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VK4EA at WRC 23 prep conference. - VK2ZRH his 2nd preview of your
latest AR Magazine. - HOUSEKEEPING, when supplying club, hamfest news
remember in the AUDIO ONLY edition we cannot mention special offers
from sponsor clients nor advertise raffles if they can be bought on
air and buyer need NOT be at event, and the old chestnut WE CANNOT
MENTION SECONDHAND GOODS FOR SALE by providing phone numbers etc.
INSTEAD use the WIA's online selling portal

So with that and being Sunday morning, time to lay your hands on the
radio, turn up the volume and settle back.. this is the WIA NEWS for
week commencing July 30.




Gidday and greetings from Turrabul and Jagera country, this is Peter, VK4EA, on behalf of the WIA board.

I am fortunate to be part of the WIA delegation to the August WRC 23
prep conference, to be held at the Sofitel hotel in Brisbane. My
employer is a good one, they provide volunteer leave, so I have taken
the week off work to attend as an observer. Dales Hughes (VK1DSH) and
Peter Pokorny (VK2EMR) are the WIA delegates for this prep session and
the main event in November, located in Dubai, UAE.

Interesting to note there is an agenda item concerning 23cms we will
keep you informed while we advocate for continued access to amateur
spectrum. Of particular concern to me personally, is the threat to
the remainder of the nine centimetre band. As you may be aware,
ZL lost all of nine centimetres, not even a small slice is available
to them. I hope we can at least continue being able to use 3300 to
3399 MHz and if the push comes to shove, at least have access to a
small slice at 3398MHz, we dont need much. The old saying comes to
mind use it or lose it.

I have the support of the board to increase the WIA digital footprint,
a group of keen, technology savvy volunteers are needed to help us
promote the hobby using social media platforms. Are you able to
devote some time to help us create great content? If so, please get
in touch via the WIA Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or that old
fashioned means email me on

Our insurance briefing session conducted via Teams a few months was a
resounding success, at the end of the session I proposed to the attendees to have more of these briefing slash information sessions.
So, club presidents, please reserve the 27th of September for a chat
with the board, if you cannot attend, please nominate a delegate. More info coming later this month.

Over the last few months I have been visiting clubs located in South East Queensland within a couple hours drive of my home QTH, I havent
been pelted with rocks yet, thank you to those clubs I have visited
so far, I appreciate you listening. I am planning on going to the
Summerland Hamfest in September, if you see me in my black WIA polo,
hit me up with some questions. For any clubs that have not heard from
me and would like to chat please contact me via email -

Happy to visit in person if not too far away or via video conference.

Cheers for now, this has been Peter, VK4EA, for the WIA board.

Hey, Dudes.

This is Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH.

About that freshly squeezed juice. I havent finished with last weeks orange yet. Moore juice.

Some of you will have your print copy of the magazine already. I must remind those grumpy gents among you that prefer the digital edition your PDF is now available for download.
Some members swing both ways. Print AANND PDF! Yours truly included.
OK. Here comes the juice about what else is in the latest issue.

If you didnt manage to attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the WIA, in person or by Zoom, we have an article on highlights of the AGM that I have penned around a panoply of pictures from the camera of Steve Green VK2STG.

He even caught some people smiling!

The AGM was the occasion for announcing various awards, among which were those for the awesome efforts of AR magazine authors. That ones a must read.

Picking up on the issues theme of Promoting amateur radio and the AR clubs, theres more to what I told you last week.

Keeping it topical and on-message, a golden opportunity to promote ham radio arrives every year. Its the annual Scouts and Guides Jamboree on the Air!

It returns in October, along with its partner, Jamboree on the Internet. JOTA and JOTI.
Richard VK2SKY has it covered on how to take advantage of the promotional opportunity.

But, wait! Who remembers that the World Radio Conference arrives in September?

These W-R-Cs throw up both opportunities for more privileges and threats to our existing licence conditions. Theres been a growing threat for some time from satellite interests to our 23-centimetre band, 1240-1300 MHz.

We have an article from "our man in Geneva" Dale VK1DSH about the looming threat from the radio navigation satellite service RNSS is the acronym. If you have it, open your magazine or PDF and turn to page 28 and learn what Dale did in Dallas.

For those that enjoy a tall tale, but true this issues WestNews column from Will VK6UU relates the story of how the VK6REX two metre repeater came to be installed atop a 387 metre tall tower in Exmouth on the West Australian mid-north coast. In the old money, 387 metres is 1,270 feet!

This article comes complete with must see pictures. Dont look down! Quite a triumph. No radio amateurs were harmed in the installation of VK6REX.

