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Chris Jones Award

About the award

It is awarded to radio amateurs who have made an exceptional contribution to amateur radio and the Wireless Institute of Australia.


The Chris Jones Award honours the memory of a man who was dedicated to the advancement of amateur radio and whose unfailing commitment and vision led to a new Wireless Institute of Australia and whose unfailing courtesy and genuine friendliness is fondly remembered by all who knew him.

It was Chris Jones who in late 2003, invited a group of amateurs to his house in Menai, where a vision was shared for the formation of the National WIA. It was proposed that a new National WIA would represent a viable alternative, to what was at the time, a Federally based organisation. It was Chris's passion, commitment and drive that helped shape the new National WIA into the effective organisation that it is today, delivering friendly and professional services to members.

As many will know, Chris was deeply committed to the introduction and success of the new Foundation License and invested an enormous amount of time and effort to help ensure the right people and processes were in all place to guarantee the new licence system would be a huge success it has become.

Past recipients

2007 - Mal Johnson VK6LC
2008 - Ken Fuller VK4KF
2009 - Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI
2010 - Robert Broomhead VK3DN
2011 - Geoff Atkinson VK3AFA
2012 - Gavin Reibelt VK4ZZ
2013 - John Longaroux VK3PZ
2014 - Marc Hillman VK3OHM
2015 - Jim Linton VK3PC
2016 - Jenny Wardrop VK3WQ
2017 - Shane Lynd VK4KHZ
2018 - Ron Bertrand VK2DQ
2020 - Kevin Johnston VK4UH
2022 - Andrew Chapman VK4QF

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