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Well its only a week to go and the Tassie Ham Radio Conference and
Expo has shaped up as a huge weekend of inspiration, education and
promotion of our wonderful hobby. More later with a focus on the
huge Expo line-up!






Greetings to all that have tuned into the WIA Broadcast this week.
This is WIA President and Director, Scott Williams VK3KJ.

The WIA working group that is developing the WIAs response to the
ACMA proposal on Class Licensing and High Power have been busy at
work considering all aspects to our pending submission. As part of
this process, the WIA will be releasing an electronic survey to both
Members and non-Members in the coming weeks to capture information
and the broad views of the Amateur Radio Community.

If you are not a member of the WIA, look out for communiques that
will appear on our website and social media platforms, where you
will be able to register your interest to receive the survey when it
is released.

WIA members will not need to register and will automatically receive
the survey based on information held on the WIA database (Memnet).

Once the survey is released, it is expected it will take 8 10 mts
to populate. Text fields will also be provided in some cases to
capture additional comments around specific areas, but is important
to stay on topic. Once all survey responses from members and
non-members have been compiled, and the WIA has made its submission
to the ACMA, the WIA will release the outcome of the survey either
in the form of submission summary or a Webinar which will be held to
brief the Amateur Radio Community.

Make sure you look out for the survey in the next week or two.

The WIA is pleased to announce that it will shortly release
guidelines and a non-exclusive licensing agreement to allow members
and affiliated clubs to officially use the dedicated WIA logos.
The WIA continually receives requests to us the WIA logo and it has
been decided that members can use the WIA member logo in areas such
as QSL cards, on your QRZ webpage profile, your own website, email
signatures and a range of other mediums.

WIA Affiliated clubs will be able to use the WIA Affiliated club logo
on merchandise such as shirts, hats, club websites and stationery.

The WIA corporate logo will be strictly reserved for WIA corporate
usage only and the pending guidelines will clearly show you which
logo can be used and where.
The non-exclusive licensing agreement will form part of the
membership renewal process and upon renewing your membership, a
12-month license to use the applicable logo will be extended to you.
Clearly if your membership ceases for any reason at all, you will need to cease using the logo where reasonably possible.

On a final note, the WIA would like to confirm the Board have
approved the following members that will be joining the recently
re-constituted Education Committee.

They are:
Liz Billiau VK2XSW (who will also act as the interim chair)
Peter Cossins VK3BFG
Chris Huggins VK3QY
Amanda Hawes VK1WX
Jan Van Ekris VK2FEB
Irene Van Ekris - VK2VAN
Harry Edgar VK6DOC

This newly re-constituted committee will kick off its first meeting
in the near future and will also develop a new Terms of Reference
that will be approved by the board that will help shape its future
direction. If you are interested in joining the committee now or
into the future, make sure you send a message to the national office
expressing your interest to

Stay safe and well.

Best Regards
Scott VK3KJ

Call for Nominations as a Director of the WIA

Pursuant to the Constitution of the Wireless Institute of Australia,
The Board has determined that the election of directors shall be
conducted by ballot.

Nominations open this week, on 1st November 2022.

Four directors retire at the conclusion of the next Annual General
Meeting which will be held in May 2023, namely Scott Williams VK3KJ,
Peter Clee VK8ZZ, Greg Kelly VK2GPK and Peter Schrader VK4EA. Each
retiring director is eligible for re-election.

Nominations are called for from persons seeking election as a
director of the WIA. A director must be a voting member of the WIA,
must hold an Australian amateur radio license and a Company Director
Identification Number.

Any person wishing to nominate as a candidate for election as
director of the WIA must deliver or cause to be delivered to the
Returning Officer by not later than 2.00pm on 16th December 2022 a
nomination form which is available on the WIA web site at

Candidate information will be posted online and emailed to members.
Members are requested to ensure that their email address is correctly
recorded on the WIA membership register.

Nominations received by facsimile or by electronic means cannot be

Authorised by
John Marshall
WIA Returning Officer
Spoken by Peter Clee VK8ZZ WIA Director/Secretary.


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.


EMF assessments

From 18 November all UK amateurs are required to have conducted EMF
assessments for all the bands they use.

The RSGB provides an assessment app, which includes many current
antennas. Certainly worth a look at the link in this weeks edition
of WIA National News

SILENT KEY - and the word to the world-wide DX Ham Community is to
"plant a Rhododendron."

This announcement came from Martti Laine OH 2 BH

Peter Tigerstedt, OH5NQ & OH2BM now Silent Key.

Amateur Radio in Finland has lost one of its giants.

As a visiting professor in many parts of the globe, he always became
integrated with the local amateur radio community. A great example
being W9YT, the University of Wisconsin.

Peter was one of the pioneers at both ends of the HF radio spectrum;
160M and 6M, and his contributions to both were significant.

