and the IARU is committed to ensure every
organisation understands the amateur position on this
important microwave band.


Their new Amateur Radio Callbook is available for download
and contains listing of the more than 13,000 radio amateurs
in France at the end of 2020 and it's a FREE download.

The callbook is available on the Radio Amateurs France
website and is produced from the data provided by France's
National Frequency Agency).

2 versions are available, one by callsign
the other by District or Department number.

Download PDF callbook in callsign sequence at

PDF listings by Name or District (Department), see



This French-speaking Caribbean island commonly known as
St. Barts was the landing spot for the F4GOH beacon.

Maurice f6ciu has messaged "Yes we did it!"
WSPR Rowed the Atlantic Ocean

My very good friend, Guirec Soudee, after 74 days at sea and
over 2,900 nautical miles of lonely rowing, between Canary
Isl & the Caribbean Islands, arrived February 26th in
St Barthlemy to a welcome and huge fanfare.

On board there was an experimental WSPR beacon (F4GOH), less
than 1 watt on 10 MHz. and the antenna a shortened mobile
Diamond. The design of F4GOH & F6CIU worked wonderfully
throughout the crossing despite two capsizes, antenna
and beacon being submerged for several minutes.

The experience should be repeated in next summer between
Cape Cod USA axis to Brest in Brittany, France.



A radio set shaped like a globe, a Crown Talking Machine
made in 1907... These and 100 other unique radio sets, of
which 80 per cent are in working condition, are at the
newly-opened Short Wave Radio Museum and Knowledge Centre
in Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) in the centre of India's
high-tech industry, the city is also known for their
19th-century Bangalore Palace, modelled after Englands
Windsor Castle,

But to the "Wireless Museum" which is the brainchild of
56-year-old Uday Kalburgi, whose love for radio began wayback
when he was 9 or 10 years old.

Ive listened to them since childhood and now, I want to
showcase this bygone technology to todays younger
generation, says the telecom engineer, who has dedicated
an entire floor of a four-story building to his museum.

Each radio set carries a short note with its name, country
of origin and description.

The museum opened Feb. 13, World Radio Day.


The countries Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) says the
RF spectrum "has become an important economic resource,
but its usefulness is diminished by pollution"

RSM has produced a Compliance Guide to give radio spectrum
users and suppliers of electrical and radio products
information about

compliance requirements
compliance audits

See the Radio Spectrum Management Compliance Guide

RSM has also produced an information leaflet regarding
unrestricted two-way radios. The leaflet can be downloaded
on the Radio Spectrum Management website under
Products and equipment you cant use in New Zealand

This is part of an ongoing campaign to stop people from
using prohibited equipment in particular unrestricted
two way radios. Read Beware the Illegal Two-Way Radio




This weekend is International DX Phone Contest
March 6 - 7


Tomorrow, Monday, will see the International Women's Day
Contest. Finlands S.R.A.L. reports International Women's
Day will be celebrated in the spirit of a relaxed race on
March 8 on the HF bands using CW or SSB modes with up to
100 watts output.

Shortly we'll hear from ALARA and Linda for Int. Womens Day.


Commonwealth Contest (BERU) 13/14 March.


WIA John Moyle Field Day 2021
March from UTC 0100 on Saturday 20 to 0059 Sunday 21nd.


the CQ World Wide SSB WPX Contest March 27-28

the CQ World Wide CW WPX Contest May 29-30


April 25 AM / CW ANZAC Day, Mon 25th from 9am on 7125kHz AM.


Harry Angel Sprint will be May First 2021. 10:00 - 11:46 UTC.


The VK SHIRES June 12-13 in 2021


WINTER VHF-UHF Field Days - June 26 - 27


IARU HF World Championship July 10-11



Next contest - JUL 17 2021 - and has the aim of encouraging
Low Band activity between VK and ZL on 160 80 and 40M using


RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 14-15.



A Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours starting on
Saturday 28th August at 0600 hours UTC finishing
Sunday 29th August at 0559 hours UTC



VOICE from 0800 UTC Saturday 2 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 3

CW from 0800 UTC Saturday 9 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 10




December 4-5 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 11 - 12 10 Mtr World Wide


Many special Event stations prefer Buro QSL cards via the
OQRS system.

This system, it is where you go online, request a QSL Card
via the Buro and one is sent to you for free. No sending
of a QSL card from you as the operator is required.

OQRS saves we amateurs and organisations money as the
Special Event station is usually NOT interested in receiving
a card.

So OQTS.. request online -- receive for free.



Pride Radio Group are on air with special event callsign
VI 2021 PRIDE throughout the Sydney Mardi Gras which ends
March 7th then again during Midsumma, April 19th to May 5th
and Pride month, 1 to 30th of June.

"This is Luke VK3UKW with a last-minute announcement for
Sunday only.

VI2021PRIDE will be on the air today, March 7, with your
last chance to snag the limited edition QSL card for
Sydney Mardi Gras.

We will be back for Midsumma, April 19 to May 5, and for
June Pride Month, June 1 to 30.

Unique QSL cards will be issued also for both of these
events and an award is available for those who work
VI2021PRIDE for all three events.

Operation will be on HF SSB and HF FT8.

QSL direct via VK4XSS, for details see the website
or look up VI2021PRIDE on QRZ.COM.

Pride Radio Group is an international group that aims to
further acceptance and inclusion for underrepresented
groups in amateur radio.

For Pride Radio Group VK3PRG this has been Luke VK3UKW."


THE RAAF is flying high to celebrate it's 100 years on
March 31..

The Royal Australian Airforce call signs to 'target' are
VI 100 AF March 1 - 29 May
VK 100 AF March 1 - 31 August




PC 19 HOPE is QRV until March 10 to support efforts in
containing the COVID-19 pandemic.




This next special event call sign I am sure needs no explanation
as to its meaning or purpose. It's on air for ONE MONTH only.

Oh the call?


GB2VAX is operational from the QTH of Andy, G4ISN
of the Welland Valley ARS from the 1st to the 28th of March.
Modes will be SSB / FT4 / FT8 on HF bands.




On air is SZ 21 AD, SZ 21 GK, SZ 21 LB, SZ 21 PF, SZ 21 TK
and SZ 1821 P all this month only, March, to commemorate the
100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821.
QSL via LoTW.



Coventry is The City of Culture in 2021.

GB 1 C O C is being operated on behalf of Coventry ARS
by Brian, G 8 GMU. He will be mainly on the 80m band using
SSB but also 2m FM and digital speech modes.
Operation now until the 13th of March.




Special event station OV 0 JUTLANDIA is QRV until the end
of March 2021 to commemorate the humanitarian mission of
the Danish hospital ship Jutlandia during the Korean War.
Activity is on the HF bands using CW, SSB and various
digital modes.



Austria special event

The Cornish Radio Amateur Club's official International
Marconi Day (IMD) Award program was cancelled due to the
Corona virus situation. However, special callsign OE 21 M
will operate between April 24-26th, 0000-2400z to
commemorate the anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi's birthday
(April 25th, 1874).

QSL by the Bureau via OE1WHC.




Members of the SEDINA Contest Club are QRV with SQ 0 MORSE
until the end of April commemorating the 230th birthday of
Samuel F. B. Morse. QSL via SP1EG.



That Madeira is almost at the last drop!

Madeira Island operation

Active till Saturday March 6 is CT9/DD8ZX and CT9/DJ9KM from
Madeira Island (AF-014) which is an autonomous region of
Portugal, off to the northwest of Casablanca and
Marrakesh North Africa.

Activity on 40-10 meters using mostly the Digital modes

QSL via their home callsigns, by the Bureau, direct or LoTW




Baptist Disaster Relief

The amateur radio communications team of the Florida Baptist
Disaster Relief has created a multi-site radio communications
exercise dubbed Whirlwind Boom, designed to bring together
volunteers and local agencies across northern Florida and
throughout the south-eastern US.

