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WIA Vice President Lee Moyle VK3GK. -

ACMA to search for QRM in Batesman Bay area. -

Denis VK4AE contest Manager for the John Moyle Field Day. -

Congratulations due to VK5DG in the top 50.





This is WIA Vice President Lee Moyle VK3GK.

Are you planning on attending the 2024 WIA AGM and Conference in
Bundaberg on the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May? If so keep a
lookout for the Bundaberg Radio Clubs promotion in AR magazine next
month as it details whats on and where. It will be a long weekend in
VK4 so plan and book your accommodation soon. Registration and AGM
booking links should be on the WIA website shortly.

Last weekend was the BERU Contest, the WIA board thank all amateurs
that participated and a special thanks to the two VK teams of
operators and also the WIA members that took up the opportunity and
operated a Head Quarters Station using the WIA prefix. We had
operators from VK2 to VK7, no VK1 or 8 this year. Lets try for a
clean sweep in 2025.

Its nearly a month ago that the Class licence was introduced.
All is well and we press on with minimal impact to operating on air.
Meanwhile, in the background, ACMA continues to update and hone the
assessor facilities for providing free Amateur examinations utilising
the volunteer assessor network. From all reports, the ACMA Assessor
portal is functioning very well and once a callsign is applied for,
it is issued within a few days.

Were you previously a WIA assessor?
Have you considered returning to rejoin the Assessor cohort?
ACMA are accepting applications for new and previously qualified
assessors to join with the current ACMA assessor group. Of course
there are some simple criteria that you need to meet just like when
the WIA conducted exams so nothing new there. Apply via email to:

If you are an assessor and on Facebook, Marc Hillman VK3OHM has set up
an assessor group for discussions and general help. You can find it by
searching Facebook for ACMA assessors ( and also using the
following link: )

The WIA through its working groups and Board continue to engage with
ACMA on a regular basis. The relationship is robust as discussions
continue on topics such as High Power Permits, Operational
improvements and other matters. If you have topics or issues you would
like tabled to ACMA, please email the WIA office for its

Keep in mind that WIA Affiliated Clubs will need to consider insurance
renewals by April 1st with the Insurance broker GippsInsure.
We expect they will be issuing renewals soon if not already.

Thats all for this week, for now, 73 From Lee VK3GK


Peter - VK2AN has lodged a complaint with ACMA about interference
affecting the whole of the Batemans Bay area. It sounds, he says,
like distorted 50Hz harmonics and affects frequencies from 100Khz to
over 4Mhz.

ACMA relied saying "an ACMA Field Officer will contact you and if you
have a further query please contact our Service Centre."

So if anyone else has a problem with QRM, be like Peter and contact

(sourced to wia secretary)


ARRL, NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, ICQPodcast, Hackaday and the World Wide sources of the WIA.


An IARU Monitoring System Wiki has been published to assist users in
recognizing and identifying the most usual modes used by non-amateur
radio stations in the HF amateur radio bands.

It contains a discreet technical description for each mode, as well as
audio recordings, waterfall screenshots, and video captures of the
transmissions. This Wiki will be updated as new signals are received
and processed, and as better screenshots / audio / video recordings
of them are received.

The IARUMS Wiki can be directly accessed via thee link in this
weeks WIA National News Service.


Every year on April 18, Radio Amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves
in celebration of Amateur Radio and to commemorate the formation of
the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) on April 18, 1925.

The IARU has announced that the theme for this years World Amateur
Radio Day will be:-

A Century of Connections:
Celebrating 100 years of Amateur Radio Innovation, Community
and Advocacy.

No doubt Felix will soon start letting us know of world special event
stations during forth coming Operational News segments here on
WIA National News.


Starlink receivers need positioning and precise timing information to
function, and currently the best way to get that information is the
use of global navigation satellite system such as GPS.

