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And so it's welcome, welcome, welcome
How do you do hellow
We'll give you all the pertinent facts in this
The first edition for 2024 of


WIA Director and President Scott Williams VK3KJ. -

WIA Returning Officer John Marshall. -

WIA Director Giles Kirby VK5GK. -

WIA's manager of VHF-UHF Field Days Roger Harrison VK2ZRH.





Hi there, this is WIA Director and President Scott Williams VK3KJ
and welcome to the WIA broadcast for the first time in 2024.

I hope all WIA members and broadcast listeners had a very enjoyable
Christmas and celebrated the commencement of the New Year.
Our thoughts certainly go out to all of those that have been impacted
by these adverse weather events leading up to Christmas and in the
past week.

I know Queensland has been hit very hard with of course cyclone Jasper
causing significant damage and flooding in the region around Cairns.
And then just to top things off, Christmas day brought significant
damage to the Gold Coast region with monsoon type rain fall and severe
damaging winds. I know the Tamborine mountains and slightly inland
from the Gold Coast was most impacted with many houses lost and many
tens of thousands of people without power for many many days. In fact,
I have a friend on the Gold Coast in the Hinterland who is still
running on generator power whist they try and rebuild the electricity
supply network in his area.

Let hope these extreme weather events end soon and we can all enjoy
this holiday and festive season a little more.

I want to share some very sad news that we have received at the WIA
in the past days. Patrick Emery (Manager, Licensing Allocation
Section) of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA),
experienced a medical event on Christmas Eve and was subsequently
diagnosed with an advanced brain tumour. He was rushed to Austin
Hospital in Melbourne however, Patrick passed away peacefully
surrounded by his beloved family. Our thoughts and condolences are
with Patricks wife, two daughters, family, friends and colleagues
at this tragic and very sad time.

Patrick was 52 years of age, a qualified Lawyer and someone that at
the WIA we respected tremendously. He has been instrumental in leading
the recent consultations in class licensing and someone that we at the
WIA considered very engaging, professionally competent and fair.

Patrick was also a well-known music writer and published articles in
The Australian, The Age and a range of other print media. I know the
music industry are in shock with Patricks passing and of course at
the WIA we will miss him immensely.

Thats it for me this week and I will keep it short and sharp. I am
still on annual leave and enjoying some time around the property and
of course making that odd contact on air.

The new DXCC and awards year has kicked off for 2024 and already I see
some VKs have worked over 100 countries within 24 hours. There is
plenty of activity on the bands so hopefully between thunderstorms,
bolts of lightning and heavy rain, you will find a moment to enjoy
this great hobby.

I hope everyone has a prosperous and safe 2024.

Thats it for me this week and this has been Scott Williams, WIA
President for this weeks WIA National News.


Clause 14 of the Constitution of the WIRELESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA
(WIA) specifies the way in which Directors of the WIA are to be
elected to that position.

Three (3) directors will retire at the conclusion of the next Annual
General Meeting which will be held in May 2024, namely Lee Moyle
VK3GK, Steven Green VK2TSG and Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY. Each retiring
director was eligible for re-nomination. A call for nominations for
the position of Directors of the WIA was made in the WIA National News
Broadcast and in Amateur Radio Magazine in accordance with the
Election Regulations.

I advise that I have received Three (3) valid nominations from WIA
members for the position as director of the WIA by the advertised
closing date for nominations, as follows:-

Steven Green VK2TSG
Lee Moyle VK3GK
Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY

As advised in the Call for Nominations there will be three (3)
vacancies at the conclusion of the AGM to be held in May 2024 and
therefore no election will be necessary. I therefore formally declare
these Three (3) nominees as having been elected to the position of
Director of the Wireless Institute of Australia. These Directors elect
will take up their role at the conclusion of the Annual General
Meeting in May 2024. They will remain in that role for a period of
two (2) years.

The existing four (4) continuing Directors are:-
Scott Williams VK3KJ
Peter Schrader VK4EA
Peter Clee VK8ZZ
Giles Kirby VK5GK

These continuing four (4) directors will retire at the conclusion of
the Annual General Meeting in 2025.

I, John Marshall, the duly appointed returning Officer of the
Wireless Institute of Australia confirm that these results are valid
and in accordance with the Constitution of the Wireless Institute of
Australia and the Election Regulations.

The Constitution and Election Regulations of the WIA provide that it
is mandatory for the announcement of the incoming directors be made at
the Annual General Meeting. However, is has been the norm to announce
the results prior to the AGM once they have been finalised by the
Returning Officer.

I wish the incoming directors well in there forthcoming 2-year term.
This is John Marshall, WIA Returning Officer

This is WIA Director Giles Kirby VK5GK.

Happy 2024 to everyone. Just a short one from me today.

