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Australia Day Contest


Contest Manager

Alan Shannon VK4SN

Contest Introduction

New distance based rules and FT8/4 for 2023+

This contest is to encourage Amateur Radio promotional Activity around the world and is designed to encourage friendly participation and help improve the operating skills of participants. It is held on the Australia Day Public Holiday that being the 26th of January.

Aim Of The Contest

Amateurs in VK will endeavour to contact other amateurs around the world. Some VK operators will be using the AX prefix to celebrate Australia day, as it's wanted by many amateurs around the world.
Scoring is distance based and calculated using 4-character grid squares.

This Years Winners

Results and statistics can be viewed at

Place Callsign Operators Score

DX Winners:
1st CW W7VC W7VC 11,667
1ST DG WH6EY WH6EY 739,096
2ND DG KH6RDO KH6RDO 440,063
3RD DG NH6O NH6O 73,964
4th DG HS0ZOY HS0ZOY 67,497

Single Op Phone
1st AX5PAS VK5PAS 826,294
2nd VK7IAN VK7IAN 97,192
3rd VK5Y VK5JAK 30,623
4th VK1O VK1AO 12,568
5th VK3W VK3TIN 8,215
6th AX4OTZ AX4OTZ 7,727
7th VK4HRE VK4HRE 7,660
8th AX4ADC AX4ADC 3,139
9th VK3AMO VK3AMO 2,766
10th VK4SN VK4SN 1,,860
11th VK4ER VK4ER 1,474
12th AX2TTL AX2TTL 1,471
13th VK4O VK4MUD 1

Single Op CW
1st W7VC W7VC 11,667

Single Op Digital
1st AX4ADC AX4ADC 3,292,694
2nd VK4O VK4MUD 2,713,094
3rd VK4SN VK4SN 2,319,194
4th VK2EHQ VK2EHQ 2,262,338
5th VK1O VK1AO 1,783,561
6th AX5BD AX5BD 749,789
7th WH6EY WH6EY 739,096
8th KH6RDO KH6RDO 440,063
9th VL5F VK5AJQ 256,395
10th AX7STO AX7STO 243,465
11th VK5WU VK5WU 197,732
12th AX2EY VK2EY 153,919
13th NH6O NH6O 73,964
14th HS0ZOY HS0ZOY 67,497
15th AX4OTZ AX4OTZ 30,639

1st VK4HM VK4BOB VK4SJB VK4JU 257,432
2nd VL4A VK4BLE VK4FOMP 251,162

1st AX5ARA VK5STU VK5NIG 304,691

Previous Years Winners

Trial Australia Day Contest 2022

The trial Australia Day Contest was considered a success by the many participants – we had 78 logs submitted and over 580 different callsigns in the logs.

In the single operator phone category VK2K (Cam VK2DG) from Gol Gol was in first place with 275 points with a clear margin to the second place of AX2VH on 237 points the first foundation was VK4BDX who concentrated on 10 metres for 83 points and an 8th place overall, congratulations Brett.

In the single operator CW category AX2GR (Allan VK2GR) edged out VK2PN (Patrick) with 40 points versus 26. We are sure in years to come that the single operator CW category will have more entrants.

In the single operator mixed category VK4N Greg (VK4BXX) was first with 82 points and coming in second was AX3GK Lee with 77 points

In the single operator QRP phone category VK3W (Megan VK3AAK) on 30 points edged out VK3P (Perrin VK3PT) with 24 points, it was a great effort for Megan.

In the multi operator multi transmitter category a very lonely VL4R was the winner with 213 points, well done Bill and Diane

Contest History

January 2022. Alan VK4SN and Trent VK4TS brainstormed the concept and presented it to the WIA board. Taking just a week, websites, rules, loggers and WIA approval have come to completion. Thanks to all involved to get the contest ready for 2022.

Upcoming Contest Date & Time

Australia Day January 26th. 2200 UTC 25th January to 1000 UTC 26th January.

Contest Rules

Please download the PDF for more detailed info.

Categories DX and VK
• Single Operator
• Multi-Operator – Single Transmitter (Multi-Single)
• Multi-Operator – Two Transmitter (Multi-Two)

Sub-Category Modes for Single Operators
• Phone (Includes AM, FM & SSB)
• CW
• Mixed
• DIGI - FT8/FT4 (Separate digital section)
• Logs may contain all 3 modes or mixtures there-of.
• Due to FT8/4 operation gaining massive numbers over Ph and CW, all logs will have digital contacts scored separately and added into the digital section automatically.
• Example: If a log contains phone and digital contacts, the log will be valid for the phone category and the digital category. Enter the log as mixed category.
• A log containing only FT8/4 contacts can use DIGI as the mode in the Cabrillo header.
* WSJT-X users can operate as normal and use the .adi file to create their log. No contest mode

Multi-operator Stations
• Multi-operator single transmitter stations
• Are only allowed one transmitted signal on air at any time.
• Multi-operator two transmitter stations
• Are only allowed two transmitted signals on any band, one per Phone and one per CW or digital
• Simultaneous transmissions on different bands are permitted.
• Multi-operator stations are mixed mode only.