The 2-hour drill is set for Friday, March 19.

Volunteers taking part in the 2021 Florida Baptist Disaster
Relief on-site training the following day have been invited
to exercise with a scenario which involves tornadoes,
coupled with the terrorist bombing of the telephone system,
and large numbers of displaced residents seeking shelter.

Now THAT'S a scenario, especially when we learn ONLY
radio remains.

During the exercise, volunteers will practice transmitting
formal reports about the utility, water, and safety
situations in their counties. Many participants will
communicate across hundreds of miles using portable
radio gear powered by car batteries or small generators.
Simulated outbound survivor messages to friends and family
will also be sent by radio. Participating groups will
receive SECRET MESSAGES advising them of unexpected
handicaps that mimic what might happen during an actual
disaster complicating their tasks.

All in all - a WHIRLWIND BOOM.




Hello, Im Shirley VK5YL

Tomorrow, Monday 8th of March is International Womens Day
and ALARA has its regular Monday evening net on 3.570 MHz at
1000 UTC. Because of this special event we invite all YLs
to come and join us on the net to celebrate the day.

On this this occasion we also invite OMs to call in and
cheer ALARA along.

Set your alarm now for 1000 UTC tomorrow and tune in to
3.570 MHz. Let your voices be heard Ladies.

Hope to hear you on the net.

Take care and stay safe.

33 Shirley VK5YL

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Wednesday last an Amateur Radio on the International Space
Station contact between youngsters and youth in Moldova
and an International Space Station (ISS) crew member took

The Moldova Peace Corps (MPC) is the hosting organization,
and 90 students (aged 10 18) from a consortium of
educational institutions, rural schools, and libraries from
nine Moldovan villages will participate.

Moldova is a very small landlocked country lying between
Romania and the Ukraine.

A focus of MPC is to provide youth in Moldovan villages with
access to STEM opportunities and build capacity among local
teachers / librarians to implement STEM activities in their

During the multipoint telebridge contact, students took
turns asking questions of astronaut Mike Hopkins, KF5LJG.

In support of this contact, the MPC partnered with the
US Peace Corps Volunteer Coordinator, and the participating
schools and libraries.

(sourced to


Have you ever dreamed of having the frequency all to yourself
to make that one perfect, historic QSO?

Well it can happen:

On Mars.

Amateur Radio Newsline's space cadet Paul Braun WD9GCO
takes us there.

"Talk about operating mobile! NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter
prepped to accomplish the first powered flight on that
planet, has already achieved its first QSO. According to
reports from NASA, the 4-pound helicopter, which is actually
a drone, is resting comfortably in the underbelly of NASA's
Perseverance rover which landed on the red planet February

Its mission is to conduct a test of the first powered
flight in the thin atmosphere there, where it is capable
of achieving an altitude of no more than 15 feet or 5 metres.

The tiny helicopter employs point-to-point wireless
communication with the rover. A day after the landing, the
helicopter sent its first message back to Earth via the
rover by making use of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter,
saying all systems, including its power supply of six
lithium-ion batteries, were working as expected. NASA's
Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported that a downlink from the
orbiter confirmed that all was well. According to NASA, it
will be at least a month before Ingenuity makes its maiden

For Amateur Radio NewsLine I'm Paul Braun WD9GCO."

One has to wonder is Ingenuity going to apply for a QSL
card? And if so, does that go direct or through a bureau?
I've got to imagine it's going to need one for that
"Worked All Planets" award. That's a lot of postage.

Medical Amateur Radio Council

After two recent deaths, Chattanooga-area ham radio operators
decided to close ranks. Many of the amateur radio hobbyists
live alone, so a system of nightly radio checks has been put
in place to signal if anyone needs help.

