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Interstate and OS memberships Now Available

A new Membership Tier available from REAST to all outside of VK7.

Yes those listening outside the state of Tasmania and would like to
join as a REAST member this is now available to you at a discounted
rate of $20/year. For a full list of benefits you receive as a member
or to join, check out the REAST Membership portal link shown, as are
all points of contact - in the web edition of this News Cast best
read at

(vk7wi news)


Another club who thought outside the box is that VK2 club who organised
the inventor of EchoLink to speak to them and others via a zoom

With the follow up story VK2FA

On Thursday the 14th of September, The Hunter Radio Group had an
incredible lecture via Zoom from Jonathan Taylor K1RFD from Connecticut
in the USA. This was a massive effort on Jonathan's part because of the
time difference. His local time was 4.00 am

Jonathan is the guy who developed the very popular Amateur Radio
program Echolink.

We must thank The staff from the Electronics section at TAFE Newcastle
for their support , Eric Van De Weyer VK2VE from Amateur Radio NSW for
supplying the Zoom support, The National WIA news for helping publicize
the event, John Williams VK4JJW for his behind the scenes support with
publicity and Jonathan for his unbelievably informative lecture.

I would give Jonathan 10 out of 10 for a fantastic job.

The meeting had nearly 50 people from all over the Globe check in and
listen to the talk including the United Kingdom and the USA.

A link to the lecture will be on the ARNSW web site in the near future.

I'm Grahame VK2FA for the Hunter Radio Group and WIA National News.

A special call you MUST try and work


With more here is Bernie V K 4 K X.

Gday listeners, Bernie VK4KX here with some news from the Sunshine
Coast in Queensland.

For many years I have had a relatively rare medical condition known as
Acromegaly, and on the first of November each year is Acromegaly
awareness day, so this year I decided to do my part to increase
awareness of this condition by having a Special Event Call sign,

I only know of one other amateur with this condition, VK4XR and
Eric has kindly volunteered to be an operator on my Roster. So if you
or any other Amateur you know has been effected by Acromegaly and would
like to participate in raising awareness for this condition please
contact me, as I would like more operators on the roster in November.

To find out more about this Special Event activation or to know more
about Acromegaly you can look up VI4ACRO on or use your
favourite search engine to search Acromeglay.

Hope to catch you on air.

73 for now VI4ACRO, or VK4KX



This is WIA Director Steven Green VK2TSG

Last week WIA Director Lee VK3GK advised us that the ACMA held their
Assessor information session for all current AMC assessors. This
session was attended by 108 people and was designed to inform assessors
the current status of the planning and implementation of the assessor
program and the many finer details of enabling a smooth transition from
AMC to the ACMA assessor network for conducting Amateur exam sessions
Australia wide.

The new assessment system will be fairly similar to that which was in
place when the WIA undertook the amateur examinations.

The WIA encourages all of the assessors who were accredited at that
time to reapply to become an assessor under the proposed scheme.

Lee went on to advise that ACMA is proposing to implement a portal in
which the assessor can log in and download uniquely generated exam
papers and completed exams and documentation can then be uploaded for
archiving results. Not unlike how the WIA exam service previously
generated unique and secure exam papers for assessors to use. As ACMA
propose to use much of the current AMC process, assessors will be very
familiar to the new process and we believe it should be a smooth
transition come February 2024.

There will be two level of assessors and these will be detailed in the
coming months by the ACMA.

The WIA Bundaberg Convention will be held in May 2024, during
Queensland's labour Day long weekend.

There will be Commercial displays, surplus equipment disposals, talks
on Digital communications, a connection with the International space
station plus a tour of Bundaberg rum facilities and it is sure to be a
weekend not to be missed.

At this months Board meeting we were joined by Daniel Vandenberg, the
president of the NZART. The WIA and the NZART have always been very
close and continue to be so. Danial has been invited to attend the
WIA AGM and Convention in Bundaberg in May next year, and he has
invited our President Scott VK3KJ to attend the NZART Convention in
Christchurch in 2024.

This has been Steven Green VK2TSG for VK1WIA National news.

Dudes! This is Editor-in-Chief of Amateur Radio magazine,
Roger Harrison VK2ZRH.

