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( 1937 in a mention we've come across relating to weekly
broadcasts of information prepared by VK4 was a plea to
restart the weekly news service which was on air in the
late 1920's )

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

WIA Director and recently appointed President Scott Williams


On the widespread flooding in
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.. and also how a
Repeater troublemaker in the alps was caught red-handed!
and a call for those listening and vieing to

Felix dons his face mask and te;lls us of a VK5
Covid Contest on this very moment, a contest that has
no end date set!

cOL vk3gtv (and isnt GTV a great ATV call}, well Col has as
A special guest, ATV Guru Peter VK3BFG



Hi, this is WIA Director and recently appointed President
Scott Williams VK3KJ and is my pleasure to be appearing for
the first time on the broadcast, in my capacity as President.

Let me firstly say that I have been overwhelmed by the amount
of support I have received in the form of emails, messages
via social media and phone calls since the announcement of
my appointment. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes
and of course for all your suggestions. I am currently wading
through a mountain of emails and trying to respond to
everyone, so please bear with me.

I would like to especially acknowledge our immediate past
President Greg Kelly. Greg continues as a Director on the
Board and was recently re-elected for a further term.
I would like to personally thank Greg for his contribution
to the WIA as President through what was a challenging time
personally for Greg, with his own personal property being
impacted by the catastrophic fires that swept through parts
of NSW only a few years back. Greg will work closely with me
in the coming months as we transition all responsibilities
regarding the WIA Presidency.

As announced on last weeks broadcast, Lee Moyle (VK3GK) will
continue to serve as Vice President of the WIA and I would
like to congratulate Peter Schrader (VK4EA) who was recently
elected to the Board.

Many have asked me what my vision is for the future of the
WIA and my vision now as the President is no different to
when I joined the Board in May last year. That is, to
promote the wonderful interest of amateur radio and
importantly, make sure that the WIA is seen as a trusted
organisation that represents the interests of its members
and the broader amateur radio community.

One of the things in the short term for the WIA is to get
back to basics. To make sure we are an outward focused
organisation that has a strong member charter, but always
with an eye on our internal governance and processes.

It must be remembered that the WIA is a volunteer
organisation, and it is important we harness this wonderful
energy through all our committees and the individuals that
volunteer their valuable time and use this in a way that
advances this wonderful interest. I have been so inspired by
the many people who contribute their valuable time in kind
to the WIA and yes, there is the odd mistake made, delay,
issue and sometimes you might not agree with the direction
or decision that is made but this is no reason to publicly
highlight these matters and, in some cases, humiliate
individuals who are doing nothing more than their best to
try and assist.

To all the volunteers involved in the WIA, thank you for
your ongoing contribution and putting your hand up to make
a difference. It is truly acknowledged and appreciated.

The other short-term objective I have is to work with the
Board to ensure the WIA has a more sustainable business
model. There is no secret that the WIA has declined in
membership over the last 5 years and despite this decline
has stabilised within the past 12 months, there is
considerable effort required to lift membership numbers.
Also, to ensure there is retention of members and no further
decline. It is my personal view that getting back to basics,
delivering on our promise to members, having a stronger
member charter and being trusted in what we do will
strengthen our direction to achieve this objective.

It is also the Boards view that we must engage more
frequently and strengthen the relationship with affiliated
clubs. You might have recently seen that the WIA is looking
for individuals to assist as club liaison co-ordinators and
we would love to hear from you if you are interested in
assisting in this very important role.

In closing, there will always be tremendous respect and
regard for the wonderful history that the WIA has dating
back to 1910, but is important we look forward, and to the
future. The vision for the WIA is the responsibility of all
within the WIA and does not lay with a single person, a
committee or the Board in isolation. The vison is about
where we all want to be in the future and there is no doubt,
we all have great aspirations for the WIA.

The Board will undertake discussions shortly on how we gain
input to this vision and work toward a new era within the

Thats it for me this week, thank you to all those members
once again for supporting me in the recent Board elections,
and to the Board for bestowing the great honour and
confidence in me to lead this wonderful organisation.

Cheers and Best wishes,

Scott VK3KJ

Hi all this is Phil VK2CPR, I hope you are all keeping well
in these difficult times.

Peter Young VK3MV has been the IARU Monitoring Co-ordinatior
for many years. He has given notice to the Board that he
wishes to relinquish that position. Peter has offered to
assist the incoming coordinator to get established.

