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As long time listeners, maybe not first time callers would be aware, we don't
normally acknowledge Silent Keys in the WIA National News feeling best suited to
local area newscasts, unless, that ham is well known across the spectrum.
Later word in on a Silent Key, the guy behind FAMPARCs famous Mobile whip project
who also engineered various offshoots of the antenna which ended up attached to
vehicles all over Australia

We'll also hear from WIA Directors Steven Green VK2TSG and Peter VK4EA PLUS
Felix VK4FUQ will have the WIA VHF UHF Field Day Manager along with a last word
before this years winter contest.





Hello, this is Steven Green VK2TSG, one of your National WIA Directors...

It has now been a few weeks since the AGM and conference, but one of the main
things I took away from the events of the weekend was the wonderful work of the
volunteers from the Bundaberg Club, and related teams which is echoed in
Amateur Radio clubs, societies, associations and our state bodies across the

To all our Radio volunteers, we at the WIA say thank you.

Your efforts are appreciated and help to build Amateur Radio across the country.

In saying this, we also need to start looking at recruiting more people to
Amateur Radio and particularly roles within clubs and groups, including taking
on understudies and looking at succession planning. Up and coming club members
need to build experience and confidence, and this can only be gained through
partaking in projects, planning, and committees. With the average age of
amateurs increasing all the time, it is only through such action will we have
the numbers and experienced team members to maintain club activities and

Until next time... 73 from Steven VK2TSG.

This is Peter VK4EA coming from Meajin, home of the Turrbl and Jagera people.
Also the newly minted WIA vice-president, I thank the board for having confidence
in me.

So, no more than 2 weeks in the VP role and Im off to New Zealand where over the
weekend just gone, I attended the NZART (New Zealand Amateur Association of Radio
Transmitters) AGM, Conference and Council Meeting in Christchurch on behalf of your

As part of the WIA AGM held in Bundaberg a few weeks ago we welcomed Daniel
vanDeberg ZL2DRV President of the NZART, consequently, we accepted the
invitation to attend the NZART AGM.

The Christchurch Amateur Radio Club did an amazing job organising the venue, event
and gala dinner. The New Zealand Air Force Museum in Wigram, Christchurch,
provided a fantastic backdrop for the event.

The Saturday kicked off with the 2024 AGM which provided me an insight into the
operations of the NZART member organisation, their business operation
AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications) and the NZART branches or clubs.

Saturday evening turned it on with a themed musical presentation sitting amongst
well preserved warbirds and an awesome buffet. Many lies were told around the
tables, I do love the Kiwi wine.

Sunday proceeded with a range of presentations from amateurs from all parts of the
country. It is inspiring to see what ZL operators are achieving.
It is interesting to observe ZLs have an online and printed callbook.
Planning for the 2026 100 year anniversary of the NZART are well progressed with
an impressive invitation list.

Monday morning, I was fortunate to be invited as an observer to the NZART Council
meeting, Monday. Its remarkable how the NZART have the same issues and concerns
as us in VK-land. There is some interest in our practical assessment to, perhaps,
replace their requirement for new licensees to make 50 contacts before full access
to the bands is granted,

The most interesting topic discussed, that also concerns us here in VK-land, is the
upcoming IARU Region 3 (International Amateur Radio Union) meeting to be held in
Bangkok, Thailand, this coming November. I undertook to make sure our WIA delegate
is in touch with the NZART delegate to ensure our positions align. Your WIA will
be in attendance representing Australias Amateur Radio interests for all
Australian license holders.

Before my flight home I was fortunate enough to visit the Christchurch Amateur
Radio Club premise. A positive story from the disastrous earthquake in 2011,
the clubs previous premises was right in the middle of the red zone preventing
any further use, however the local council located a vacate ex-Scout den and
invited the Club to take up the lease. Its truly an impressive setup.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the NZART Council for their hospitality, I enjoyed
my time in Christchurch, a special shout out to Debby, NZART Business Manager, for
making all of the arrangements on my behalf.