At their core, that's what "hams" do, they take care of
one another, members of the so-called Lone Ranger Net said.
"At 7 p.m. every night, seven days a week, they jump on the
radio and say, 'I'm OK,'" explained Jim Gifford, a
44-year-old Chattanooga businessman and amateur radio

Gifford said the Lone Ranger Net was established after
one elderly radio operator died of natural causes and
another died at his home due to an accident.

In both cases their deaths were not immediately known to
friends and family members, he said. Now, if someone in the
Lone Ranger Net fails to check in on any given night, they
get a text, a phone call or even a knock on the door to make
sure all is OK.



OI activity day was on Friday March 5

Finland's SRAL reports military radio amateurs using the
OI callsign prefix were on-the-air on Friday, March 5

OI is a rare prefix, there are only about 35 stations with
an OI callsign and a special ham radio award is available
for working contacts with the OI prefixed stations. Check
your logs and if you worked five or more Friday the 5th
you're in line for a "military award".

OI Award




Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Costa Rica and its great VHF National Channel

Costa Rica is a small country but it has an exceptional
repeater system, which helps to be a boon during emergencies
over the broken topography of this Central American country
of 51,100 km, and it's all thanks to the work of the
main radio clubs and individual radio amateurs who actively

In addition to this, due to the joint collaboration of the
Radio Club of Costa Rica, the group Ecos del Norte and the
Radio Club de Prez Zeledn, the country has what they have
called the National VHF Channel, which is made up of six
repeaters in the band of 2 meters linked together.

This facilitates communication between radio amateurs from
not all over Costa Rica but the country outside its borders
since it can be activated by radio amateurs from Nicaragua
and Panama adjacent to their borders' particularly when help
is needed.

Undoubtedly a great tool that can be used for regular
communication exercises or in times of emergency.


Last week mention was made in the text edition of the search
in the Victorian High Country for VK3VZP.

The search, still ongoing, was the Channel 9 TV show
Under Investigation which covered the unexplained disappearance
of both radio amateur Russell Hill VK3VZP and his female
companion both missing since March 20, 2020

Russell was camping in the remote Wonnangatta Valley and his
last amateur radio contact was with Rob Ashlin VK3BEZ at
6pm on March 20, he has not been heard from since.

On March 21 the campsite was found with the tent burned to
the ground and VK3VZP's Toyota Land Cruiser sitting next
to it.

One thing to note is the Forensic Policeman in the show
although the same name as our WIA President is NOT that
Greg Kelly!

Anyone with info is asked to ring Crime Stoppers.

Information on the show is at



Making a "lightening" visit to the VK1WIA studio today
is VK4JJW John Williams:-

Film-maker seeks funding

For this story it's "off to the movies" with WIA's
resident Film reviewer John Williams VK4JJW

"Hi and welcome.

Through The Waves is looking to raise funding to film the
untold story of Artie Moore. He was young man from Wales who,
in 1912, received the distress call from the sinking Titanic.

In the early hours of 15 April 1912, in the loft of a
17th century Gelligroes Mill, near Blackwood, Moore using
crude radio apparatus received a faint signal in Morse Code:

"CQD CQD SOS de MGY Position 41.44N 50.24W. Require
immediate assistance. Come at once. We have struck an
iceberg. Sinking.We are putting the women off in the

Then came the final signal:

"Come as quickly as possible old man; our engine-room is
filling up to the boilers."

Moore relayed the news to the locals and to the local
constabulary, who did not believe him. Two days later,
the locals received confirmation through the national press
that it was true. The newspapers also confirmed as Moore
had claimedthat the new "SOS" distress signal had been used
by the Titanic's radio operators along with the usual "CQD"
signal, thus proving that Moore had indeed received the
signals from the doomed liner.

In 1912 it was understood that the range of Titanic's
wireless was 400 miles in daylight, and possibly up to 2000
in darkness. At over 3,000 miles, it was the furthest any
radio signal in the world had been received.

