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Often during World Wide Special Interest Group news we run items
under the banner of INTERNET - THE HAMS DOMAIN.

Well certainly here in Australia Domains are well and truly at the
front of many hams minds.

Our own site just less than 10 days after renewing for
2 years faces the real possibility of losing that because of the
dot com it may have to change to a dot org or some such thing

Tony VK7AX has drawn my attention to those with call signs in
domains ala

Would seem that the auDA are unaware of what normally constitutes a
"nickname", and that amateur radio usage of call-signs is highly
consistent with both the Macquarie Dictionary definition of the
the word, and its definition under Australian contract law.

(For amateurs, it's practically a surname.)

NOW Is auDA a government department?

The not-for-profit . au Domain Administration (auDA) oversees the
operation and management framework of the . au domain of the
internet. auDA is endorsed by the Australian Government as the
appropriate entity to administer Australia's country code
Top-Level Domain

Late word in comes from Ben vk7ben who has written, "I have just
received word that auDA have dropped their complaint and the domain will remain in my control. At least until the next time
they go on a crusade.


Correction to consultation:
Proposed changes to amateur access in 5052 MHz and 3.43.6 GHz bands

On 1 May, ACMA advised they were consulting on the Draft
Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Omnibus
Amendment Instrument 2023 (No.1).

ACMA in an email say:-
On 9 May, we made the following minor corrections to the amendment

On page 3, a reference to Schedule 5 - Excluded frequency band and
area (amateur standard station) was amended to Excluded frequency
bands and areas (amateur advanced station).

On page 5, a reference to Schedule 2 - Excluded frequency band
and area (amateur station) was amended to Excluded frequency bands
and areas (amateur advanced station).

You can view the updated draft instrument and details of the
consultation on the ACMA website




This is WIA President, Scott Williams (VK3KJ) and welcome to all listeners wherever you might be to the National News Broadcast this week.

Well, its been a busy few weeks at the WIA leading up to this years
AGM, which was held on Saturday 13 May in Canberra in the ACT.
Thank you to all of those members that attended in person and also to those that attended via the live stream. Also, we streamed the event to YouTube, so I hope we had many other listeners that got a little insight into the operations of the WIA and of course witnessed many of the very worthy award recipients.

Just of couple of key items to note from the AGM was as follows:

1. A huge congratulations to Peter Young VK3MV who was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the WIA. The members passed this resolution recognising Peters exceptional and tireless commitment to the Wireless Institute of Australia and the Amateur Radio community. Our congratulations once again to Peter Young VK3MV, now etched for ever in the WIA as an Honorary Life Member.

2. Our congratulations to Giles Kirby VK5GK who was appointed to the Board as a newly appointed Director and also confirmed as re-elected Directors were Peter Clee VK8ZZ, Peter Schrader VK4EA and myself, Scott Williams VK3KJ. Continuing Directors were Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY, Steven Green VK2TSG and Lee Moyle VK3GK.

The Board also noted the tremendous contribution of retiring Director Greg Kelly VK2GPK. Greg did not re-nominate after serving on the Board for over 6 years and holding the role of President in the past. Greg joined the WIA at a time of considerable unrest in the Amateur Radio community and we thank Greg for his many years of service and wish him well in the future.

3. A resolution was passed to amend a small typographical error in the constitution. This was picked up by a member in the 2022 AGM.

4. The WIA reported a small surplus of $11,442 for the year ending 31 December 2022, this included a provision of $20,000 for IT investment in 2023 and a significant provision of $52,200 for International Representation. The net asset position of WIA reported at 31 December 2022 was $464,694.

