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Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

In this weeks news...

WIA President Greg, with this weeks board comment and he'll
speak on:-

WIA Election update:

ACMA consultations:

and the WIA AGM:

An interesting use of Radio in the fight against the
"bat flu"..


A low-power AM radio station in a U.S. city was used to broadcast
an especially timely message, directing people to a drive-through
clinic to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

The message went out on 1630 AM in Denver, Colorado,
transmitting pre-recorded information in English and Spanish
helping thousands of older Colorado residents arrive for their
appointments at Coors Field, where 10,000 doses were "jabbed in".








Giving members to have a better awareness of Board activities.

Hello, this is Greg, WIA President, with this weeks board

WIA Election update: The WIA Election process is well
underway with the election documents distributed with
AR magazine Issue 2. Those members who have elected to
receive only the electronic version of the magazine have
been sent the election documents via direct mail. Please
note, most importantly, that the closing date has been
extended past the date printed on the election documents.
The closing date for the receipt of your vote to the WIA is
now April 30. This extension is to offset delays in the
postal system which have been a feature since the pandemic
started last year. A MemNet email advice of the closing
date extension was sent to all members , authorised by the
WIA returning officer.

The election process is overseen by the WIA Returning Officer.
If any member has a query regarding the election process,
please contact the WIA National Office, preferably via email
ideally with a subject line of Election Query.
( ).

ACMA consultations:

The have so far been two ACMA consultations this year that
impact on the Amateur Radio Service. The first was where
ACMA proposed as their preferred option a move to a Class
Licence instead of the current Non-assigned Apparatus
Licence this closed a week ago. The WIA response
submission, supported strongly by the WIA poll results, was
that we could not reasonably support the ACMA proposed
option in its current form. Note that the WIA is not opposed
fundamentally to a class licence, but it must pass a
Better Off Overall test before we would endorse such an
option. I personally believe that a Class Licence is
ultimately inevitable in the mid-term, even if not in the
near term, and it is worth considering different scenarios
and the opportunities that may ensue. The implementation of
this type of hybrid arrangement where there is an
appropriate split of regulation between the ACMA and the
Amateur Service is clearly non-trivial. Frameworks would
need to be in place to support self-regulation, benefit
radio amateurs and ensure a low cost, not-for-profit

The second ACMA consultation is titled Proposed changes to
class licences - Updating references to standards to include
references to equipment rules, and harmonising
electromagnetic energy requirements - March 2021. In this
consultation, the ACMA has stated that it proposes:
to require compliance with the general public exposure
limits for EME as specified by the Australian Radiation and
Nuclear Protection Safety Agency ( ARPANSA ) in the
Radiation Protection Standard for Limiting Exposure to
Radiofrequency Fields 100 kHz to 300 GHz (2021) or any
instrument that replaces that standard.
The ACMA has also stated in the consultation that For these
class licences, the proposed amendments are designed to
ensure that the EME requirements for class-licensed users
are harmonised with the requirements for users operating
under the corresponding apparatus licence ( the earth
apparatus licence and the amateur apparatus licence ).

In its initial analysis, the WIA has found that the proposed
regulatory arrangements are inconsistent with the ACMA
harmonisation objective and has recommended changes to
redress this deficiency.

WIA AGM: The Federal government has not extended the
determination that overrode the Corporation Act to allow
virtual AGMs to be held by public companies, although it
was expected to do so via changes to the legislation due
early 2021. The WIA held a virtual AGM last year. Hence
this year the WIA will now be holding a hybrid AGM. This
will require a physical location to be identified, a number
of options are currently being considered. The WIA will
advise details as soon as practicable.

Until next time, this is Greg VK2GPK


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.

18 of April will be World Amateur Radio Day and this year
marks the 96th anniversary of the International Amateur
Radio Union, which was founded at the 1925 International
Radiotelegraph Conference in Paris.

The IARU has chosen "Amateur Radio: Home but Never Alone"
as the theme for World Amateur Radio Day 2021 to acknowledge
that during our physical distancing to reduce the spread of
COVID-19, amateur radio stands out as a welcome respite for
its variety of activities and opportunities.