Wed like to remind members that nominations for the WIA Merit Awards
to be presented at this years AGM in Bundaberg should be submitted to
the WIA secretary ( ). Nominations for this award
will close on March 1st 2024. Details are available on the WIA web

I look forward to meeting many of you in Bundaberg this May 4th.

It will also be interesting to see what solar cycle 25 holds for us
this year. Will it be larger than predicted or just sooner. Hopefully
the New Years Eve solar flare was a good omen.

Best wishes everyone. This was Director Giles Kirby (VK5GK). 73s.


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, Hackaday and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


Mere hours after emerging over the sun's eastern limb on Dec. 31st,
big sunspot AR3536 erupted, producing a major X5-class solar flare.

This is the strongest flare of Solar Cycle 25 (so far) and the most
powerful eruption the sun has produced since the great storms of
Sept. 2017.

Radiation from the flare caused a deep shortwave radio blackout over
the Pacific Ocean.

Ham radio operators noticed loss of signal at all
frequencies below 30 MHz for more than 60 minutes after the flare's

It was too soon to know for sure, but this explosion probably
launched a coronal mass ejection into space. Because the blast site
is located near the extreme eastern edge of the sun, the CME was
unlikely to have a significant Earth-directed component.

Update: This explosion caused a solar tsunami. You can see the shock
wave in this animation from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Last week on the news we, whilst doing an item on CQ Magazine
mentioned how CQ-DATV ceased its free online publication in 2021.

Although that IS still to be read on the net, clarification re
'Status of CQ-DATV is in error.

Terry Mowles VK5TM, as the PDF editor for the magazine, made contact
to advise that CQ-DATV is an independent publication out of the UK and
has no association at all with CQ Communications, Inc.

The free magazine is still produced every month by Ian Pawson G8IQU,
Trevor Brown G8CJS, Terry Mowles VK5TM and Jim Andrews KH6HTV.

Now even further...

Mark WC3W from says the annual DX Marathon Program will
remain viable with or without CQ Magazine.

The program does not receive any financial support from CQ nor do they
draw any resources to operate the DX Marathon program from them. They
do publish the rules in usually the November issue (still to be
printed) for the following year, and the program results in the June

Bottom linedo not be concerned with regard to the DX Marathons
viability, Mark WC3W says, "We will do just fine with or without
CQ Magazine."

In this weeks operational news from the WIA National News Service,
Felix VK4FUQ will have more on this current years DXMARATHON...
Stay Tuned.

Hams Help Community Radio Station Get Back on Air

ICQPODCAST have reported that because of amateur radio, community
radio station KNYO, is going to start this new year very differently
from the way it did last year.

Eleven months ago, the low-power FM station in Fort Bragg, California
lost its antenna after the collapse of the 70-foot pine tree which was
being used as its tower. The FCC authorised a temporary fix that
authorised the antenna to be installed on a mast, but, only one-third
that height, but it did get the all-volunteer station back on the air.

Then an October thunderstorm struck and the signal went silent again.

That's when hams from the Mendocino County Amateur Radio Communication
Service, NC 6 MC, stepped in.

After station volunteers could not determine what had gone wrong, the
club's president Derek, KE6EBZ, sent a team over to help investigate.
These hams discovered that lightning had struck the antenna during the
storm. The lightning arrestor was damaged and several connectors had
been knocked out. Repairs quickly got underway.

Hopefully, 2024 will begin with smoother operation - and better
weather - for station KNYO.

If not, amateur radio is standing by.


The Lost Cosmonauts of the USSR: dramatic transmissions picked up from
outer space.

Have you heard about the secret space programs of the USSR?
Lost Cosmonauts in Space?

It is almost a plot out of a science fiction movie. There are hundreds
of books and publications around the world which have talked about the
space race and the numerous incidents that occurred. The Story about
'Lost Cosmonauts' begins with two Italian Brothers, Giovanni and
Achille Judica-Cordiglia who were amateur radio operators with an
incredible passion for picking up transmission from space: specifically
transmission between Russian cosmonauts and Soviet Ground control.

Utilizing a very limited set up, the two Italian brothers allegedly
intercepted signals which were sent by the Sputnik Satellite and even
eavesdrop on Laika, the canine explorer aboard Sputnik II.

Some believe that somewhere in the vast darkness of space, currently
over 9,000 million kilometres away from the Sun, the first human being
is reaching the limits of our Solar System. The Cosmonauts body,
perfectly preserved, is frozen at 270 degrees below zero, and the tiny
spaceship drifted for over 50 years away from Earth at a speed of
almost 30,000 km per hour. This would mean that this is the first
cosmonaut lost in space, forgotten in the secret history of
mankinds attempt to conquer space.

According to many conspiracy theories, early missions of the Soviet
Space Program experienced terrible accidents in their attempt to
conquer space. These failures resulted in loss of life: many
Cosmonauts made it to space but never actually made it back home.

