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WIA Email Address

About The WIA Email Address

What Is The WIA Email Address

The WIA, though its email server, allows you to establish "" with all emails sent to this address automatically forwarded to either your home or work email account..

This provides YOU with ONE consistent email address. And should you ever change ISP, then having a WIA address means your friends and colleague will still be able to email you without the need for individually providing them with your new address. You can change your forwarding address should it ever be necessary. By obtaining a WIA email address, you will also periodically receive news highlights from the WIA sent directly to your email address.

How Does it Work?

The WIA Email server simply forwards all emails addressed to your WIA email address to you own ISP email account of your choice. If you ever change ISP's then simply click on Manage Your WIA Email Address in the menu bar on the left of this page and log in using your Memnet password to keep your WIA email up to date.

Is It Reliable ?

Yes - However it can only be as reliable as the ISP email systems it is delivering the mail to. In this day and age where spam is very prevalent many ISP's are taking very aggressive steps to reduce undesirable emails, from time to time we learn of ISP's that have set the spam filtering too aggressively and legitimate emails have been lost. It's a sad reality that these days email can no longer be considered a 100% reliable communications medium.

Email Scanning

WIA email passes through a standard virus and malicious code scanner to remove emails with potentially harmful content. This is important not only for your protection, but also to ensure the WIA email server does not get black listed for forwarding spam. The WIA mailserver simply forwards emails to your personal email account it does not keep copies of any member emails.

Someone sent me an email to my WIA email address and it bounced ?

Chances are that the persons ISP's mailserver that has attempted to deliver the email to you is blacklisted.

The person sending you the email will usually receive a bounce back message advising that their email was undeliverable and rejected. The bounce back message will typically list the offending mail server IP address or that caused the error.
There is a handy online tool available to check if a mail server or IP address has been blacklisted, it can be accessed via this Link

For those not familiar with Blacklists, blacklists are run by independent commercial organisations (there are about 30 of them) these organisations maintain lists of IP addresses and mail servers that have been recorded as responsible for distributing spam. ISP's then subscribe to these blacklists as part of their mail filtering procedures, checking incoming mail to see if mail is originating from a blacklisted mail server, it's part of the ISP's spam analysis and spam control mechanisms. The organisations providing the blacklists collect their data from spam reports lodged by individuals as well as lists provided by companies such as Symantec and Mcafee, reporting on IP addresses and email servers that their software has detected and recorded as being responsible for forwarding spam. The organisations maintaining the blacklists require hard evidence of spam traffic before a mail server or IP address is added to their blacklist.

They take particular note where the spam has been forwarded by a mail forwarding system where the forwarded email has originated from a blacklisted email server. If the mail forwarding server forwards mail from blacklisted mail servers then it, itself, instantly becomes an candidate to be added to the blacklist.

Once your mail server gets stuck on a blacklist you have a serious problem, you need to rectify whatever has allowed your mail server to be forwarding offending mail, you then need to contact the company managing the blacklist and request to be taken off the list. This can take quite some effort, usually the company managing the blacklist will provisionally take you off their list then will watch and if they get further reports that you are still forwarding spam. If this occurs it becomes even harder to get off the blacklist the second time sometimes requiring you to pay to have your mail server removed from the list.

In summary : Its essential that the WIA mail forwarding system is not responsible for forwarding email from a blacklisted mail server or blacklisted IP address's, if it did, then the WIA server itself would very quickly end up blacklisted.

How Do I Apply For a WIA Email Address

Simply click on Manage Your WIA Email Address in the left hand menu bar of this page and modify your email forwards as required.

Sending Yourself a Test Email

Please be aware that if you send a test email to yourself, from your ISP email account to your which will then deliver the email back to the same ISP email account, your ISP may treat the email as likely spam and delete it, since their mail filtering systems see the originating email address is the same as the email address that the email is being delivered to (however the email has been relayed via your WIA email address)

The best way to test your WIA email address is to send a test email from a different email account, or have a friend or colleague send you a test email. Unfortunately this is the reality of ISPs needing to apply strict mail filtering to combat the enormous amount of spam present these days.

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