The filmmakers, plan to tell the story in this dramatisation.
Theyve already signed BAFTA-Award Winning Jack Parry-Jones
to play Arthur Moore, and Gareth John Bale to play Arties

The funding raised will go towards paying the professional
crew and actors on board, and will allow the team to afford
the authenticity involved in recreating his early 1900s
loft or attic. Its from there Artie would often receive
Morse Code messages from ships.

Go to and search for Artie Moore Film, its
the first entry.

(rsgb - Wikipedia)


The order of names appearing on the Ballot Paper shall be as

1. Peter Schrader VK4EA
2. Peter Dernikos VK3FN
3. Greg Kelly VK2GPK (Current WIA President)
4. Steven Green VK2TSG
5. Peter Clee VK8ZZ (Current WIA Secretary)
6. Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY
7. Scott Williams VK3KJ (Current WIA Board Member)
8. David Uzzell VK2DU

Members are asked to vote for a maximum of 4 nominees by
striking OUT the names of nominees not voted for, and
returning their vote before 27 March.

Now lets hear 4 of the 8 candidates and kicking it off,
top of the ballot paper is VK4EA

"Gidday, this is Peter Schrader VK4EA, also KQ4PS, was
VK4TGV and 9V1PS.

I have got myself onto the WIA Board election ballot paper
and you are probably wondering, why vote for me?

I was first licensed in 2000 as VK4TGV, taking up 9V1PS
shortly after a move to Singapore for work.

My initial interest were in HF and APRS, now active on
microwaves and ATV.

Past president and now member of the Redcliffe & Districts
Radio Club, treasurer of the Brisbane VHF Group, member of
the SEQATV Group and vice-president of Austravel Safetynet
(V M D 750).

I have had many technical and managerial roles, based in VK
and overseas.

So, what are some of my goals?

I want to know, what stops people joining or renewing their
WIA membership? The Institute needs strength in numbers to
make a real difference. A larger, more engaged, membership
gives us Amateurs a voice.

The WIA needs to get better with communications, to me,
using Social Media effectively makes sense.

Ensure that the Institute maintains dialogue with the
A C M A, the A M C and, if I may be bold, other
representative organisations.

I have a number of other ideas, not enough time to here.

It is important that you take some time to participate in
the voting process, please do it as soon as you receive
your ballot, so to ensure that it is received in time.

Email =
Facebook = peter.schrader.18
Twitter = @peterschrader2
Instagram = @peterschrader2
Im also on LinkedIn.

Cheers for now, this has been Peter, VK4EA, for
WIA National News.

Second on the ballot paper is VK3FN

" Hi. My name is Peter Dernikos VK3FN

My professional background is a company director for the
past 12 years.

I have been highly active in many aspects of amateur radio
ever since obtaining my foundation licence back in 2006,
and in 2012 I upgraded to an advanced licence.

I am an active DX chaser, contester and have been involved
in a few DX-peditions over the years. I enjoy bringing new
people into the hobby and a highly active Volunteer
Examiner for the AMC & ARRL.

I am the current President of the VEA Group, we organise
and administer AMC and ARRL amateur licence examinations.

I have been a member of the WIA since 2006.

As a WIA director, I have nominated to work with the board
cohesively and positively to encourage and focus as a
strong team in protecting and improving our amateur
service to our members and the amateur community.

The changes I would like to achieve with the board are to
have a better relationship with ACMA & AMC. Have greater
transparency and more engagement with our members and
affiliated clubs. Encourage more youth into our hobby,
improve the current educational path and streamline the
examination process that we currently have.

Peter Dernikos VK3FN

Our 3rd Candidate is current WIA President Greg, VK2GPK
who will present his case next week.

4th on the Ballot Paper VK2TSG

" Hello, this is Steven Green VK2TSG.

I have been a licenced Amateur Operator since 1992; I have
previously worked in Radio Communications Sales and
service in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and for a short
time I was welcomed as a member of the Moorabbin and
District Amateur Radio Club whilst in VK3.