Unfortunately, the antenna used for this secondary satellite
connection leaves something to be desired. Of course, when it comes to
solving Starlink problems, theres no one better than Oleg Kutkov,
whose duty is to fix and improve upon Starlink terminals used in
Ukraine and when the specific problem is GPS bands getting jammed by
the invading military, you better believe that a fix is due.

Oleg sets the scene, walking us through the evolution of GPS circuitry
on the Starlink terminals. Then he shows us the simplest mods you can
do, like soldering an improved passive antenna in place of the chip
antenna currently being used.

According to the blog from Oleg what he has come up with, well
differences are impressive, Starlink terminals with active antenna
mods were able to get GPS signal in areas with active jamming going
on, while the unmodified ones could not.

Hopefully his blog is still available as it's a must read for anyone
wondering about GPS antenna reception problems in customer-accessible
devices. This is not the only Starlink hardware mod Hackaday have
seen Oleg make, they recently covered his Starlink Ethernet port
restoration journey that meticulously fixes Ethernet connectivity
oversights in the newer models, and the blog also has an article about
powering Starlink terminals without the need for PoE.


Need to 'RE'-charge your batteries?

ARNewsLine have reported on a company in Israel doing just that.

It seems technology developed 10 years ago in Israel to permit
wireless transfer of power has begun showing up in some world markets.
The over-the-air system uses infrared sent from transmitters that
transform electricity into infrared beams which they then send to
nearby devices that need their batteries recharged.

Line of sight is necessary for the transmission to be successful and
one transmitter's signal can cover about 130 square meters of area.
For it to work, each device needs to have receivers attached to
convert the infrared signals back into electricity.

The company, Wi-Charge, has trademarked this far-field wireless
technology under the name "AirCord." It is designed to replace the
traditional need to plug devices in using cords to recharge them.
According to the company website, the technology is already in use in
some countries in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

Wi-Charge states that AirCord sends narrow beams that focus only on
the devices equipped with receivers and has been certified as safe by
the Food and Drug Administration and Underwriters Laboratories in the
US and by the International Electrotechnical Commission in the UK.

Finally, if you're planning to visit us down under here in Australia
anytime soon and want to get on the air, listen up.

Whether you are a US Technician class operator, a Foundation licence
holder in the UK or a ham with entry-level privileges in certain other
countries, the new class licence arrangements here in Australia now
permit you to get on the air - up to a maximum of 365 consecutive
days. Visitors from a list of countries no longer need to make a
separate application for a licence; they need only append VK slash
before their home callsign.

The ACMA has posted a list of countries with currently recognised
foreign licence equivalents who may operate under Australian licence
conditions. Visit the ACMA page at the address given in the text
version of this weeks news

The ACMA makes it clear, however, that hams seeking to relocate
permanently to Australia still need to apply for a licence in VK
and receive a new VK home call.

Speaking of 'home calls', I'm VK2LAW reporting from the international
news desk here in Sydney.




Africa All Mode International DX Contest ON NOW

12:00 UTC on Saturday 16 March to 12:00 UTC on Sunday 17 March.


Also on now, well, let Denis VK4AE contest Manager for the John Moyle
Field Day tell us..

"As this news goes to air the contest is nearing completion, and as
many stations will still be active, I wish them well in the remainder
of the contest,

Logs have been arriving steadily. There does not seem to be not as many as the number received at this point of the contest last year.

It is highly recommended that once you have submitted your log you should check a bit later that your callsign has been added to the list of logs received. If your call is not on the list, then it might not have been received.

A couple of logs have been submitted as a PDF which is just a picture and contains no more useful information to the contest than a picture of a flower as the data is not accessible electronically and hence usable to me.

In the same way a couple of logs were submitted using a N1MM format that does not contain all of the information required by the JMMFD VHF/UHF rules and requires much extra work for the Contest Manager and entrant to attempt to fix those logs.

It is timely to remind you all that while there is not a lot of time left to submit the log and it will pass quickly and the final date is the 7th April 2024. This is required by the very long lead times now for the AR Magazine.

