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YOUR WIA for week commencing AUGUST 20 2023

This is the ALARA presentation which we do close to our Birthday and the ALARA contest each year, I'm ALARA President VK2AYL Michelle.

Presenting the news with me this week will be Shirley VK5YL who will
be covering the International Desk.

Lesley VK5LOL with the operational news covering contests and a look
through the "DX Window".

Linda VK7QP will handle special Interest Group news but to start todays Broadcast WIA President Scott Williams VK3KJ.



Hi there, this is WIA Director and President Scott WilliamsVK3KJ
and great to be appearing on the broadcast this week. Thank you to
ALARA President Michelle VK2AYL for the introduction and it is
wonderful to see ALARA hosting the news broadcast this week. Thank
you to all of the ALARA members that are helping out this week in
bringing the Broadcast to you.

I will be quick today and just cover a few brief points.

Firstly, thank you to all operators that got on air last weekend as
we commemorated the Remembrance Day Contest. From what I understand,
the bands were very active and what a great way to remember those
Amateur Radio Operators that lost their life serving our great
nation. I was unfortunately away interstate with work commitments,
but I did log on to my SDR remotely and listened to some of the
activity going on.

Just a reminder that there are a range of WIA volunteer committee
positions vacant that we have been calling for active volunteers.
This has been promoted on the website, through social media, in AR
Magazine and we are again calling for final nominations this week on
the broadcast. The Board will be meeting next week, and we will be
appointing various representatives and announcing them the following
week. Thank you to all those people that have nominated so far.
If you are interested in volunteering and helping the WIA, please
email the WIA National office.

Finally, nominations are now open for WIA Merit Awards 2023/2024.
Nominations are open up until 31st March 2024 and Awards are then
announced at the 2024 AGM which will be held next year over the
weekend of the 4th and 5th May in Bundaberg.

The WIA Merit Awards are:

GA Taylor Medal
Michael J. Owen Distinction Medal
WIA Honorary Life Membership
Chris Jones Award
Brenda Edmonds Award
Ron Wilkinson Achievement Award
WIA Technical Excellence Award
Presidents Commendation

Details of these awards and the nomination template can be found on
the WIA website under WIA Awards. So, if you believe there is
someone that provides outstanding service and commitment to Amateur
Radio, make sure you nominate them for an award and lets recognise
those individuals that contribute so much to our great hobby.

In closing, a warm greeting to all those Australias that have headed
to the Tokyo Hamfair in Japan this weekend. Safe travels and I have
no doubt there might be some excess luggage charges coming back.

On behalf of the Board, thank you for supporting the WIA and best
wishes to you all. And my thanks goes out once again to ALARA for
hosting the broadcast this week.

This has been Scott Williams, WIA President for this weeks news.


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


Quite often in the weekly WIA news we make mention of the fantastic
RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park, well worth a visit.

Would you like to encourage your family and friends to visit when you
are on that OS holiday? to find out more about amateur radio?

RSGB have created a promotional video that gives a whistle-stop tour
of all the fantastic things at the NRC in just one minute.

A new agreement between the African Telecommunication Union and the International Amateur Radio Union is being hailed as a landmark agreement on the African continent.

Praising ham radio for its responsiveness in a crisis, the secretary-general of the African Telecommunications Union signed an agreement with the International Amateur Radio Union advocating for expanded use of ham radio during emergencies in African nations. The agreement places a special emphasis on ham radio's role in the 51 African countries that belong to the ATU. Both organisations pledged to cooperate when preparing for and responding to crises. A large part of the pact involves coordinating workshops and training programs and stepping up promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education in Africa through the use of amateur radio.

Sylvain Azarian, F4GKR, the president of IARU Region 1, said that the agreement would also have an impact on regulatory changes that are needed for amateur radio in Africa. As he signed the pact, he told those in attendance [quote]: "This is our first step to initiating a collaborative approach that is keen to find solutions and to ensure a conducive environment for amateur radio operations in the region. [endquote]


More from the ARRL on a proposed use of high power digital transmissions in the short wave band saw the ARRL Laboratory perform
detailed technical analysis over several months to determine if the proposed rules would affect operations on the bands allocated to Radio Amateurs that are inter-mixed with the Part 90 bands in the spectrum in question.

ARRLs analysis determined that, if the proposed rules are adopted, the new operations inevitably will cause significant harmful interference to many users of adjacent and nearby spectrum, including Amateur Radio licensees. Ed Hare, W1RFI, a 37-year veteran of the ARRL Lab and internationally recognized expert on radio frequency interference, was the principal investigator on the study. Hare concluded the petition should not be granted. This petition seeks to put 50 kHz wide, 20,000-watt signals immediately next to seven different amateur bands with weaker protections against interference than required in other services, said W 1 RFI.

