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WIA Awards

About WIA Awards

Special Event and Commemorative Awards
Special Event and Commemorative Awards are issued by the WIA most will be over a limited period and typically to mark or commemorate a special event or special occasion.

WIA Merit Awards
The WIA Merit Award program identifies and recognises sustained outstanding achievement in the diverse field of Amateur Radio that furthers the science of radio, and/or service to the WIA. It plays an important role in promoting excellence with nominations made by several WIA members and decided by the WIA Board of Directors.

Nominations are called for using a special form (see below) that contains the name an individual, the person nominating them, two other supporting members who may also be contacted, and details of the achievement. The type of award is not made in that nomination, with the decision made by the WIA Board of Directors. If the nomination is successful, these are usually announced at the WIA annual general meeting, and where possible presented at that gathering of members. WIA Merit Awards are not necessarily awarded every year.

A list of WIA Merit Award recipients and their achievements are published later in Amateur Radio magazine and on the WIA VK1WIA Sunday broadcast.

The WIA Merit Awards are:
  GA Taylor Medal
  WIA Honorary Life Membership
  Chris Jones Award
  Ron Wilkinson Achievement Award
  WIA Technical Excellence Award
  Presidents Commendation

In addition, awards are given by the WIA Publications Committee for contributions to the WIA journal, Amateur Radio magazine. These are also announced at the WIA AGM, and later appear in Amateur Radio magazine and on the WIA VK1WIA Sunday broadcast.

The Publications Committee Awards are:
  Al Shawsmith Award
  Higginbotham Award
  Technical Award

WIA DX Awards Program
An excellent WIA DX Awards Service has a number of operating awards attractive to radio amateurs and shortwave listeners, which include certificates, are administered by the WIA Awards Committee. These are fully explained on the WIA website under the WIA DX Awards tab under the For Members menu.

Files For Download

WIA Merit Award Nomination Form
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