As with every year, there were a range of WIA Awards announced and presented at the AGM.
These awards recognised individuals who have made an active, valued, and outstanding contribution to the WIA and the Amateur Radio Community through a range of activities.
Award Winners announced were:

Honorary Life Membership - Peter Young VK3MV

Presidents Commendation - Brian Bates VK8BL

Presidents Commendation - The WIA Awards Team made up of Graham Alston VK3GA (Awards Manager), Alex Petkovic VK6APK, David McAulay VK3EW, Marc Hillman VK3OHM, Brian Cleland VK5BC, Grant Willis VK5GR, Graeme Dowse VK4CAG

Brenda Edmonds Award - Onno Benschop VK6EEN & VK6FLAB

Foundation License Award Alec Cherry VK2APC

Chris Jones Award - Drew Diamond VK3XU
Chris Jones Award Ian Morris VK3IFM

Michael Owen Award Noel Higgins VK3NH

Publication Awards
Encouragement Award Peter Sumner VK5PJ

Higginbotham Award Peter Wolfenden VK3RV,
Higginbotham Award - Andy Keir VK2AAK
Higginbotham Award - Lou De Stefano VK3AQZ

Shawsmith Award Fred Swainston VK3DAC/VK4FE,
Shawsmith Award - Carmel Morris VK2CAR

Technical Award Michael Barbera & Greg Mew VK4GRM
Technical Award John Forrest VK3JNF

For information on each award category and the contribution of each award recipient, further information can be found on the WIA website with other documents from the AGM.

On a final note, the WIA Board will meet shortly to confirm Board Executive appointments for the year ahead. This includes the role of the President, Vice President, and Company Secretary. Announcements will be made via MemNet, the WIA website and social media channels once this occurs.

In closing, thank you to all that made 2022 a great success for the WIA. I would personally like to thank all our members and volunteers that make the WIA such a great place.

I also want to acknowledge the contribution of the WIA Board and in particular Company Secretary Peter Clee VK8ZZ, who did a significant amount of the heavy lifting leading into the AGM this year.

Thats it for me this week and again, my congratulations to all those very worthy award recipients this year.

Best Wishes,
Scott Williams WIA President

Hello everyone. I hope this broadcast finds you well.
I'm Giles (VK5GK) and I'll be joining the WIA board of directors.

I'll begin by saying please do reach out to me with comments and
feedback and I'll make sure those opinions are considered &
reflected. I'm particularly keen to support my local amateurs in the
VK5 region.

I'm sure you can tell by the accent that I'm from the UK. I moved to
VK5 in 2014 pursuing work. I've worked all my life in the sciences
and spent nearly a decade at the University of South Australia
working in the medical field. I now do a mixture of things. Some
space medicine, some science advisory roles. A real mixture to be

I've spent a bit of time recently working on radar signal processing
but I'm interested in all fields of science. The sun holds a
particular interest and we should all be watching it with great
interest over the coming years.

I have pretty varied interests but they all have a similar theme.
I love simplicity and things that just work. I love repairing things,
and repairing and maintaining those things to a high standard. Both
my cars are over 30 years old and mechanically sound. I have a Yaesu
FT101E that I keep in excellent condition. I just repaired my
oscilloscope, a Tektronix 2445A from the 80's. There's a beautiful
philosophy in Japan called Kintsugi. It's essentially the repair of
pottery but highlighting the repaired cracks with gold. This is a
philosophy of a repair paying homage to the object that has served
well and not hiding its age. Old objects are treasures because they
link to the past. If you ever visit Japan you can see this
appreciation of old objects that are kept in excellent condition.
The busses and subway trains are obvious examples. They look like
they were commissioned in the 80's but they're kept clean and in
beautiful condition. I think people might be a bit happier if we
slow down and embrace as bit of simplicity in our lives. We don't
necessarily need the newest car or phone or radio. We might actually
experience more joy from older objects.

Something to think about anyway.

My HF operation have felt pretty light of late. Right now, work and a
new baby seem to have dominated my time. But I do enjoy battling the
wind with wire HF antennas and I'm thinking of playing with the 10m
band a bit. My day-to-day transceiver is a Yaesu FT 950. A bit of an
older rig again but excellent stability and features with a beautiful
display. I played with digital modes a bit in the past but honestly
get more joy from SSB.

I hope you all have an excellent rest of the day. DE VK5GK 73's.


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, and the World Wide sources of the WIA.