• A valid exchange consists of RS(T) or SNR followed by a 4 character grid square.

Permitted Bands
• 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands only.

• Suggested Call: “CQ Australia Day”, “CQ Contest”, “CQ Test”
• Stations can work the same station once on each mode on each band.
• FM, AM, & SSB count as one mode. Therefore, one cannot QSO with a station in FM and work them on SSB on the same band.
• No cross-band contacts are allowed.
• Exchange of contact information must be passed using the radio and modes in this contest.
• Contacts within the same grid square are permitted.

General Rules
• W.I.A. General Rules for All Contests apply unless otherwise specified.
Stations using the 2x1 contest calls CANNOT substitute AX as a prefix.
• All operators of single operator stations must perform all operating and logging without assistance.
• Use of clusters, Skimmers, and /or SDR Technology is allowed.
• Holders of more than one licence or callsign MUST use only ONE callsign for the contest duration. For users of the AX prefix please make sure your logs prefix is AX and not VK
• Fully automated operation is not permitted; however, computers can be used for logging or CW reception and/or keying.
• All operations must be in accordance with the band plan for the band in use
• Any station observed as departing from the generally accepted codes of operating ethics or licence conditions may be disqualified.

Remote Station Operation is allowed with the following conditions:
• Both receiving and transmitting antennas must be co-located and be in Australia.
• If your remote station is interstate, you must sign VKn??/VKn or VKn/VKn??
• The remote site location must be shown by a maiden head six figure grid square in your Cabrillo entry. General Rule 5(c) applies regarding 500m circle.
• All calls and exchanges must be obtained through the TX/RX remote site.
• Only the remote site can be used during the contest. I.E. Using your personal physical local location for use of local TX/RX operations is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

Contest Scoring

• Scoring is distance based using 4 character grid squares, and is one point per kilometer.
• DX stations only score by contacting VK, VJ, VL and AX prefixes.
* Grid square to same grid square is one point only.

Submitting Your Log

Logging software and log submission
• Logs are due by 2359Z Saturday on the 2nd weekend following the contest.
• N1MM logger+ supports this contest. (VKCL does not.)
• has the relevant Australia Day User Defined Contest. Follow instructions in the PDF contained in the .zip file.
• For WSJTX users, the .adi file can be imported into N1MM for scoring and creating your Cabrillo log ready for upload.
• Submit Log via
• If not using the website for submission, attach your 'callsign.log' file or .adi file to your email and send to
• When the manager uploads your emailed log to the log checker site, you will receive confirmation of the submission.
• Note that each time your log is uploaded, it will overwrite the previous log.!
Paper Logs are not accepted.

Log Example
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.9794.0
QSO: 28005 CW 2023-01-25 2323 VK0XX 599 QG62 N1GS 599 DM43
QSO: 14275 PH 2023-01-25 2325 VK0XX 59 QG62 W0IZ 59 DM68
QSO: 28075 DG 2023-01-25 2330 VK0XX -06 QG62 VA7DLC +02 DN09
QSO: 28076 DG 2023-01-25 2334 VK0XX -09 QG62 KE2N -09 FM18
QSO: 28076 DG 2023-01-25 2337 VK0XX +00 QG62 K6MKF +00 CM97
QSO: 28076 DG 2023-01-25 2339 VK0XX -04 QG62 NI9N +04 EL29

Contest Results

Contest Results

• Results will be published within 30 days after the close of the contest on the W.I.A. website and winners announced as soon as practical. will show winners and statistics once results are released.

Contest Award

Contest Awards
PDF Certificates will be awarded to DX and VK:
• Single Operator Phone
• Single Operator CW
• Single Operator Mixed
• Single Operator Digital
• Multi-operator – Single Transmitter
• Multi-operator – Multi Transmitter

Logging Software

Logging Software

• N1MM logger+ supports this contest. (VKCL does not.)
• has the relevant Australia Day User Defined Contest. Follow instructions in the PDF contained in the .zip file.
• For WSJTX users, the .adi file can be imported into N1MM for scoring and creating your Cabrillo log ready for upload.

Contest Sponsors

Files For Download

Australia Day Contest Rules

Australia Day Contest Results 2023

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