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About the logo - conditions of use

The WIA logo is the copyright corporate logo of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA). Use of the WIA logo in any form of printed, electronic or online medium requires the written permission of the WIA board.

The WIA hereby grants pre-approval for individual radio amateurs who are WIA members to show their support for the WIA by way of inclusion of a WIA logo on their QSL cards. The WIA pre approves the use of the WIA logo on members QSL cards (QSL cards only) under the following conditions:

  The logo shall only be used on the QSL card of a financial WIA member.
  The logo shall be obtained from the WIA website using the link provided below.
  Your WIA member number or callsign and member password will be required to commence the download
  The logo shall be used as provided and shall not be modified, recoloured, manipulated, distorted or altered in any way (see usage reference diagram).

Other uses of the WIA logo by individuals, clubs or commercial organisations may be possible. Written permission from the WIA shall be required in each case. All applications to use the WIA logo should be submitted to the WIA with full details of the proposed usage and format of the material being produced.

The WIA reserves the right to approve artwork containing the WIA logo.

Files For Download

WIA Logo Usage Reference Diagram

WIA Members Only - Files For Download

WIA Logo Colour - GIF format

WIA Logo Colour - JPG format

WIA Logo Black And White - GIF format

WIA Logo Black And White - JPG format

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