NASA to Conduct 5 Experiments during the Great North American Solar Eclipse of 2024

This total solar eclipse gives scientists a unique opportunity to study the interaction between the sun and Earth.

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will completely darken skies across the United States as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun. The path of totality will be an average of 123 miles wide, running from northern New England to southwest Texas. The duration of totality will vary depending on viewers location, with as many as four and a half minutes in Texas.

In addition to casting a breathtaking shadow over millions of people, this solar eclipse gives scientists a unique opportunity to study the Sun, Earth, and their interactions. Correspondingly, NASA will fund five interdisciplinary science projects for the eclipse. As Peg Luce, acting director of the Heliophysics Division in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters, explains, Were excited to see what these new experiments will uncover about our Sun and its impact on Earth.

One of the experiments is a Listening Party for Amateur Radio

In the electrically charged ionosphere, which is in an upper region of our atmosphere, radio communications can travel long distances. However, when the Moon blocks the Sun during a solar eclipse, the ionosphere can change dramatically and affect those communications. During the 2024 Solar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse QSO Parties will occur, where radio operators are invited to make as many radio contacts as they can with other operators. The radio operators will record how strong their signals are and how far they go to observe how the ionosphere changes during the eclipse.

Jean Moffett, VE3WAD, turned 100 years old last Saturday August 12.

She grew up in the Canadian province of Ontario about 300 kilometres
from Ottawa, moving to Toronto as a child with her family, hoping to
study science and technology. Her dream of going to college wasn't
possible, as her parents only had money so her older brother could

Jean then leaned towards the radio, a hobby she found very appealing,
took the course and got her VE3WAD license.

For four decades, two days a week Jean attended the Ontario Science
Centres amateur radio station, showing visitors how radio amateurs
and Morse code work, and teaching the details of the phonetic alphabet
and how this technology remains in force during emergencies.

For this volunteer work for so many years, Jean Moffett was awarded in
2018 with the Sovereign Medal, the highest honour for voluntary
service a person can receive within Canadas Honours System.

Jean, VE3WAD, dedicated much of her life to the airwaves. She was a
very active radio fan who communicated with people from all over the
world. She was able to send her signals to the satellites, spoke to
people from the Arctic to the Antarctica. But - Jean had a pending
dream, being able to talk to an astronaut on the space station. At 96
years old her dream came true. In 2020 the nonagenarian along with a
group of students from Toronto were able to ask questions to
Commander Luca Parmitano, KF5KDP, aboard the International Space

The activity took place from the VE3OSC station of the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.




In preparation to 'soft land' on the moon, India's Chandrayaan-3
lunar lander has returned its first images from the moon after
entering orbit around our nearest neighbour. The Indian Space Research
Organisation released images showing that the spacecraft had reached
its destination ahead of its lunar landing attempt expected this
Wednesday, August. 23.

When successful, India will join the United States, the former
Soviet Union and China as the only nations to perform a soft lunar




Hi, This is Alan VK4SN, Remembrance Day contest manager.

The last day for log submission is Sunday the 26th at 0300z.
My internet service provider sometimes thinks that logs coming
to me is spam and are blocked.

Please make sure that if you've sent a log, that your callsign
is showing in the submitted logs link on
If not, please email me. Details on the WIA RD page.

I type up paper and attached logs to email, and submit
to All operators will get an automated
acknowledgment when submitted. Success or failure is shown
on screen when the log is submitted.

Good luck
This is Alan VK4SN in the TEXT edition this week




OCTOBER - Oceania DX Contest

Contest Dates/Times:

Phone - The first full weekend in October each year 0600 UTC
Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October from 0600 UTC Saturday to
0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for PH and CW logs - 31 October.

Managed by the Oceania DX Contest Committee.


NOVEMBER VHF-UHF Spring Field Day.
25 - 26 November.
0100 UTC Saturday to 0059 UTC Sunday BUT to make it a
little fairer in VK6, they add 3 hours onto start and
end times.


First we see through the window is a whole bunch of special calls from right here in Australia.

VK5's Amateur Radio Experimenters Group are celebrating their
25th anniversary with the special event callsign - VI 25 AREG.

VI25ARG ceases operation at the end of this month, August.



VI 10 VKFF running all year celebrates the 10 year anniversary
of the VKFF group.



VK 90 AR for Amateur Radio Magazine.

October 2023, this year, sees your WIA celebrating 90 years of
continuous publishing of Amateur Radio Magazine, the official journal
of the Wireless Institute of Australia.

The WIA will be running the VK90AR activity until December 31.



Special Event Station VI 100 MB all year celebrates the centenary of
the Manly-Warringah Radio Society



HL78 V through to the end of August.

Members of the Korean Amateur Radio League's Chungbuk headquarters
are on air marking the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Korea
from Japan. QSL via 6 K MF.

