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Peter Wolfenden


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PO Box 152
VIC 3429

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About Peter Wolfenden

Peter Wolfenden VK3RV was first licensed as VK3ZPA in 1962 although he had an earlier interest in radio. After attending VK3 VHF Group meetings he joined the WIA in 1964, later becoming VHF Group Secretary.

Under the callsign VK3ZPA he set a National ATV distance record from his home at Sunbury northwest of Melbourne by contacting VK7EM in December 1972, and has dabbled in light beam communications.

In the early 1970s, Peter helped establish the WIA Federal VHF Advisory Committee of which he was Chairman, this led to a position on the WIA Federal Executive. Peter was Federal Vice-President 1976-79, President 1980-82 and made an Honorary life member of the Institute in 1984.

He was deeply involved with the WIA's 75th anniversary celebrations in 1985 and is now contributing to aspects of the WIA Centenary celebrations. Being an active member of an historical society he has put that experience to benefit the WIA Centenary celebrations in relation to printed and sound recorded history, its collection and archiving for the future.


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