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Director Steven Green VK2TSG, Secretary and Director Peter Clee VK8ZZ, WIA's Shire Contest Manager Diane Maine VK4DI and Choir Boy turned Poet Laureate VK2ZRH, Roger Harrison our esteemed Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine.






The monthly meeting of the Board of the WIA was held during this last week. At that
meeting it was confirmed that the WIA had placed an order for a fresh batch of
Foundation Manuals to replenish the current stock which now down to less than 20
manuals and is expected to be totally depleted before this broadcast goes to air.

The new Foundation Manual has been updated and contains a wealth of information for
prospective amateurs.

The Board were also keen to see the updated foundation manual introduced as there
has been a decline in the number of examinations and subsequent licenses issued in
the last few years. This is in direct contrast to an increase in the numbers of new
amateurs in both the USA and UK which saw a significant increase in numbers
especially during the last 2 years.

The Board of the WIA are working with other internationally recognised national
Amateur Radio organisations to improve the acceptance of Australian Licensed Amateur
operators and to expedite acceptance of applications of temporary reciprocal
licences for Australian operators visiting overseas destinations.

The board also reviewed a report on the progress of the preparations for the World
Radio Conference to be held in 2023. There have been a number of virtual preparatory
meetings leading up to WRC-23 in which the WIA has had active participation.

The World Radio Conference is held under the auspices of the International
Telecommunications Union every 3 or 4 years and sets all of the international radio
regulations and ratifies band usage for the entire spectrum for all countries. The
Amateur Service is represented at the WRC by the International Amateur Radio Union
and the WIA as the peak body for the Amateur Radio service in Australia is
represented at the WRC.

Also just an advise that the National Office is currently finalising the awards and
certificates for those recipients named at this year's Annual General Meeting and we
hope to have all of them out by the end of this month.

This has been WIA Secretary Peter Clee VK8ZZ

This is Steven Green VK2TSG, one of your new WIA national directors,
having started after this years AGM.

I've been told that there's an interest in hearing more about the
background of our new Members and therefore, I thought I'd tell you
a little bit more about myself.

Bringing newcomers into Amateur Radio is one of my passions, which
has led me to bring several groups of people to foundation training,
clubs, radio activities, and more; taking the example of the person
who introduced me to radio.

In joining your national board, I wanted to increase understanding,
transparency, and representation, particularly in bringing your
perspectives to the group; to that end, I'm happy about the efforts
that the board have been taking behind the scenes to progress
improvements to your WIA, and I would also like to hear what is
important to you as her fellow Members.

I am based at the foot of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and
grew up in the nearby western Sydney suburb of St Marys. I was
interested in electronics as a child and was known for taking apart
old equipment to see how it worked, although at an early age, I was
not so great at putting things back together. Later in my teenage
years, I started experimenting with small walkie talkies and
progressed to CB Radio on 27 megahertz.

Having been heavily involved in volunteering, I picked up many
skill sets in management, emergency services, patient care and
radio communications. It was as a cadet in St John Ambulance where I
was introduced to amateur radio by my Superintendent at the time,
later putting together a transportable radio set for use at events.

Among other roles, I'm the current president of the Blue Mountains
Amateur Radio Club, or BMARC as we like to call it, the team there
are looking at getting back to basics to help provide that learning
curve needed by newcomers to radio. It is our hope that this will
help people keep up their enthusiasm after becoming licenced and
pave the way for long term involvement.

But more from me later.

If you'd like to drop a message to me, email via
I may not be able to respond quickly to each message, so please
bear with me.
73 from Steve Green, VK2TSG.


President Scott VK3KJ
Peter VK8ZZ
Chris VK3FY
Peter VK4EA
Steve VK2TSG

So next week, July 24 we'll hear from President Scott VK3KJ

This is Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine, Roger Harrison

The latest edition of Amateur Radio magazine Issue Number 4 for
2022 has been landing in mailboxes and newsagents from late last

This issue, the theme is about outdoor adventures about amateur
radio in the great outdoors the adventures, the pitfalls,
the triumphs, the fun and frolics to be had.

Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW tells of mixing his two great interests
bushwalking and amateur radio. What could possibly go wrong?
Andy Keir VK2AAK first beguiles us with the bucolic nature of
radio club socialising beside the Great Lakes before recounting
tales from his past life chasing postcodes with his 2m rig and his
pickled onion yes, pickled onion see page 41 and getting a
rare 25s Award buzzing Sydney aboard the famous Red Baron Tiger Moth
aircraft. And, theres more!

For something more contemporaneous, the indefatigable Dale Hughes
VK1DSH relates his experience with some splendour on the grass
outside Her Majesty The Queens home, Windsor Castle, where he got a
personal tour of G B 70 E, one of the special event stations
celebrating The Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, VK4KC and VK2MET flesh-out the theme
with their report on the Dorrigo Park-fest, summed-up in the
introductory verse

twas on the wild Warrego
Where few people go
Young Marty and Alan frequented
Oer hills, n down dales
On high lonely trails
Our portably-bent hams have wented
To Dangar Falls lodge
Not a friend did they dodge
When they slipped into Park Dorrigo

For those seeking a quick drive-in / drive-out amateur radio
adventure, Peter Freeman VK3PF gives us the skinny about seeking
out silos to signal your presence.

Aside from all that, Issue 4 offers-up all the scores for the
John Moyle National Field Day. And, to boot the winners of this
years Presidents Shield VK3ER portable, the club station of the
Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club features on the front
cover, with a spectacular drone photo by Andrew Scott VK3BQ.

So I can hear some of you asking what happened to the
technical content?

Im getting to that . . . for the antenna aficionados,
we have Part 2 of Antenna Modelling using 4nec2. And this is where
the story really starts. The authors begin their step-by-step guide.

Waiting in the wings is Eric VK2VEs practical piece on integrating
an automatic antenna coupler kit to a Codan 8528 HF transceiver.
Its a great hardware hack for the bevy of Codan owners out there.

Speaking of which this issue we have some leftovers from Issue 3
In Homebrew Hacks & Hints, Peter Sumner VK5PJ reveals how to make a
straight cut across round tube with a hacksaw, as well as how to
drill clean, round holes in our jiffy boxes.

The ALARA column this issue features the fresh face of the new
ALARA President, Michelle OHare VK2AYL. Admitting she loves the
outdoors, Michelle works as an environmental scientist, is active in
Girl Guides, has her private pilots licence and is working on her
helicopter pilots licence.

Theres more in Issue 4!

Thats right, folks. Look out for it . . . with the Sun peeking
through the magazine banner. Amateur Radio magazine, Volume 90,
Issue Number 4 for 2022. Serving Australian radio amateurs since

Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane.

No, ya klutz. The other script. Oh!

This has been AR magazine Editor-in-Chief Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
for VK1WIA News.


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.

Antarctica Project

For listeners proficient in the Spanish language.

U.R.E., the Spanish National Association of Radio Aficionados
gave a live-streamed talk Wednesday about a project consisting
of a network of remote sensors for research in Antarctica, using
NVIS, the quasi vertical reflection of signals in the ionosphere.

This research is being carried out by the Ramn Lull University in
Barcelona. They talked about the technical infrastructure used in
the HF communications project, consisting of SDR transmitters and
receivers, sensors, and antennas. In addition to purely technical
aspects, the broadcast also described everyday life on the Antarctic
base, and all the curiosities that this type of experience entails.

The talk (in Spanish) is on the URE YouTube channel.

Switzerland: Ofcom formalize home construction exemption

The USKA say the essence of amateur radio is that you can also
operate transmitters you have built yourself

The introduction of the European CE certification requirement in
Switzerland at the time stood in contradiction to such freedoms.
For this reason, in January 2010 OFCOM specified the practical
application of CE conformity for radio amateurs in an additional

In connection with the new European radio directive in 2015, as well
as the new Telecommunications Act and the corresponding ordinances
since January 1, 2021, OFCOM has adapted the details of the rules
to the current legislation and made them official in OFCOM
Newsletter No. 429 released June 1, 2022.