In July 2021 the secretary advertised for expressions of
interest from WIA members that may be interested in taking
on that role.

WIA Representation at IARU Region 3

Peter has also advised that he has stepped down as a Director
of IARU Region 3. He will not be renominating as a Director.
Any licenced amateur that is a WIA member may nominate in the
ballot to be a Director at the forthcoming triannual
conference in September with an endorsement from the WIA.
Peter is happy to participate as a delegate on behalf of the
WIA to assist the WIA in the proceedings. The WIA may
delegate others to participate and we would suggest that
this should be a minimum of three delegates to cover all the
proposed working groups.

The WIA has the option of submitting papers to the

these may include information papers on activities,
technical matters;
suggested changes to the Region 3 constitution,
changes to the Region 3 Band plans, Awards, organisational
structure, youth development or other matters relevant to
the IARU within Region 3.

The WIA may nominate persons to act as coordinators for its
various activities; This is a good way forward for a person
to assist the IARU and gain a profile to seek further
office in the future.

Cheers and 73 this is Phil VK2CPR






& the World Wide sources of the WIA.

We start in an UNREPRESENTED zone

Most no doubt have spotted we run across the globe IARU region
by region.

Well North Korea is NOT represented as "Ham Radio" is banned,
BUT the North Korean capital cracks down on illegal TVs to
prevent access to South Korean broadcasts and each Pyongyang
household must report the number of TVs they own, and they
face stiff punishments for hiding them

North Korea has ordered residents of the capital Pyongyang to
report the number of televisions in each household to stop
them from watching banned shows from prosperous, democratic
South Korea, sources in the country told RFA.

In North Korea, access to media from the outside world is
strictly controlled, and TVs and radios are manufactured to
only pick up domestic channels and must be registered with
the authorities. But residents do find ways to access
South Korean signals, either by using foreign televisions or
modifying domestic ones.

Getting caught during routine inspections with a TV that can
pick up illegal signals is a punishable offense. Residents
with more than one television hide their illegal TVs during
inspections, only to bring them out again to watch Seouls
latest hot drama or variety show, former residents told RFA.

Authorities are aware of the deception and have issued a
directive that every household in the city declare to their
local neighbourhood watch unit how many televisions they have.

Read more from this very interesting Radio Free Asia


Unprecedented heavy rain has caused widespread flooding in
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with over 120 deaths
and hundreds more people unaccounted for.

The rains caused rivers to burst their banks and the water
converged into major rivers like the Meuse, Mosel and Rhine
causing damage to bridges and other infrastructure such as
power and telecommunications networks. Koblenz the city
where the Rhine river and the Mosel river meet each other would
be familiar to many a VK tourist aboard the many Rhine river
cruises saw the waters of these 2 mighty rivers lapping all
four sides of the famed Kaiser-Wilhelm Monument which marks
the place where two of the most important rivers in Europe

The Dutch Amateur Radio Emergency Service ( DARES ) was on
standby from the first reports of floods came in, with an
initial attempt to establish a point to point link from the
Provincial capital of Maastricht to the north of Limburg
province, this was halted due to heavy traffic as citizens
followed calls to evacuate low lying areas. DARES members
were in contact with members of the Belgian Emergency
Amateur Radio Service ( BEARS ) to co-operate and co-ordinate
their work.

The European Civil Protection mechanism was activated and
emergency groups across the region reported their
Governments sending extra assistance and supplies to the
areas where damage was worst. The surge in flood water was
continuing to make its way North leading to further
evacuations and the Radio Amateur Emergency groups started
to get more focused requests with BEARS being asked to
provide a backup VHF link between the emergency call centre
in Brussels and the province of Hainaut while DARES had four
stations active in the Limburg area ready to respond if an
issue occurred.

The most loss of life and damage HAS occurred in Germany
where over 1000 people remain unaccounted for and the loss
of mobile networks has slowed the effort to locate people
while many others are without power or homes. The emergency
communications unit of the DARC is handling enquiries for
amateur radio support in the worst hit areas but this is not
always easy to achieve as members in the area have been
directly affected losing equipment or their homes.

Emergency communications groups in the affected, and
surrounding countries, are ready to respond to requests
made and are working well together, co-ordinating their
response as needed. This emergency will last for some time
as infrastructure is repaired and the threat from damaged
dams and more rainfall is reduced.

Repeater troublemaker caught red-handed!