The Internet Archive ( was founded to build an
Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access
for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections
that exist in digital format.

Founded in 1996, the Internet Archive has an historical web
collection (the Wayback Machine) of over 150 billion web pages,
about 240,000 movies, over 500,000 audio items (including over 70,000
live concerts), over 1,800,000 texts, 1600 education items, and over
30,000 software items. And they grow bigger every day!

DLARC is adding newsletters from amateur radio groups around the
world: the latest additions include 1,400 news bulletins from
Irish Radio Transmitters Society going back to 1998, and more than
600 newsletters from the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association, a hobby club
devoted to long-distance television and FM communications.

Many of these newsletters have never been posted to the Internet
before. All are full-text searchable, and can be read online or

The Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications is funded by a
grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) to create a
free digital library for the radio community, researchers, educators,
and students. DLARC invites radio clubs and individuals to submit
material in any format. To contribute or ask questions about the
project, contact Kay Savetz, K6KJN.



Venus on 47GHz

A translation from an article on the web page of the Portuguese
Amateur Radio Society reads, and this from the IRTS news service:-

On the 7th of April, Iban EB 3 FRN, and Jos EA 3 HMJ, performed the
first detection of the thermal noise emitted by the Planet Venus at

On the 8th of April, Miguel CT 1 BYM, confirmed the observation with
similar results.

Both stations obtained Venus measurements of more than 0.002dB of
Signal to Noise ratio at a bandwidth of 10MHz and a time interval of
ten seconds, but visible at a two second interval without problem.
With this dish system and LNA with 1.7dB noise figure, they were able
to consistently obtain Sun and Cold Sky measurements of over 11dB and
Moon and Cold Sky of 1.6dB.

M0ore details about the observations by the stellar microwave SWLs
are promised on


A Morse Slip Tape perforator and Wheatstone Morse transmitter
were put into action at the RSGBs National Radio Centre at
Bletchley Park to prepare a special message to celebrate the
Coronation of King Charles III.

A link is here so you can not only hear but see it in action.


Dayton Hamvention 2023, ham radio's largest annual gathering, is just
a week away. Gates open for the 3-day event on Friday, May 19,
at Greene County Fair and Expo Centre in Xenia, Ohio.

700 volunteers are working to get the event ready.

This is said to be ham radio's people event, and they have a lot to
offer. This year's Hamvention theme is Innovation, and will be
reflected in the variety of exhibits, activities, and forums that
have been organized for 2023.

On May 3, 2021, new FCC rules governing RF exposure evaluations went
into effect.

While the exposure limits were not changed, the requirement to
conduct an evaluation was made more broadly applicable to amateur
licensees. A 2-year transition period was implemented to allow
existing amateur licensees to conduct evaluations and make any
changes necessary to ensure that their station complies with the
exposure rules. On May 3, this year, the transition period ended.

All US licensees must now conduct evaluations of their current
station and reassess compliance when making changes to their stations
that would affect exposure going forward.


Government Push for FM in India.

Paul McLane writing in says "GeoBroadcast Solutions is
citing a development in India as evidence of the usefulness of its
FM geotargeting technology.

The government Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
issued an advisory in late April urging cellphone manufacturers to
ensure that FM radios are active in their products.

The ministry wrote to phone manufacturers:

It should be ensured that wherever the mobile phone is equipped with
an inbuilt FM radio receiver function or feature, that function or
feature is not disabled or deactivated but is kept enabled /
activated in the mobile phone. Further, it is advised that if the FM
radio receiver function or feature is not available in the mobile
phones, it may be included. The advisory emphasized the ability of
the poor to get free FM radio services and of the government to
disseminate real-time information during calamities.

The Indian government push will be enriched by the GeoBroadcast
Solutions MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting systems recently approved
for testing by Prasar Bharati, Indias public broadcaster.

This new technology will enhance the broadcast signals and widen the
reach of the largest radio network in the world, All India Radio.
And, with the inclusion of ZoneCasting, the stations signal can be
subdivided or zoned with specific neighbourhood content vital for
listeners using their mobile phones anywhere they may be




MAY 20-21 Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest
begins the weekend after Mother's Day.

