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Well what a week, and STILL the war against the WIA goes on.

I was taken to task why this news service did NOT carry the item
from a splinter group... why not call a spade a spade and call it
Rasa.. I was even by that clubs Treasurer last week basically to
do a stop press!

So why did it NOT appear on VK's mainstream news service?

Mainly because it did not stack up - it was not ratified by our own
President nor did it appear on WIA sites or ACMA site.

A nice idea non the less to commemorate the passing of HRH Queen
Elizabeth II by using AX but seeing through the innuendo it was clear
to this lil 'baker baker' it was illegal.

To those who received a copy of this suggestion via the WIA News
broadcasters mailer I apologise, in some 20 plus years this was the
first time someone posted to it a note other than something to do
with the transmission of the news/JOTA/ RD contest.

Those on FaceBook and in the WIA group should read the item put out
several days ago by the WIA clarifying this illegality of using AX as

Also the excellent post by Grant Willis VK5GR WIA stalwart - summed
up the fiasco in a nutshell.

So from Graham News Editor with a personal preface to news that IS
news it's to WIA Secretary Peter Clee.



WIA Board Comment by Peter VK8ZZ

Thanks Graham and good morning members and listeners.

Our members are deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
She has been the only head of state many Australian have known. Some
of our members will also recall King George IV, the father of
Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II was the embodiment of grace, class, dignity, and
strength. She left her mark on history and will be sadly missed.
Our thoughts are with the all members of the Royal Family at this
sad time.

In Board Comment last week by WIA Board Member Steve Green VK2TSG,
we are reviewing and reconstituting the functions of most of the WIA
Groups and Committees. Some time ago we called for expressions of
interest from members to join the WIA Education Committee. At the
time we received a number of such expressions but need to expand the
numbers to be included in this committee. Previously the Education
Committee were involved as part of the ACMA Syllabus Review.

The Board are currently reviewing the terms of reference for the
WIA Education Committee and the board have several specific projects
in mind for that committee to undertake, including that of the
current syllabus review and also looking at future syllabus
requirements. We would also like the committee to review current and
future education material.

We again request that any member who would like to join the
WIA Education Committee should submit their EOI to the secretary and
include a summary of their capabilities and experience applicable to
the needs of such a committee.

That email address is

I am Peter Clee VK8ZZ, coming to you from Darwin in Australias

This is WIA Director Greg VK2GPK.

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is, as most of our news
broadcast listeners are aware, is a volunteer based not-for-profit
organisation that originated in 1910, over 112 years ago. The WIA is
the sole Australian National organisation of radio amateurs
recognised internationally by the IARU .

In 2004 it transitioned to a single national organisation
incorporated as a public company it had previously been a state
based federated organisation with a federal committee consisting of
state representatives. Interestingly this transition was primarily
initiated following a formal request from the Australian spectrum
regulator at that time. The spectrum regulator has had a number of
names over the years and was originally called the PMG Radio Branch
its current incarnation is called the Australian Communications
and Media Authority or more commonly by its acronym the ACMA.

So why did ACMAs predecessor want the multiple state (and territory)
WIA organisations to transition to a single national peak body ?

Because, in a nutshell, the regulator found it had become very
difficult, if not impossible, to deal effectively with multiple
organisations that couldnt agree on issues impacting the
Radio Amateur Service. This lack of a single cohesive body for the
Amateur Radio Service was exacerbated by legislative changes that
were transforming the RadComm act around the time of the new

In the last decade, the ACMA has been subject to year-on-year budget
cuts euphemistically called by the politicians as efficiency
dividends. This has led to a dramatic drop in staff numbers and in
particular technical staff both in the office and in the field.
Many senior executives over the years were actually radio amateurs
and/or had a long association with dealing with the Amateur Radio
Service, but over the last 4 or 5 years these staff have either
retired or taken redundancy as part of the ongoing budget cuts.

The move as a preferred option to a Class Licences by the ACMA is
primarily, in the authors opinion, motived by savings to the ACMA
rather than any tangible benefits to the AR community.

This reduction in technical capability and any direct affiliation
with the amateur cohort is negatively impacting us as radio amateurs,
and the ACMA has become more dependent on getting advice through
consultations. In fact the ACMA has itself contributed directly to
making dealing with the radio community more difficult and divisive
by giving seemingly unwarranted credibility to a splinter AR group
with a comparatively small member base. In fact the ACMA actually
mistakenly referred to them as an alternative peak body to the WIA,
although they quickly walked this back.

There are in fact far larger and far more representative AR groups
such as ARNVIC, ARNSW and ALARA all of which are closely aligned
to the WIA as affiliated clubs.