Following this date all of the logs will be processed and the results prepared and made available soon after. The results will be shown on the WIA contest page as soon as they are ready.

So, check that your call is on the list, resend the log if it isnt. It might also be a good idea to submit your log now as you never know what can happen to delay you in the next few days."


YOTA Contest 2024

Organized by the IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group in co-operation
with the Hungarian Amateur Radio Society, the aim of the YOTA Contest
is to increase youngsters activity on the air, strengthen the
reputation of the YOTA programme, and demonstrate support for
youngsters across the world in all regions.

The next 2 sessions of this year's YOTA Contest will be from 10:00 to
21:59 UTC on 21 July and 29 December on the five classic bands
CW and SSB.

Everyone can work everyone.

The complete rules can be found on


IARU HF World Championship the second full weekend of July i.e. 13-14.


Trans-Tasman Low Band Contest

July 21

The Trans-Tasman contest, always held on the 3rd weekend in July,
aims to encourage Low Band activity between VK and ZL

Only contest bands 160 80 and 40M are allowed with SSB, CW and
Digital (i.e. RTTY OR PSK)

This contest is another official WIA Contest and will count towards
the Peter Brown Contest Champion Awards.



Radio Amateurs of Canada is once again holding a Get on the Air on
World Amateur Radio Day special event in which encouraged as many
Amateurs as possible get on the air and contact as many RAC stations
as possible.

RAC official stations will operate across Canada from 0000Z to 2359Z
on April 18.

The RAC official station call signs and there are some 14 and all end
with suffix RAC


Those contacting one or more of these stations will be eligible for a
special commemorative certificate noting their participation in RACs
Get on the Air on World Amateur Radio Day Event.

Participants simply need to complete one or more contacts, on any band
and mode, with RAC official stations to earn their certificates. No
logs need to be submitted; simply check back on the RAC website when
instructed and enter your call sign to download your certificate.



AUGUST 17 - 18

Remembrance Day Contest.

This contest commemorates the Australian Amateurs who died during
World War II and is designed to encourage friendly participation and
help improve the operating skills of participants.

It is held on the weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on
which hostilities ceased in the southwest Pacific area.

A perpetual trophy is awarded annually to the Australian state or
territory with the best performance. The name of the winning State
or Territory is inscribed on the trophy, and that State or Territory
then holds the trophy for 12 months. The winning State or Territory
is also given a certificate, as are leading entrants.

Amateurs will endeavour to contact amateurs in VK call areas,
ZL and P29 on all bands except WARC bands. Modes allowed are PHONE,
CW and RTTY as per the era remembered

Again the contest is 17th & 18th August.



44th A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST AND this ALARA contest is ALWAYS held on the
last FULL weekend of August.


All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to
participate. Scout and Girl Guide groups are encouraged to
take part using their Club's equipment and callsign.

YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs only.

CONTEST: Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours:
STARTS: Saturday 25th August 2024 at 0600 hours UTC
ENDS: Sunday 26th August 2024 at 0559 hours UTC

SUGGESTED FREQUENCIES: All HF Bands except 160m & WARC Bands.
Contacts made on ECHOLINK will also be accepted.

(alara web page)



Youth on the air test 3 of 3 will be from 10:00 to 21:59 UTC on
29 December on the five classic bands CW and SSB.





Active is 5 R 8 IC from Sainte Marie Island, AF-090, until the 31st
of March mainly using CW on the 40 to 10m bands and via the QO-100
satellite. QSL station 5R8IC via Logbook of the World or via home
call F 6 ICX.



Wireless station 4 S 7 KKG from Sri Lanka is working until the 30th
of March. FT8, FT4, RTTY and sometimes CW on the 20 to 6m bands.
QSL 4S7KKG via Logbook of the World, Club Log's OQRS, or direct to
home call DC 0 KK



In the World of DX, be listening for members of the Zurich City Police
Radio Amateur Club throughout the year, operating as HB 2 SP the club
is marking its 20th anniversary. Unfortunately no Bureau QSL's but you
can use Logbook Of The World, and HB20SP runs until December 31.

