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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

Centenary Activities

Get your club involved today

The centenary is very much an occasion for the entire amateur radio community, individual radio amateurs and clubs to join in and celebrate this milestone.

The special event callsign VK100WIA will be used by many clubs around Australia and they are being encouraged to do so in conjunction with a public event. When the proposal to roster clubs for the callsign was first announced a number instantly had their ideas of how it could be effectively used to help promote amateur radio to the general community. Some of the early thoughts were setting up portable stations in a local park, a library, shopping centre, school, or having an open day at their club rooms.

Getting started

There are sure to be plenty of other ideas. All will need little planning and heaps of publicity to meet the goals of making the public aware of amateur radio and its centenary. As more ideas and commitments come in from clubs they will be listed on this page.

It is a partnership between the clubs and the WIA, which is providing support including background information suitable for the public, a display poster and media release template to promote both the event individual clubs.

Other WIA Supported Centenary Activities

The WIA has urged its affiliated clubs to develop and implement activities to promote amateur radio in their community, either in association with the use of the VL100WIA callsign or alone during 2010. These activities are all part of the WIA Centenary program.

There are, of a course, a whole range of other activities that may be undertaken by individuals, groups and clubs, that may promote amateur radio to particular groups or simply amount to an activity that enhances amateur radio for radio amateurs..

The WIA welcomes the association of such activities with the celebration of the foundation of the WIA and the start of organised amateur radio in Australia.

The WIA will support appropriate activities on the following basis:
  The activity must be one that in the view of the Centenary Committee either promotes amateur radio, is of general interest to radio amateurs or is otherwise worthy of support;
  The activity will take place between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2010.
  At least the majority of those participating are WIA members.

If the WIA agrees to support a particular activity, then the WIA will:
  Allow the project to be identified as a WIA Supported Centenary Activity;
  Permit the uses of the Centenary Logo in association with the activity;
  At the request of the group concerned (which shall supply the necessary material) provide publicity through AR, the WIA broadcast and the WIA website;
  Exceptionally, provide other assistance or equipment.

An activity supported by the WIA as a Centenary Activity should:
  Ensure that the association with the WIA is prominently displayed;
  Obtain as much appropriate publicity as possible, where appropriate highlighting the WIA role and the Centenary;
  Provide the WIA through AR and its broadcasts news and information, including photographs, about the activity, both before and after its completion;

Any club, group or individual seeking the WIA's support for an activity to be associated with the Centenary Celebrations should either write to the Centenary Committee, WIA at PO Box 2042, Bayswater, Victoria 3153, or email to or, if you want to discuss a proposal call the Chairman of the Centenary Committee David Wardlaw, VK3ADW at 03 9857 8346.

WIA Supported Centenary Activities

VK9NA 2010 - VHF/UHF/Microwave DXpedition to Norfolk Island (OC-005) (RG30XX)
3rd January - 14th January 2010

A team of experienced VK amateurs is heading to Norfolk Island to operate bands from 6 metres to 10GHz. This is the first time such an expedition has been mounted on these bands from Norfolk Island.

At this time of year there will be Sporadic E, Troposheric Propogation and Meteor Scatter opportunities. Modes used will be SSB, CW and the digital modes FSK441 and JT65.
This is an event by VK operators, for VK operators.
For more info, log on to:

The Centre Victoria RadioFest Kyneton Victoria
14 February 2010

Returning to the Kyneton Racecourse, only an hour from Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo, on Sunday 14 of February 2010 is the Centre Victoria RadioFest. Building on the success of its predecessor events held in 2007 and 2008 it will be proudly supporting the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia.

For more information click the following Link

Radio, Astronomy and Electronics Expo
2nd to 5th April 2010

This annual public event is organised by the Midland Amateur Radio Club and held in the Old Bendigo Fire Station, View Street Bendigo.

For more information click the following Link

Re-enactment of the first wireless press message received from Britain in Australia
June 16-18.

The Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club is on the VK100WIA roster 16-18 June and at that time will re-enact this historical wireless milestone that occurred in 1921 at Koo-wee-rup south-east of Melbourne.

Sunraysia Radio Group - Tri Annual Junction Rally 10th - 11th July
The Sunraysia Radio Group is participating at the Tri Annual Junction Rally, a major event featuring Vintage Engines, Paddle Boats, Steam Engines, Barges, Vintage machinery, Tractors, Bikes and Cars. The club also plans to provide a vintage radio display.

This major event will be held at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers in Wentworth New South Wales on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of July.

Science Alive ! 2010 – 7th and 8th August
The WIA Centenary themed radio and communications display at this well attended science orientated public event in the Goyder Pavillion, Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville. The display organisers are Adrian Snell VK5ZSN, Paul Hoffman VK5PH and Paul Schulz VK5FPAW.

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