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Hot on the heels of last weeks World Amateur Radio Day comes -
International Morse Code Day Thursday and Mark, VK6QI will tell us
of lots of opportunities to participate.

WIA Director Chris VK3FY gives us details on his participation
in WARD and details of how you can take part in Mays WIA AGM

And this week, Discussion Point with Geoff BK4ZPP and the apparent
lost art of club publicity and promotions.


To our many VK5 listeners/readers today at the Seaford scout hall
7 railway rd. Seaford Meadows the South Coast Amateur Radio Club's
Annual Buy & Sell gathering will take place in just hours.

23rd April starting at 11.30 am so after the news and call-backs,
get cracking!


International Morse Code Day is coming up this week -
Thursday April 27th, the anniversary of Samuel Morses Birthday.

Now theres some argument about whether or not Samuel Morse was the
actual inverter? (inventor - Ed) of the Code but never-the-less,
International Morse Code Day is still celebrated on his Birthday.

Whether you love it or hate Morse Code, it has been the basis of
radio communications since the late 19th Century, and today, theres
been a real resurgence in amateur radio interest in the fine art.

So to celebrate International Morse Code Day, the CQ QRS Slow CW
Practice QSO Team is inviting you to a Morse Code Trivia Quiz on
Thursday evening, ( 27th April ) using Zoom videoconferencing.
Last year we had participants from WA, SA, NSW, Tassie and Florida
and were hoping that youll join in the fun this year. Mister Morse
Code Richard VK6PZT will run the Quiz for us.

Although some knowledge about Morse Code will help, dont worry, like
most trivia quizzes, well have multi-guess questions and youll have
just as much opportunity to have a laugh as the rest of us.

Also with Zoom, as long as you have access to a phone, tablet or
computer connected to the Internet, youll be able to join in.

Log-in details and the quiz time will be published on both the
Bunbury Radio Club and Peel Amateur Radio Group websites.

But wait - theres more!

The CQ QRS Slow CW Practice QSO Team will also be running a really
simple slow CW contest on 80m on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. No
complex logs required - and you wont even need to be proficient at
CW - the participants will match your speed - and lots of repeats
will be order of the evening! And the organisers will be adding
a twist, to the usual contest exchange.

Information on the International Morse Code Day Slow CW Corroboree
will also be published this week on the Bunbury Radio Club and
Peel Amateur Radio Group websites.

So put them in your diary:

International Morse Code Day Trivia Quiz, this Thursday evening,
April 27th.

International Morse Code Slow CW Corroboree Friday, Saturday or
Sunday April 28th, 29th or 30th.

So those websites for information: - look on the Home Page - click on Whats New

Any questions - please contact me, Mark Bosma by email

Cheers and we look forward to sharing International Morse Code Day
on Thursday and the weekend. This is Mark, VK6QI and VK2KI for the
CQ QRS Slow CW Practice QSO Net Team.



This is Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY on behalf of WIA Board for
WIA National News

The WIA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday the 13th of
May 2023 at 10:30am. This will be a Hybrid Event, meaning you can
attend in several ways.

In person at the Ann Harding Conference Centre, University of
Canberra, Bruce ACT

Or via an internet stream platform. Details to be advised.

On the Agenda for this years AGM are as follows

1. To receive and consider The Annual Financial Statements, Directors
Reports and Independent Auditors reports
2. To confirm the results of the election of directors
3. To consider a special resolution to amend a typographical error.
Details can be seen on the Notice of AGM WIA
4. To consider a special resolution to bestow life membership to Peter
Young VK3MB
5. Transact any other business that maybe brought before the meeting in accordance with the WIA Constitution.

Dont forget to get your proxies in you are unable to attend.

Proxys can be sent to

World Amateur Radio Day.

This week saw the activations of many special event stations across
the world with many stations signing off with WARD as their suffix.

In celebration of World Amateur Radio Day, I had the pleasure of
working many of these stations whilst I was activating YU/VK3FY
from Vitanovac, in Central Serbia.

The local TV Station in Kralegevo, made a surprise visit to the
station of YT1AD/YT5A contest station. To interview Hrane on what
Amateur Radio is. It was a good PR Event for the hobby.

To my surprise they interviewed me for the segment as I was a foreign
visiting Amateur Radio Operator.

73s from Chris VK3FY on behalf of the WIA Board for WIA's Weekly
National News Broadcast originating from VK1WIA.


