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Roger Harrison


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QLD 4215

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Member Of : St George Amateur Radio Society

About Roger Harrison

Joined WIA NSW Division in 1962. Transferred to Victorian Division 1963. Transferred to WIA NSW Division in 1971 when I returned to live in Sydney. Joined National WIA in 2008, recruited by Michael Owen VK3KI (SK).

My concern and my focus: A future for Australian amateur radio and the WIA.

Interests: art, science, technology and tomfoolery; radio propagation, electronics and wireless technology, music. Family.

Tertiary education: 1st Year Electrical Engineering, Swinburne, 1963; Radiocommunications Engineering, RMIT, 1964-69; Geology & Geophysics, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1971.

Employment: 1963 to 1968: aluminium/steel industry; technician at Yaesu importer Bail Electronics; secondary school science teacher; electronics manufacturing. 1969 - Australian Antarctic Division, Auroral Research Branch. 1970-71 - Technical Officer, geophysical surveying team, Casey, Antarctica (Geoscience Australia). 1971-77 - Senior Technical Officer with IPS Radio & Space Services. 1977-1984 writer/editor at Electronics Today International, where Phil Wait VK2ASD joined me. 1985-89 - Editor/Publisher Australian Electronics Monthly. 1990s to 2000s - contracted Editor on business and industry publications and freelance contributor to Fairfax and News Ltd newspapers, also working as a technology and market communications consultant to government agencies, and Australian and multi-national companies. Recruited into the NSW public service in 2001; served as Communications Officer, Media Officer, Internet Officer, Ministerial Liaison Officer.

Current Occupation: Senior Officer, NSW Government agency.

Radio Activities

First VHF operator to win any section of the John Moyle Memorial National Field Day (1965, 6m & 2m only). Second opeator on AX0GR at Casey, Antarctica, 1970-71; built and operated the first 6m Antarctic beacon AX0GR; later convinced IPS to build and operate 6m Antarctic beacons - VK0MA Mawson and VK0GR Casey (heard in VK2, VK6).

Established 6UP VHF-UHF newsletter in 1972. Organised Future Amateur Communications Techniques Symposiums 1978 and 1979. Assembled, edited and published "The What Where Who Hassles & How Much Book for Electronics and Communications Enthusiasts" in 1974, a universal buyers guide, only since usurped by Google.

Served on WIA NSW Division Council over 1990-1996. Served on WIA Federal Council 1993-1998. Federal Vice President 1994-1998. WIA delegate to IARU Region 3 Conferences 1991 (Indonesia), 1994 (Singapore) and 1997 (Beijing).

Winner of Higginbotham Award four times. Regular presenter of talks at GippsTech and AR clubs.
Authored hundreds of technical, construction and feature articles on amateur radio, published in Amateur Radio magazine, VHF Communications, 6UP, Amateur Radio Action, CB Australia, ETI, AEM, DUBUS, CQ VHF etc.

Activated VK100ANZAC on 10 GHz from Mt Ainslie, Canberra, for Anzac Day 2015, working Dale AX1DSH.


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