Last Monday, the files for Issue Number 5 of AR magazine for this year
were uploaded to the printer's server in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Well.
Actually. Truth be told, they went on Tuesday morning. We just had to
make sure that everything we could possibly fit in, went in.
Look out for the issue landing late next week. In your letterbox,
your Post Office Box, or your local newsagent.

The theme for this soon-to-arrive issue as foreshadowed on page 3 of
the last issue is . . . When all else fails. There are
occasions still where amateur radio can assist a community when
emergencies land.

No doubt you heard about the tragic wildfire disaster last month on
the Hawaiian Island of Maui, where the township of Lahaina was wiped
out. The local Amateur Radio Emergency Services responded quickly,
coordinating with state and local officials during the response and
recovery effort, supplanting lost cell phone and other telecoms

The theme for this issue had its roots in an article that was drawn to
my attention when published mid-year in a local industry magazine.
It was about how local amateurs had helped the authorities respond to
the disastrous impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle that scoured a major
region in mid-February. I chased down the author who was very
forthcoming in enabling me to bring the story to Amateur Radio
magazine. He gave me a version with material additional to what had
already been published!

And thats not all we have on the subject.

This issues theme of When all else fails runs to 15 pages. Just wait
until your issue arrives.

Meanwhile, Tasmanian amateurs are still celebrating the centenary of
organised amateur radio in their state. The featured article this
issue is about how women made their mark across the years. So many
landmarks and achievements, I was astonished to read it. Now its your

For those among you that succumb to the smell of solder flux, will be
glad to know that Lou Destefano VK3AQZ continues providing the goods
about his rig for the road homebrew three-band 100 W HF

Should you be the lucky owner of an Icom IC-7300, you may have
suffered the misfortune of the real-time clocks battery going
dead . . . or perhaps know someone who experienced that. Well,
Peter Forbes VK3QI has the solution, described in short words and big
pictures, in his article on using a supercapacitor as battery backup
for the Icom IC-7300. The dead RTC solution seems simple enough
hoik-out the tiny now-dead battery and wire-in a fat capacitor of a
few Farads. Thats right. Farads. Not microfarads. Farads. For all you
IC-7300 owners, this articles worth a decko, or a squizz. If you
dont own an Icom its entertaining, anyway.

Now. Pay attention.

We have been well, me anyway banging on all year about reaching
90 years of continuous, uninterrupted publication of Amateur Radio
magazine. To mark this milestone ON-AIR, the WIA Board obtained a
Special Event call sign VK 90 AR with which to get on the bands
and make some noise. The call sign is for use by any member of the
WIA as well as any affiliated club. Getting to use VK 90 AR is a
simple process. Apply on the WIA website Online Event Calendar, where
you can book a roster to suit yourself. If you already know where that
is, go straight there. Otherwise, look up the news item featured
prominent on the WIA website home page.

And another thing . . . well, one last thing today . . . with this
issue, we have introduced something new. Quite new, for AR mag. Its
a regular column called Listening In. For a moment, that might seem
like a reprise of the long-term column known as Spotlight on SWLing,
authored by Robin Hardwood VK7RH now SK, unfortunately.
Listening In will, naturally, cover shortwave listening and more
besides. Yep, we intend to have coverage of the hobby of scanning
generally related to listening to whats on-air across the spectrum
from 30 MHz on up through VHF and further. Introducing Listening In
was prompted by three readers who made contact offering some

Consider it done.

Amateur Radio magazine, Volume 91, Issue Number 5 for 2023.
More guts. Less gab.

Serving Australian radio amateur dudes for 90 years.
Available in print and online.
Always published to a schedule, never random.

Thats it from me. Im Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


In the latest chapter surrounding controversial salvage operations at
the wreck site of the Titanic, the US government is challenging a
company's plans to recover the doomed ocean liner's wireless telegraph.

The salvage company RMS Titanic Inc., had announced its plan to visit
the wreck site May 2024 to recover items including the radio and
telegraph used to send the distress call in 1912.

Attorneys for the U.S. government claim the expedition would violate a
pact with Great Britain that classifies the wreckage as a memorial.

RMST, which had been granted salvage rights earlier by the court, told
Associated Press recently "The company will continue its work,
respectfully preserving the memory and legacy of Titanic, passengers
and crew for the future generations."

