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Graham Kemp


Contact Details

77 Abell Road
QLD 4280

Work : 07 3360 1008
Mobile : 04 1978 1774

Email :
Website :

About Graham Kemp

Licensed since early 80's, first contact was with VK4AAT Terry some 3 kms on 2 meters! Hihi

Took over QNEWS for the VK4 Division start of 1995 for 18 months... (is that nearly up?) QNEWS was first to stream audio of news service, (beating arrl by a week).

QNEWS very quickly became the "defacto" WIA News Cast, being relayed from P29 to VK6 and points in between.

Ex RAEME in South Vietnam 66-67 and also started Radio DJ Vietnam.


Married, 2 Children, 2 Grand Children.

Ham Radio per se has taken a back seat to the gathering presenting of this newscast these days.


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