This apparent recognition of an AR splinter group by the ACMA has
led to a dj vu repeat of history for the ACMA in creating the
same type of problem they sought to avoid in the early 2000s trying
to deal with differing opinions with little common ground. In fact,
the situation is much worse than before due to the constant vitriol
and mis-information that emanates from the splinter group the ACMA
has even had to issue public statements retracting false claims
published by the splinter group.

On another subject, the 2021 census data recorded a 19 per cent drop
in volunteering since the last snapshot in 2016. The finding is
backed up by more regular, in-depth social surveys done by the ABS.
The number of Australians volunteering has reduced significantly in
recent years. This is impacting the WIA, for instance, in the last
few years we have had only enough nominations for director positions
to actually require an election every other year plus we dont have
an even distribution of directors from the various states and
territories . The time for director nominations is coming up soon
towards the end of the year if you think you have the skills to
help manage and shape the future of the WIA and would like give back
to the radio amateur community please consider nominating.

I'm WIA Director and Immediate Past President Greg VK2GPK


Hello, Im Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and Ive been thinking.

This past week there was a certain confusion caused by messages put
out that the AX prefix might be used as a memorial to Her Majesty.

It was noted that this was contrary to our rule book, the LCDs and
an inference was drawn that compliance action was not a priority by
the ACMA. Apart from the fact that pirate operation would invalidate
any claims for contacts submitted for awards it was the fact that
the SPIRIT of our pursuit was being called into disrepute that
worried many operators.

We should not encourage the breach of the regulations under which we
are licenced.

It can be hoped that no supposedly sanctioned breaches are
advertised in future. As a service we strive to be correct in our
operations and not place our Regulator in an embarrassing position.

Im Geoff Emery VK4ZPP and thats what I about you?


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.

RTTY intruder

Especially on the 40m band there are always radio services that have
no place there, sometimes these are hard to recognise as intruders.

This is the case for transmissions on 7080 kHz. At first glance it
looks like a legal amateur radio RTTY signal. Taking a closer look
it becomes clear that this particular FSK mode is not used in amateur
radio. The speed is 50 baud with a shift of 200 Hz, instead of the
typical 425 Hz shift. This method, called CIS-50-50, is used
primarily by the Russian Navy.

A similar emission can be observed on 7088 kHz.

Radio amateurs are not afraid of a blackout

Switzerland's USKA reports there are almost 4000 enthusiastic
radio amateurs throughout Switzerland. They met September 18
for the Swiss Emergency Contest to test their equipment.

A translation of the USKA post reads:

The Internet has not killed them, the radio amateurs all over the
world have not become entangled in the net.

"We have batteries and solar cells. You can also send emails or
compressed photos. Above all, the possibility of communicating with
the whole world, since the waves are reflected in the upper layers
of the atmosphere.

Enthusiasts demonstrated last Sunday in the Bains des Pquis to
test the signals that will be the only means of communication in the
event of a blackout. In the event of a power failure, Ham Radio works.


Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), the national association for Amateur
Radio in Canada, is conducting a survey to enable them (RAC) to
better serve Canadian Amateurs. The survey is open to anyone
holding a Canadian Certificate and call sign.

The survey is comprehensive and it covers such questions as:

* should Canadian Amateurs be required to change their call signs
when they move to another region of Canada?

* should Canadian Amateurs be required to reconfirm their call signs
every few years?

* should call signs with one suffix letter be issued as permanent
personal call signs?

* should call signs with prefixes other than the traditional
VA, VE, VO and VY prefixes be issued as permanent personal
call signs?

Other topics include:
* rules on two-letter suffixed call signs
* rules on the handling of the call signs of deceased Amateurs
* special prefix authorizations
* special event call sign authorizations

104-year-old radio ham is on the air

ARRL report one of their members, Oscar Norris W 4 OXH, of
North Carolina, turned 105 September 25 and he is still on the air

W4OHX lost his sight when he was 24 and it was his blindness that
led him to amateur radio. He earned his license in 1949, and has
been on the air for 73 years.

These days he communicates mostly using DMR .

In honour of his 105th birthday, the special event station N 1 O
until 8pm UTC on October 1 on HF, 2 meters, 1.25 meters, and
70 centimetres CW, SSB, FT4, FT8, DMR, and D-STAR.


NZART 100-year celebrations & Future Conferences

Auckland branches will host the 100-year annual conference in 2026.
Furthermore, Council has formed a subcommittee led by Daniel ZL2DRV
to make preparations to commemorate the NZART Centennial.

Also in news from New Zealand, a total of 118 successful examination
passes were achieved for 2021 a record in recent years for NZART.






CW - Second full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

PHONE - First full weekend in October
0600 UTC Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for ALL logs - 31 October.


Spring Digital Run Contest Second weekend of October

Hi This is Tim VK1TTY on behalf of the Pride Radio Group

Id like to introduce the Spring Digital Run Contest held on the
Second weekend of October Thats the 8th through to the 9th
starting from 00UTC Saturday till 00UTC Sunday

This contest is encouraging all operators to get on the air and
partake in this friendly event.