(ARNewsLine 2389)



In celebration of India's 76th anniversary of Independence, listen and work AT 2 CMN from Pollachi, Tamilnadu now until August 31.
QSL AT2CMN via VU 2 W D P.



Frans, DJ 0 TP is active as TK / DJ0TP from the main island of Corsica
EU-014, until the 3rd of September. QSL via the DJ 0 TP home call and
use Logbook of the World, LOTW.

(sourced to RSGB)



No later than November this year, 2023 the exact date to be
confirmed by the Brazilian Navy team consisting PY1ZV Fbio, PT2IC
Stephano and PY6RT Beto will leave the Brazilian coast and head to
Ilha da Trindade, located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1200km
east of Esprito Santo, a state in South Eastern Brazil.

The objective is to carry out the activation of the 16th most wanted
DXCC entity, according to current data from Club Log.

The team will use the special callsign PR 0 T, which has already been
requested from ANATEL and is in the final phase awaiting




Handbook 100: Now Available in Softcover

The softcover edition of The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications.

Yes the 100th edition of The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications
is the most extensively revised and expanded edition in recent years.
Each chapter is filled with up-to-date knowledge representing radio
amateurs' wide and ever-expanding range of interests.

There are practical, hands-on projects for all skill levels, from
simple accessories and small power supplies to amplifiers and
high-gain antennas.

The traditional softcover edition features the same piano-finish
black cover as the hardcover collector's edition and six-volume
paperback set and probably easiest place to purchase would be to
search it at the arrl web site.


Foundation Courses at ARNSW

ARNSW Education team advise their next foundation course and
assessment weekend is scheduled September 9th & 10th.

Closing date for bookings is this weekend, as the assessment
provider, AMC, requires 3 weeks notice to get the assessment
material out.

Please send your application via email to

The following assessment weekend is scheduled for November, the
weekend of 11th and 12th and is the last one planned for 2023.

(vk2wi news)



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz

The National Association for Amateur Radio in the USA, ARRL, has been closely following updates from the Hawaii Amateur Radio Emergency
Service, Hawaii ARES, as amateur radio operators responded following
those deadly wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Although NOT a designated frequency for Rescue work, please refrain
from using 7.088MHZ as this is being used on the island for local

ARRL Section Manager Jospeh Speroni, AH0A, who serves the Pacific Section including Hawaii and US territories in the Pacific, said
The suddenness of the Maui Disaster is shocking. It affects us all.
Jospeh Speroni said it was difficult to know immediately the status of
radio amateurs and equipment on Maui, including repeaters and gateways. Sadly, there are confirmed deaths and several of our ham
friends have lost their homes.

Speroni reported that the ARRL Hawaii ARES website,
provides the latest emergency communications news. The website
includes updates on Mauis amateur radio and communication infrastructure, including affected and operational radio systems, repeaters, and other emergency communication details.

Again, amateurs worldwide are asked to monitor 7.088 MHz but refrain
from using 7.088MHZ as this is being used on the island for local


The next big event on the VK2 WICEN calendar is the Hawkesbury Canoe
Classic which helps raise money to fund bone marrow transfer
research. It takes place on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney at
the end of October.

WICEN NSW provides safety communications for the event, and many
operators are required to staff about 25 checkpoints along the 111 km
course from Windsor to Mooney Mooney.

If youre new to this kind of thing, you can be paired up with a more
experienced WICEN operator. Why not give it a go?

To participate in any WICEN event, or just find out more about how to
use your Amateur Radio skills in times of need, you can email



Fisher's Ghost Amateur Radio Club's next Amateur Radio Repeater
Group fox hunt will be today, the 20th of August, in the Macarthur

The format will be their usual 4, or maybe even 5 foxes to find,
after check-ins are taken on the VK2RFG repeater at 9:00am.

The location of the foxes will be somewhere between Casula and
Narellan Rd in the vicinity of the Hume Hwy corridor. A more precise
location hint will be given after check-ins are taken.

Anyone is welcome to attend.

Keep an eye on the website,



A group of amateur radio enthusiasts in the UK have developed a beacon
that allows anyone to observe meteors as they burn through the Earth's

The UK Meteor Beacon project uses radio signals to identify meteorites
passing through a 400 km-wide section of the sky over England and
Wales. The data collected is displayed on a live online feed, with
meteors appearing as blue streaks that emit a ping followed by a
trailing pitch. The system is capable of capturing over 100 meteors
per hour, even during low activity times.

The radio transmitter for the beacon is located at the Sherwood
Observatory, Nottinghamshire. However, receivers can be placed
anywhere in the country. The project, funded by the Radio Society of
Great Britain and the British Astronomical Association, has gained
attention from academic and citizen scientists interested in studying

Receivers can be built affordably using materials from DIY stores.
The aim is to encourage schools to set up their own receivers for
STEM-related projects, promoting interest in radio engineering and
astronomy among students.


