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Fred Swainston


Contact Details

68 St Pauls Road
VIC 3777

Email :
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Member Of : Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group

About Fred Swainston

A Learning and Development Consultant to industry. Interest in radio and electronics began while at school and progressed into a career which spanned 40 years. From the 1980s became active in the education field of Amateur Radio, designing, developing and delivering courses, and still does so.

He was deeply involved in the introduction of the new licencing system for Amateur Radio leading to the Foundation Licence in 2005. Provides services through the WIA Nominated Training Organisation.
He held senior management and board positions in major manufacturing and service enterprises, and since 1990 has provided business consultancy services both to the technical and human resources industry.

Has held various portfolios including the ANZAC 100 program, WIA QSL collection, Education and Assessment, STEM development and Amateur Radio community involvement.

As a radio amateur he can be heard on air portable in the KRMNPA, SOTA and WWFF awards. Also likes bird watching and the outdoors.


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