I am currently the Vice-President of the Blue Mountains
Amateur Radio Club in New South Wales.

I have extensive experience in managing and working in IT
and Communications for Emergency Services including work
in Emergency Operations Centres, triple-zero call centres,
and as a Responder in the field.

I have also worked across several disciplines including
Chaplaincy, peer-support, Nursing, Volunteer Management
and services, as well as on boards and executive committees.

Following in the footsteps of those who introduced me to
the hobby, I have also recruited and mentored a number of
people to Amateur Radio and founded a Facebook group to
encourage foundation operators and those who support them
to communicate and discuss common issues. It is my
intention to investigate ways to increase usage of the
bands and also recruit newcomers to our ranks including
mentoring, and additional support for affiliate clubs and
groups, particularly in remote and regional locations.

I would also like to work with all stakeholders to examine
improvements that could be made with the process of becoming
a licenced amateur, as many have discussed such difficulties
with me.

If elected, I would be open to hearing from Amateurs
across Australia and its Territories, whether members or
not, to ensure that the WIA is able to understand the
situations that we face.

Thank you to all, for your time and consideration in
regards to the 2021 election.

73 from Steven Green VK2TSG.

5th on the paper ballot is current WIA Secretary VK8ZZ

" I was first elected as a WIA director in 2017 and since
that time I am very proud of the way the board has become
so much more open and transparent to our members. I wish
to continue my contribution to the WIA as a member of the
WIA board.

In 2018 I was appointed the Secretary of the WIA. A
position I currently still hold.

I have been very active in the financial management of
the WIA. The WIA currently maintains an overall strong
financial position.

I have been licensed for over 40 years and have lived in
the Northern Territory for over 30 years. Since that time
I have been very active in local government having held
the position of Council President or Vice President for
18 of the 22 years in local government.

In the long term we must maintain a strong and united
position and be 200 % behind the Wireless Institute of
Australia to lobby government and make representations to
preserve our current privileges and to maintain and
expand our bands.

This is Peter Clee VK8ZZ."


2021 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information and even without
Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

VK7 - MEET THE VOICE BBQ at ROSS 21st March (vk7tw)

The Sewing Circle Net (6:00pm AEDST) on 3.640 MHz
presents the return of the "Meet The Voice" event
where you can come along to a BYO BBQ and meet the
people you talk with on the air.

Proceedings start at 11am with the presentation of the
Sewing Machine Award to the most loquacious amateur
for the previous year.

Held at the Ross Caravan Park on the banks of the
picturesque Macquarie River.

VK4 - REDFEST 2021 April Ten (vk4tfn)

VK2 - MayHam (Wyong Race Course) May 30 (vk2ji)

VK5 - SERG convention Mt. Gambier June 12 / 13 (vk5bj)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RadioFest by SPARC 9:30am Nov 14 (vk3pdg)




"Hi. Just a small annoyance and request please, I wonder if
the broadcast announcers can stop saying "the ACMA" like its
an actual word, but rather say it as, A.C.M.A or
"the A.C.M.A". Pronouncing it as "the ACMA" just doesn't
sound right, its like a lazy mans way of saying
"the A.C.M.A as individual letters. Or alternatively saying
the "Australian Communications Media Authority", I know
that's a mouth full but please try not to say the "ACMA"
like its some disease, just a thought, its been griping me
for a long time and listening to the Broadcast today I
picked up Greg saying "the ACMA" 9 times in his item just
finally unnerved me..."

Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for possible inclusion
in the VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to and don't JUST send url's links or
posters, but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio, email
and send BOTH the audio and the text

We would appreciate items certainly no longer than 1.5 mts in
length as we only have a half hour.

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood
of it being broadcast in the very next edition of WIA
National News.

Each item will only be broadcast once, if you want a couple
of mentions, please submit different slants to keep your event
'fresh' and always if the news room is to read your item ---
write it in the 3rd person. (First if YOU are reading your
own item)

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