80m section Saturday 20th May 6 to 9pm Sydney time.
40m section afternoon of Sunday 21st of May, 1 to 4
Sydney time. (vk2wi)


Same date, May 20-21 but in New Zealand is the 80 Meter
Sangster Shield.

Presented to the amateurs of New Zealand by Mr Ralph Sangster in
1927 its NZARTs longest standing amateur contest.

Ralph intended that the shield be awarded annually to the CW station
obtaining the highest score in a low power contest. The he output of
the transmitter must not exceed 5 Watts PEP.

Overseas contestants (i.e. we here in VK) may use any power up to the
maximum permitted by their licence.

(nzart info line)


JUNE 24-25 WINTER VHF-UHF Field Day.

0100 UTC Saturday 24 to 0059 UTC Sunday 25
BUT in VK6 add 3 hours onto start and end times.


JUNE Weekend prior to 2nd Monday of June VK SHIRES


Also make a mental note that the 2023 QRP Day happens June 17

(sourced to iaru r3)


IARU HF World Championship Contest takes place the second full
weekend of July beginning 1200 UTC Saturday and ending 1200 UTC
Sunday July 8-9 July.

All licensed amateurs worldwide are eligible to participate in this
contest as the objective is to contact as many other amateurs as
possible, especially IARU member society HQ stations around the
world using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

(sourced to iaru r3)


JULY 15 - Trans Tasman Low Band Contest
Held on the 3rd weekend in July, aims to encourage
Low Band activity between VK and ZL
160 80 and 40M are allowed with SSB, CW and
Digital (RTTY OR PSK)

Contest Manager Alan Shannon VK4SN


AUGUST 12 - 13 Remembrance Day Contest

This contest commemorates the Amateurs who died
during World War II and is designed to encourage
friendly participation and help improve the
operating skills of participants. It is held on the
weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on
which hostilities ceased with Japan in the
southwest Pacific area.

A perpetual trophy is awarded annually to the
Australian state or territory with the best
The name of the winning State or Territory is
inscribed on the trophy, and that State or Territory
then holds the trophy for 12 months. The winning
State or Territory is also given a certificate, as
are leading entrants.



August 26 - 27 A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST

Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August.

All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to
participate. Scout and Girl Guide groups are encouraged to
participate using their Club's equipment and callsign.

YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs only.

Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours:
Saturday 0600 hours UTC till Sunday 0559 hours UTC
All HF Bands except 160m & WARC Bands.
ECHOLINK will also be accepted.

(alara web site)




These Aussie special calls on air are worth listening for,

VI 2023 HRH 1st to the 31st of May celebrates the coronation of
King Charles III

The next 4 are in play to years end.

VI 10 VKFF celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the VKFF group.

VI 100 MB celebrates the centenary year of the Manly-Warringah
Radio Society

VK 90 AR for the 90 years of the WIAs journal, Amateur Radio

VK 100 ZL celebrates the Centenary of the First Tran-Tasman Radio
contact between Australia and New Zealand. Again until December 31
and speaking of VK100ZL, a special event callsign ZL100 has been
issued for 3 months to the NZART to commemorate the event,
commencing 26 April 25 July.


Special callsign GB 4 VLB will be active on the 20th and 21st of May
only, this from the Volunteer Life Brigade Watch House in Tynemouth
as part of SOS Radio Week.

The station will be operating in support of the Volunteer Life
Brigade, RNLI and National Coast Watch Institution.

For more information visit

QSL via Logbook of the World.



GB 23 C callsign now until the 30th of June.

Details can be found on the GB23C web page.

For further information on these and all the other Coronation
activities being led by the RSGB, go to




Special event station ZQ 2 HRH is QRV until May 31 to commemorate the
coronation of King Charles III. QSL via operators' instructions.