The company plans to put the radio in an exhibit that tells the story
of the lost liner. In May 2020, the court gave RMST permission to
recover the radio because of its historical significance but the
US government challenged the plans for the expedition that year.

The expedition was called off.


The August edition of the IARU Monitoring System newsletter has been
published. In this, they highlight the very frequent reception of
burst systems acting as jammers transmitting using unknown modes.
According to the newsletter, the QRM is mostly observed in the
twenty, seventeen, twelve, and ten metre bands.

It appears to be in the spectrum segments typically used for
FT8, FT4, and other amateur digital modes.

In the UK the RSGB Board has chosen four strategic priorities for the
Society to focus on until the 2024 AGM. These are:

Growth of amateur radio
Membership of the RSGB
Spectrum and licensing
Ensuring the continued financial stability of the Society

These priorities will set the framework for the RSGBs activities
over the coming months and both HQ staff and volunteers across the
range of RSGB teams will be involved in planning how best to implement
these four priorities.

Artificial intelligence is now responsible for fulltime radio
programming on Antenne Deutschland, which calls the format
Absolut Radio.

Absolute spelt without an E for those interested in googling her.

The DAB+ multiplex channel in north-central Germany is using
Radio.Cloud, which the broadcaster has already been using in its
online streaming version.

The AI is capable of providing the on-air voice as well as scheduling
the necessary breaks and other elements.

The broadcaster's managing director told the website
that they are hoping to eventually find a nationwide market for the
AI programming.


The Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications (DLARC) has now
over 90,000 items in its collection of amateur radio related resources.
This free online library is hosted by the Internet Archive.

Those interested in amateur radio and shortwave listening will find
resources including magazines, club newsletters, podcasts,
radio manuals, and early ham radio related Usenet conversations.




Ross Hull Memorial Contest.
Running on VHF and above for the month of January.
You nominate the best 7 day or 2 day period per category.

For more information visit the contest page at



The 2023 CQ World-Wide RTTY DX Contest has clunked to life this
weekend, September 23-24 ending 23:59:59 UTC Sunday with activity on
our heritage bands, that is 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 metres.

Observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged.

The exchange is an RSQ report and your CQ Zone. Stations in continental
USA and Canada also are sending their state or province.

All logs must be sent within five days after the end of the contest:

(cq mag / sarl)


Oceania DX Contest

PH - The first full weekend in October each year 0600 UTC
Saturday to 0600 UTC Sunday

CW - Second full weekend in October from 0600 UTC Saturday to
0600 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for PH and CW logs - 31 October.

Managed by the Oceania DX Contest Committee.



Often I make mention of DX Stations working satellite QO-100 and I have
been asked "why as we in VK can't access it', well this WIA News
service is read, heard and viewed around the world, not JUST here in

It is understandable that many of we amateur radio operators are
disappointed that they cannot experience the fun of using QO100.
However, although the footprint charts that have been published show
that it is not possible, there have been reports about the successful
QO-100 expedition in Indonesia. In particular YC1HVZ/P successfully
operated through the QO100 narrow band transponder from OI42DE at
-1.2 degrees elevation!




As part of WRC-23 Preparation, delegates are on air as 4 U 1 ITU in
their spare time on the HF bands.
QSL via operators' instructions.



AND finaly, don't forget during NOVEMBER to listen for and work
VI 4 ACRO as Graham and Bernie mentioned at the start of this, the
September edion of WIA NATIONAL NEWS.

Now as I leave you this week, it's a CW net with a difference,
Mark VK6QI "dashes" in with that story, I'm Felix VK4FUQ.

CQ QRS Slow CW QSO Practice Net

If you happen to listen to the right part of the 80m band on a Tuesday evening, you may hear something that sounds like this.


The CQ QRS net has been running every single Tuesday for the last two
years and has been unbelievably popular - theres usually half a dozen,
a dozen and a couple of times, up to 18 stations popping in and out
when they can over the four or five hours.

The aim is to encourage new CW operators to have a go at slow CW in a
safe and really friendly environment where slow speed and lots of
mistakes are par for the course its all about having a go, starting
with a basic callsign and RST exchange, then over time, getting better
and better. The net also attracts its fair share of old timers who
enjoy helping others to have a go, or to just enjoy the banter.