And on another topic, during my ZL visit I held a NZART 2024 callbook in my hands,
I wondered whether VK wanted the WIA Callbook back. I started a bit of a
discussion on the WIA Facebook page and on the Ham Radio Discussion Forum,
so far the engagement has suggested that yes, VK peeps want a callbook.
Please keep the discussion going, I am keen to establish whether the effort is

Cheers for now, this has been Peter VK4EA WIA Vice President.


Mark Halliwell VK2MOH wrote to WIA National News to bring everyones attention to a
petition to parliament calling for ACMA to be instructed to reinstate a licence
document for amateur radio operators.

As one who is currently operating overseas, he is sensitive to the need to show a
convincing, authoritative document to local authorities if requested to do so.


Credit where credits due - for this story it's off to Ireland.

The National Short Wave Listeners Club is delighted to announce that the most
recent HAREC course, Class G, has delivered a great result.

After six months of hard work and study, a group of 26 students sat their HAREC
exams in Dublin and in Tralee last month. In a first, all of the candidates have
passed! There are already 24 new Irish call signs, and a further two on their
way to Germany and the Netherlands. A special welcome to Jzef EI6JDB who is 13,
and who took the exam with his dad, Derek EI6JEB.

The students' hard work and dedication was only matched by the dedication of the
teaching team of 18 volunteers, who invested 700 hours of work into Class Golf.

Gratitude also goes to ComReg for processing the results rapidly, with almost
all the candidates receiving their new call signs within a matter of just a few

The National Short Wave Listeners Club has 133 members, all of whom are also
members of the IRTS.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to ARRL, DX-WORLD, eHam, Hackaday,
and the World Wide sources of the WIA.

WIA Secretary Peter VK8ZZ directed us to an ABC story on "Noisy Satellites of VK6"

As an increasing number of satellites orbit the Earth, the $3 billion radio
telescope being built in Western Australia's outback may need to find new ways
to listen for faint radio signals in the universe.

The number of satellites is expected to increase significantly in coming years and
for scientists who need the ground and the space above to be quiet, satellites and
their booming loud radio interference are a significant challenge.

When operational, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope in Western
Australia's Murchison region will detect and interpret faint radio signals from
space via low frequencies and allow astronomers to see the birth of stars and
galaxies. It's expected to be operational by 2030, when some experts are predicting
up to 100,0000 satellites will be orbiting Earth and emitting both intentional and
unintentional radio noise.

A percentage of Japan's AM radio broadcasters have pulled the big switch.

It is for a trial period, maybe to years end or early 2025 as officials study the
impact of the loss of this form of radio broadcasting which has been on the air in
Japan for 99 years.

34 of Japan's AMers have gone silent, and the trial closure is being conducted so
that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications can evaluate the impact
of the suspensions.

Main reason cited? Cost of AM infrastructure over FM.

Back in June of 2021 41 of only a total of 47 said they would close or convert to


Every 3 to 4 years the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) holds a
World Radio Conference, commonly referred to as WRC, to manage the radio spectrum
and review where new technologies fit in. The last WRC was in October and November
last year and the next one will be in 2027 - WRC-27.

The Department of Communication and Digital Technologies (DCDT) represents
South Africa at these conferences supported by experts from industry. To develop
positions on the various agenda items, the department established the National
Preparatory Working Group (NPWG) at which experts from the department, industry
and academia develop the positions that are of the country's best interest and
support the National Development Plan.

On 27 May the WRC-27 NPWG met in Pretoria. The SARL was represented by Brian
Jacobs, ZS6YZ and Hans van de Groenendaal, ZS6AKV. On the WRC Agenda there are
several items of interest to secure the future of amateur radio and developments
not only in their region 2 but internationally.

To better understand the impacts of the geomagnetic storm on the U.S.
communications sector, the Federal Communications Commissions Public Safety and
Homeland Security Bureau is requesting information from communications service
providers and the public regarding disruptions in communications between
May 7 and 11, 2024, that it believes to be a result of the storm.

