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Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest

Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge 15th July 2017

Contest Manager

15th July 2017

This contest is managed by Trent Sampson VK4TS - email

You will need to download the latest version of VKCL as the scoring is slightly different to past years.

After completion of the contest you need to upload your log to

Contest Introduction

15th July 2017

The contest has an aim to encourage Low Band activity Trans-Tasman that is between VK and ZL

Only contest bands 160 80 and 40M are allowed SSB RTTY and CW - No CROSS MODE OR CROSS BAND

Aim Of The Contest

Work as many VK and ZL Prefixes and as many different stations on 160 80 and 40M in a short evening contest..

This Years Winners

2016 Trans Tasman Low Band Challenge Results

Previous Years Winners

The Trans Tasman Results for 2015 have been released


Winners are Grinners

Congratulations to the Category leaders –

Multi Multi High VK4HH Bill and Dianne from the Lockyer Valley Queensland put on 248 QSOs for a contest high score of 2,630.

In Multi Multi Low VK2ATZ Westlakes Radio club must have rattled some windows at Teralba as the signal was loud enough to make 168 QSO and a final score of 1,807

In Multi One High the perennial winning team at the Good Guys Club VK2GGC scored 1,831 from 179 QSOs

Single Op High Power VK4SN Alan took out the top category with 188 QSOs and 2,013 Points – Alan made use of some neat antenna systems – details are described on his website VK4SNdotcom

Single Op Low Power was a tussle with both Vince VK7VH and Gerard VK2IO both finishing on 62 QSOs on the first section but Gerard stole away with the title with higher QSO tallys on sections 2 and 3- Gerard VK2IO 172 QSOs total score 1,659

and finally the battle of the little pistols !!!
The QRPers

A massive score from VK2YW John with 80 QSOs and a total of 615 took out the category – Brett VK4FTWO pulled into second spot with a creditable 233 points.

The Highest Scoring Foundation station was VK4FAAS with 496 points well done Colin.


Setting up the new scoring system resulted in a lot more work that initially anticipated. But it is not complete. I have released the results prior to releasing the certificates as they will take about a week to be finalised – More automation set-up is needed.

To Bruce Horn WA7BNM thank you for all your work putting this together.

Where are we heading with this ? Much like the QRP club we are looking at another TT weekend that will be a purely digital weekend PSK RTTY rumble and as long as everything holds together we would expect the 2016 results will be available within 30 days of the completion of the contest.

Thank you all for your participation


The new rule changes made all the difference for myself working from VK6. There was an increase of VK6 stations for me to work spread over all bands. Years past when I have tried the old 80 contest there was 1 to 3 only
For the first 2 hour block of the contest only 40 metres was useable, made a few contacts all over VK/ZL.
The second 2 hour block there was a mix of 40/80 stations worked in VK.(Except VK1,VK8)
The third block 2 hour block 80 metres was usable across all VK plus Some local contacts on 160. Did hear a couple of VK3’s talking on 160 but not readable.There was some stations that could hear me but I struggled to hear them back. Possible this was because I was using 400 watts SSB on all bands.
I was using a trapped 40/80/160 trapped dipole, next year I may putting up a large verticle antenna and compare the difference.



Final Results of the Trans Tasman 80M Only Contest 2014
Single Op
Overall winner was Roger Crofts VK4YB with a score of 2486. Roger used a double extended Zepp and a K3 to power away from all competitors. Roger was even in front of the multi operators so this year the claim of the best 80M station undeniably belongs to VK4YB. Bill Main VK4ZD was always loud on the band and took out second spot on 1689 points while Tony Hambling VK3VTH was the highest scoring standard call on 1533 points.
Top ZL was Bill Cousins ZL3VZ on 1335 literally pipping Mike Mather ZL2W (ZL2CC) on the post who had 1329. It was also good to see Rob Glassey ZL3AKM putting in a log with 1099 points
Top F Call went to the Bundaberg based Brett Finger VK4FTWO with 397 points.
Multi Op
In the Multi Op category the Girls Guides Callemondah team VK2GGC of VK2ZMT and VK2PV cranked out a total of 2,293 with Lou and Jenny Blasco at VK3ALB hot on their heels scoring 1,806 points, ZL3UR came in First ZL and third overalll for their efforts.
QRP Category
QRP Category – the winner was VK2IG/QRP Mike Downer with a very credible 997 points in front of VK3LM Michael Binz on 307 Points