The modes will be FT4 / FT8 / JT9 / JT65 / RTTY and of course PSK

Taking a page from the ARRL World Wide Digital mode contest that was
held recently, This has a bit of its own unique spin to it. This
event will be on 80 / 40 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 6 / 2 and 70 centimetres
thus allowing access to those who do not have HF at their shacks to
take part and whilst also encouraging the use of the 6, 2 and 70cm

This contest is split into 4 hour blocks with Categories of

Single Operator / Single Operator Multi Radio /
Multi Single and Multi Multi

The Exchange is your signal report between operators.

All other information can be found on our website

We hope to see you on the air this October

Till next time from VK1TTY and the Pride Radio Group



OK/OM DX CONTEST. Karel, OK1CF, CRC HF Manager, announced the
following September 16th:

Due to the current events, the CRC (Czech Radio Club) has decided to
reject the stations from Russia and Belorussia from participation in
the OK-OM DX SSB Contest which is scheduled to take place
Nov. 12th and 13th.



0100 UTC Saturday 26 through 0059 UTC Sunday 27 November



Objective is for Amateurs worldwide to exchange information with
W/VE amateurs on 160-meter CW.

Dates: First full weekend in December (December 2-4, 2022).

Contest Period: Begins 2200 UTC Friday, ends 1559 UTC Sunday.
This is a forty-two hour period with no time limitation.

Logs are due within SEVEN (7) days after the event is over.



For Amateurs worldwide to exchange QSO information with as many
stations as possible on the 10 meter band.

Dates: Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday;
runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 10-11, 2022)

Logs are due within SEVEN (7) days after the event is over.


K4C / 75 UNITED STATES (Special Event).

Operators from northern Virginia are using the special callsign
K4C/75 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) until September 30th.

QSL Manager is N 4 JR.



9H, MALTA (Special Callsign).

Members of the Marconi Amateur Radio Circle (CALL 9 H 1 MRC) have
activated the special callsign, 9 H 6 QE, on the island of Malta
to celebrate the life and remember of Queen Elizabeth II.

Activity will last until October 14th, and will be on
20/17/15/12/10 meters.



Frans, PC2F will be active as PF01MAX until the 20th of November,
over the twenty-two Grand Prix weekends of this year's
FIA Formula One World Championship.

for PF 01 MAX, you QSL via PC2F either direct, via the bureau,
Logbook of The World or eQSL



BBC centenary special event GB 100 BBC

Members of the BBCs radio club, The London BBC Radio Group, have
been granted an exceptional all-year Special Event callsign to help
celebrate the BBCs centenary year.

GB 100 BBC operates throughout the year, from the headquarters
station in Broadcasting House, London.





SK7RN Total Defence Day on land

Sweden's SSA reports the land Island Amateur Radio Society SK 7 RN
will be promoting the hobby at this year's Total Defence Day on
Saturday, October 1

SK7RN has, as earlier this year, an important role to play as a
mediator of radio traffic between air and ground management during
the big Total Defence Day on land during the harvest festival there.

This year, SK7RN has been further commissioned by the management of
the Total Defence Day to inform the audience about amateur radio in
general and what it can mean for society in a situation of crisis in
particular. In addition, they will show emergency radio systems
where the island's repeaters are connected to others in the rest of
Sweden via, among other things, SVXLINK.

SK7RN site



Anglican Chaplain On Air From Kenya

Wayne, 2E0FXY, is once again active as 5 Z 4 WH from Molo, Kenya.

In his role as an Anglican Chaplain, he visits this African country
several times during a year. Activity is mainly on 20/17/15 meters
using SSB and FT8.

Of late, Wayne has been seen on 15 meters FT8 between 0600-0800z.

QSL via home call, again, 2 E 0 FXY.

(sourced to OPDX)

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

FCC Proposes Five-Year Rule For Dead Satellite Disposal

The Federal Communications Commission wants to do something about
space junk in low Earth orbit. The agency published a proposal that,
if adopted, would put a deadline on how long non-geostationary
satellites can stay in space.

As things stand, voluntary NASA guidelines published in the 1990s
recommend dead satellites deorbit within 25 years. The FCC wants to
adopt a five-year rule that would require domestic satellite
operators and companies that want access to the U.S. market to
dispose of their non-functioning satellites as soon as they can.



Well maybe not Johnny but BlueWalker 3

The largest commercial communications array ever has just launched
Expect to see it its huge and bright The problem is, it might
outshine all stars and planets

Last weekend SpaceXs Falcon 9 rocket launched a giant satellite
into space, called BlueWalker 3, its a prototype which is to create
a space-based mobile broadband network. This is only one of multiple satellites
planned for the SpaceMobile constellation some even bigger
than BlueWalker 3.

