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VK Shires Contest


Contest Manager

Managers position is open

2018 Manager will again be VK4TS Trent

From 2018 the VK Shires is an official WIA Contest and will count towards the Peter Brown Contest Champion Awards.

Contest Introduction

ALL HF Bands available to Standard licencees -
Modes are SSB and CW and stations can be worked once on each mode.

ROVER stations as well as portable entries make up part of the character of the VK Shires as well as the timing to take place over an East Coast Long Weekend.(Queens Birthday)


Aim Of The Contest

The objectives of this contest are for amateurs around the world to contact as many VK shires as possible in the contest period.

VK amateurs are to work the world including VK, whilst the rest of the world can only work VK.

This Years Winners


Previous Years Winners


Contest has been and gone again and the logs all came in – This year we have new champions in all categories

Single Op All Band

John VK5PO managed to scrap up an amazing 300+ QSOs for a corrected score of 61,800 this was way ahead of second place getter Shaun VK3VH with a creditable 15,900 and third place getter Lawrie VK5LJ finishing off the top three with 8440

Rover Stations

Very little split the top Rover stations, thanks for making the effort guys
In the end it was Tony VK3XV 31,486 who pipped Paul VK5PAS 30,060 for the honours

Multi 2

VK2VVV team of Ross VK2VVV and Glen VK2FGLH with a score of 8610 were the guns in the multi operator category.

Foundation Award

VK4FMAX was the top dog Foundation this year and Mark wont be doing a repeat because he has upgraded to Advanced – well done on both counts Mark

DX Stations

ZL2AYZ was our best dx station this year with 9630 points.

Belated Congratulations

For some reason the 2016 log checking software did not like the log forwarded by Onno VK6FLAB in 2016. After checking the log file he was actually first Rover an amazing effort. Thank you Onno – Most Shires ever activated in the contest.

Contest History

The VK Shires evolved from the VK4 Shires Contest, the Jack Files and took the concept to all states.

Upcoming Contest Date & Time

The VK SHIRES is always held on the June long weekend, which is the weekend prior to the second Monday of June each year..

In 2018 this will be the 9th and 10th of June.

Contest Rules

Contest Rules


Held the weekend prior to the second Monday of June every year.

Starts: 06.00 UTC Saturday,
Ends: 06.00 UTC Sunday,
I. Contest Period: 24 hours for all stations, all categories.
II. Objectives: The objectives of this contest are for amateurs around the world to contact as many VK shires as possible in the contest period. IE. VK amateurs are to work the world including VK, whilst the rest of the world can only work VK
A) Bands:. 80 Metres 3.500 - 3.700 MHz, 40 Metres 7.000 - 7.250 MHz, 20 Metres 14.000 - 14.300 MHz, 15 Metres 21.000 - 21.350 MHz, 10 Metres 28.000 - 28.600 MHz. Please note there is no 75m dx window permitted for VK stations which means the rest of the world can operate above 3.700 mhz. ie. split operation
B) Modes: SSB and CW only
IV. Class of Competition:
For all categories:
Transmitters and receivers for a fixed station must be located within a 500 meter diameter circle or within the property limits of the station licensee’s address, whichever is greater.
If you are a member of a multi op team you can not partake in the contest as an individual in any way. Please note that you are permitted to have up to two transmitted signals going simultaneously.
All contest operation must be within operator’s licence restrictions and conditions, eg power output, bands used, etc.
Single OP stations are only permitted one transmitted signal at a time.

No operator is permitted to use more than one callsign for the entirety of the contest.

A Rover station is a VK station who goes either portable or mobile for the entirety of the contest and activates more than one shire.

To be considered as a roving station you must activate a minimum of 2 shires.

The Rover who moves into a new SHIRE may count the same MULTIPLIER more than once per band as long as the Rover is in a new SHIRE location. Such change in location must be clearly indicated in the log.

IE. A Rover station becomes a new QSO to the stations working them when that STATION changes SHIRE locator.