Geoff Emory, VK4ZPP who week upon week, never a fail, sends thoughts
to the local VK4 area news, QNEWS, is sort of a proselytiser for the
club and social side of the amateur radio community.

Over to you Geoff..

"I mean, like many of us I want to see this community continue to
expand and grow with the involvement of as many people as we can
find to enjoy this recreation. Fishing might be the most popular
past time in the country but amongst the pursuits that are
technical, well I would like to see others get the enjoyment and
involvement that we obviously have.

To this end I periodically offer prompts as to what we can consider
to grow our club membership and get the story of amateur radio
percolating in the community. Pointers to activities and groups and
segments of the local community have been relatively plentiful and I
dare say will continue to be as the recruitment and retention of
members ensures the continuity of a great story.

Some years ago, the Wireless Institute of Australia produced a
publicity kit that could be used to draft press releases and this
was accompanied by poster artwork which could be reproduced to
promote events. We no longer hear reference to these items and like
the National Field Day that they supported along with World Amateur
Radio Day, 18th April, they seem to have been archived as pieces of
history no longer relevant.

Well to a point that might be true because the mass media has moved
on with many of the local papers caught under a monopoly ownership
with publication now only online and only available to paying
subscribers. Broadcasters are being caught in the jaws of needing
money and having the various internet and social media platforms
engorging on the advertising revenue that once supported everything
from the buy and sell pages of the newspapers to production of local
content and the buying of rights to popular programming.

The art of the journalist is still surviving and newspapers, radio
and television may be holding on to their place against the
onslaught of the internet and when it comes to getting publicity out
to the broad community, we depend on those professionals to present
it. This brings us back to the publicity kit. Now putting things
together and distributing it may need to be a bit more sophisticated
than previously. We have our smart phones with nice cameras to
capture still and video images.

Local TV stations in my area ask for video and papers will gladly
accept stills of good quality that are suitable for print. We are
fortunate that the tools to show our function, our community service
are in our hands these days. Videos only need to be short so we
arent looking for a Spielberg production just a glimpse to whet the
interest of the viewer.

Now to my mind this all suggests that some of the hams who have the
experience in the media could get their heads in front of their
devices video cameras and revamp the old material to make it work
for us today. I know the skills are in our audience and we just need
to be given the direction to get it done and out to our clubs.

Im Geoff Emery VK4ZPP and thats what I about you?"


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


PORTUGAL CQ 7 HS4A will be QRV until the 25th

DENMARK 5 P 0 WARD also until April 25

And until the end of April:-




More information about 2023 World Amateur Radio Day is available at



Ofcom has confirmed that the call sign GB 23 C can be used for the
RSGBs Coronation SSES.

Cray Valley Radio Society members led by Bob, M0MCV and Dave, G4BUO
are organising the flagship amateur radio station which will use
this call sign from 3-8 May. The SSES will be in the grounds of the
Old Royal Naval College, along the riverside in Greenwich.

From 10 May until the end of June the call sign will be available
for individuals and clubs to use until the end of June 2023.

If you are wondering what an SSES is, in the UK they have 2 types of
Special Event Stations.
Specials (SSES) short duration.
Permanents (PSES) longer duration.


U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko recently visited a HamFest and met with Amateur Radio operators at DeVry University campus in Phoenix, Arizona.

Congresswoman Leskos visit was a highlight of the event, as she is a major supporter of Amateur Radio. Lesko arrived early and spoke with many Amateur Radio attendees and ARRL leadership representatives. She toured the emergency communications vehicles and explored with great interest the interrelationship of Amateur Radios emergency responders with federal, state, and local agencies.

Congresswoman Lesko spent a considerable amount of time listening to how radio amateurs integrate communications support with first responders and how Amateur Radio supports civic activities and community events. ARRL leadership shared how Hams support government programs and how favourable legislation strengthens the effectiveness of the Amateur Radio Services mission of supporting the public.

Lesko said: It was wonderful to join ARRL and ARRL-Arizona and meet with amateur radio operators at HamFest in Phoenix, Arizona. Amateur radio operators play such a critical role in emergency situations, and our communities are safer thanks to their information sharing. I will continue to be an advocate for amateur radio operators in Congress and highlight the important contributions they have made to our nation.

The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting, in conjunction with the West Chester Amateur Radio Association, announced expanded hours during the 2023 Dayton Hamvention.

