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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

WIA Centenary Logo

The commemorative logo

In milestone celebrations more often than not, a distinctive logo plays a key role in branding. Mindful of the usefulness of the WIA 75 commemorative logo, the WIA Centenary Committee considered various ideas developed by Ivan Smith the WIA's graphic designer.

In line with his brief, Ivan has created a strong commemorative logo that boldly proclaims the 100 years while incorporating the WIA's current logo. It captures a sense of the on-going influence of WIA into the future as the national organisation representing Australian radio amateurs. Ivan describes it as having 'a warm and inviting feel to it an energy and vibe against white and black backgrounds as well as the gold theme colour for posters and other printed material.' The master logo has been created in a vector format, making it infinitely scalable to any size without loosing detail. The logo is suited to a wide range of applications such as print, web and clothing, providing a branding and uniform identity for centenary events and activities.

Commemorative logo - conditions of use

WIA members may include the Centenary Logo on their QSL cards and websites. The commemorative logo is now available for download along with its usage guidelines. Always use the digital files supplied by the WIA and simply ensure the usage guidelines are adhered to. The WIA holds the copyright of the logo and commercial use is not permitted without written permission from the WIA. The commemorative logo may not be adapted, modified, recoloured or distorted.

Logo colour and file formats

The WIA Centenary Logo is available for download in four colour formats:

  Full colour high resolution intended for offset printing, QSL cards and websites.
  Eight colour reduced palette intended for specialist printing on white backgrounds.
  Seven colour reduced palette intended for specialist printing on black backgrounds.
  Black and white format

For each of the four colour formats mentioned above there is corresponding downloadable zip file below containing the usage guidliens and style guide, a CMYK EPS file for commercial offset printing, a Jpeg file and a Gif file both in RGB format suitable for home use and websites.

Files For Download

WIA Centenary Logo full colour

WIA Centenary Logo eight colour reduced palette for specialist printing on white backgrounds

WIA Centenary Logo seven colour reduced palette for specialist printing on black backgrounds

WIA Centenary Logo black and white format

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