So this might be just the opportunity youve been waiting for to have a
go at transmitting on CW, or perhaps just to stop the contacts rusting
up on your key. Doesnt matter whether youre brand new to the Code, or
if youre an old timer who would like to have a bit of fun and help
encourage new operators by having simple, safe QSOs at their speed -
wed love to have you join in.

The net starts at 0900z every Tuesday on 80m between 3540 and 3570kHz,
and theres stations in the West, East and in-between listening out for
your CQ QRS call. For more information and to receive our weekly CQ
QRS RagChew newsletter, contact me, Mark VK2KI and VK6QI via the email
address on <>, or youll find my email address
( <>) in the
text version of this segment, on the WIA website
( <> click on News Broadcast).

Too much switch mode power supply hash on 80m? This might be the
incentive to do something about it - with a cheap noise canceller
costing less than $100, 80m could be easier than you think!

Once again, Tuesdays from 0900z until late between 3540kHz and 3570kHz.

Cheers from Mark VK2KI and VK6QI.



It took 15 years and the efforts of three authors on two continents to complete the project - but the fruits of their labour likely would likely have brought a smile to Australian radio astronomer Joe Pawsey. His biography has been published.

W.M. Goss, Claire Hooker and Ronald D Ekers collaborated on the book, "Joe Pawsey and the Founding of Australian Radio Astronomy." On Wednesday, the 27th of September, scientists at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico are preparing to celebrate the co-authors achievement, which maps the researcher's life and work and its relevance to radio astronomy today.

The story tracks the researcher's earliest studies following the Second World War, when Joe Pawsey was at the helm of Australia's first radio astronomy research group. He is credited with inspiring the creation of the radio astronomy group of the Radiophysics Laboratory at Australia's national science agency in Sydney. The book explains how his study of the interference between radio waves later paved the way for creation of the Very Large Array, antennas that create a single telescope spanning great distances.

The book launch, like the book itself, has also spanned great distances. In July, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre in Perth hosted the event in his native Australia -- a nation whose profile he helped elevate in the world of science. As Ronald Ekers writes on the NRAO website [quote] "The book explains how an isolated continent with limited resources grew to be one of the international leaders in the study of radio astronomy and the design of instruments to do so. [endquote]


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Astronaut Frank Rubio, forced to spend an extra six months aboard the
International Space Station because of trouble with his Russian ride
home, set a new U.S. single-flight endurance record on Monday, Sept.

Launched in 2022 , September 21, Rubio and 2 cosmonauts originally
planned to come home in March. But their Soyuz capsule suffered a
massive coolant leak in December, presumably due to a micro-meteoroid
impact. The three now plan to return to Earth aboard a replacement
Soyuz ferry ship next Wednesday, September 27 to close out a marathon
371-day stay in space the first flight longer than a full year by an
American astronaut.


The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment, or MOXIE, on
NASA's Perseverance rover has successfully completed a project to
produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere.

MOXIE produced 12 grams of oxygen an hour at 98% purity or better,
which is twice as much as NASAs goals for the instrument. MOXIE works
by separating the oxygen molecules and emits carbon monoxide as a waste
product. Bigger and better versions of something such as MOXIE in the
future could supply life support systems with breathable air and
convert and store oxygen needed for rocket fuel used to launch on a
return trip to Earth.



Good use can be made of the "interweb" when you visit
site because on there you can browse and compere many a "Chinese" radio

Ham Imports is a comprehensive database of Chinese radio manufacturers
and the website makes comparison between radios VERY easy. Each entry
features a pricing guide, be it in US dollars, photos, specifications,
a lengthy description, and video reviews.

well worth a visit just for the info available.


Recordings of military transmissions can be found on the
Signal Identification Guide Wiki at


A different kind of RF filter has just been introduced by a defence
company in Sweden to assist in military communications. It is being
called the Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Screen-Frequency Selected
Surface, and it introduces a new capability for soldiers'
communications in the field.

It is a filter that permits certain radio frequencies to pass through
the mesh of a camouflage net protecting military vehicles. The surface,
which is not yet in service, was introduced by the Swedish defence
company Saab earlier this month.

Saab says that until now, camouflage nets' ability to reduce enemy
sensors' detection of equipment has also prevented GPS signals and
other communications passing through, jeopardizing soldiers who then
must move out of camouflage cover to perform certain tasks. At times
that has even meant sticking antennas through the mesh in order to
transmit or receive signals.