To make it short:
Everything remains as before. The radio amateurs with HB9 (HAREC)
call sign still benefit from corresponding exemptions:

You may continue to build and operate your own transmitters.
CE certification is not required for these

Commercially available devices may be modified for personal use.

Even devices imported from abroad without a CE mark may be
operated for personal use. However, each radio amateur is
responsible for compliance with spurious emissions.

IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 newsletter reports in
June they received a new unknown signal in the 15m band.
It was on 21003.5 kHz for several days with longlasting
transmissions, and also received several times around 21122 kHz

Although it is probably a radar transmission, as we cannot
officially confirm it, we report it as an unknown signal, XXX.
TDoA radiolocations taken seem to show the area of Iran for this

WRC 2023

After the previous WRC2019 in Sharm El Sheikh, the next WRC, short
for World Radiocommunication Conferences, will take place from the
20th of November to the 15th of December 2023 in the United Arab
Emirates, either in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai, yet to be decided.

Without doubt the current discussions about the future of the 23cm
band will again be high on the agenda. Telecommunications is not a
fixed and invariable given, but is subject to change and expansion.
Just think of satellites, drones, GPS, 5G with 6G by 2030,
autonomously driving cars, Wi-Fi and many others that use the radio

Every four years the World Radiocommunication Conferences regulates
the global use of the radio frequency spectrum with possible
adjustments or revisions for the geostationary satellites. Two years
before the conference, the agenda has been finalised with the
agreement of the majority of Member States.

WRC2019 captured what needs to be discussed with WRC2027.
WRC2023 next year is already covering part of that.


Sable Island CY0S DXpedition new dates

The March 20-29th, 2023 Sable Island CY0S DXpedition:

The Sable Island CY0S DXpedition Team was informed by Parks Canada
Sable Island would need to reschedule the DX-pedition from the
Fall of 2022 due to a large, six week project Parks Canada has on
the island beginning on October 1st and going to at least
mid-November 2022.

After discussions with the Sable Island staff and DXpedition team,
we agreed on March 20-29th, 2023, for the CY0S DXpedition.

Finally, after seven years of planning, they have assigned dates
for the DXpedition - let's hope they don't change after all that time.


A laboratory in Tokyo is the scene of some innovative work
on a transceiver able to receive power wirelessly at the same time
it sends and receives data.

Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology believe the 64-element
millimetre-wave-band phased-array transceiver could become the first
of its kind that no longer is dependent on cables, plugs or batteries.

The IEEE Spectrum article said the research, was unveiled at an IEEE
symposium in Hawaii.

The transceiver, which has a 64-element phased array of antennas on
its front side, is capable of short transmission distances and is
able to receive power from a fixed direction. It also contains a
circuit board on the back where four RF integrated circuit chips are
wired into one of four quadrants containing the antennas.

The initial goal is for the transceiver to be used in 5G services.

After DC power generation is increased, scientists hope to find a
way for the transceiver to be used with battery-free devices tied to
the Internet of Things.

There is a new prefix on the air located in IARU Region Three.

Following the official marking of the return of the former
British colony of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China
25 years ago, ITU Operational Bulletin reports the allocation
of the new special prefix VR25 for Hamsters located in Hong Kong.





RSGB IOTA Contest is July 30 - 31st



WIA RD or Remembrance Day Contest

Weekend closest to the 15th August each year.

2022 its Sat Sun August 13 and 14





Still to come in my operational news here in drop zone 2 this week
will be the VKShires Contest 2022 RESULTS when Contest Manager VK4DI
joins us.


The large collection of QSL cards on Les Nouvelles DXs website has
been updated.

Amongst the sixteen different galleries there are cards for the ten
Most Wanted DXCC Entities between 2012 and 2021,
the 62 deleted DXCC Entities
and special stations commemorating the ITU and IARU.

You can view these galleries and many more on the website

just click the QSL Gallery tab.



A special event station in New Zealand is marking the 90th
anniversary of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters
Southland Branch 37 by using the call sign ZL 9 GQ since July 1.

It lasts just this month, July.