Back on May 11, the FCC High Frequency Direction Finding Centre, which supports
the public safety community and federal partners by locating interference to
radio spectrum below 30 MHz, observed significant disturbance in the propagation of
HF radio signals. This disturbance resulted in the disruption of voice and data
communications passed over HF frequencies.

HAM RADIO 2024 will take place in Friedrichshafen, Germany as Europe's largest
amateur radio exhibition and trade fair. This year's theme is 60 years of
Islands on the Air: technology meets adventure!

HAM RADIO serves as a platform where radio enthusiasts can get together and
exchange information and experience.

As one of the largest amateur radio exhibitions in the world, alongside the
Dayton Hamvention USA and Ham Fair in Tokyo/Japan, HAM RADIO attracts exhibitors
and visitors from more than 50 countries all round the world to Friedrichshafen.
A special feature is the combination of commercial exhibitors, worldwide networked
associations and Europes largest radio flea market with over 300 participants
from 25 countries

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 is inviting hams to come up with a
game changing idea, which increases awareness of amateur radio. They are looking
for your cool idea or project which you think is part of the future of amateur


The challenge is open ONLY to any country member of International Telecommunication
Union Region 1.

Microsoft will invest 33.7 billion kronor ($4.8 billion AU) over two years in
artificial intelligence infrastructure in Sweden, they will train some 250,000
people by 2027 to boost AI knowledge and competence and also increase capacity
at its three data centres in the country.

Microsoft, in recent months, has announced similar AI investments in other
countries, including in France where it vowed to invest four billion euros
Japan where it announced a $2.9 billion AI push, and in Indonesia and Malaysia.

A USA engineer who developed a composite material to increase antenna efficiency
is suing his former employer, which had once widely praised his patented creation
as a breakthrough.

The design by Christopher Fuller, KD WMU, facilitates speedier charging of
electric vehicles through the use of considerably smaller antennas. His antenna
design delivers the needed power as electromagnetic energy - over long distances
and without loss.

Acknowledging that his antenna design also held the potential to power military
weapons from a distance, Christopher asked the US State Department last year to
scrutinize Honeywell's plan to market the technology to overseas commercial
customers. According to a Star Tribune News story, the engineer worried that
Honeywell was potentially overstepping the federal restrictions on exporting
US military technology.

Neither the state department nor the FBI responded to The Star Tribune's requests
for comment. A statement from Honeywell dismissed Christopher's claims as baseless.



ON NOW is the VK Shires Contest June 8 - 9 starts 0000 UTC Sat until 2359 Sunday

ALL HF Bands all the way from 10 to 160 meters SSB & CW only

(Diane Main VK4DI VK Shires Contest Manager)


Also on this weekend, June 9, but only CW is New Zealand Straight Key Night
(Winter Edition) 0800 to 0900 UTC on 80 metres.
Full details about SKN are available or you can email




Saturday 15 June, 0000 til Mon, 17 June, 0000

(vk4sn calendar)



0100 UTC Saturday 22 June through 0059 UTC Sunday 23 June
(in VK6 it's 0300 / 0359 in VK6).

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH, manager of the VHF-UHF Field Days.
The 2024 Winter event will proceed as planned over Saturday 22nd and
Sunday 23rd of this month. Thats the weekend after next!

As usual, we have a little verse:
See that e-vent comin', rollin' round the bend
Get out on that hilltop, and call from start to end . . .

You may have heard something like that elsewhere.

The Rules for the event have been posted to the VHF-UHF Field Days web page, which
has also been updated. I encourage you to download the latest Rules as a few
changes are in the document. Dont rely on what you recall from last year . .
or the year before.

You have been warned!

Also, as noted on the web page, following recent discussions, efforts to catch up
preparation of the outstanding results for past events are under way again.

So, get your gear together for the 2024 Winter VHF-UHF Field Day and enjoy it!

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.