Switzerland's national amateur radio society USKA reports on
action to tackle the problem of repeater abuse

They carry a report from the UHF Group which says:

On July 2, 2021, in the morning on various 70 cm repeaters,
increased interference in the form of DTMF and siren signals
were heard again. Various DF teams were encouraged to track
down the troublemaker and with success - various bearings
led to Bellevue / Gottschalk Enberg (southeast of Menzingen),
where two teams found an already known radio amateur at
12:30 p.m. Two people then had intensive conversations with
this troublemaker, who - as in a conversation on May 26, 2021
with another successfully tracker - pretended to be stupid
and clueless. Due to the waterproof bearing results and the
repeated encounter of the same person at the coordinates of
the respective bearings, there is no doubt that we have found
the right one.

Maybe it's just a pious wish, but we hope that the
interferer's intelligence is sufficient to see that it is
now time for his QRT.

It remains for us to express our thanks to all those who
have supported us for weeks and months with their tips,
their active help and thousands of kilometres driven. In the
end, Ham spirit is what you achieve together - and not what
you talk about autocratically and preferably by radio.



UHF Group source

Family of Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AM (SK), receives
Michael J. Owen, VK3KI Memorial Award

WIA Director Oscar Reyes VK3TX writing on wia front page news
says relatives of IARU-R2 former president Reinaldo Leandro
received the Michael J. Owen, VK3KI Memorial Award from
Ramn Santoyo, XE1KK, IARU-R2 current president.

The award is granted by the IARU Administrative Committee as
the highest distinction granted at the world level to
acknowledge decades of service to IARU and to amateur radio.

The family expressed their gratitude, indicating that
besides them, radio amateurs were Reinaldos other family.
The simple and emotional ceremony, shared virtually with a
small group of his relatives and amateur radio friends,
started on a sad note because of the loss of the relative
and friend, but one of them mentioned that Reinaldo would
have liked for this to be a happy ceremony, and it turned
it into a celebration of his life, where some of the friends
attending shared anecdotes of his life as a radio amateur.

To see the full article:


Cuba: IARU Region 2 congratulates FRC on 55th anniversary

IARU-R2 has sent its congratulations to Federation de
Radio aficionados de Cuba on its 55th anniversary

They said "Our congratulations to its Board of Directors and
in general, to all Cuban radio amateurs."

The Federation of Radio Amateurs of Cuba (FRC) congratulates
its more than 8 thousand associates on this 55th anniversary
of its foundation. The FRC, founded on July 15, 1966, is a
Member Society of the IARU (International Amateur Radio
Union), incorporated in the country under the legal rules
governing the operation of associations. The FRC is a social
interest organization and its creation pursues the objective
of bringing together radio amateurs and facilitating their
non-profit vocational improvement.

On each anniversary of the founding of the organization that
brings together Cuban radio amateurs, we somehow celebrated
it and met at the provincial Radio Clubs and Branches, to
recall issues related to this historic event that occurred
on July 15, 1966.

Remaining in Cuba, amateur radio operators regularly
communicate between Cuba and Florida USA.

Last week, mysterious signals originating from Havana jammed
the most popular frequencies.

One 'Hamster' W7HU Alex said he regularly uses HAM radio to
communicate with friends back in Cuba. hes done regular
broadcasts from southern Florida and uploading them to
YouTube under the handle W7HU Alex. Normally, he said, we
dont talk politics and we dont talk religion. But last
week, after anti-government protests started there, he was
using HAM radio to learn more from operators on the ground.

Two brave guys said, We dont have internet but we want
freedom, Valladares said. Soon after he began talking
with these operators, though, he began to lose contact with
them. Various frequency bands used by Cuban radio operators
were full of static and interference.

"Western Cuba, around the Havana area, is the most likely
area for this jamming transmitter based on algorithmic
direction finding," another hammer K0LWC wrote.

New US experimental station WL 2 XUP now operational on the
40 MHz band.

FCC has issued the experimental call sign WL2XUP to conduct
tests on the 40 MHz band. The owner of the call,
Lin Holcomb NI4Y reports that the station is now on air.

The license allows for operation between 40.66 MHz to 40.7 MHz
with a maximum output of 400-watts ERP. The license lasts
until the 1st of July 2023.

WL2XUP is intermittently transmitting WSPR on 40.662 MHz
(1500Hz). For FT8 skeds and tests, an ERP of 100-watts
can be used.