Speaking of triumphs, WIA Historian Peter VK3RV completes his story on the Centenary of The Trans-Pacific Tests. The hard work of a few forward-thinking innovators proved that the Pacific Ocean could be spanned by radio, and with transmitters running less than two watts!

Talking of centenaries we have another article in the series celebrating 100 years of organised amateur radio in Tasmania.

This time, its A brief history of WIA and local amateur group broadcasts in VK7. Its profusely illustrated with portraits of many broadcasters from over the years.

Newcomers Notebook in Issue 4 covers The Ins and Outs of op-amps. Jules VK3JFP curates op-amp configurations for the curious.

The ALARA column from Jenny VK3WQ sets out the details for the forty-third ALARA Contest this year, along with other news.

If you applied for one of the WIA DX Awards between April and June, or youre looking to see who among your tribe got a guernsey, Marc VK3OHM has the listings.

Thats not all the juice, but enough from me for now.

Amateur Radio magazine, Volume 91, Issue Number 4 for 2023.
More guts. Less gab.
Serving Australian radio amateur dudes for 90 years. Available in print and online. Always published to a schedule, never random. No quarter given.

This has been AR magazine Editor-in-Chief Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


Right around the world it seems frequencies are under pressure.

For WIA News viwers and readers if you have a UK amateur license,
you may want to weigh in on this issue affecting the 6 GHz band.

Jeremy Boot G4NJH reporting for ARNewline explained how Ofcom is
exploring a system of what it calls "hybrid sharing" of the upper
portion of the 6 GHz band to accommodate both licenced mobile use and
low-power licence-exempt Wi-Fi in the UK. The regulator wants to find
an appropriate system that would increase capacity successfully
because of industry interest in supporting an ongoing growth in

Ofcom believes that because Wi-Fi routers are based indoors and
mobile transmitters are mostly outdoors, hybrid-sharing mechanisms
can and should be developed that allow the users to coexist. The
regulator also believes there is also potential for what it calls
international harmonisation of hybrid sharing on the band.

Industry members or others with a stake in the use of this band can
submit comments to Ofcom no later than the 15th of September.

FCC Pirate Radio Sweeps Turn to Miami

The commission is conducting enforcement sweeps of the top five radio
markets where illegal broadcasts are a problem.

The FCCs Enforcement Bureau has issued nine warnings to landowners
and property managers in the Miami, Florida area for apparently
allowing illegal broadcasting from their properties.

The FCC may issue a fine upwards of $2 million if it determines that
the accused parties continue to permit or engage in pirate radio

The commission announced an increase to its maximum fines under the
PIRATE Act which became law more than three years ago and provides
for much bigger penalties than in the past. The FCC has since sent
letters to property owners in the second biggest city in the
Sunshine State.

The most recent batch of Notices of Illegal Pirate Radio
Broadcasting sent on Friday, July 21, target properties identified
by FCC Enforcement Bureau field agents as sources of pirate radio
transmissions. These notices formally alert landowners and property
managers of the illegal broadcasting activity occurring on their
property and outline potential consequences.

The Audio Engineering Society has published recommendations about
loudness for streaming and on-demand audio.

Implementing these guidelines will provide consistent loudness and
appropriate playback loudness range, will reduce audio quality
degradation from excessive limiting, will preserve the original
artistic intent and will improve the listening experience, the
organization stated.

A computer hacker who was once on the FBI's "most-wanted" list - and
who described himself as possessing the world's most expensive
amateur radio license, has become a Silent Key.

According to several online obituaries, by the time he was 16 years
old, Kevin had already sharpened his software skills, gaining
unauthorized access to computer systems. Ultimately, it was his
illegal download of software from Digital Equipment Corporation in
the 1980s that led to a massive manhunt, his conviction and
five-year prison term.

Having become a ham radio operator at the age of 13, he wished to
return to the air once he was released from prison and spent more
than $16,000 in legal fees to petition the FCC for a license
renewal. He succeeded, saying afterward that, as a result, he
possessed the most expensive amateur radio license in the world.

Kevin was 59.



Do you believe in Unidentified Flying Objects?
Well whether you do or you don't, as long as you believe in
amateur radio, you'll be interested in this weird n wonderful
which comes to us via Amateur Radio NewsLine and Kent Peterson

It's no secret that Pete Guldan KDSQJ and his fellow club members in the Midwest have been seeing flying saucers for quite some time. The flying discs hover with great tenacity on the landing page of the website for NFOO, which identifies the Minnesota group by its formal club name: Hams of Insignificant Value.

Ah, but the amateurs' true worth is actually as great as the universe itself - and thanks to these hams, visitors in a nearby Wisconsin village are about to have a close encounter of the radio kind.