IARU HF World Championship July 13-14.
Starts: Zero hours UTC Saturday Ends: 2359 UTC Sunday



Trans-Tasman Low Band Contest

July 21st

The Trans-Tasman contest, always held on the 3rd weekend in July,
aims to encourage Low Band activity between VK and ZL

Only contest bands 160 80 and 40M are allowed with SSB, CW and
Digital (i.e. RTTY OR PSK)

This contest is another official WIA Contest and will count towards
the Peter Brown Contest Champion Awards.


YOTA Contest 2024

The next session of this year's YOTA Contest will be from
10:00 to 21:59 UTC 21 July on the five classic bands using
CW and SSB.

Everyone can work everyone.

The complete rules can be found on


RSGB IOTA Contest July 27.


AUGUST 17 - 18

Remembrance Day Contest.

This contest commemorates the Australian Amateurs who died during
World War II and is designed to encourage friendly participation and
help improve the operating skills of participants.

It is held on the weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on
which hostilities ceased in the southwest Pacific area.

A perpetual trophy is awarded annually to the Australian state or
territory with the best performance. The name of the winning State
or Territory is inscribed on the trophy, and that State or Territory
then holds the trophy for 12 months. The winning State or Territory
is also given a certificate, as are leading entrants.

Amateurs will endeavour to contact amateurs in VK call areas,
ZL and P29 on all bands except WARC bands. Modes allowed are PHONE,
CW and RTTY as per the era remembered

Again the 2024 contest is 17th & 18th August.



44th A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST AND this ALARA contest is ALWAYS held on the
last FULL weekend of August.


All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to
participate. Scout and Girl Guide groups are encouraged to
take part using their Club's equipment and callsign.

YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs only.

CONTEST: Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours:
STARTS: Saturday 25th August 2024 at 0600 hours UTC
ENDS: Sunday 26th August 2024 at 0559 hours UTC

SUGGESTED FREQUENCIES: All HF Bands except 160m & WARC Bands.
Contacts made on ECHOLINK will also be accepted.

(alara web page)


Oceania DX Contest

This years contest will be held on October 5th and 12th



Youth on the air test 3 of 3 will be from 10:00 to 21:59 UTC on
29 December on the five classic bands CW and SSB.





Logbook of the World is still offline

The American Radio Relay Leagues popular Logbook of the World (LoTW) their online
database is still down at the time of compiling this news. The ARRL also report
that even their telephone system is also still down despite the reported
cyberattack occurring almost 3 weeks back.

The ARRL have NOT made any claim it was a cyberattack, however many dx bulletins
are saying that's what occurred nearly 3 weeks ago.


CQ magazine's former publisher, Dick Ross, K2MGA, who recently became a Silent Key,
has been inducted into three CQ Halls of Fame:

the Amateur Radio Hall of Fame,

the DX Hall of Fame

and the Contest Hall of Fame.

Dick became a Silent Key in April at age 84 after a lifetime of providing the
world's amateurs with relevant news and information through a variety of
publications, most notably CQ magazine itself.

(newsline 2431)


Members of Ari Colli Albani are on the air as II LOR until the 30th of June,
marking the 80th anniversary of Rome's liberation during the Second World War.
QSL via I KNQ and certificates will be available.

(newsline 2431)



Elvira is active calling 5 U 5 K now until June 20 using SSB, RTTY, other
digital modes and sometimes some CW all bands 160 to 6 metres.
Francesco, IK 0 XBX is her pilot station.
QSL 5U5K direct to IK 2 DUW.




active until the 31st of December celebrating the 100th anniversary of
the beginning of regular radio transmissions in Austria in 1924.

The station has heard recently on the 40m band using CW.

QSL via the Bureau.



In the World of DX, the Rushyhill Radio Society will be commemorating the 80th
anniversary of the D-Day Landings, which took place on June 6th, 1944 by using
the callsign GB 8 DDY now until the 28th of June.

See for details.


TM 80 DD will be active from the 1st through to the 16th of June using CW, SSB
and the digital modes on all bands marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day
landings in Normandy.