(sourced to ARNewsLine 2410)


Listen throughout the year for the special callsign 9 A 1 RKZ
marking the 100th anniversary of the Radioklub Zagreb which was
founded the 24th of March 1924 in Croatia

QSL via 9A1ADE.

(ARNewsLine 2410)


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Congratulations VK5DG who is in the top 50 Rovers in the GridMasterMap
rankings (Mixed LEO/MEO/GEO) in satellite operations, as determined by
@GridMasterMap on Twitter, has been released.

The ranking is determined by the number of grids and DXCC entities
activated, taking into account only those grids where a minimum number
of QSOs logged on the website have been validated by a
third party.

( )

NASA has identified a growing air leak on the International Space
Station located at the end of the Russian service module.

The leak, situated in Russias Zvezda service module, initially
released one pound of air per day but accelerated to over two pounds
daily in early February. Despite the increased rate, NASA assures that
it does not currently jeopardize the safety of the ISS crew or impact
the stations operations. Collaboration between the United States,
Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada is underway to address the

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, confirms ongoing monitoring and
asserts that there is no immediate threat to the crew or the station
itself. The leak is in a three-foot-long area and has prompted
precautionary measures, including sealing off the affected vestibule
to mitigate further air loss from the rest of the space station.



The 46-year-old probe, which flew by Jupiter and Saturn in its youth
and inspired we mere earthlings with images of the planet as a
Pale Blue Dot, hasnt sent usable data from interstellar space in

When Voyager 1 launched in 1977, scientists hoped it could do what it
was built to do and take up-close images of Jupiter and Saturn.
It did that and much more.

Voyager 1 discovered active volcanoes, moons and planetary rings,
proving along the way that Earth and all of humanity could be squished
into a single pixel in a photograph, a pale blue dot, as the
astronomer Carl Sagan called it. It stretched a four-year mission into
the present day, embarking on the deepest journey ever into space.

Now, it may have bid its final farewell to that faraway dot.

Voyager 1, the farthest man-made object in space, hasnt sent coherent
data to Earth since November last year. NASA has been trying to
diagnose what the Voyager missions project manager, Suzanne Dodd,
called the most serious issue the robotic probe has faced.

Read more New York Times:



Oceans separate us but because of one amateur radio programme, oceans
have also been uniting us.

Sixty years ago, the first amateur radio Islands on the Air operators
began calling CQ from remote ocean islands around the globe. That
spirit of adventure is being celebrated this summer at Europe's
largest amateur radio event.

Ham Radio Friedrichshafen has chosen IOTA's 60th anniversary as the
theme for its 47th amateur radio event taking place June 28th to the
30th in southern Germany. In the words of the promoters, it is a
celebration of "60 years of Islands on the Air: technology meets

(ARNewsLine 2419)

Noirmoutier island - IOTA NUMBER EU-064 - TM4J

F4DXV Jrme and EA4NF Philippe announce that they will be activating
Noirmoutier island from April 1 to 4, with the special callsign
TM 4 J.
This International DXpedition is the 1st 100% SATELLITE from this
French island, EU-064.


Recordings of military transmissions can be found on the
Signal Identification Guide Wiki at

And in this segment, a military retreat- retreating back to the 60's
and Vietnam.

But today, Radio Vets Look to Honour Chris Noel With Presidential
Medal of Freedom.

Chris Noels voice on the radio not only brought hope to troops
serving in Vietnam, but her nightly program titled A Date With Chris
also served as testament to the strength of AM during times of crisis.
Now, three radio professionals moved by her story have launched a
petition with hopes of honouring Noel with the Presidential Medal of

One solider moved by her broadcasts was Harry Simons, who, after
enlisting in the Marine Corps was ultimately stationed in late 1967
in Saigon, Vietnam, where he became the chief engineer of AFVNs
Saigon AM and FM facilities, as well as the networks night-time rock
n roll DJ.