From AS-135 a group of Chinese operators are active as B 4 T
from Kaishan Island during this weekends IOTA Contest.
This as a Multi-2 / High-Power entry.
We'll have more on the RSGB's premier contest in this edition
of the news you can trust from your WIA.



Duct tape is really important in space.

Among other things it was used by the crew of Apollo 13 to
build their improvised carbon monoxide scrubber (called
grey tape in the transcript). Amazingly, up until 2021
astronauts on the ISS just stuck it to the wall and had to
remember where it was.

A SpaceX Crew-1 finally brought a duct tape dispenser which
can be operated with one hand, allowing an astronaut to
stabilize themselves with the other.

Even more amazingly, the dispenser was designed by high
school students as part of NASA HUNCH, a program that farms
out tactical engineering problems to high schoolers.




AREG Lockdown Contest

The idea of the contest is to promote radio contacts between
VK Amateurs during the VK5 Lockdown. Bonus points will be
Awarded for working AREG members (you need to ask as they
do have members in most states) and VK calls ending in PF
and AZ

Why PF and AZ?

AstraZeneca and Pfizer

The Contest started at VERY short notice last Tuesday
and won't conclude till the end of the lock down.

Details from the VKCC (VK Contest Club and no doubt the
AREG website.



To promote contacts between stations in IOTA island groups
and the rest of the world, and to encourage expeditions to
IOTA islands is the objective of this weekends IOTA contest
which runs from 1200 UTC 24th to 1200 UTC 25th.

Just a couple of stations, islands to keep an ear out for are
GM 7 V, a Multi-2 station from Benbecula, which is EU-010,
from Ceann Ear, in the Monach Islands, EU-111, MM 8 C and
EJ 1 E who will operate from Bere Island, IOTA number EU-121.

The exchange for this contest is report, serial number and
island number.

(iota rsgb irts)


Apple Isle August Presentation Night

Contesting on HF, VHF and above

REAST's August presentation night is all about contesting
on HF and VHF and above.

With the Remembrance Day contest just around the corner
(14/15 August 2021) REAST, based in Hobart VK7, want to
equip everyone with contesting skills to ensure they get
the most out of their RD Contest experience.

Martin VK7GN will be giving the High Frequency (HF)
contesting low down and Richard VK7ZBX will be covering
contesting on VHF and above frequencies.


AGAIN, RD or Remembrance Day Contest will be August 14-15.



Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours starting on
Saturday 28th August at 0600 hours UTC finishing
Sunday 29th August at 0559 hours UTC



VOICE from 0800 UTC Saturday 2 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 3

CW from 0800 UTC Saturday 9 October to
0800 UTC Sunday October 10




December 4-5 160 Meter WW


DECEMBER 11 - 12 10 Mtr World Wide



AM 1 ASX is QRV until next Friday, July 30 to mark the
Jacobean Holy Year 2021, HF bands using SSB, FT8 and FT4.




6W1/EA 4 ATI is in Senegal for about three months, active on
80 to 10 meters using mainly SSB and you QSL via EA 4 R.




Special event stations 3 F 200 AT and 3 F 200 NG are QRV
until November 30 celebrating Panama's Bicentennial
anniversary of Independence and qsl route is via LoTW.




Call sign GB4 RS is a special one from Great Britain and is
made available to the President of the Radio Society of
Great Britain (the RSGB) for their term of office. Currently
Stewart Byrant is President and says he aims to use this
call, GB4RS, as often as possible.

(ARNewsLine FB)


TA 1 HZ has announced that he has moved to Iskele city in
the district known as the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus
(T..R.N.C.) He states that he has "received the necessary
permit from local authority to be on the air as 1 B / TA 1 HZ.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a self-proclaimed
state, part of Cyprus, which is ONLY recognized by Turkey
and does NOT count for DXCC purposes also worth remembering
the use of the 1B prefix is illegal and is not sanctioned by
the ITU.

( )



MOTA - Mines On The Air

Most people are familiar with IOTA, SOTA, POTA, etc.
Less well known, however, is MOTA or Mines On The Air

On the SSA site Stephan Leeman SM5YRA writes:

The activity has its origins in the USA and it is WJ 0 NF,
Johnny from Colorado who has started it all. Here in Europe,
however, there is quite little activity, but I have heard
some stations from, among others, France that were running.

Maybe a fun idea to activate a mine during the summer? We
have a lot in Sweden!