Peter was a mentor for a large portion of the younger OH contest
generation and maintained an impressive multi-station OH5Z at the
Mustila Estate as its host and sponsor. Now the OH5Z group has lost
their "father figure."

When not involved in the many facets of Amateur Radio,
Prof. Dr. Peter Tigerstedt OH 5 NQ was a world renowned scientist,
plant breeding expert and professor emeritus at the Helsinki
University. He was perhaps most famous as being the founder of the
rhododendron breeding program at Mustila Arboretum.

Hams world-wide are asked " If you wish to remember Peter and honour
his legacy, perhaps you can plant a rhododendron, particularly
P.M.A. Tigerstedt, named after him. They grow to reach impressive
heights, much like everything else Peter did during his lifetime.

Speaking of Silent Keys, a nice one from our Polish friends.

SK Memorial

The Polish PZK has announced an initiative to commemorate their
Silent Keys. A rough translation of the most recent PZK news
Bulletin article reads: "Almost every ham radio has an "SK" sign in
his memory, that is, a sender whose key is silent forever.

The "Remembrance of those who passed away" "Silent Key Memorial 2022"
campaign aims to commemorate our deceased colleagues. The organiser
of the action is the Editorial Office of PZK Communications.

The SP 0 SKM memorial radio station will be active in the
80m-40m-20m-2m bands, with CW, SSB and FM emissions in the period
from 1 to 6 November 2022. Operators joining the action establish
contacts with SP0SKM, during which they provide the call-sign of the
SK operator, which they would like to commemorate.


Although this story contains reference to avionics it's really all
about a chap in the UK who made a 'flying machine' in his Essex back
yard, the ULTIMATE 'home brewed'.

Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan built the 4 seat South African designed
Sling TSi aircraft under the VERY watchful eye of the Light
Aircraft Association, the UK representative body that oversees the
construction and maintenance of home-built aircraft, under an
approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority

Each stage of the project had to be signed off by an inspector
before he could move onto the next task the Light Aircraft
Association completed around 12 inspections in total.

The first flight, some 18 months after the back yard build commenced,
was conducted by a test pilot who gave the $320,000 AUD aircraft the
official tick of approval.

The Sling kit was less than half the total cost but Engine, propeller
and the Avionics system soon added to it.



Even if you're not in the United States, you may have heard of the
tragedy of the freighter that sank during a storm in 1975 in one
of the Great Lakes. The vessel's story is being told again with the
help of a special event station, as we hear from Sel Embee KZ3TZD.

"In the state of Michigan, the story of the tragedy cannot be told
enough: On November 10th, 1975, an American freighter, the SS Edmund
Fitzgerald was sent to the bottom of Lake Superior. The crew of 29 lost
their lives that day. That story will be shared once again between
October 30th and November 13th by members of the Livonia Amateur Radio
Club, K8UNS, as they operate as special event station W8F. On Saturday,
November 5th, the operation will also be at the Dossin Great Lakes
Museum from 1600 to 2030 UTC. This is also a POTA activation and an
entity in the US Islands Awards scheme. The museum and the Detroit
Historical Society are hosting the event, hoping that amateurs from
around the world will make contact and that visitors to the museum will
observe the portable ham station on its day of operation there. Hams who
log W8F as a contact will be issued a confirmation certificate.

See the page for special event station W8F for more details.

This is Sel Embee KB3TZD.



VK3QI Peter commenced work with the VK3 QSL bureau in 1988 sorting
a backlog of some 100,000 QSL cards when the then WIA Vic Division
took over the management of the Victorian Bureau.

Peter continued with in inwards bureau until 1998 when he took over
the outward bureau. Averaging at its peak some 20,000 cards per year
Peter, VK3QI, has single handily undertaken this task for over 20 yrs.

He recently retired from this position and at the recent AGM it was
unanimously moved that A.R.V. bestow LIFE MEMBERSHIP on Peter for
his work with the bureau. President of Amateur Radio Victoria,
Tony Hambling, congratulated Peter and presented him with his

Astronomers have never seen anything quite like it.

On Oct. 9, Earth-orbiting satellites detected the strongest gamma-ray
burst in modern history:


How strong was it?

It caused electrical currents to flow through the surface of our
planet. Dr. Andrew Klekociuk in Tasmania (VK7) recorded the effect
using an Earth Probe Antenna. "I am a climate scientist at the
Australian Antarctic Divisionthat's my day job," says the good
Doctor. "VLF is my hobby. I started doing VLF radio measurements in
the 70's when I was in high school. This is the first time I have
detected a gamma-ray burst."