The surface was on display for visitors at the DSEI Defence Exhibition
held in London earlier this month.

(ARNewsLine 2394)

(Youngsters On The Air)

KOTA, which stands for Kids On The Air, officially opened September 15.

This event is organized by the Czech Radio Club (RK/CRC) in
collaboration with the IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group and marks
a new addition to the well-known YOTA program.

Its aimed at a different age group and is considered a Subregional

Approximately 30 kids between the ages of 10 and 15 gathered at
Trhanov Castle in Czechia. The schedule included their first workshops
on What is amateur radio? and How to have a QSO. These enthusiastic
kids are already on the air and have been worked using the callsign
OL 1 KOTA. They are operating on the HF bands and the QO-100
geostationary satellite, that's the satellite Felix VK4FUQ mentioned
in his operational news.

Additionally, during the camp, participants have had the opportunity
to take part in various interactive sessions, workshops, and hands-on
demonstrations. The program is designed to provide valuable insights
into the world of amateur radio, encouraging a sense of exploration
and learning.

(iaru R1)


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Region 1 3760 7110 14300 18160 21360 kHz

Region 2 3750 3985 7060 7240 7275 14300 18160 21360kHz


This years Canadian Simulated Emergency Test will coincide with a
celestial phenomenon: a solar eclipse!

The SET is a Canada-wide exercise in emergency communications, which is
administered by Radio Amateurs of Canadas Community Services Officer
and Section Managers. This year's event is known as

Operation Dark Skies

It will be held in two parts.
Part 1 October 14;
Part 2 October 16.



Social Scene

Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK6 - PerthTech - October 28th (vk6pop)

Perth in Springtime! Better still, Perth Hills in Springtime. Its wildflower time. Im Bob VK6POP, and Im inviting you to come to PerthTech, one of Australias premiere Amateur Radio events, which is in October, and in Gidgegannup, in the Perth Hills, at the Gidgegannup Recreation Club. The place name Gidgegannup is from the Whadjuck Noongar language, meaning a place by the water where spears are made.

PerthTech is a full day Amateur Radio seminar on Saturday 28th October, with a solid line-up of presenters, luscious country catering, and good social activities, including a sundowner on Saturday evening, and the bar will be open to buy drinks.

We have caravan and camper sites available, so you can come along on Friday afternoon, and leave Sunday by lunchtime. Friday and Sunday are optional. Saturday is the main event.

The opening presentation is by Phil Harman, VK6PH, who has been working on Software Defined Radios (SDRs) for over 18 years. Phil co-founded the High Performance SDR group ( in 2006 to develop and manufacture SDR hardware and software. Phils other contributions
included an SDR transmitter, Penelope, and the first fully digital transceiver, Hermes. Phil currently acts as a consultant to Internet of Things (IoT) companies.

Visit the website for more information about PerthTech, and for the link to our registration site. PerthTech is free to attend, however we charge a $25 fee per person, which is a pass-on cost to the caterers, and other add-on costs for the sundowner and camping apply. Full details are on our website, vk6 dot net.

I look forward to meeting you at PerthTech 2023

This raffle is what makes PerthTech available free to you
(youll need a WA address)

VK - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART (

VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest at Eastbourne Primary School Sunday,
November 12 (vk3pdg)

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Radio & Electronics Sale
November 26 (vk5qi)


2024 IT'S A DATE

Clubs are welcome to email text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK3 - BARG HamFest 4th of February next door to BARG clubrooms
at Ballarat Airport 10:00 am. (vk3kqt)

VK - WIA AGM MAY 4 5 - BUNDABERG. (vk2tsg)

VK - National Volunteer Week Monday 20 Sunday 26 May 2024.
National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australias largest annual
celebration of volunteers and their important contribution to
our communities.

Reception Reports

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Submitting news items

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Remember the sooner you submit material the more the
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Each recorded item will only be broadcast once, if you want a couple
of mentions, please submit different slants to keep your
event 'fresh' and always if the news room is to read your
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in the story, say something like "and myself, Pat, vk11abc"

Promote your local rebroadcast; details on

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WIA will put your supporters 'goods' in this text edition
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Oh... and to contact us with your news because
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