It's size?

Well once the satellite unfurls which it will do in the next few
weeks the antenna will measure 64m2.


A small spacecraft designed to test out key components of NASA's
Artemis program to the Moon has run into trouble in space.

The CAPSTONE probe is expected to act as a pathfinder for NASA's
Gateway a small space station designed to orbit the Moon and act
as a jumping-off point for crewed missions to the surface.

CAPSTONE's mission cantered around testing a never-before-used orbit
to learn more about its stability before sending the Gateway to it.
Advanced Space, which operates CAPSTONE, said in a statement that
the spacecraft is in "safe mode" after an engine burn and appears to
be in a "stable orbit." Mission managers are hoping to perform a
"detumble" that will allow the spacecraft to point its solar panels
to the Sun and charge its batteries.

AMSAT Board of Directors has made a commitment to support amateur
radios inclusion on NASAs Gateway, a small spaceship in orbit
around the Moon with living quarters for astronauts, a lab for
science and research, ports for visiting spacecraft, and more.



WinRFCalc free RF calculator now has an internet website

To keep users informed about the capabilities of WinRFCalc, a
website is launched where current and future calculation tools
are shown.



The RSGB IOTA contest was again very popular this year with over
2,300 entries. Most Island and Island-DXpedition entries were made
by European Stations, followed by Asia and Oceania.


Couple of AS locators to check on:-

EU-031. Andy (Sparky), RW3AH (KL1A), will be active as IC8/KL1A
from Ischia Island until September 30th. QSL via OE1ZZZ.

EU-032. Pat, F8BON, ceases activity Monday 26 as TM2RE from
Re Island. He's been on all HF bands using SSB and FT8.
QSL via F5MFV, direct, by the Bureau or ClubLog's



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

On September 7, 2022, Jeanne (Jan) Socrates, VE0JS/MM, and her
sailboat, the SV Nereida, set sail from Cape Flattery, the
north westernmost point of the contiguous US to visit friends in
San Francisco but 35 knot winds and storms left her sailboat
disabled and her on board radio equipment marginally operational.

Amateur operators in New Mexico, California, and Canada, and members
of Group 7.155 heard her requests for assistance.

They were able to make periodic contact with Jan Socrates and give
her updated wind reports. Their last contact was as she was sailing
with only the forward sail on her 38-foot sloop. As she approached
the Golden Gate Bridge, Socrates was able to use the tidal
information passed on by amateur radio operators to make it safely
to San Francisco Bay.

"I wouldn't call it a rescue," said Socrates, "just good amateur
radio assistance -- and I'm grateful for their help."

Socrates is 81 years old and the oldest person to have ever sailed
around the world unassisted.

(sourced to arrl)


2022 Social Scene

VK6 - PerthTech October 21-23 (vk6pop)

VK7 - November 5-6 Tassie Ham Radio Conference and Expo.

VK4 - Nov 5 Tannum Sands Gathering with Gladstone ARC (vk4zz)

VK4 - GOLD COAST HAMFEST Nov 13. @ Country Paradise Parklands

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest November 20 9.3Oam. (vk3pdg)


VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (


This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH.

Ive been listening, and reading, and thinking.

Its not the sort of thought experiment that Einstein used to
conduct about the universal laws of the cosmos, but I have been
able to draw some clear conclusions.

Im talking about the recent proposal to use the AX prefix on our
callsigns over the past week to honour the death of Queen Elizabeth
the Second.

The proposal to use AX was advocated despite it being in breach of
our licence conditions. The ACMA cautioned the proponent that
proceeding to use AX in lieu of VK when using our callsigns on-air
was a breach of the licence conditions determination the L C D.

The use of AX is limited to three specific days each year
26 January, Australia Day; 25 April, ANZAC Day; and 17 May,
World Telecommunication Day.

While it is a historically significant and solemn occasion, worthy
of appropriate commemoration, the ACMAs formal advice was very clear
it is NOT LEGAL to use the AX prefix on this occasion regardless
of whether it is a major or minor breach. While the sentiment about
honouring the death of Queen Elizabeth is appreciated, promoting a
breach of our regulations breaking the law is not.

None-the-less, the chief proponent was out there on the bands
signing AX and encouraging others to do the same. And on the

This sort of adventure-ism thumbing our noses at the governance of
our hobby, or service clearly undermines whatever standing radio
amateurs may have in the hallowed halls of government authorities
the ACMA in particular when it comes to the principles of

It concerns me that one interpretation of the purpose of this
episode is to do exactly that demonstrate that amateurs, the
Australian radio amateur community and those who advocate for us
cannot be trusted.

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH all on my own, not speaking for
anyone else!

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