See for QSL details for TM80DD

(NewsLine 2429)


Active is TR 8 CR from Gabon until at least the end of June, the operator? F8EN

He will operate CW only and will celebrate his 96th birthday while there.

QSL for TR8CR is via F6AJA directly or the Bureau.
Roland can usually be found on the 30 to 10m bands.

And a Happy 96th Roland.

( rsgb )


AMSAT-VK Secretary -

Blue Origin resumed crewed spaceflights on May 19 after a nearly two-year hiatus
following a rocket mishap in 2022, which left Virgin Galactic as the sole operator
in the suborbital tourism market.

Among the six passengers was Ed Dwight, a former Air Force pilot who had been
poised to become NASAs first Black astronaut in the 1960s. Ed, now 90 years old,
became the oldest person to go to space, expressing the profound impact of the

Despite one of the capsules parachutes failing to fully inflate, the mission was
deemed a success, and all passengers returned safely. This flight marks the seventh
human mission for Blue Origin, highlighting its ambitions for future space
endeavours. The company has now flown 37 people aboard its New Shepard vehicle,
named after the first American in space, Alan Shepard.


Voyager 1 has resumed transmitting science data from two of its four operational
instruments after a computer issue arose in November 2023.

The mission team is working on recalibrating the remaining two instruments, with
plans to complete this in the coming weeks. This progress follows a five-month
troubleshooting effort, during which the spacecraft began sending back usable
engineering data. Mid last month, commands were successfully sent to the 46 year
old spacecraft, located over 15 billion (yes BILLION) miles from Earth, enabling
it to resume sending science data.

The plasma wave subsystem and magnetometer are now operational, while efforts
continue on the cosmic ray subsystem and low energy charged particle instrument.

Launched in 1977, Voyager 1 and its twin, Voyager 2, are NASAs longest-operating
spacecraft and the first to explore beyond the heliosphere, having flown by
Jupiter, Saturn, and, in Voyager 2s case, Uranus and Neptune.



"Exciting news for POTA in Australia.

Alan VK1AO, Mark VK4EMP and myself, VK4KC Marty, have been busy the last two weeks
adding over 450 NSW State forests into the system. This brings our total number of
parks in Australia to 8 0 8 2.

Also of special note a recent park addition in Darwin, East-point reserve.
This park has major historic significance as the area0 provided the last major
fortress built on Australian soil and a reminder of Australias only battle ground.

POTA in Australia has also experienced significant growth in the number of
activations with over 900 just in the first five months of 2024.

Thank you Activators and Hunters.

This is Marty VK4KC on the Sunny Coast. POTA on!"


APRS Thursday

Every Thursday, a global net called APRSThursday takes place using Automatic Packet
Reporting System (APRS) for 24 hours. It is a network we licensed amateur radio
operators who share messages and position packets through radio and internet.

For any operators both old and new, it is a great opportunity to explore the APRS
mode and make contacts with other stations joining the net. Up to 500 operators
take part in the net each week.

Further information may be found at



A Wiki for Open Source in Amateur Radio is a new wiki started by DK1MI which aims to highlight all things
open source in amateur radio. From hardware to software, this project is designed
to provide hams with a free source of information to help further our exploration
into the ham radio hobby.

The wiki can be viewed by typing in is a public Wiki that lists and describes available open source
projects in more detail, as well as providing ready-made recipes for setting up a
free amateur radio station. It should serve as a first port of call to find out
what alternatives there are to commercial products or simply to get inspiration
for new projects.



RSGB IOTA Contest is July 27.

V 47 JA St. Kitts, IOTA NA-104
Listen out for John, W5JON, operating as V47JA from St. Kitts, IOTA Number NA-104,
until the 13th of June using both SSB and FT8 on the HF bands and 6 metres.


VP 6 DF Pitcairn Island, IOTA OC-044
Dave is operating on Pitcairn Island, IOTA Number OC-044, using callsign VP 6 DF,
until Monday the 10th of June operating mainly CW on 40 through 10 metres BUT
listen for him also on 160 and 80 metres.
QSL via N 2 ZN and LoTW.