Special event call signs PA 100 K, PA 100 M, and PA 100 PCG are QRV
until June 30 to commemorate the two-way telegraph service that
started up from Radio Malabar to Radio Kootwijk.

Also commemorating this event but from INDONESIA:-
8 A 100 K until May 13 to commemorate the 100 years of long-range
telegraph communications in the Netherlands.




For a number of weeks now Felix VK4FUQ has been telling us of the
St George Amateur Radio Societys Don Edwards memorial slow
Morse Contest.

On the weekend of the 20th and 21st, this contest commemorates
Don VK2NV, who became a silent key in early 2021. Don's operating was
almost exclusively on CW, and he often encouraged club members to
either learn Morse or increase their speed.

No matter what speed, this contest is an opportunity to give Morse a

Contest rules are that contacts should be no more than 10 words per
minute; many contacts in last year's contest were 5 words per minute
or less so if you learnt Morse code years ago to get you licence and
then hid your Morse key at the back of the cupboard - its a good
opportunity to dig it out again and have a go.

The Don Edwards memorial slow Morse contest will be held in two

Saturday the 20th of May from 6pm to 9pm on 80 metres, then
Sunday 21st, 1pm to 4pm on 40 metres.

Details about the contest are on

(vk2wi news)



Hams in the UK are marking the 80th anniversary of the famous
World War II "Dam Busters Raid," and Jeremy Boot G4NJH tells us
what's involved.

JEREMY: The Royal Air Force sent a squadron of bombers into the night
to complete a mission known as Operation Chastise, but better known
as the Dam Busters Raid. Its targets, in the heart of industrial
Nazi Germanys Ruhr Valley, were three dams for destruction, but
which were heavily protected from any underwater or air assault.

The successful mission, which set off on the 16th of May in 1943, is
being commemorated from the 14th to 16th of May this year by the
Stockport Radio Society with the callsign GB D B A.

Stockport is an industrial town in Greater Manchester, a region with
strong ties to the mission that employed the now-famous "bouncing
bombs." The planes, modified to carry the bombs, were manufactured at
Chadderton and assembled at Woodford. The aircrew trained over the
Derwent Reservoir. Manchester University has a building dedicated to
Barnes Wallis, the creator of the bouncing bomb -- and to
Wing Commander Guy Gibson, who was later proposed as a candidate for
the UK Parliament.

Listen on the HF bands, with a focus on 20 and 40 metres, for
operators using SSB, CW and RTTY. There will also be radio activity
on VHF using FM, C4FM and FT8 on 2 metres, and SSB and CW using the
QO-100 satellite.

Please visit the page of GB D B A for QSL details.

This is Jeremy Boot G4NJH.



iHeartMedia Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to the Fullest

"I think AI can fundamentally change the cost structure of the
company," says Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman

The company hasnt disclosed any plans to use the technology to
create AI Disk Jockeys, but did previously announce it would use
AI to translate some of its podcasts into foreign languages. And this
week it announced in a press release it would add Daily Dad Jokes,
an AI-generated stand-up comedy show from Klassic Studios to its
iHeart Podcast Network.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

AO-73 recently transmitted a Fitter message from the Radio Society
of Great Britain celebrating the coronation of His Majesty King
Charles III and Her Majesty Queen Camilla on May 6th.

The message read

"Have a wonderful day celebrating the coronation
of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen
- from RSGB via FUNcube1"


A space-based cellular phone network that relies on satellites
instead of towers may not be so far off as you think.
Kent Peterson KCDGY has that story.

KENT: Imagine being able to have a cellphone signal delivered
directly to your mobile device from space instead of from a
cell tower. Two smartphone users reported recently that they had just
that experience.

A call between a phone user in Texas and another in Japan was
reportedly routed through a low Earth orbit satellite manufactured by
AST SpaceMobile. These were standard, unmodified smartphones:
a Samsung Galaxy S22 in Texas and an iPhone in Japan.

The BlueWalker3 satellite that made the call possible is powerful
enough to pick up cellphone signals from over 1,000 miles away thanks
to an array of 100,000 individual antenna elements on board.