A mysterious signal picked up May 1961, is a dramatic transmission
where the voice of a woman can be heard the transmission features
the last minutes of a Russian female cosmonaut as her capsule burned
up during re-entry into Earths atmosphere.

During a period of four years, the Cordiglia brothers released a total
of nine recordings but THAT ONE is the most interesting of all.

Links to the story and to the recordings are in this weeks Text




The 2024 CQ DX Marathon

The CQ DX Marathon is designed to promote DXing activity throughout
the year. Credit is given for contacts on all amateur bands
(160 to 6 metres) including those not normally used for contesting
(60, 30, 17 and 12 metres). Contesting QSOs can be used as long as
they are made from the same station operation.

The CQ DX Marathon is a yearlong activity, it began at Zero Hours
UTC Monday last, the first of January and ends at 23:59 UTC
Tuesday 31 December 2024.

Contacts through repeaters or satellites are not allowed for credit,
nor are contacts with maritime or aeronautical mobile stations. All
contacts must be made entirely over amateur radio frequencies.

EchoLink-type, DMR, All-Star, etc., contacts do NOT count.

Modes for which the operator is licensed may be used.

Examples of the modes to be used in the DX Marathon programme are
CW (utilises the International Morse Code)
Phone (USB, LSB, DSB, FM (voice), AM)
Digital: PSK, RTTY, FT8, FT4


VKCC The VK Contest Club have just held their annual luncheon, VK4TS
Trent Sampson joins us:-

Hello everyone! Despite Mother Natures fury hitting the Gold Coast
with tornadoes and heavy flooding, a resilient group defied the odds
to gather at Mango Hill Tavern for our annual meet-up on Saturday,
December 30th, 2023.

In the face of adversity, these intrepid souls embraced the day:
VK4CT, John, accompanied by his partner in crime, XYL Liz; VK4CZ,
Scott; VK4DX, Mike; VK4TS, along with his better half, XYL Lorraine;
VK4XU, Sonny; VK4UH, Kevin, and VK4UV, Colin formed the core of our
indomitable group. Not forgetting VK4DI, Di, and VK4ZD, Bill, who
added their vibrant personalities to the mix.

The weather might have tried to dampen our spirits, but it couldnt
deter this bunch of enthusiasts passionate about all things radio.
We might have been fewer in number, but the camaraderie and enthusiasm
were undiminished. Stories were shared, knowledge exchanged, and the
day was a testament to the resilience and determination of our

While some couldnt join due to the adverse conditions, the spirit of
togetherness and passion for our hobby burned bright in Mango Hill
Tavern. Here's to the unbreakable spirit of the amateur radio
community, weathering storms both literal and metaphorical, always
coming together stronger.

Until next time, keep those radios buzzing and spirits high!

(Trent VK4TS)


Ross Hull Memorial Contest.
Running on VHF and above for the month of January.
You nominate the best 7 day or 2 day period per category.

For more information visit the contest page at



JANUARY 2024 VHF-UHF Summer Field Day.
13 - 14 January.
0100 UTC Saturday to 0059 UTC Sunday BUT to make it a
little fairer in VK6, they add 3 hours onto start and
end times.

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH, manager of the VHF-UHF Field Days.

The Summer 2024 event will proceed as planned.

In the meantime, renewed efforts to catch up preparing results for past contest are under way thanks to a small team of volunteers. Keep an eye on the Field Days web page.

So, get your gear together for the Summer VHF-UHF Field Day and enjoy it!

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.



This contest is to encourage Amateur Radio promotional Activity
around the world and is designed to encourage friendly participation
and help improve the operating skills of participants.

It is held on the Australia Day Public Holiday, 26th of January.

Amateurs here in in VK will endeavour to contact other amateurs
around the world. Some VK operators will be using the AX prefix to
celebrate Australia day, as its wanted by many amateurs.

Scoring is distance based and calculated using 4-character grid




Several special event stations go on the air from around the world
each year in August, coinciding with the anniversary of the death of
St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe. He was born, however, in January and an
event is on marking the 130th anniversary of that day.

He was a Polish priest, Maximilian Maria Kolbe, martyred in Auschwitz
during World War II.

Hams often hold special event stations in August to mark the date of
his death. One ham in France -- Jeff, F 4 IIQ chose to mark his
birth on January 8th. He is on air with callsign TM 130 SMK to the
9th of January, Tuesday this week.

The Franciscan priest, who was canonized in 1982, is considered the
patron saint of amateur radio for having founded a monastery in Poland
dedicated to communications. The monastery housed a short-wave radio
station with the callsign SP 3 RN. When the monastery was shut by the
Nazis in 1941, Maximilian Maria Kolbe was arrested and sent to
Auschwitz where he volunteered to take the place of another man who
was marked to die. The priest was executed by lethal injection after
having been placed in a starvation bunker.

