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Denis Johnstone


Contact Details

27 Laguna Avenue
QLD 4817

Home : (07) 4723 4229
Work : No Longer!!!!!
Mobile : 0418 339 695

Email :
Website :

Member Of : Townsville Amteur Radio Club

About Denis Johnstone

My first amateur licence was obtained in 1964 and I have been a licenced amateur in 9 different countries over the last 47 or so years. My professional background is as a senior engineer with both electrical and mechanical qualifications. I have also been a part-time lecturer in electrical and communication engineering and teacher of science and maths.

During my career I have been heavily involved in the electrical power industry. Over the years, I have concentrated especially on the design and installation of generation plant.

However, I have also constructed SCADA, substation plant, transmission and distribution lines. I have been involved with the detailed design and construction of power plants both as an engineer and as a consultant.

Finally retiring from full-time employment, I look forward to being able to more fully enjoy my long-term hobby.

Radio Activities

My long term interest in VHF and above was enhanced by my QTH in VK3 where regular interstate openings were enjoyed with contacts to all states on both 6m and 2m and most states except VK8 on 70cm.

I tried out the higher frequencies, but with frequent overseas and interstate absences, there was only limited time and opportunity. I still have got all of the equipment and hopefully I can now spark and excite plenty of interest locally?

For a number of years I rebroadcast the WIA News to the Latrobe Valley and beyond, taking advantage of my QTH to get the signal from Melbourne, until it became available via the internet. I also included local content news after the national news for the radio clubs in the area.

Recently I have been enjoying plenty of activity on HF, especially mobile, and look forward to the current sunspot cycle, when it finally gets going.


Also with books, computers, music, bushwalking, scuba diving and travel as other hobbies and interests, I will always have a handy source of enjoyment and way to spend spare money and available time, whenever a suitable opportunity arises.


Married for 38 years to a very understanding and tolerant lady who has been at my side while we travelled and lived in 9 different countries. We have three daughters, one married, one who will soon be, and one who seems to still think that just being friends is pretty cool.


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