On World Amateur Radio Day, all radio amateurs are invited
to take to the airwaves to share global goodwill with other

At least one Society, Radio Amateurs of Canada is again
holding a Get on the Air on World Amateur Radio Day
special event in which RAC encourage as many Amateurs as
possible to get on the air and contact as many RAC stations
as possible.

Norway's national amateur radio society the NRRL is hosting
a digital Ham Convention commencing on World Amateur Radio Day.
There will be interesting and exciting digital lectures over
the eight days. NRRL will browse, get product presentations
from several of the Norwegian suppliers of radio amateur
equipment, and get to demonstrate exciting news on the
equipment front.

Of course, there will also be radio amateur lectures
from Norwegian speakers with cutting-edge expertise from
various fields within the radio amateur service.


Cyprus radio hams remove discriminatory language.

At their AGM held on March 21, the Cyprus Amateur Radio
Society (CARS) made changes to their Constitution to make it
gender neutral as part of an effort to make the Society more
'welcoming' to female members

As part of their efforts to help newly licensed amateurs,
the topic of the Society's recent online Skills Night was
"Licensed. Now What?"

The 2021 AGM was held online, read the report on

The communications regulators of both Germany and Austria
have made new editions of their national amateur radio
callbooks available for free download.



South African Draft Type Approval regulations published.

Regulator, ICASA, has printed in regulations in Government
Gazette no 44371 dated 31 March 2021.

Amateur Radio has been listed in Section 5 under the list of
equipment not requiring registration with the Authority.
The ZS Society SARL will study the draft carefully and
prepare feedback to ICASA. Initial reaction is that this is
good news!

It is not certain when the final regulations will be gazetted. It will depend on the feedback received and if hearings will have to be held.

You can download a copy of the Regulation from the SARL

The UK regulator has awarded small-scale DAB radio multiplex
licences for four more areas in England and Scotland.

Small-scale DAB is an innovative technology that provides a
low-cost way for local commercial, community and specialist
music services to take to the digital airwaves.

Further licence awards for the remaining 16 areas that were
advertised in Round One will be announced over the coming
weeks. Round Two licence areas in the North West of England
and North East Wales will be advertised on 1 June 2021.


Last radio repair shop in Telangana

Arab News reports on two aging brothers in Hyderabad who run
the last radio repair shop in the southern Indian state.

In the heart of the old town, the shop, which has been open
since 1948, is filled with thousands of radio sets stacked
in the small space where two aging brothers have been
repairing radios for as long as they can remember.

The brothers, 82 and 71, learned the craft from their father,
who started selling and repairing radios in the 1920s after
a trip to Bombay, where he bought his first set.

More than seven decades later, Mahboob Radio Service is now
the last radio repair shop in Hyderabad and the whole
southern Indian state of Telangana.

Read the full story at




Great news Australia Team 1 has taken out the Commonwealth
Contest team competition for the fifth time in a row with
38,114 points and Australia Team 2 finished third with
24,996. Only the Canadian #1 team finishing second with
36,270 points meant we didnt take out the top two places!

More on this "Winners are Grinners" story NEXT week

(vkcc posting)


Erding, Germany Wednesday, 07.04.2021

Team YOTA has been working hard over the last few months to
establish one whole new project for the ham radio community.
Everyone can take part, it takes will take place three times
per year and only lasts 12 hours. Its aim is to increase the
youngsters activity on the air, strengthening the reputation
of the YOTA program and demonstrate the support for
youngsters across the world.

Next week here on WIA National News let us introduce you to
our brand new YOTA Contest!

I'm Philipp, DK6SP, Youth WG Chair, IARU Region 1


The Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest 2021 is dedicated
to the memory of Yuri Gagarin, who realized the first human
flight to space, on April 12, 1961. Contest runs from
2100 GMT on April 10 until 2100 GMT on April 11.


And THIS YEAR the contest is welcomed on the QO-100 satellite.

On April 4, AMSAT-DL opened the QO-100 NB satellite
transponder to general contest operation in the upper
mixed-mode range. This weekend (April 10-11) will see the
Yuri Gagarin contest and we are more than welcome to use the
QO-100 geostationary satellite NB transponder for both CW
and SSB operation:

Uplink area 2400.370 2 400.490 MHz
Downlink area 10489.870 10489.990 MHz

Read the AMSAT-DL announcement and see the band plan at



the CQ World Wide CW WPX Contest May 29-30


April 25 AM / CW ANZAC Day, Sun 25th from 9am on 7125kHz AM.