Only after the experience did I realize how much influence AFVN had
on particularly we Americans in Vietnam, Harry said.

AFVN could be heard via a 50 kW non-directional antenna, broadcasting
on 540 AM from a transmitter near to the Aussie base at Vung Tau on
the South China Sea. If you were a veteran and you served in
Southeast Asia, you knew who Chris Noel was, said Simons. She was
the most famous broadcaster in the world at the time.

The group is asking veterans and other interested parties to express
support of Noels service through their petition. The petition will be
sent to President Joe Biden to advocate that Noel be considered for
the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her selfless commitment and
service to our country as a civilian, in times of war and in times of
peace. She became AFRTS's FIRST female announcer of that era.


(Youngsters On The Air)

DAYTON HAMVENTURE announces their Amateur of The Year Award:-

KG 8 CX, Edward Engleman, KG8CX, is the co-founder of the
Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team (YACHT).

Mr Engleman's background as an elementary educator and principal
for 33 years was instrumental in developing the talents he now uses
in his work with young amateurs. His major objective is to help create
and develop enjoyment and skill in communications/technology via
ham radio activity through its many modes and to encourage friendships
with other youth hams. Membership in YACHT, callsign K8KDZ, has grown

Many of these YACHT youth have given presentations at past
HamVention's and HamCation youth forums conducted by Carole Perry.
A number of the youth members have been awarded national recognition
for their ham radio activity and accomplishments.

Besides the development of youth presenters, YACHT has echo link
sessions 6 evenings a week and club activity encourage participation
in all modes of amateur radio. Ed is proud to be part of the future of
amateur radio by paying forward his interest in amateur radio by
developing the next generation of hams.



2024 IT'S A DATE

Clubs are welcome to email text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

VK4 - Redcliffe and Districts REDFEST April 6 (vk4tfn)

REDFEST 2024 A HamFest for the ladies in our lives.

John Saunders VK4BZ, President of the Redcliffe and Districts Radio
Club, wants to promote the inclusion of women in amateur radio.

The Redcliffe club's annual Redfest, is now only four weeks away on
Saturday 6th April at St Michaels College, Abbey Place Caboolture.
This year, he announces, the club is going out of their way to include
our long-suffering spouses.

The majority of operators in the hobby are male, so Im talking about
the ladies in our lives. And, if you are one of the ladies already in
the hobby, well then this is for you too, he announced.
John went on to say, Not only will Redfest have the usual tables of
pre-loved radio goodies, as well as commercial sellers with brand new
bits and pieces, this year, there will be three displays specifically
for the ladies.

The club will include one gift shop table, the second with handmade
soaps, skin care and bath products, and the third being a quilting

And of course, The Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, ALARA
will also have a table at REDFEST 2024.

John was anxious to mention the speciality coffee shop with tasty
treats, good coffee and sit down cafe tables?

So, fellas, invite the lady in your life along. Lady hams, now theres
even more reason to come to Redfest.

Check out the club website for more details:

VK - WIA AGM MAY 4 5 - BUNDABERG. (vk2tsg)

VK2 and 4 - Park-fest 4 & 5 of May Bundaberg AND Dorrigo (vk4kc)

VK - National Volunteer Week Monday 20 Sunday 26 May 2024.
National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australias largest annual
celebration of volunteers and their important contribution to
our communities.

VK5 - Aust. Fox Hunting championships Mt Gambier 8/9 June.(vk5dj)

VK4 - GOLD COAST HAMFEST OCTOBER 31 (QTH to be advised ) (vk4DMH)

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experiments Group Radio & Electronics Sale
Saturday 26th October 10AM David Roche Park Kilburn (vk5qi)

VK7 - Tasmanian Ham Conference November 2 and 3 Hobart. (vk7news)

VK3 - SPARC Rosebud RadioFest November 17 at Eastbourne Primary
School, Allambi Ave. Rosebud. (vk3pdg)

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