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Harry Angel

Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint

Contest Manager

Dr. Kevin Johnston VK4UH & Charlie Strong VK4YZ
Harry Angel Sprint Manager
c/- Redcliffe and District Radio Club
PO Box 20, Woody Point. Qld 4019

Contest Introduction

Saturday May 7th 2016 - 10:00 -11:46 UTC

The Harry Angel Sprint is an annual 80m contest event, first established in 1999, to commemorate the life of Harry Angel VK4HA who at the time of his becoming a Silent Key was the oldest licensed amateur in Australia.

The duration of the contest is 106 minutes one minute for each year of Harry's life.

The "HA" is open to all grades of licence holder and is particularly suited to operators new to contesting.

Although there were no entries in the Receive Only (SWL) section in 2015 this section is being retained for the 2016 contest

Place winners in the Harry Angel Contest are also eligible to claim points for the WIA Contest Champion (Peter Brown) Trophy.

Aim Of The Contest

The aim of the competition is to make as many contacts as possible in the allotted time. Each station may be worked on one occasion only per mode.

SWLs may claim points for each station copied and in each mode.

The contest is open to all listeners and amateurs licensed to use 80m, including individual operators and stations representing radio clubs and societies

This Years Winners

2015 RESULTS (C-certificate holder)

VK2PR 59 1st C
VK2MT 46 2nd C
VK3VTH 43 3rd C
VK4QH 42
VK5TE 36
VK7VH 34
VK6QM 21
VK5DT 16
VK5KX 15
VK4OH 14
VK4PB 12
VK3OA 12

VK3MEG 46 1st C
VK3HY 32 2nd C

VK7CW 32 1st J C
VK5LJ 32 1st J C
VK2GR 32 1st J C
VK4BZ 24
VK5AV 10

No entries

Posted 24.6.15

Don't forget HA scores count towards an entry in the Peter Brown Contest Champion Trophy

Previous Years Winners

RESULTS for 2014 Harry Angel (posted 11.6.14)

Phone Section
1st VK2PR 98 points Certificate
2nd VK4YB 93 Certificate
3rd VK4HF/p2 90 Certificate
4th J VK4GH 83
4th J VK4GMH 83

Mixed Section
1st VK4SN 104 points Certificate
2nd J VK4TS 70 Certificate
2nd J VK4WM 70 Certificate
4th VK2IUW 63
5th VK4NP 61

CW Section
1st VK7CW 50 points Certificate
2nd VK2KJJ 42 Certificate
3rd VK5LJ 38 Certificate
4th J VK2ONZ 36
4th J VK2IG 36
4th J VK2CTN 36

71 log entries received (70 accepted)
6 "F-calls" well done guys 'n gals!
VK1(0), VK2(16), VK3(12), VK4(37), VK5(3), VK6(1), VK7(1), VK8(0) ZL (0) although they appeared in the logs

Scores claimed ranged from 1 point to 104 points

Contest History

The Harry Angel Memorial Sprint has been run annually since 1999

It is usually held on the first Saturday in May each year

Upcoming Contest Date & Time

The 2016 Sprint will be held on

Saturday May 7th 2016

10:00 UTC - 11:46 UTC

Contest Rules

This year there will be FOUR sections, PHONE, CW, MIXED and SWL. Entries may only be made in one section.


CW 3500 - 3535 kHz. Phone 3535 - 3665 kHz


Callsign,RS(T) and serial number commencing at 001

Listener entries must include callsign of station heard, callsign of station being worked and report given to station being worked, RS(T) and a serial number commencing at 001. Listeners need not have reception of both stations in order to claim points.

Contest Scoring

2 points per CW QSO

1 Point per Phone QSO

1 point per station SWL

Submitting Your Log

Logs must show:-
Time UTC, callsign of stations worked, mode, RS(T) sent and received and serial numbers sent and received.
Listener logs must show callsign of station heard, callsign of station being worked and report given to station being worked, RS(T) and a serial number commencing at 001.

Each entry shall be accompanied by a statement to the effect that "Operation was conducted within the rules and spirit of the competition" – this occurs automatically with entries from the VKCL logging software.

Logs may be submitted electronically via e-mail, the preferred method, or by post. Postal entries must be legible and preferably printed in the VKCL format using the .txt file, however legible hand-written logs will be accepted

Entries must be received by last post on Monday 23rd May 2016

Electronic (e-mail) entries submission to:-

electronic entries must contain the log in .txt format, if from VKCL contest logger, and must be e-mailed with:-

"Harry Angel Log <Contest Station Callsign>" in the subject line.

Please ensure this format as logs without this format in the subject line may not be seen

Postal submissions to:-

Harry Angel Sprint manager
Redcliffe and District Radio Club
PO Box 20, Woody Point. Qld 4019

All entries, both electronic and postal, should include an e-mail address for confirmation of successful receipt of logs.

The contest mangers request that all logs clearly indicate the callsign of the contest station entering – not the callsign of the operator of person submitting the log - where this is different.

The Managers would welcome a short note with entries indicating some brief details of the station and antennas used and also comments regarding operating conditions found during the contest

Contest Results

See above for 2015 results

Contest Award

Certificates will be awarded at the discretion of the contest manager for the top three entries in each of the three transmitting sections, and top entry in the SWL section .

This year all scores have been published

Logging Software

VK Contest logger (VKCL) is the recommended computer logging software. The .TXT file is required for e-mailed entries

*** Observe instructions above for submitting electronic entries***

Contest Sponsors

The Harry Angel Sprint is managed on behalf of the Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club and the WIA by Managers Kevin Johnston VK4UH and Charlie Strong VK4YZ.

Page Last Updated: Tuesday 17 May 2016 at 9:42 hours