Callsign: Name: Category: Place Points Claimed
Multi Op
VK2GGC Girl Guides Callemondah 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 1 2293
VK3ALB Lou and Jenni Blasco 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 2 1806
ZL3UR Graham and McRobie 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 4 1522
VK4WIL LOCKYER VALLEY ARC 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 5 1424
VK2CU Mountain Toppers Contest Team 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 6 1314
VK3FRC F.A.M.P.A.R.C. 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 7 1233
VK5ARG Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Inc. 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 8 1205
ZL4AL Eastern Southland Br 08 NZART 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 9 969
VK2AFA 80m – Ph, Multi-Op 10 656
VK2AOJ Port Stephens Amateur Radio Club Inc 80m – Ph, Multi-Op Entrant 568
VK2AWA VK2AWA GROUP 80m – Ph, Multi-Op Entrant 419
VK6WI WIA VK6 80m – Ph, Multi-Op Entrant 316
Single op
VK4YB Roger Crofts 80m – Ph, Single-Op 1 2486
VK4ZD Bill Main 80m – Ph, Single-Op 2 1689
VK3VTH Tony Hambling 80m – Ph, Single-Op 3 1533
VK4GH Catherine Hammond 80m – Ph, Single-Op 4 1480
VK2IO/P Gerard Hill 80m – Ph, Single-Op 5 1444
ZL3VZ Bill Cousins 80m – Ph, Single-Op 6 1335
ZL2W Mike S Mather 80m – Ph, Single-Op 7 1329
VK2AOR Robert Hudson 80m – Ph, Single-Op 8 1235
ZL3YOK Quentin Pooke 80m – Ph, Single-Op 9 1105
ZL3AKM Rob Glassey 80m – Ph, Single-Op 10 1099
VK2ELF Rowan Dollar 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 1056
VK5LJ Lawrie Mew 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 1036
ZL1YE Bruce Steel 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 1003
ZL1BHD Steve Wright 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 966
VK4NP Norm Greenaway 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 931
VK4ATH Tom Hatton 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 755
VK4MDX David Olsen 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 648
VK2IUW Hilary Bridel 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 593
VK5DT Darren Jury 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 538
VK4DMC Dale McCarthy 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 515
VK7GN Martin Luther 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 511
VK6DXI Mirek Rozbicki 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 408
VK4FTWO Brett Finger 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 397
VK3TZ Tony Burt 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 391
VK2LEE Lee Noonan 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 284
VK3GK Lee Moyle 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 230
VK4TS Trent Sampson 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 175
VK4MON Mark Curry 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 156
VK2PN Patrick Novak 80m – Ph, Single-Op Entrant 78
VK2IG/Q Mike Dower 80m – Ph, Single-Op, QRP 1 997
VK3LM Michael Binz 80m – Ph, Single-Op, QRP 2 307

Contest History

The Trans Tasman Low Band evolved from a Multi-Mode series of contests that were conducted over several winters evenings. As interest waned a series of managers took over the roles.
Trent VK4TS and Alan VK4SN took it over in an attempt to bring it back to the calendar. So far this has proved successful.

Upcoming Contest Date & Time

The contest is held on the Saturday night of the third full weekend of July Start Time is 08:00 UTC and finish time is 14:00 UTC

15th July 2017

Contest Rules

Prepared by VK4TS and VK4SN

Last amendment 9th May 2016

1. Contest Introduction

This contest is to encourage Low Band Activity in Australia and New Zealand – The applicable bands are 160, 80 and 40M. The modes are SSB CW and Digital (RTTY and PSK only)

2. Objective

Amateurs in VK and ZL will endeavour to contact other amateurs in VK and ZL.

* VK and ZL, means any station operating within Australia or New Zealand and their external territories.

* Points are only awarded for valid contacts between VK and ZL stations.

The contest is made up of 3 individual two hour blocks – you are able to work another station once per band and mode in every block. Every different Prefix used by VK or ZL stations is a valid multiplier and credit can be claimed once per band per block.

3. Contest Date & Time

The contest is held on the Saturday night of the third full weekend of July Start Time is 08:00 UTC and finish time is 14:00 UTC

4. Categories

A. Single Operator – High Power All Modes All Bands
B. Single Operator – Low Power (100 watts)
C. Single Operator – QRP
E. Multi-Operator – Single Transmitter
F. Multi-Operator – Multi Transmitter (One per band)

* QRP stations are limited to 5 Watts average (CW/RTTY/PSK) or PEP (SSB) at the transmitter output.

Each category will have High Scores for SSB, CW and Digital awards.

Any station in Single or Multi Op may win the Single Mode awards – BUT Multi ops will not be eligible for single op categories.

NOTE: The Mode scores are purely on the highest score and may be from a partial log. You do not enter SSB only – rather the log is determined as having the highest SSB score.

5. Permitted Bands

Contacts may be made on 160M 80M 40M in SSB, CW and Digital (PSK or RTTY Modes)

NB. PSK and RTTY are the only allowed digital modes and are combined, not counted separately.

6. Multi-operator Stations

A. Multi-operator single transmitter stations are only allowed one transmitted signal on air at any time.
If you are using three transceivers to scan the bands, simultaneous transmission will reclassify you as
Multi Transmitter(Category F.) – your responsibility to stop multiple transmitters operating.

B. Multi-operator Multi Transmitter stations
a. Are only allowed maximum one transmitted signal per band,
b. Simultaneous transmissions on different bands are permitted.
* Multi-operator stations are mixed mode only.

7. Contacts

A. Suggested Call: “CQ TT”, “CQ Contest”, or “CQ Test”

B. Exchange: A valid exchange consists of RS(T) followed by a three figure serial number starting at 001 for each band.

C. No cross band contacts are allowed.

D. Exchange of contact information via satellites, telephones, repeaters, Echolink, IRLP, or the internet is not in the spirit of the contest and is banned.

8. Scoring

All contacts are worth one point – Add the number of contacts made in the two hours and multiply by the different prefixes worked on each band in that two hours.

NB external territories count as one prefix – eg VK0 counts as VK0 and not the separate DXCC same as for VK9

e.g. 160 80 40 total contacts 50 X 35 prefixes (total of each band added) = 1750 points.

Final Score is the addition of the scores from the three two hour blocks starting at 08:00; 10:00 & 12:00 UTC

9. Logs

Logs are due in within one week of closure of the contest.

Contest Scoring

All contacts are worth one point – Add the number of contacts made in the two hours and multiply by the different prefixes worked on each band in that two hours.

Submitting Your Log

After completion of the contest you need to upload your log to

Contest Results

Contest Award

Logging Software


Both Cater for the Trans Tasman Contest

Contest Sponsors

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