The West Chester Amateur Radio Association, WC8VOA, will be on the air. The museum is a short drive from Hamvention, down Interstate 75 or Route 42 from Xenia.

New exhibits include a dedicated room for amateur radio and shortwave equipment and a newly renovated ham shack.



A Special event station from VU land is operating until June 2
in conjunction with the G20 summit to be held in New Delhi
September. Felix, VK4FUQ will tell us of the call etc. in just
a few minutes time here on VK1WIA National News.




The World Radiosport Team Championship Committee is grieving the
loss of a fellow contester and avid DXer, Richard King, K5NA who
had been chosen to be a referee for WRTC 2022 in Bologna in July.
Richard was electrocuted while taking down a 40-meter beam which
hit a powerline.




MAY SIX Saturday Harry Angel Memorial Sprint 106 mts an annual 80m
contest event, first established in 1999, to commemorate the life of
Harry Angel VK4HA who at the time of his becoming a Silent Key was
the oldest licensed amateur in Australia. (106)
The duration of the contest is 106 minutes one minute for each year
of Harry's life.

The Harry Angel Memorial Sprint has been run annually since 1999 and
although when the concept, by our own Editor VK4BB and the Late
Brian Beamish, VK4BBS was developed it was held Anzac Day evening,
it is usually held on the first Saturday in May each year
10:00 UTC - 11:46 UTC (


MAY 20-21 Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest
begins the weekend after Mother's Day.

80m section Saturday 20th May 6 to 9pm Sydney time.
40m section afternoon of Sunday 21st of May, 1 to 4
Sydney time.



JUNE 24-25 WINTER VHF-UHF Field Day.

0100 UTC Saturday 24 to 0059 UTC Sunday 25
BUT in VK6 add 3 hours onto start and end times.



JUNE Weekend prior to 2nd Monday of June VK SHIRES


Also make a mental note that the 2023 QRP Day happens June 17

(sourced to iaru r3)


IARU HF World Championship Contest takes place the second full
weekend of July beginning 1200 UTC Saturday and ending 1200 UTC
Sunday July 8-9 July.

All licensed amateurs worldwide are eligible to participate in this
contest as the objective is to contact as many other amateurs as
possible, especially IARU member society HQ stations around the
world using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

(sourced to iaru r3)


JULY 15 - Trans Tasman Low Band Contest
Held on the 3rd weekend in July, aims to encourage
Low Band activity between VK and ZL
160 80 and 40M are allowed with SSB, CW and
Digital (RTTY OR PSK)

Contest Manager Alan Shannon VK4SN




These Aussie special calls on air are worth listening for,

VI 6 CRO is the special event callsign for the Carnarvon Eclipse
event April 17th to 23rd. so it ends today Sunday 23

VI 2023 HRH 1st to the 31st of May celebrates the coronation of
King Charles III

The next 4 are in play to years end.

VI 10 VKFF celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the VKFF group.

VI 100 MB celebrates the centenary year of the Manly-Warringah
Radio Society

VK 90 AR for the 90 years of the WIAs journal, Amateur Radio

VK 100 ZL celebrates the Centenary of the First Tran-Tasman Radio
contact between Australia and New Zealand. Again until December 31
and speaking of VK100ZL, a special event callsign ZL100 has been
issued for 3 months to the NZART to commemorate the event,
commencing 26 April 25 July.


Amateurs in Israel are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the
founding of the Israel Amateur Radio Club and the establishment of
the State of Israel with special prefixes 4X75 and 4Z75 now until
April 30.



DXNE DXpedition.

DX 0 NE is a single-operator DXpedition to the Spratly Islands,
IOTA Number AS-051, on the air from the 30th of April until the
9th of May.




Special event station AT2 G20 is QRV until June 2 to promote greater
international cooperation through amateur radio in conjunction with
the G20 summit to be held in New Delhi September 9 and 10.

QSL via operator's instructions.






Evidence is mounting that Solar Cycle 25 might peak much earlier
than was expected. New research by a leading group of solar
physicists predicts maximum sunspot activity in late 2023 or early
2024 with a peak that could be twice as strong as the previous
solar cycle





The Summits On The Air/World Wide Flora and Fauna parks group meets
twice weekly Mondays and Fridays 10.30AM till 12.00 at the Glebe
Gardens Cafe, Henry Street, Launceston.

Someone who will need a good 'coffee break' is Stuart, VK3UAO. He is
presently riding his bicycle from Melbourne to Pilliga park-fest,
(to be held April 29 - 30) a journey of more than 1,000 km.