Recordings of military transmissions can be found on the
Signal Identification Guide Wiki at

June 6 marked 80 years since that historic D-Day invasion of Europe which in turn
brought about the end of WW2 in the European theatre.

MARK DURENBERGER from RADIOWORLD.COM has penned a remarkable story of how folk back
home and the powers that be were kept informed, by radio.

The U.S. Army Signal Corps, or SigC, was tasked with establishing massive,
reliable, multi-channel high-speed voice and data networks. These networks would
support a mission build-up of more than a million troops in a hostile environment.

SigC had estimated it would need some 90,000 transmitters for the job!

This mandated frequency coordination.

The radios were largely short-range hand-helds but also included short and
medium distance radio links to naval and air elements and Allied headquarters.

A significant amount of radio gear was lost in the initial landings but SigCs
planning had suitably provided for battle attrition and contact with the beach
was generally successful. Less susceptible to battle damage were some 500 pigeons,
landed for the purpose of carrying ammunition-status reports, undeveloped film and
emergency messages. At the end of the day, electronic communications were so
effective the pigeons could go home to roost.

But, the valour and sacrifice of the soldiers landing on those beaches would be the
biggest story and would far outstrip the work of the deskbound planners.




We told you last week how IARU Region 3 has declared the 17th of June to be QRP
Day, a day when hams are being encouraged to amplify their interest and activities
in QRP.

Still no word on specific VK activity BUT coming to light through Newsline, some
New Zealand amateurs are already well into the spirit of the day. They have been
participating in Go QRP Night on the last Saturday of each month. So ZL are perhaps
more QRV than we here in VK - even first-timers are encouraged to turn down their
power and see what kind of magic happens.

In a world of superstations and linear amplifiers, a little power CAN go a long l
long way.



A deadly tropical cyclone has left parts of coastal India and Bangladesh
devastated. In the middle of it all, hams were there, relaying messages nonstop,
as we hear our own John Williams VK4JJW reporting for NewsLine.

"As tropical cyclone Remal battered India and Bangladesh, a team of 27 amateur
radio operators from West Bengal worked around the clock to keep the lines of
communications open in a region overtaken by lost power and flooding.

The West Bengal Radio Club responded to requests by local authorities to set up at
various strategic locations in and around the Sagar Islands in Sunderbans.
Operators used two mobile vans and eight control rooms, communicating on VHF and
UHF frequencies. According to updates the amateurs posted on their Facebook page,
the van patrolled the coastal areas reporting back with updates to the control

The deadly storm was estimated to have affected millions in the coastal region of
the two nations and the death toll estimates varied - but continued to climb.
Authorities rushed to have people evacuated as their homes collapsed around them.
At its peak, the storm achieved maximum speeds of between 110 and 120 km/h, with
gusts of as much as 135 km/h.

It was the region's first major cyclone of the year.

This is John Williams VK4JJW."

(newsline 2431)


I am Alan, VK2COD sitting in for a flu stricken VK2MV

Radio club kids at Dresden Elementary Amateur Radio Station KD8NOM are excited to
use their new Get On The Air or GOTA stations!

A grant from the Straker Foundation was able to allow K D 8 N O M to purchase
radios, SWR meters, power supplies and the Gator boxes to house the stations in
complete and secure rack mount case for protection and portability.
The Straker Foundation is a not-for-profit that enthusiastically supports
activities that allow students to broaden their sites through travel, training
and experience.

The HF and VHF radios, one being an ICOM IC-7300, are perfect radios for these
wonderful young hams to get on the air and will give them great experience on our
hobby and help them to communicate with others across the globe.

For any VK clubs or individuals that are helping us young hams to get on the air,
please send your short article of no more than 250 words, plus a couple photos,
to my brother Alec on
He will make sure your article can get on air for us to share the good news and
ideas about YOTAs with the rest of the VK community.

