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Robert Broomhead


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Glen Waverley
Victoria 3150

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Member Of : Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club

About Robert Broomhead

From a very early age he was fascinated by electronics and technology. During primary school a family friend and radio amateur the late Rev Howard Crago, once editor of the Homecrafts magazine, introduced him to Amateur Radio. It was not until 1990 he became VK3TRB, then VK3KRB for 10 years, enjoying HF operation in the shack and portable, often combined with 4WD and family camping.

After Secondary school he took on a local car radio service centre apprenticeship, then came more experience gained by working for Telstra, data storage and software companies.

Robert had been a data network and computer data centre manager for a large pre-press and pre-media company. With printing process knowledge, and as a keen photographer, has contributed those aspects since first becoming a Director in 2004. This has included various materials, helping organise events such as the annual general meetings since 2007, and the WIA Centenary in Canberra 2010.

Contributions are made to WIA office systems, the development of databases, management systems, and all elements of the WIA Exam Service. As a WIA Director, his portfolio includes the WIA website. Also he regularly contributes to the VK1WIA broadcast, and stands in when its normal anchor Graham Kemp VK4BB is on leave.

Today Robert manages an audio and lighting production company, supplying live production at corporate and public events. He also works as an Information Technology consultant in the prepress print industry.


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