You can find more information at


Snows RadioActive Observation Trial

Townsville Amateur Radio Club President, Snow, VK4ME is
currently planning their 2021 RadioActive Observation Trial,
happening in the Townsville area from 11am Sunday September 5.

The starting point is the Clubroom Carpark at West End,
it will be fun for all the family and a Sausage Sizzle is
planned at the finishing point of the Trial.

Catering numbers now to Snow.


WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS ATV (Every pixel tells a story) -

Amateur Radio Victorias DATV Repeater, VK3RTV commenced
high definition television transmissions on Thursday 15th
July with a two channel multi-plexed downlink using the
DVB-T2 protocol.

It is believed that this is a first in Australia.

The system uplinks are on 1246, 1255 and 1278 MHz. using
either high definition DVB-S2 or standard definition DVB-S.
All video trunking is via HDMI with the exception of the
Media Box which generates the local callsigns and information.
This will be converted to a HD version on the near future.

DVB-T2 is a second generation protocol with many enhancements
over DVB-T. Stations are reporting increased ease of
reception and one station, VK3GMZ is accessing and receiving
the system via knife edge diffraction over Mount Dandenong.
Very high quality pictures are being seen which can be
viewed on larger television sets. Small print is easily read.

The two multiplexed channels, VK3RTV1 and VKRTV2 are also
streamed via the British Amateur Television Club.

As this is a new protocol to Australia only Set Top Boxes
which are DVB-T2 enabled can be used to receive VK3RTV.

The conversion was funded by members of the Melbourne Amateur
Television Group.

The annual DATV QSO Party is scheduled for Friday 27th August
and Saturday 28th August which may now include additional
Repeaters in the USA. The principle is that DATV Stations
transmit to their local Repeaters and a local Anchor ports
the signal internationally.

More details of this event will follow in subsequent broadcasts.



Your host and teacher is Nic VK7WW. (WIA News Book Reviewer)

Frequencies and times are, 1900 hrs to 1930 hrs on 3.580 MHz
and then at 1930 hours on 3.567MHz.

So why not tune in and give it a try.

By the end of each week, between Morse Course Sessions,
participants may have learned 12 characters. Then its time
to practice them on air.

Nic explains how to have a contact and the procedures and
protocols. For those who may want some extra help, this
website is reported as being very good. and morsecodeclassnet is all one word.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) Opens For Amateur Use

The AMSAT Engineering and Operations Teams are pleased to
announce that AO-109 is now open for amateur use. Users are
asked to use efficient modes such as CW or FT4 for making
contacts, since issues with the satellite make SSB voice
contacts are challenging at best.

Inverting Linear Transponder Frequencies for AO-109 are

Uplink 145.860 MHz - 145.890 MHz
Downlink 435.760 MHz - 435.790 MHz


ROTA Recipes On The Air

Ham Radio Aficionados will be joining Barbecue Teams from
all over the United States in Downtown Effingham this
weekend to compete for cash and bragging rights at the
EffingHAM-JAM BBQ Cook-off located on the Courthouse grounds.

Proceeds from the event will support the Chamber Foundation
of Effingham Countys Scholarship Program as well as the
Foundations community-wide initiatives.

The Kansas City Barbeque Society is the worlds largest
organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts, with over
15,000 members worldwide and sanctions over 400 barbeque
events coast-to-coast throughout America, Canada, and Mexico.

( )

2021 Social Scene

Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
direct for up-to-date status information and even without
Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
contacts and answers to your questions.

VK4 - REDCLIFFE AR Club Car Boot Sale Aug 21 9am (vk4tfn)

VK5 - Australian Fox Hunting Championship and SERG Convention
Mount Gambier 18th and 19 of September. (vk5dj)

VK4 -Cardwell Gathering October1 to 4 at
Beachcomber Motel and Tourist Park. (BackScatter)

VK4 - Sunfest Field Day Monday October 4,
Nambour Showgrounds, Queensland. ( )

VK6 - PerthTech October 23 (vk6pop)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RadioFest by SPARC 9:30am Nov 14 (vk3pdg)

Reception Reports

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VK1 call-back stats today on Mt Ginini repeaters were:
2m - 20 call-backs taken by Graham, VK1GVC.
70cm - 11 call backs taken by Owen, VK1OC.
Mentions of VK2PET and VK1ZDJ in the b/cast were noted and
locals also commented their appreciation.
There was also some discussion about a trial by VK2COW this
morning: he transmitted the b/cast on 6m WBFM on 53.300MHz.

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