The village of Elmwood considers itself the UFO capital of the state, based on residents' claims of having had so many sightings over the years. It is therefore not insignificant that for the first time in the festival's 44-year history, there will be sightings of amateur radio operators calling QRZ on the HF bands. They bring a message of peace: "Take me to your feedline." The club will have operators on the air with the club callsign NFOO from July 28th to the 30th.

Let's face it: Having radio amateurs at a UFO festival is proof that there is indeed intelligent life on this planet.

Be listening, from anywhere on earth - or even beyond.

This is Kent Peterson KCDGY.





The RSGB IOTA Contest is on now 29-30 July 2023

The RSGB IOTA Contest, using the Islands on the Air concept, was
created in 1993. This is now a major international event, attracting
thousands of participants from all over the world. Radio amateurs have
travelled to islands around the globe and putting them on the air this
weekend, making contacts with other islands and with those who are
chasing islands.

Home stations send a signal report and serial number, with stations
on islands sending their IOTA reference number.

A guide for newcomers to the contests is available at

The list of IOTA References can be found on



AUGUST 12 - 13 Remembrance Day Contest

This contest commemorates the Amateurs who died
during World War II and is designed to encourage
friendly participation and help improve the
operating skills of participants. It is held on the
weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on
which hostilities ceased with Japan in the
southwest Pacific area.

A perpetual trophy is awarded annually to the
Australian state or territory with the best
The name of the winning State or Territory is
inscribed on the trophy, and that State or Territory
then holds the trophy for 12 months. The winning
State or Territory is also given a certificate, as
are leading entrants.



Not a contest BUT this IS A reminder now that International
Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is the third weekend of August
which in 2023 is 19 and 20 August.


August 26 - 27 A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST

Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August.

All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to
participate. Scout and Girl Guide groups are encouraged to
participate using their Club's equipment and callsign.

YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs only.

Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours:
Saturday 0600 hours UTC till Sunday 0559 hours UTC
All HF Bands except 160m & WARC Bands.
ECHOLINK will also be accepted.

(alara web site)


OCTOBER - Oceania DX (OCDX) Contest

Contest Dates/Times:

PH - The first full weekend in October each year 0600 UTC
Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October from 0600 UTC Saturday to
0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for PH and CW logs - 31 October.

Managed by the Oceania DX Contest Committee.





Michel, F5LRL is operating from near Kenitra as CN2DX until
August 16, from 40 to 6 meter using CW and SSB mainly in his
morning and evening.

QSL CN2DX via home call which again is F 5 LRL




Mek SP7VC and Kasia SQ7OYL will be operating as TF/SP7VC
during July 27 and August 17. They are travelling by motorhome
so are able to take all their needed amateur radio equipment.

Theyre planning to be active on 14 MHz bands



QRV is XZ 2 B from Yangon until the end of September.
Activity is on 15, 12, 10, and 6 meters using CW





Hi all this is Nathan VK5DAD from the SCARC.

Our Willunga Hill repeater VK5RSV 2m and APRS digi are back to the
operational antennas after the tower works has now been completed
with IRLP and ECHO link now re enabled.

On the 3rd of August at 7.30pm at SCARC rooms at Seaford Meadows
Scout hall Rail Way parade a tech talk by Grant VK5GR on RTTY &
RTTY Contesting.

VK5ARC our club call will again this year be completing in the LHLS
weekend from Point Malcom and we look forward to the contacts,
station number is AU 0029.

73 Nathan Grundy - VK5DAD Repeater Manager Committee Member
South Coast Amateur Radio Club Inc



w5kub-113 has now completed over 290 days of flight. That is like
about 17 times around the world.

Altitude is still holding the same as at launch and the flight balloon team are hoping that 113 can exceed 1 year in flight.

Their w5kub-112 flew for 320 days before the transmitter died and it's
thought it is still flying and passed the 1 year mark but they can't
confirm that. Hopefully 113 will achieve and confirm a 1 year flight.


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

EO-88, with its 70cm to 2m linear transponder, having spent a trouble free 6 years and 5 months in space, finally re-entered the Earths atmosphere and burned up on Tuesday, 18th July. Having originally been launched into a 500km orbit, EO-88 has reduced in altitude rapidly over the past year due to the increased level of solar activity.

Remarkably, some of the last frames of telemetry were captured as the 1U CubeSat passed over the South Western United States.
The final 90 seconds show a rapid rise in temperature across all the satellites sub systems. The last frame of data was captured by David WB0IZO in New Mexico at 18:18:54 UTC showing the antenna temperatures operating about 40 degrees above normal.

(amsat uk)

URESAT-1 is a small pocketQube 1.5P (8x5x5cm), much smaller than
a CubeSat. Unfortunately this Spanish Satellite has problem
with the deployment of the antennas and as such has been designated
NORAD object 56992.