Listen for and work Stuart VK3UAO and wish him well on his massive
bike ride.

(vk7wi news ARNEWSLINE)


Radio waves have led astronomers to an exoplanet - a planet
beyond our solar system - and it's likely the same size as Earth.
Dave Parks WB8ODF gives us the details as he gave to ARNewsLine.

Repeating radio signals have led astronomers to a rocky exoplanet
that is the same size as our own Earth and, like the Earth, it
orbits a star -- one known as YZ Ceti. Further studies of the signal
suggest that the planet may also have an atmosphere and a magnetic

Writing in a recent issue of the journal, Nature Astronomy, the
researchers have named the planet YZ Ceti b. The scientists say that
the magnetic field's interactions with the star are the likely
cause of the radio signals.

The signals were picked up in New Mexico by the Karl G. Jansky Very
Large Array of telescopes. The star and exoplanet are 12 light-years
away from Earth.

Of course, this is not the first finding of its kind. Last year, the
James Webb Space Telescope discovered its first exoplanet which is
also believed to be rocky and almost as big as the Earth. That
planet, called LHS 475b, is 41 light years away. The research team,
which announced the discovery this past January, is trying to learn
more about the star it orbits and whether the planet has an

This is Dave Parks WB8ODF.


March 17, 2023, and FT4DMC is launched.

The aims of the club are promoting radio operations in FT4, creating
incentives to use this mode of operation with a moderate number of
available diplomas, and increasing activity on the amateur radio

Membership in the FT4DMC is free and open to all interested parties.

FT4 is becoming more popular, and many DXpeditions use this type of
transmission. FT4 was developed by Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT.

The original idea was to use only FT4 for contests. With about 2.5
times the speed of FT8, FT4 is efficient, and the level of interest
is terrific. In just around 6 weeks, the FT4DMC already has more
than 1,300 members and the first diplomas have been awarded.

As with the FT8DMC, the application for issuing the diplomas takes
place via the program developed by Heinz Urban, DK5UR. The FT8DMC
now has 21,600 members from 148 DXCC entities. More than 1.5 million
diplomas have been issued.

Additional information is available at:




AMSAT-VK Secretary -

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei KG5GNP won't be a record-holder for
much longer. He made news after logging the most days in space for a
US astronaut -- 355 days -- aboard the International Space Station
in 2022.

Now, NASA astronaut Frank Rubio is right behind him and gaining.

He's been on the ISS since September 21, 2022 and his mission has
grown beyond its original six months. He's now scheduled to leave
aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft by September 27th, meaning his
371 days will eclipse the one set by Vande Hei. However, even with
that accomplishment, he will still be leaving the world record
intact. That was set by the late Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov,
who logged an unprecedented 437 days aboard Russia's Mir space
station in 1994 and 1995. The cosmonaut died last year at age 80.



The Amateur Radio Software Award (ARSA) Committee has announced that GridTracker, a project led by Stephen Loomis, N0TTL, and the team, has been selected as the recipient of the 4th annual Amateur Radio Software Award.

The award recognizes software projects that enhance amateur radio and promote innovation, freedom, and openness in amateur radio software development.

The committee was impressed by the breadth of features in GridTracker, its innovative graphic interface, and its ability to make amateur radio more fun.

GridTracker is a tool that visualizes WSJT-X amateur radio traffic, like FT8 and contacts from log files, which makes it easier for radio amateurs to track their contacts and participate in contests. Its unique approach to visualizing radio traffic adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the radio art.

To learn more about GridTracker, visit



2023 Social Scene

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK5 - South Coast Amateur Radio Clubs Buy & Sell 23rd April 11.30 am
Seaford scout hall 7 railway rd. Seaford meadows (vk5one)

VK3 - MOORABBIN HAMFEST - May 6 (vk3gl)

VK - WIA AGM May 13 at 10:30am AEST proposed for Canberra (vk8zz)
A hybrid event conducted both in person and by video
conference and able to be viewed on an internet streaming

VK2 - OXLEY REGION 47th Annual Field Day at Wauchope
10th and 11th of June (vk2zhe)


At Mountain Creek State Schools massive air conditioned
auditorium, just off the Sunshine Motor Way. Mountain Creek
is tucked in to the west of Mooloolaba

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Radio & Electronics Sale
November 26 (vk5qi)

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