Harry Angel Sprint will be May First. 10:00 - 11:46 UTC.


The VK SHIRES June 12-13


WINTER VHF-UHF Field Days - June 26 - 27


IARU HF World Championship July 10-11



Next contest - JUL 17 - and has the aim of encouraging
Low Band activity between VK and ZL on 160 80 and 40M using


RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 14-15.



A Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours starting on
Saturday 28th August at 0600 hours UTC finishing
Sunday 29th August at 0559 hours UTC



VOICE from 0800 UTC Saturday 2 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 3

CW from 0800 UTC Saturday 9 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 10




December 4-5 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 11 - 12 10 Mtr World Wide




EI 2 IMD Saturday April 24th is an official Marconi station
for the International Marconi Day 2021 activity from Tramore,
County Waterford. Tramore has a direct connection with
Marconi as he often stayed there with his aunt, a
Mrs. Cookman who resided at The Cove, Tramore.

Another EI station listed on the IMD site is EI 0 MAR from
the Martello Tower at Howth in Dublin



Danish special event

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2
and thus Denmark's liberation, the callsign OZ 75 MAY was
active last year during May.

However, Bornholm Island was not liberated until April 5th,
1946, yes ONE YEAR LATER, so Danish radio amateurs have been
active with the two special callsigns OZ 75 BO and OZ 75 MAY
during the period of April 1-11th, 2021.

Activity will be on all the bands, including the WARC bands,
using CW, SSB and all Digital modes. Operators active from
Bornholm Island (EU-030) and the surrounding islands, will
use the callsign OZ75BO. Operators in the rest of Denmark
will use the callsign OZ75MAY.

Remember today is the last day!



GB5LIB Guernsey Amateur Radio Special Event

Members of the society, G.A.R.S. will activate the special
event station GB 5 LIB between 8th May and 14th May 2021 on
all bands and modes from 160-10 meters. Some satellite
operation is likely too, including QO100.

The station will be on air to celebrate the 76th anniversary
of the Liberation of the islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.




Stationed at Australia's Casey Base in Antarctica until at
least November, Paul, VK2PAD is active as VK0PD in his spare
time. Currently he has a 20/40m dipole 10m above ground
level and so far he has some contacts on 20m.




Special event station L 21 RCA is QRV during all of 2021
to celebrate the 100th anniversary of IARU member society
Radio Club Argentino. QSL via LU 4 AA.




Researchers have uncovered centuries-old accounts of the
1582 solar storm according to a post on

They've got their hands on a Portuguese scribe dating early
March 1582, which describes the magnificent light show never
before experienced by people of the nation. Solar Storms
occur when the sun is at its peak solar activity. The sun
shoots out boiling hot plasma in the form of solar flares
and winds. These affect Earth's magnetosphere that produces
vibrant auroras around regions where auroras are not
normally seen. Even though most solar storms have nothing to
worry about, a massive one could cause devastating
interference with electronics these days, some 400+ years
since this Portuguese account.




Silent Key - Fr. Harry Houlihan EI3EN

Many of us would have worked Father Harry Houlihan EI3EN,
a native of Dingle, County Kerry who has passed away at his
home in the Franciscan Friary, Multyfarnham. First founded
in 1268, the Franciscan monastery at Multyfarnham is still
home to a community of friars, some 753 years later!

EI3EN become a radio enthusiast while a missionary in
South Africa where he spent almost forty years.

On his return to Ireland, he lived in Cork and Waterford
before finishing his days as a Franciscan Friar in
Multyfarnham west of Dublin almost in the centre of Ireland.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Winmalee students to speak to astronauts

It never ceases to amaze how VK hams involved with ARISS never provide you
with news of forth coming school contacts in advance,
however thanks to Australia's Blue Mountains Gazette this
story reports Winmalee Public will become ground control
later this month when eight students talk to an astronaut
on the International Space Station.

Way way back in the pre-C-19 days, July 2019, the school's
science teacher, Alison Broderick, applied to NASA to be
part of the exciting ARISS program - Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station. This thanks to amateur radio
enthusiasts who work with NASA to facilitate the contacts.