Dr. Andrews's unusual "ham rig" uses Earth itself as a giant antenna.
In his back garden there are two metal spikes stuck into the ground
75 meters apart. They are connected to a radio receiver via
insulated buried wires. In recent years amateur radio operators have
been experimenting with this weird kind of antenna to detect VLF
radio signals circling our planet in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide. Earth's crust forms one of the waveguide's walls, allowing Earth Probe antennas to detect distant transmitters.



This weekend it's the SSB leg of the CQ WW Contest.

Expect a lot of activity in the contest segments from top band
thru to 10m during this gruelling 48 hour shouting duel.

The SSB leg is on now, October 29 and 30, the CW leg is on the
weekend of November 26th and 27th.

Speaking of CW, also this weekend for our Morse fraternity is the
Central Siberia DX-lubs HAM SPIRIT CONTEST.

The goal is to improve amateur operating skills by conducting 2-way
radio communications with as many amateur radio stations around the
world and from as many ITU Zones and square Fields of the QTH Locator
as possible on the HF bands.

October 29, at 06:00 UTC ending the 30th at 05:59 UTC on
160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m.


0100 UTC Saturday 26 through 0059 UTC Sunday 27 November


Listen for Jaap PA7DA, operating from Aruba with the call sign P4DA
from November 13th through to the 27th. QSL via the Dutch QSL Bureau to
his home call sign. For direct QSL information, see his page.


Listen for Oleg, ZS1ANF, who hopes to be on the air as ZS7ANF at Wolf's
Fang Runway in Antarctica starting on November 1st. QSL details are on




VK9CM from Cocos Keeling Islands (OC-003) between October 26th and
November 3rd on 80-10 meters (possibly 6m).

They will also use the callsign VK9C during the CQWW DX SSB Contest
this weekend. QSL both callsigns via EB7DX or LoTW.

Another operation from COCOS-KEELING AND CHRISTAMS ISLANDS will use
VK9C (a few days earlier 25-27) and VK9X from CHRISTAMS ISLANDS
These two DXCC entities VK9QO on the QO-100 satellite between
October 25-31st.

October 25-27th -- Cocos (Keeling) Island (VK 9 C)
October 28-31st -- Christmas Island (VK 9 X)

QSL via LoTW and eQSL, as well as paper-QSL, will be handled.

QSO with VK9QO is valid for "JAMSAT 50th Anniversary Award"

(sourced to wia / opdx)

A search of the ACMA data base failed to show any single suffix call.



7 Q 6M is on air until November 29 on 160 to 6 meters.
Also in this weekends CQ World Wide DX SSB contest.
QSL to home call K 6 ZO





As Halloween approaches, people have been growing increasingly
creative in the ways they decorate their homes.
Meet one ham in Colorado, who carries the theme way above all the
others - way, way above - because it's on his roof.

Neil Rapp WB9VPG gives us the details.

If you look at the photos on his page on, you'll notice
right away that Keifer Hunniford, K3IFR, doesn't exactly have a
shack that you'd call a bare-bones operation. Well, Halloween has
changed all that. His wife, Ari, is a big fan of the holiday and
recently brought home nine skeletons from the local Home Depot.

Some of them are now scattered around the couple's yard and a few
are hanging off the roof of their house in various poses.

The luckiest skeleton of the bunch got the highest visibility of all:
Keifer has him mounted on his antenna, and the installation required

- you guessed it -

only a skeleton crew.

Keifer zip-tied that festive bunch of bones into place to keep him
secure through the end of the month.

We're not sure whether its presence has an impact on Keifer's SWR -
that's Skeleton-Wave-Ratio - but we do know it has scared up a lot
of interest locally and on Facebook too, where he posted a picture.

It has turned their house into quite a haunt - and if any neighbours
should try to compete with it... let's just say.....they don't stand
a ghost of a chance.

This is Neil Rapp WB9VPG.

AMSAT-VK Secretary -

It's congratulations to VK 6 MJ who last Wednesday the 19th,
conducted a successful ARISS TELEBRIDGE hook up from WA to Canada.

Chief Whitecap Elementary School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, was the
lucky school who, thanks to Martin VK6MJ PhD a Research Student at
Curtin University and Retired Teacher, contacted the ISS with
crewmember Josh Cassada KI5CRH
using the call NA1SS

This coming Wednesday 26th another opportunity for an Aussie Station
was to present when they attempted to put the same ISS crewmember in
touch with the same ISS crewmember with Five Bridges Junior High
School, Stillwater Lake, in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Richard Branson's small satellite service provider Virgin Orbit
Holdings Inc will be doing its first launch from European soil
within 5-6 weeks, its founder said last week.

"Virgin Orbit can launch satellites into space from anywhere in the
world into any orbit at a days notice," Branson said during a press
conference in Milan, Italy. "We are doing the first launch from
European soil into space ... from Cornwall," he added.