Smartphones and satellites typically do not share the same part of
the spectrum for direct communication, leaving phones to rely on
local cell towers instead. According to an article in The Verge,
AST SpaceMobile was able to adapt its network architecture so it was
similar to 3rd Generation Partnership Project, or 3GPP, standard that
cell networks use.

Some smartphones are already capable of message-based satellite
routing solutions in emergencies but a full-service call with a
voice connection like this is said to be breaking new ground.
The article said there will be further testing.

This is Kent Peterson KCDGY.



Richard VK7ZBX in VK7WI news, and don't forget 18th of June VK7
will be hosting this news as part of their Centenary Celebrations,
well he told of EME activity in VK7, Earth Moon Earth on 10GHz.

After a long period the moon beacon DL 0 SHF is back to full time
operations. It transmits on 10,368.024 MHz from Germany, running
approx. 30W to a 7.2M Diameter dish. This incredibly valuable esource
is provided and maintained by Per DK 7 LJ and the team.
It transmits CW on the odd minute, and Q65 Sub mode E on the even

One contact was with the G 4 RFR, the club station of the Flight
Refuelling Amateur Radio Society in Dorset in the UK. The club
members there went to a huge amount of work to install a 1.8M dish
and associated bits on the back of their existing 3.7M dish allowing
the ability to see over the top of the club rooms and see the moon at
the same time as us here in VK7. On Sunday the 23d of April at
07:14 UTC contact was made with VK 7 ZBX using Q65-60D. A few minutes
after that they worked Rex VK 7 MO as well. They were quite strong
and audible in the speaker which is incredible when you think about

Earlier in the month the following stations were worked:

Paulo CT2GUR, Joe DJ7FJ, Angelo I4TTZ. Michael SA6BUN, Denis G0OLX,
Sasho LZ4OC, Peter OZ1LPR and Rudi OE5VRL.

(vk7wi news)


2023 Social Scene

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

Celebration of the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Tasmania
all of June with a special WIA News Service from VK7 June 18, and
there are also a huge number of activities happening throughout the
month of June and beyond. These include:

Operation of a special centenary callsign - VK7WIA by amateurs around
VK7. There is a special centenary QSL cards and a Centenary Award

There are amateur radio Open Days being held around the State of
Tasmania with amateur radio historic and working displays that will
be open to the public:

In the SOUTH it happens on Saturday June 10th.

In the NORTH it happens on Saturday June 17th.

And in the NORTH WEST on Saturday June 24th

In the next couple of Amateur Radio Magazines will have features on
VK7 History starting in the May/June edition and the WIA National
News Broadcast will be coming from VK7 on the 18th June 2023.

There are many more activities happening and these are available
on the website link.

VK2 - OXLEY REGION 47th Annual Field Day at Wauchope
10th and 11th of June (vk2zhe)


At Mountain Creek State Schools massive air conditioned
auditorium, just off the Sunshine Motor Way. Mountain Creek
is tucked in to the west of Mooloolaba

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest at Eastbourne Primary School Sunday,
November 12 (vk3pdg)

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Radio & Electronics Sale
November 26 (vk5qi)


Hi, I'm Graeme, VK3GRK.

And now to Mills on the Air and the special event callsign VI3MILLS! Bendigo
Amateur Radio and Electronics Club is operating from Anderson's Mill, Smeaton, this
weekend, Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th, for Mills on the Air.

The Mills on the Air event is held annually in May, and is co-ordinated by the Denby
Dale Radio Society in the UK. It coincides with the National Mills Weekend, run by
the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. This is not a contest, but
rather an opportunity to promote amateur radio and at the same time promote the
preservation of heritage.

Stations that have worked the BAREC special event VI3MILLS callsign, are eligible
for an email QSL card. The VI3MILLS callsign will also be active until Monday May
15th, to provide further opportunity to work the special event callsign. QSL,
frequency and Node details can be found by going to the VI3MILLS page at
We hope to hear you on air this weekend for Mills on the Air.

Reception Reports

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A member society of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)