Finally, late last year, Alison got the good news: We have

Within a few weeks (NASA has yet to confirm the exact date),
the students of Winmalee Public will speak to astronauts via
radio in the school hall as the space station orbits 430 kms
above the earth travelling at 27,000km/h.

The link between Earth and space will be supported by a
Shane Lynd, a moderator for ARISS, who lives in Mackay, VK4.

The students entered the "Ask an Astronaut a Question"
competition, and eight lucky winners have been singled out
to speak to crew aboard.

Read the full Blue Mountains Gazette article


This mission "almost" past us by, hardly making a dent in the
Easter News on main stream media, but, thanks to we learn that the University of NSW
Canberra Space campus M2 CubeSat satellites were launched
with Rocket Labs They Go Up So Fast mission from
New Zealand, representing a step forward in Australias
sovereign space capabilities.

The M2 mission, a collaboration between UNSW Canberra Space
and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), brings together
emerging technologies to deliver advanced capabilities in
earth observation, maritime surveillance and satellite
communications. Supporting Australias space situational
awareness, the data captured by M2 can inform maritime
surveillance, weather observations and low-orbit satellite

UNSW Canberra Spaces Spacecraft Project Lead
Andrin Tomaschett said the M2 mission was "ALMOST" entirely
designed and built in Australia.



Malay Peninsula West group:

Jorge / AB6WP is said to be operating as HS 0 ZOK from
Phuket Island, this month, April.

QRV mostly on 20-10m, SSB, some CW. QSL via HS 0 ZOK.



Major Brian A. Kerg, fleet amphibious communications officer,
U.S. Marine Corps, has written an article about the
Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS).

The US Defence Department have a mechanism by which to employ
amateur radio operators and connect joint planners with key
nodes in the area of operation. The Military Auxiliary Radio
System is a Defence Department-sponsored civilian auxiliary
of amateur radio operators that actively supports military

Notably, military aircrews remain capable of using MARS
phone patches through high frequency radios when satellite
communications are unavailable.

The article has been published by AFCEA and you can read it
at the link in this weeks WIA National News ( )


New National Shortwave Listeners Club

A new club to cater for the needs of shortwave listeners and
aspiring radio amateurs was launched during the week, and
the club is affiliated to the Irish Radio Transmitters

The club is called the National Shortwave Listeners Club and
will meet Sunday nights at 2000 UTC on the Zoom platform and
will provide a forum where newcomers and others can meet
and improve on their experiences in our wonderful hobby.

Enquiries about the club for the time being can be directed


(Youngsters On The Air)

The El Defensor Chieftain reports eleven-year-old Keller
Ford is now a licensed amateur radio operator, he has the
callsign KI 5 PGE.

Now additional good news reaches us, a short ceremony was
held at Cottonwood Valley Charter School where a local
ham Jon Spargo KC 5 NTW has presented Keller with a
hand-held radio.

Keller said he plans to use the radio for school projects.
There are a lot of options you can do. Which is the other
reason why I got the license, he said.

I might use it on a backpacking trip. Its useful to
communicate in an emergency. Or communicate to other
people on that trip who also have a ham radio license.



The order of names appearing on the Ballot Paper shall be as

1. Peter Schrader VK4EA
2. Peter Dernikos VK3FN
3. Greg Kelly VK2GPK (Current WIA President)
4. Steven Green VK2TSG
5. Peter Clee VK8ZZ (Current WIA Secretary)
6. Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY
7. Scott Williams VK3KJ (Current WIA Board Member)
8. David Uzzell VK2DU

Members are asked to vote for a maximum of 4 nominees by
striking OUT the names of nominees not voted for, and
returning their vote before April 30.

Now lets hear 4 of the 8 candidates and kicking it off,
top of the ballot paper is VK4EA

"Gidday, this is Peter Schrader VK4EA, also KQ4PS, was
VK4TGV and 9V1PS.

I have got myself onto the WIA Board election ballot paper
and you are probably wondering, why vote for me?

I was first licensed in 2000 as VK4TGV, taking up 9V1PS
shortly after a move to Singapore for work.

My initial interest were in HF and APRS, now active on
microwaves and ATV.

Past president and now member of the Redcliffe & Districts
Radio Club, treasurer of the Brisbane VHF Group, member of
the SEQATV Group and vice-president of Austravel Safetynet
(V M D 750).

