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About The Transfer Of Licences

Under the provisions of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (the Act), section 131AA, subject to certain circumstances, allows a licensee of an apparatus licence (includes amateur stations licences) at any time before the licence is due to expire, apply in writing to the ACMA for the licence to be transferred to another party.

There is no restriction in legislation how many amateur licences a person can hold, other than those licences must be current un-expired licences and the appropriate fees are paid.

How To Transfer A Licence

The Act states that the application for a transfer of licence must be in a form approved by the ACMA and must be signed by the both the licensee and the proposed transferee.

ACMA policy requires that the case of amateur station licences the transferee must hold the appropriate amateur qualifications. To facilitate transfer of apparatus licences, including amateur station licences, the ACMA has an approved application form (R060) that can be downloaded from its website. See ACMA website Home/Forms and online system/Radiofrequency spectrum forms. Link

The fee for transfer of licences is currently $49. More information on apparatus licence transfers can be obtained from the ACMA website Home/Licensing and regulation/Radiofrequency spectrum/Apparatus licensing/transfer of apparatus licences.

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