For WIA National News, I'm Alan, VK2COD in Sydney. Now back to you Col

ATV SSTV and other forms such as YouTube.

Peter VK3BFG is your WIA ATV representative.

Direct from Dayton a video well worth watching.

Every ham knows about grounding, right?

What if what youve been told isnt exactly true?

ARRL First Vice President Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, tackles this topic in a
compelling presentation called Ground is a Myth! She lays out the case that
ground means different things at different times and in different cases and that
much of what many operators have accepted as fact may just be legend.

The presentation was a part of the 2024 ARRL National Convention forums hosted at
Dayton Hamvention and may be seen on YouTube.



2024 IT'S A DATE

Clubs are welcome to email text with audio for this section

Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.


VK2 - June 8-9. Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Field Day. (vk2zhe)

VK5 - Aust. Fox Hunting championships Mt Gambier 8/9 June.(vk5dj)

------ON LATERS----------------------

VK4 - Caboolture Radio Club HamFest is to be held on Saturday 13th July.
The venue, a new one, the Caboolture Uniting Church Hall, 257 King street.
That's the corner of King and Smiths Road.

Breakfast will be served from 8 am, with the HamFest opening at 9 am.
Admission is $5.

For further information see the Club's Facebook page

(Alan VK4TG Secretary, Caboolture Radio Club Inc.)

Please ensure that this item is scrapped - do not use again. Alan VK4TG

VK3 - Bendigo AR & Electronics Club RadioFest August 18 (vk3gtv)

VK6 - PerthTech 2024 Sept 21 for 2 days at Gidgegannup (vk6pop)

VK4 - GOLD COAST HAMFEST OCTOBER 13 at Nerang Country Paradise
Parklands 231 Beaudesert-Nerang Road Nerang. (vk4DMH)

VK5 - Amateur Radio Experiments Group Radio & Electronics Sale
Saturday 26th October 10AM David Roche Park Kilburn (vk5qi)

VK7 - Tasmanian Ham Conference November 2 and 3 Hobart. (vk7news)
Held at the Sandy Bay Campus of UTAS.

VK3 - SPARC Rosebud RadioFest November 17 at Eastbourne Primary
School, Allambi Ave. Rosebud. (vk3pdg)

final final

Members of the Frankston and Mornington peninsular amateur radio club have lost
a good friend & long time club member in the passing of Bill Grypstra VK3MMM
now SK

Bill was an integral part of the club for many years, at one time serving as
president and was also club net co-coordinator for more than 20 years. He was a
driving force behind FAMPARCs famous Mobile whip project and also engineered
various offshoots of the popular antenna which ended up attached to vehicles all
over Australia.

Bill has been described as the kind of member every club needs and often went
above and beyond to ensure FAMPARC ran smoothly. He was always ready to assist
anyone requiring help and always ready for a much valued deep and meaningful chat

Vale Bill Gyrpstra VK3MMM

(above from vk4bat)

Reception Reports

WIA News rebroadcasters often give Short Wave Listeners a
welcome to the broadcast as they commence call-backs
straight after the Local News. Local news follows National
news in all states. It would be great if those SWL's would
email their reception reports and location to

Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for possible inclusion
in the VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to and don't JUST send url's links or
posters, but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio, email
and send BOTH the audio and the text

We would appreciate items certainly no longer than 1.5 mts in
length as we only have a half hour.

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the
likelihood of it being broadcast in the very next edition of
WIA National News.

Each recorded item will only be broadcast once, if you want a couple
of mentions, please submit different slants to keep your
event 'fresh' and always if the news room is to read your
item --- write it in the 3rd person. (First if YOU are
reading your own item). If you are mentioning your own name / call
in the story, say something like "and myself, Pat, vk11abc"

Promote your local rebroadcast; details on

A reminder when supplying HamFest info we obviously can't
plug DEALS from commercial traders "on air", but we at the
WIA will put your supporters 'goods' in this text edition
"no worries."

We will not give blatant 'plugs' to raffles, be it raffles
at the event or "on-line".


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