I have had many technical and managerial roles, based in VK
and overseas.

So, what are some of my goals?

I want to know, what stops people joining or renewing their
WIA membership? The Institute needs strength in numbers to
make a real difference. A larger, more engaged, membership
gives us Amateurs a voice.

The WIA needs to get better with communications, to me,
using Social Media effectively makes sense.

Ensure that the Institute maintains dialogue with the
A C M A, the A M C and, if I may be bold, other
representative organisations.

I have a number of other ideas, not enough time to here.

It is important that you take some time to participate in
the voting process, please do it as soon as you receive
your ballot, so to ensure that it is received in time.

Email =
Facebook = peter.schrader.18
Twitter = @peterschrader2
Instagram = @peterschrader2
Im also on LinkedIn.

Cheers for now, this has been Peter, VK4EA, for
WIA National News.

Second on the ballot paper is VK3FN

" Hi. My name is Peter Dernikos VK3FN

My professional background is a company director for the
past 12 years.

I have been highly active in many aspects of amateur radio
ever since obtaining my foundation licence back in 2006,
and in 2012 I upgraded to an advanced licence.

I am an active DX chaser, contester and have been involved
in a few DX-peditions over the years. I enjoy bringing new
people into the hobby and a highly active Volunteer
Examiner for the AMC & ARRL.

I am the current President of the VEA Group, we organise
and administer AMC and ARRL amateur licence examinations.

I have been a member of the WIA since 2006.

As a WIA director, I have nominated to work with the board
cohesively and positively to encourage and focus as a
strong team in protecting and improving our amateur
service to our members and the amateur community.

The changes I would like to achieve with the board are to
have a better relationship with ACMA & AMC. Have greater
transparency and more engagement with our members and
affiliated clubs. Encourage more youth into our hobby,
improve the current educational path and streamline the
examination process that we currently have.

Peter Dernikos VK3FN

Our 3rd Canditate is current WIA President Greg, VK2GPK

( Audio intensive - no script )

4th on the Ballot Paper VK2TSG

" Hello, this is Steven Green VK2TSG.

I have been a licenced Amateur Operator since 1992; I have
previously worked in Radio Communications Sales and
service in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and for a short
time I was welcomed as a member of the Moorabbin and
District Amateur Radio Club whilst in VK3.

I am currently the Vice-President of the Blue Mountains
Amateur Radio Club in New South Wales.

I have extensive experience in managing and working in IT
and Communications for Emergency Services including work
in Emergency Operations Centres, triple-zero call centres,
and as a Responder in the field.

I have also worked across several disciplines including
Chaplaincy, peer-support, Nursing, Volunteer Management
and services, as well as on boards and executive committees.

Following in the footsteps of those who introduced me to
the hobby, I have also recruited and mentored a number of
people to Amateur Radio and founded a Facebook group to
encourage foundation operators and those who support them
to communicate and discuss common issues. It is my
intention to investigate ways to increase usage of the
bands and also recruit newcomers to our ranks including
mentoring, and additional support for affiliate clubs and
groups, particularly in remote and regional locations.

I would also like to work with all stakeholders to examine
improvements that could be made with the process of becoming
a licenced amateur, as many have discussed such difficulties
with me.

If elected, I would be open to hearing from Amateurs
across Australia and its Territories, whether members or
not, to ensure that the WIA is able to understand the
situations that we face.

Thank you to all, for your time and consideration in
regards to the 2021 election.

73 from Steven Green VK2TSG.

2021 Social Scene


Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information and even without
Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.


VK2 - MayHam (Wyong Race Course) May 30 (vk2ji)

VK5 - SERG convention Mt. Gambier June 12 / 13 (vk5bj)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RadioFest by SPARC 9:30am Nov 14 (vk3pdg)

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To submit audio, email
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We would appreciate items certainly no longer than 1.5 mts in
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Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood
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Each item will only be broadcast once, if you want a couple
of mentions, please submit different slants to keep your event
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write it in the 3rd person. (First if YOU are reading your
own item)

A reminder when supplying HamFest info we obviously can't
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WIA will put your supporters 'goods' in this text edition
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We cannot give blatant 'plugs' to raffles.


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