Astronomers are monitoring a very unusual comet. A few days ago, Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks explosively brightened, spewing plumes of debris into
space that now resembles Han Solo's, hunk of junk spaceship, the
Millennium Falcon.

No one knows for sure what happened, but it could be the eruption of an ice volcano on the comet's surface.

( ARNewsLine)

As the sun nears the peak of its current solar cycle, our star is growing increasingly active. And that peak may be occurring sooner than predicted, according to scientists. Every 11 years or so, the sun experiences periods of low and high solar activity, which is associated with the amount of sunspots on its surface. These dark regions, some of which can reach the size of Earth or larger, are driven by the sun's strong and constantly shifting magnetic fields. Over the course of a solar cycle, the sun will transition from a calm to an intense and active period. During the peak of activity, called solar maximum, the sun's magnetic poles flip. Then, the sun will grow quiet again during a solar minimum. Initially, peak activity was forecast to begin in July 2025. Now, experts believe the cyclical peak is more likely to take place in mid- to late 2024.


(Every pixel tells a story) -
Peter VK3BFG is your WIA ATV representative.

The annual Digital ATV QSO Party is scheduled for Friday August 25
starting around 0930 UTC with mainly VK stations with Saturday
morning/afternoon on August 26 being our link with USA. It will be
their Friday night.

Peter VK3BFG, WIA ATV representative is the man to see to find out


International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) is here this

Maybe not here in Australia, where WIA news was only advised of one
VK activation, it is said to be one of the most popular amateur radio
events in the world wide calendar and in past years there have been
over 500 entries from more than 40 different countries. The club proud
enough to let us all know thru this WIA National News? The South Coast
Amateur Radio Club or SCARC. Club participates in this weekends ILLW
event operate from Point Malcolm Lighthouse (AU0029) using the VK5ARC
portable call and members congregated and setup the station in the
Narrung Campground adjacent to "The Narrows" (where Lake Alexandrina
and Lake Albert meet. A car ferry to get over lay in store and a
fantastic campground on the lakes edge where they operate the station
from Friday through to today, Sunday.


Listen for TM BSM, the callsign being used by a team of German operators on the air from the lighthouse at Berck-sur-Mer, France, until tomorrow, Monday 21 of August, which obviously includes the
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.
They are transmitting using CW, SSB and digital modes on the HF bands.
QSL via LoTW only.

W 8 GNM / 8 will be QRV from the Port Clinton Lighthouse during the
ILLW which is also Port Clinton Lighthouse Festival Ohio.
Check web clusters for specific frequencies but typical
40m frequencies 7.200 or 7.235 and typical 20m frequencies
14.285 or 14.335

(WIA, ARNewsLine 2389, RSGB)

(Youngsters On The Air)

Students Achieve Radio Surfer Awards

Thanks to Chris Leviston, M0KPW, ten children at Ireleth St Peters (ISP) CofE Primary School in Cumbria have achieved their Radio Surfer Awards.

Chris recently started an after-school club at ISP, and over the five weeks that it ran, the children enjoyed a range of amateur radio activities, leading to them each being presented with their certificates at the final assembly of the year. With a key part of the club being to pass greetings messages, the RSGB Awards Manager tweaked the scheme to allow a point to be awarded for this.

The children were introduced to the phonetic alphabet, call signs across Europe, QSL cards and the basics of a dipole antenna. They practised Morse code on oscillators and keys, as well as using PMRs.

The 8- to 11-years-olds got to see their voices on the scope when Chris Icom IC-705 was connected to a dummy load. Using his Yaesu FT-857 running 75w with a SOTA-linked dipole for 20m/40m, all the children passed greetings messages and accurately logged contacts.

With excellent feedback from the children and school staff, plans are afoot for the club to run again next academic year!

Ireleth St Peters CofE Primary School



2023 Social Scene

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK6 - Northern Corridor Radio Group HamFest today Sunday
20th August.

VK4 - Redcliffe Club CarBoot Sale Saturday 26th August at club house
Kippa Ring (vk4tfn)

At Mountain Creek State Schools massive air conditioned
auditorium, just off the Sunshine Motor Way. Mountain Creek
is tucked in to the west of Mooloolaba

VK2 - SARCFEST 8am Saturday 23 September (vk2acd)

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (
Looking forward to meeting old friends and seeing for the first
time those we have only spoken to on the air.

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest at Eastbourne Primary School Sunday,
November 12 (vk3pdg)

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Radio & Electronics Sale
November 26 (vk5qi)


2024 IT'S A DATE

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK - WIA AGM MAY 4 5 - BUNDABERG. (vk2tsg)

VK - National Volunteer Week Monday 20 Sunday 26 May 2024.
National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australias largest annual
celebration of volunteers and their important contribution to
our communities.

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