Recordings of military transmissions can be found on the
Signal Identification Guide Wiki at

For this story, I just need go down the street and catch up
with fellow Bendigo AR Club member Bruce VK3FF

Few have heard the tale of Watertown USA patriot Jim Monroe Bradley,
a man born with a birth defect that kept him from serving in the
military, BUT, who aided his country during World War II using his
ham radio so that families could hear the voices of their loved ones
soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who were convalescing in
hospitals overseas.

"He had a radio so strong that it sometimes interfered with WSM
Radio, said Bradleys daughter, Betty Edwards, who recently donated
her fathers ham radio to the Wilson County Veterans Museum.

At some time during WWII, the Federal Communications Commission came
to the Bradley residence to inspect Jims transmissions because it
occasionally knocked WSM Radio, home of the Grand Ole Opry, off
the air. They stayed a couple days and after checking things out
allowed him to continue his hobby.

In fact, Bradley was able to transmit and receive to and from the
European and Pacific theatres of combat.

On the American home front, families received telegrams from the
military alerting them that their husbands or sons had been injured. The messages shared what military hospital they were in but did not divulge details of their injuries.

Bradley wanted to help the families of the wounded soldiers.

He put word out to these families that he could transmit / receive
anywhere there was fighting overseas, and if they wanted to, they
could come to his house, recalled Edwards. He mainly heard from
these families by letters. He would locate the wounded soldier first
then get the actual patient on the radio, but he had to go through
others and sometimes it took several days to reach the patient,
mostly hours late at night. He would stay up all hours of the night
patching people through.

As they say in the services... "WELL DONE THAT MAN"



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

Government House Services Reception

Friday evening, 14th October three WICEN NSW members attended a
reception at Government House Sydney on behalf of VRA Rescue NSW.

WICEN Members attending were Neil Fallshaw, Malcolm Alexander and
Simon Brown.

There were number of New South Wales Services including, Rural Fire
Service, Fire & Rescue NSW, NSW SES, St Johns Ambulance, Corrective
Services, Army, Navy and Air Force.

The reception was hosted by Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret
Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales.

This weekend cancelled. Well the Hawkesbury Classic Paddle is.

As a result of ongoing safety concerns for paddlers, land crews and
volunteers, what with the state of flooding in VK2, a decision has
been taken to CANCEL this year's Classic.

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Association has taken this decision in
consultation with safety network partners, including NSW State
Emergency Service, Marine Rescue NSW, WICEN NSW together with First
Aid and Physio team.

This decision revolves around the condition of the Hawkesbury River
itself as a result of flooding, together with the damage caused to
the infrastructure at the land-based safety checkpoints along the

This months flood, a lesser event than the March and July floods,
was the fourth flood in the region this year.

The event is planned to return next yea

(wicen nsw web)

Amateur Radio Club Members Assist Law Enforcement

The Wayne Amateur Radio Club in the US manned a 30-foot-tall mobile
observational Infrastructure Protection Unit, or SkyWatch tower, at
Ohio's Wayne County Fair.

Staffed by specially trained amateur radio volunteers, the tower
provided 24-hour surveillance, monitoring, and a record of activity
on the fairgrounds, including medical emergencies, lost children,
and other situations where help may have been needed.

Captain Doug Hunter, KE 8 JNH, of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office,
was impressed with its performance.

The tower gave volunteers a bird's-eye view of the midway that
allows one person to see from the air what four or five people
can see from the ground. The observation deck is equipped with
state-of-the-art video equipment that provides situational awareness
in places where there are large crowds in attendance.


(Youngsters On The Air)
YOTA Contest 2022 Youth On The Air (

School Amateur Radio Club Network - An AMATEUR RADIO VICTORIA
initiative under the expert guidance of Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP.

Here is Alex VK2APC

School Amateur Radio Clubs are a neat way to get in an extra shot of
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) while
exercising your on-air conversational skills and tuning up your
enquiring minds. It will expands our horizons, builds our confidence,
harnesses creativity and helps develop new skills.

Each week there will be different activities to whet your appetite.
SARC members learn to work together as a group and to help each
other through some pretty exciting challenges.

Visit the site we like, the SARCNET web page, a part of the
Amateur Radio Victoria SITE, but easily found under

This site is for school principals, teachers, parents, students and
amateur radio enthusiasts. It provides inspiration, ideas, articles,
news and activities all free to download, modify and use as you wish.


2022 Social Scene

VK7 - November 5-6 Tassie Ham Radio Conference and Expo.

VK4 - Nov 5 Tannum Sands Gathering with Gladstone ARC (vk4zz)

VK4 - GOLD COAST HAMFEST Nov 13. @ Country Paradise Parklands

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest November 20 9.3Oam. (vk3pdg)


VK3 - BARG HamFest 5th of February BARG clubrooms (vk3kqt)

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

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