Hadrian's Wall Special Event Station

There will be two special event stations GB1900HA and GB1900HW running throughout the year to commemorate 1900 years since the building of Hadrians Wall.

QSL Via Logbook of the World and Club Log OQRS.

See for more info on GB1900HA and GB1900HW

Further info at:


Danish DX Group celebrates 50 years

The Danish DX Group (DDXG) was founded May 27, 1972. To celebrate the 50th anniversary special event station OZ50DDXG is on-the-air until December 31.

Radio amateurs around the world can obtain the anniversary award by having contacts using CW, Phone or Digital modes with the anniversary station OZ 5 DDXG.

The anniversary station may be contacted once on each band and with each modulation type in every month. Each approved contact counts 1 point.

Full details on



Frans, PC2F will be active as PF01MAX until the 20th of November, over the twenty-two Grand Prix weekends of this year's FIA Formula One World Championship.

July 24 is next F1 race, the FRENCH GRAND PRIX

for PF 01 MAX, you QSL via PC2F either direct, via the bureau, Logbook of The World or eQSL


VKShires Contest 2022 RESULTS with Diane Main VK4DI Contest Manager

This years VK Shires Contest saw the fantastic total of 56 logs
submitted, including 2 from ZL.

The results for the 2022 VK Shires are now published on the
WIA Website, with a link to download the winners certificates.

The results and statistics are also on

The efforts of Marc Hillman, VK3OHM for his work in producing a
current VK Shires Excel spreadsheet prior to the contest and
producing the new DB3 file to work with VKCL for correct scoring,
was invaluable. My thanks to Alan Shannon, VK4SN for producing the
UDC for N1MM as well as the excellent log checking software. Alan
provided me with training to use the software. Alans assistance is
very much appreciated.

Those who used N1MM would have realised the program was scoring high
and once again someone found the solution. Thanks to Lawrie Mew,
VK5LJ the N1MM UDC for 2023 will score correctly.

It is due to the dedication and support of these 3 hams that contest
was a such a success.

Now to the winners!

Congratulations to:
Single Operator:
1st place VK4VO
2nd Place VK5LJ
3rd Place VK7C

Single Operator 10w
1st Place VK7KPC
2nd Place VK3TOS
3rd Place VK3CWS

Multi Operator
1st Place VL4R
2nd Place VK3FRC
3rd Place VK2ATZ

Single Operator Rover
1st Place VK2YW
2nd Place VK3TCP

1st Place Single op 10w Rover VK3V

DX Single Operator
1st Place ZL3GQ
2nd Place ZL3VZ

Thank you to all those who took part and submitted a log.

A full report has been forwarded to AR Magazine for publication
(Diane Main VK4DI VKShires 2022 Contest Manager)



The Reversed Beacon Net has recently undergone a face-lift, now
featuring a more graphics oriented web-page.

It started in 2008 as a humble DX skimmer, readable via text based
"telnet" servers, then added a web based version with a world map
and overlaid contacts, and spot filters. Initially conceived as a
tool to check propagation, it has changed the contesting scene.
The web-page is at with a link for downloading
the newest version, plus very readable instructions how to get the
most out of this service.

Recordings of military transmissions can be found on the
Signal Identification Guide Wiki at

Now, a popular CW net that went silent two decades ago has found
its voice in one amateur who is looking to revive it. He is looking
for hams with MK 123 transceivers or any spy radio equipment,
including homebrew.

Jeremy Boot G4NJH, speaking on Amateur Radio NewsLine shares some of
the intrigue.

"Colin F5VHZ remembers the great days of the Spy Set Net that
attracted hams at the Bletchley Park Radio Club GB2BP. Back then the
rig of choice was mainly the MK 123 radio. The hams held CW nets,
special events and even a bit of chat. Colin recently posted on the
QRZ forums he hopes to find like-minded amateurs who will join him
once again in calling "CQ, CQ CQ Spy Set Net," adding their
call sign.

Any CW speed is welcome.