However URESAT-1 is currently transmitting telemetry, CW, and SSTV
images despite the reduced capability of the antenna system.


Philippine CubeSats May-5 and Maya-6 have been deployed. The primary
mission is to provide digital message relay service to the amateur
radio community by means of an APRS digipeater on-board. The APRS
digipeater on board the CubeSats will use 145.825 MHz for both
receive and transmit.

Another mission of the CubeSats is to demonstrate a data/message
store-and-forward system in line with Universal
Amateur Radio Text and E-mail messaging. The CubeSats also carry
Commercial off-the-shelf cameras which will take images of the
participating countries from space for promotional and educational

A downlink on 437.375 MHz and APRS activities on 145.825 MHz have
been coordinated.



OC-067 Huahine Isl Didier, F6BCW is operating as FO/F6BCW from
Huahine Island OC-067 until October from 160 to 6 meter using
CW and SSB. QSL via home call F 6 BCW and LoTW.

Stations 9A7YY, 9A/S53Z, 9A/S54W, 9A/S58MU, 9A/S50O and 9A/S50X
are all active from Vis Island, IOTA EU-016, until August 1 on
80 to 10 meters using CW and SSB. This includes being active in the
RSGB IOTA contest. QSL direct to home calls.

G3TTC plans to be QRV as GD3TTC on 40 to 10 meters using SSB also
in the RSGB IOTA contest. QSL to home call, G 3 TTC.

K3LR Super Station will host Young Hams during the RSGB IOTA Contest
July 29.

With more on this 'fresh from his appearance on this months AR
Magazine cover is Alec VK2APC

US company DX Engineering has a long history of supporting we young
hams. The company recognize the importance of extending opportunities
to the youngsters who represent the future of amateur radio. In the
spirit of being Elmers, one of the hallmarks of this great hobby,
CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, has gotten behind many youth-oriented efforts.

Youth participants Katherine, KE8LQR; Grace KE8RJU; Lilly, W8LIL;
Agnes Wagner, AD8IR; and Ben Wagner, AD8FQ will be operating on
July 29 from the K3LR superstation in western Pennsylvania during
the 2023 RSGB IOTA Contest, which runs from July 29, 1200Z to
July 30, 1200Z.

The group will be using the W3Y special callsign.

Prior to arriving, participants and parents will be treated to
lunch and a tour of DX Engineering headquarters in Ohio.

The adventure is also being sponsored by Dayton Amateur Radio

Giving y0ung amateur radio enthusiasts the chance to operate from
a well-equipped, powerful station can be a life-changing experience,
says Tim, K3LR. Weve hosted some truly talented youngsters at K3LR,
and its always amazing to watch them work with such skill and poise.
I look forward to seeing what island groups W3Y will be putting in
their logbooks on July 29.


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

We'll give you the 'scrub' of this story in Rescue Radio but it may
have been better under MARITIME .

As we know, it's the winner of the great race that gets the glory,
but volunteers make sure they know how every bath-tubber is faring,
at all times.

The Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society, this year, is saluting the
contributions that the Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association has made
to the event over the years in keeping bath tubbers accounted for and
safe when out on the water.

Well before the racers head out into the harbour to start the
Great International World Championship Bathtub Race today, Sunday
July 23, NARA volunteers will have set up checkpoints on land at
Berry Point on Gabriola Island, on the Winchelsea Islands, and at
Neck Point, and will be at bathtub control on the 11th floor of the
Coast Bastion Hotel. They will also have volunteers at the Boat Ramps
to track tubbers who don't make it all the way around the course.




2023 Social Scene

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK6 - Northern Corridor Radio Group HamFest 20th August.

VK4 - Redcliffe Club CarBoot Sale Saturday 26th August at club house
Kippa Ring (vk4tfn)

At Mountain Creek State Schools massive air conditioned
auditorium, just off the Sunshine Motor Way. Mountain Creek
is tucked in to the west of Mooloolaba

VK2 - SARCFEST 8am Saturday 23 September (vk2acd)

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

This is Linda VK7QP, coordinator of ALARAmeet Hobart which will
be held 3-6 November 2023

Registrations close on 26 July, so that we know who is coming
and we can finalise our bookings. The registration form is on
the ALARA website ALARA

Looking forward to meeting old friends and seeing for the first
time those I have only spoken to on the air.

Make sure you register by 26 July.

Linda VK7QP

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest at Eastbourne Primary School Sunday,
November 12 (vk3pdg)

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Radio & Electronics Sale
November 26 (vk5qi)


2024 IT'S A DATE

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK - WIA AGM MAY 4 5 - BUNDABERG. (vk2tsg)

VK - National Volunteer Week Monday 20 Sunday 26 May 2024.
National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australias largest annual
celebration of volunteers and their important contribution to
our communities.

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