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Norfolk Island Award

About the award

The DX entity Norfolk Island during the Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting and events in May 2016, has a limited edition operating award available. Called the Norfolk Island Award, it requires contact with stations over a two week period (May-June) 2016 that include the Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting. There will be plenty of activity at this DX entity in what is believed to be the biggest Amateur Radio DXpedition of its kind.

The Norfolk Island Award is expected to be popular with the wallpaper chasers and DXers throughout the world. It includes the VI9ANZAC commemorative station, DX station VK9NT, WIA Stations VK9WI and VK9WIA, QRP activity, SOTA visits, and individual callsigns that take advantage of being on the DX entity.


To qualify, those on Norfolk Island need to log 20 other stations on Norfolk Island (local contacts), while all other operators have to log 10 contacts on Norfolk Island. Each qualifying station may be worked once only per band. All QSO must be between 21-May-2016 and 3-Jun-2016 (UTC) to qualify.

All operators on Norfolk Island are reminded that they must use a callsign that signifies Norfolk Island. This could either be a callsign indigenous to Norfolk Island, e.g. VK9NT, or your regular mainland callsign with a /9 suffix, e.g. VK3OHM/9.

No QSL are required.

How To Apply For The Award

Claims are preferred through the online system (free).

Alternatively, you can apply direct to the office with an extract of qualifying contacts and payment of $5. Send applications to: WIA Office, PO Box 2042, Bayswater Victoria, Aust, 3153.

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