Colin's love of history and old radios dates back to his home-brewed
crystal projects as a child and a memorable visit in 1964 to the
British Science Museum where he saw a World War II radio transmitting
text from China's Chairman Mao in RTTY. He got his licence as F1HIC
when he moved to France, then returned to the UK in the 80s, becoming
G1YEB. He joined the Bletchley Park radio club and after passing the
CW test he became M5AET.

He was part of the first Spy Set Net operating mainly on 3.514 and
7.028 MHz. The net fell silent over the years but Colin told
NewsLine: [quote] "I have decided to try and kick-start the old
Spy Set Net back into action." [endquote] Of course, it will be on
the old frequencies.

With a nod to a little espionage history, Colin adds a final thought
: "You can make up and send your own 'secret' message as in
World War II, like a string of messages: Thomas's bike has a
puncture, Mary has found a blue rose, there are owls in the woods
tonight, etcetera." [endquote]

It's all a bit of fun and yes, even a little intrigue.

Colin hopes he "spies" others who are interested.

[FOR PRINT ONLY: Colin's email is]


New WSJT-X Version

WSJT-X implements communication protocols or "modes" called
FST4, FST4W, FT4, FT8, JT4, JT9, JT65, Q65, MSK144, and WSPR,
as well as one called Echo, designed to detect and measure radio
signals reflected from the Moon.

These modes serve to make reliable, confirmed QSOs under extreme
weak-signal conditions. There are a couple of noteworthy additions
in the new version 2.54 and in the first of the next release
candidate version 2.60, introducing a direct dial button for the
FT8, FT4, MSK144, Q65, JT65 and FT8 "Hound" mode, adding band hopping
plus an improved decoder for FT8 and Q65.

The new version can be downloaded from the servers at Princeton
University webpage is


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

NASA Podcast Amateur Space Radio

On Episode 251 of NASAs "Houston We Have a Podcast", Courtney Black
describes the Amateur Radio program that connects astronauts in space
to people and students around the globe.

Along with jam-packed days of science and maintenance, astronauts
aboard the International Space Station dedicate some time to connect
with people on Earth. It can be by an IP (internet protocol) phone to
call a family member, a televised event to connect with media, or
amateur radio to connect with students.

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or ARISS, helps
create education opportunities that inspire students to pursue
careers in STEM-related fields thats engineering, math, science,
or technology by having the opportunity to talk to crew members in

Listen to "Houston we have a podcast"

(amsat na)

(Youngsters On The Air)
YOTA Contest 2022 Youth On The Air (

The goal of YOTA is to welcome new and young amateur radio operators
to our hobby.

We live in a world where communication is being digitalised in a way
that we almost cant keep up with. In times like this its important
to convince people about the importance of our hobby. Together with
other youngsters all around the world, we CAN make the difference
and give our hobby the future it deserves!

YOTA is creating the next generation of amateur radio enthusiasts,
bringing new energy into the hobby.

Recently 80 youngsters from 27 teams in IARU Region One met in
Bankya in Bulgaria for the 8th edition of the Youngsters On The Air
summer camp. It seemed to be a 'trfick' week full of diverse
activities concentrated both on practical and theoretical knowledge,
but also many fun activities.



ILLW on track for 25th

200 entries have just clicked over for the 25 th anniversary of this
event held every year on the 3rd weekend in August.

Entrants are reminded that the objective of the weekend is to have
fun and at the same time highlight the plight of lighthouses that
suffer from lack of care and maintenance. Showing the public all
about Ham radio is also a side benefit.

(sourced to SouthGate)


2022 Social Scene

VK4 - August 6 Redcliffe Club hold Radio display at Altronics
Virginia 8.30 AM (vk4bz)

VK4 - Redcliffe Club Car Boot Sale Saturday 20th August 9am
club house Macfarlane Park, Klingner Road Kippa-Ring. (vk4tfn)

VK4 - SunFest Sunday 18 September 10:00 AM Mountain Creek State
School (noreply email)

VK6 - PerthTech October 21-23 (vk6pop)

VK7 - Miena HamFest Saturday 19th November. (vk7wi news)

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest November 20 9.3Oam. (vk3pdg)


VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

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