Father Kolbe is also the inspiration for the Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Net, which was founded by two amateurs in the US in 1998. It meets on
80 and 20 metres Sundays.




Members of the Rebel DX Group are QRV as T 32 TT from Christmas
Island, IOTA OC-024, until January 12 on 160 to 6 meters using CW,
SSB, FT8, and FT4.


(eHam and vk4bb)



Yannick, F6FYD is QRV as CN 2 YD until March 15.



The Sasolburg ARC will be operating ZS 85 VDAM now to 1 April
to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the opening of the Vaal Dam.

There is a special QSL Card available - send your QSL card to the
Sasolburg ARC to receive the ZS 85 VDAM QSL Card.



QRV is V 51 WH from Omaruru until the end of April Activity is on
160 to 10 meters, including 60 meters for those in the world able to
use that band.


QSL to Gunter, home call is DK2WH




Don, 7Q6M is QRV until May 13, 2024 and has also been active on 160
meters. QSL via LoTW.



Midway through last month, December, we brought you news of SOTA's
2024 10 Metre SOTA Challenge.

Yes Summits on the Air are holding a year-long challenge taking place
on the 10 metre band from 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024.
SOTA is encouraging the use of 10 meters as solar cycle 25 is
projected to peak.


This in from SOTA.

There will be a special 10m Challenge results page but note, lots of
you said you DON'T WANT SOTA contests and we listened. There will NOT
be an overall winner or association winners.


Have fun climbing and working... the mountain tops if not the winning

(sourced to icqpodacst)



As we step across the threshold of a new year, it's a comfort to know
that some things endure. They were built to last - and in fact, they
DO last. One example is the tradition of a message of Christmas peace,
transmitted from a historic transmitter in Sweden.

On Christmas Eve morning, the World Heritage Grimeton Radio station
carried a message to the world, older than the 100-year-old
transmitter herself. It was a message of peace sent via Morse Code.
Hams and non-hams alike from around the world tuned in via SDR or
other means to hear the code being sent via the Alexanderson
Alternator SAQ signal on 17.2 kHz long wave.

Others simply witnessed the event on YouTube, where spectators from
Poland, Belgium, Colombia, Brazil and Australia left words of support
and appreciation.

The history behind this transmitter is as cherished as the message it
carries several times each year: With every transmission it
underscores the progress we have made over the years in wireless
communication -- while affirming the progress the world still needs to
make in so many other areas.


INCLUDING ILLW NEWS - ILLW 17th August 2024 to 18th August 2024

Australian lights planned and advised to WIA :-
AU 0102 Point Charles NT - Darwin AR Club

SO If YOUR VK ZL club has plans for this years ILLW let us now PRONTO
so we can help promote to the world, SURELY (Shirley) they is more
than just Darwin already to pop on air lighting up the bands August

Maritime Radio Historical Society old KPH Over the Air Cryptographic

January 20, KPH will transmit a coded message consisting of 5-digit
groups. The message will be encrypted using typical Cold War numbers
station cryptographic procedures. All KPH listeners are invited to try
their hand at receiving and decrypting the message. Certificates will
be awarded to those who successful decode the message. Additionally, a
special certificate will be awarded to the first person to decode it.

Broadcast frequencies for the January 20 event, starting 2100 UTC

CW: 425.0, 6477.5, 8642.0, 12808.5, 17016.8, and 22477.5

RTTY: Following the CW transmission: 6324.5, 8427.0 and 12585.5

Additional details and rules can be found on the Maritime Radio
Historical Society website.


(Youngsters On The Air)

Just as Youth on the Air month ended on the last day of December,
Ham Radio Kids Day was just getting warmed up.

The annual ARRL event took place yesterday, Saturday the 6th of
January as a way of showing youngsters the kind of fun they can have
on the air - and to interest them in science and technology. One
group, The New Providence Amateur Radio Club in New Jersey operated
the event with the youngsters at the Salt Brook School.

During the event, youngsters were on the air under the supervision of
licensed hams. Kids called "CQ Kids Day" and the kid-friendly exchange
was name, age, location and favourite colour.

(sourced to ARNewsLine)


2024 IT'S A DATE

Clubs are welcome to email text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK3 - BARG HamFest 4th of February next door to BARG clubrooms
at Ballarat Airport 10:00 am. (vk3kqt)

VK4 - Redcliffe and Districts REDFEST April 6 (vk4tfn)

VK - WIA AGM MAY 4 5 - BUNDABERG. (vk2tsg)

VK - National Volunteer Week Monday 20 Sunday 26 May 2024.
National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australias largest annual
celebration of volunteers and their important contribution to
our communities.

VK3 - SPARC Rosebud RadioFest November 17 at Eastbourne Primary
School, Allambi Ave. Rosebud. (vk3pdg)

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