Please note that in all categories below you may change band and mode as often as you like. You may also work the same station multiple consecutive bands/modes one behind the other. EG work VK4XX on 20m SSB then qsy to 15m CW then qsy to 80m CW then qsy to 40m SSB etc

1. VK Single – OP All Band Rover: Single operator(s) must do all contest related things by themself.
2. VK Multi – Two All Band Rover : Is 2 or more operators with maximum of two transmitted signals at any one time. This category MUST USE Software CONTEST LOGGERS. All operators must be fully listed when the log is submitted.
3. VK Single Op All Band….. same conditions as number 1 above
4. VK Multi – Two All Band…. same conditions as number 2 above
5. VK Single Op Foundation: Is a VK foundation licensee who must do all contest related things by themself..
6. DX Single Op—All Band….. Is a single op who must do all contest related things by themself..

V. Exchange: All VK operators to exchange callsign, RST followed by the VK shire abbreviation as per the official list provided . EG…… VK4XX ……59BU4 or 599BU4
Stations outside VK to exchange callsign, RST followed by CQ ZONE.
EG. ZL1AMO 5932 or 59932

VI. Multipliers: For stations outside VK : The multiplier is the number of different VK shires worked per band. A “VK shire” is counted once per band per mode. IE. If you work it on SSB it can be counted again on CW .To enter the contest you must have worked at least one VK Shire –
VII. For VK Stations: The multiplier is each VK shire worked per band and mode as above as well as each CQ Zone worked per band and mode .

IX: You must have fun in the contest - the reward is a PDF file not a sheep station.


The Contest Committee is responsible for checking and adjudicating the contest entries. Entrants are expected to follow the rules and best amateur radio practices. Violation of the rules of the contest or unsportsmanlike conduct may lead to disciplinary action by the Committee.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include, but are not limited to:

Arranging or confirming any contacts during or after the contest by use of ANY non-amateur radio means such as telephones, Internet, instant messaging, chat rooms, VoIP, email, social media or web sites.
Transmissions by the entrant on frequencies outside of license limitations.
Changing times in the log to meet band change or off time rules.
Taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs or unverifiable multipliers.
Signals with excessive bandwidth (e.g., splatter, clicks) or harmonics on other bands.
Running stations not identifying in a timely manner (i.e., 1 minute).
Use of Tag along operation where a restricted number of stations are contacted.

XI. Disciplinary Actions: In the event of a violation, the entrant is subject to disqualification at the discretion of the Committee.

Disqualified entries will be listed at the end of the published results and are not eligible for an award.
Notification of Committee actions will be sent by email to the address provided with the log submission. The entrant has five days to appeal the decision to the Contest Director. After that time the decision is final.
The Committee reserves the right to change the category of any entry based on its examination of the log or other information.

Contest Scoring

One (1) point per QSO. Phone and CW can be worked on each band with the same station.

Multiply total QSO points times total number of multipliers worked ( ie. If you worked 33 on 80m, 43 on 40m , 16 on 20m, 21 on 15m and 5 on 10m that would be a total of 118)

Example 1. VK4XX works stations as follows:
600 qsos x 1 point = 600 points
118 vk shires worked + 35 cq zones worked = 153
600 x 153= 91,800
VK4XX final score is 91,800

Example 2. ZL1AMO works stations as follows:
700 QSOs with VK amateurs x 1 point = 700
118 VK shires work
700 x 118 = 82,600
Zl1AMO final score is 82,600

Submitting Your Log


Log Submissions: Log entries must be submitted by July 1st to be eligible for awards. Submit your electronic log in the Cabrillo format created by all major logging programs.

Send via e-mail attachment to;

You will receive a auto reply, this will save confusion as to if logs had been sent and received.

Subject line: Callsign [used in the contest] only.
VK entrants are reminded to be sure their log indicates their VK shire location. If you go portable or mobile the log must clearly define where you changed location.

Computer-generated logs must be e-submitted. Callsigns of electronic logs received are posted and updated regularly on the website.

Contest Results

Contest Award

Logging Software



SD Logger

Ensure that you have the latest version of the logging software.

Contest Sponsors

Red Bull, Nescafe and Eimac.

(That is a joke) We are looking

Files For Download


2017 Score Summary
2017 Score Summary.pdf

Soap Box Comments
SOAP BOX COMMENTS VK Shires 2017.pdf

VK Shires Results Table
VK Shires 2017 results Tables.pdf

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